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Vanessa Hudgens Models For Intelligentsia Coffee

Vanessa Hudgens Models For Intelligentsia Coffee

As the new face for Intelligentsia Coffee, Vanessa Hudgens shoots the coffee brand’s new ad campaign outside Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon. (Looks like she’s in a much better mood compared to earlier this morning!)

Intelligentsia Coffee was founded in October 1995 and boasts a simple premise: buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available. Their coffee is roasted daily in vintage German roasters.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, boyfriend Zac Efron arrived at JFK airport in New York City.

UPDATE: E! News is reporting that Vanessa is not the new spokesperson for Intelligentsia Coffee. She just bought coffee from their store, apparently!

10+ pictures inside of Intelligentsia Coffee spokesperson Vanessa Hudgens

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# 1


# 2

lol That is very random, but she looks cute.

# 3

love her and dammit i wanted to be 1st!!

# 4
alessandrah @ 07/17/2008 at 8:00 pm

i love her!

# 5

shes so pretty!

# 6

im foth chantel..yeah..vist me at

and youtube

# 7

omg why does she have to be so gorgeous!!

# 8

I LOVE HER! thanks jared! go girl

101twilighterxoxo @ 07/17/2008 at 8:06 pm

first page! 10??

shes soo pretty! i love her!

Wow! She’s gorgeous.

damn zac efron is so lucky to have dis hottie

i love her!!
haha shes gorgeous!
and totally exotic looking.

shes trash thats why her album bombed. why didnt you report that just jared.



She’s Exotic looking , so pretty

WTF. Since when?

te amo vanessa, sos la mas hemrosa! (LL

The second thumbnail, she looks really gorgeous.

she looks cute !!
love her!! she rockz!!


her album hasnt bombed yet. and if it does its because of lack of promotion from hollywood records. vanessa needs to go to a new
record label. one that treats her like an artist. not one that favors
Jonas Brothers and “Hannah Montana”.

justjaredfan @ 07/17/2008 at 8:16 pm

she still looks upset with the paps.
im sure most of them are trash tlaking her…i dont get it why people would bother wasting their breathe if they dont like someone.

Man, this girl sure works a lot.

Oh, well after “the vacation of a lifetime” (according to Zac), I guess she’s up to working hard.


Yay more Vanessa!!!
In fact, Zac and Vanessa posts back to back!! What a treat!

Awh, she looks so pretty! Her glow is back.

Me, tehehe @ 07/17/2008 at 8:22 pm

What do they need our old roasters for?

Jennifer W @ 07/17/2008 at 8:24 pm

vanessa looks amazing

shes annoying

ilovethekid @ 07/17/2008 at 8:26 pm

let her do her work. people complain she doesn’t have money because her album sucked…so let her market herself in another way…geeze. people can’t be happy seeing other succeed.

shes perfect! glad shes smiling again :)

steven shut yo ugly popped ass up

I think once Vanessa goes on tour her album will go way up.

brooke ***** u annoying ***** u a hater

Zanessa-love4life @ 07/17/2008 at 8:32 pm

She totally Rocks!
Love her 2 death!
And she’s super gorgeous!
Zanessa Rocks!
Vanessa Rules!
Zac Efron is a hottie!
Perfect match!

awww she is so cute *.*

the 4th pic is gorgeous n so is the 2nd

i consider her albums sales a success considering her single wasn’t sent to radio station.. so suck on that, v-haters

ssonfire are u fxcken stupid.?
if yer single doesnt make it to the radio then that means it sucked.
wow douche.

*radio stations

and didn’t even promote AFTER it was release, if you could call that promotion

haha thanks for the name call. just proved your age.
it means it wasn’t sent by her record companies.
and you should research before commenting on anything, that single was for red ecko.

go back to perez, where your kind will be welcomed

loooove her! she looks great as always!

vanessa is beautiful

#41 Did you not read what ssonfire said, the reason why radio stations didn’t play the single (Sneakerknight) was because Hollywood Records didn”t send it out. Radio stations can’t play what they don’t have can they?

Anyway it looks whatever (if anything) was bothering Vanessa isn’t keeping her from flashing that beautiful smile of hers and doing her job. What a pro LOL.

there’s no need for profanity, ‘umm’

lock it up. zac talks about their vacations… ehh.. not so much :D

why would anyone pose for a coffee shop? thats dumb.
if theyr convincing people to buy their coffee, then they shouldnt pick a celebrity. vanessa hudgens doesnt even go there! she probably goes to starbucks or coffee bean or seattle’s best. ive never even heard of this intelligentsia coffee.

She is so beautiful!! She has totally flawless skin!

ssonfire, way to shut ‘em up!!! Good Job!

Vanessa looks great in everything. She’s doing really well in her career. Way to go Vanessa!

She looks so stunning!

I love how grown up and exotic she’s looking, her sense of style is A+

For a so-called “loser” with nothing to her name, she’s seriously in demand for endorsements; Ecko Red, Neutrogena, Sears, Intelligentsia Coffee hmmm. Don’t these companies do any research before investing so much money? Or they know a winner when they see one.

Incidentally, the Sears campaign of which she is the main feature has been making business news in Wall Street Journal and CNNmoney because of the massive budget and scale of the campaign.

Believe me, no company invests money (and it is a helluva lot) on a spokesperson except they are sure that person can be banked on and has credibility and draw within the market, so haters keep dreaming.
Vanessa’s style has always been slow and steady, no hype but she gets to her goal. Keep on working hard, girl, and earning your money. You should be proud of yourself.


cause that particular company is not like starbucks or coffee bean.. it’s more expensive and kinda elite. and it’s an environment-friendly company, which i love!

She’s prettty .

Wow she’s like a really big star now.Limo

she looks gorgeous as always!!
i love her!!

love her everyday

Beautiful and talented.

Normally i don’t post anything here, but i just have to say…lack of promotion? What the heck was that week her album came out where she was every where including TRL! What is that called?

What’s lack of promotion what Hollywood Records did to Jesse McCartney (Dang it I know i misspelled his name sue me!)

Have you stop to think that maybe the radio stations got Sneakernight and that it just plained sukced that they didn’t play it?

once again, my point was that i consider her album SALES a success considering her single wasn’t sent to radio stations. now get over it.

and i never said her single doesn’t suck, but it doesn’t speak for the rest of her album.

Doesnt this c*** get another hairstyle?????????

pretty !
love her + the outfit

She looks mature and sexy. I wonder how she would look with brown hair. Probably young and fun?

Black hair matures the face.

Lack of promotion is NOT the problem her face was ALL over the place. Lack of talent is the problem. Her voice is very weak and annoying and has shown no growth at all since her last album, so it stinks and is tanking.
She should stick to her true talent :shopping and shamelessly making out with her boyfriend.

#61 Yes I would say there was a serious lack of promotion she did four intereviews in three days. That’s it. There really wasn’t any advance promtotion at all. Now to be fair the shooting schedule for “HSM3″ played a big part in that. That didn’t wrap shooting until June 30th.

A source within Hollywood Records confirmed to VABN that “Hollywood Records” confirmed that they did not send out “Sneakernight” to radio stations. Again they can’t play what they don’t have.

And I say again there are stories of stories running of out stock the first days, which I still say adds credence to the possiblity that “Identitfied:” undershipped.

Aa I’ve said before I don’t know much about the inner workings of music business but I don’t think a CD’s fate can be accurately foretold in just a week. John Mayer’s new CD came out the same week debuted at #5 on the charts then last week toppled to #24.

For that reason I say chortles that “Identified” is a “flop, “bomb” or “disaster” are ridculously premature.

Wow Maritza, before she gets another hairstyle, why don’t you get yourself better manners or a more respectful way to express your thoughts. Quit ghetto-ing up the joint will ya!

Yes she promoted, of course… that’s the smart thing to do to get sales. But just b/c critics or opinions say an album isn’t up to par doesn’t mean, that her album isn’t going to sell. Which it is. And plenty of people are buying it. Many artists’ albums have sunk. There have been superstars that have not had good albums in the past. It happens. In my opinion, she has tons of fans all around the world that have and will buy her CD, therefore, NO FAILURE to me!

Wow Maritza, before she gets another hairstyle, why don’t you get yourself better manners or a more respectful way to express your thoughts. Quit ghetto-ing up the joint will ya!

Yes she promoted, of course… that’s the smart thing to do to get sales. But just b/c critics or opinions say an album isn’t up to par doesn’t mean, that her album isn’t going to sell. Which it is. And plenty of people are buying it. Many artists’ albums have sunk. There have been superstars that have not had good albums in the past. It happens. In my opinion, she has tons of fans all around the world that have and will buy her CD, therefore, NO FAILURE to me!

Wow, Paula, sorry to say, but you sound like a prude. Are you a teen? If you’re an adult, shame on you… Self-righteousness is deceiving you know. Evident to all who know you best though. Have you ever heard of a Pharisee?????

Don’t judge a young 19 yod. Unless your younger and haven’t learned enough about life to know that you are not perfect.

Vanessa has a terrific voice! Some may not like it, but plenty do.

her album bombed hahahaha she sucks!

shes ah-mazing i love her.
shes seriously my role model.

Ok…i don;t know if the anger that ssonfire has towards me, i don’t know why because the tidbit i added about Sneakernight was my own opinion which i didn’t say belonged to another person. but if the anger is directed towards me relax because i did not mean to start a fight with anyone in particular.

In MY opinion i would agree with Perez in the sense that it was a flop that she sold less with her sophmore album than her freshman album.

I can’t say anything further because then everything would be opinion in my part and i don’t know how well that would be received, thus i’ll just leave at the points above.

What’s with the stupid, “the album tanked” comments?? Hello? It’s only been out for 2 weeks. Most of us have had trouble finding a copy, only 2 left in Target when I bought mine. As our friends from the other side of the world have said, they have not even gotten their shipments to their stores yet. How can you lame-brains say that? It was mentioned in numerous music reviews, and were generally good. I think her voice and style have greatly matured from her first album. It’s funky and jazzy and fun. I think a few tracks are a little techno-y and clubby, but that’s what’s out there.

Let’s just say, I think it’s far better than most other artists her age have out there. Again, people, she’s ONLY 19. Geez, give her a break. She’s going to only get better with age.

shes gr8
n her new album is really good.
btw, i agree wid everything dat Troy n Steph just said.
haterz r just so jealous n dis is the thing dat really SUX!

gorgeous as usual!!! glad she got another promotion! and you can’t tell if someone is in a bad mood in pics (unless it’s really obvious)! she was just tired of the paps… i wonder why!?


I must say, having seen these last few posts, this nurse has to give credit to them for not getting sunburned in the Caribbean!! They both are just glowing…..oh, wait. I don’t think that’s their tans…….

hmm Paula .. You crack me up with your silly comment.. So why don’t I clarify some things for you to make it easier for you to understand kay?

1. Lack of promotion was NOT the problem..
that statement is so wrong.. Lack of promotion was EXACTLY the problem.. She went on a couple shows basically all on the same day .. She didn’t have HR backing her up by sending her single to radio stations.. Her video wasn’t premiered on TRL UNTIL her actual album dropped on the same day.. HR didn’t even pay for Sneakernight.. instead they were too worried about having enough stuffed animals for the actual talentless girl Miley cyrus’s video 7 things.. there were no commercial promoting her album like miley’s album.. Aside from that she was running a hectic schedule. the day before she rapped up HSM 3 .. if she wasn’t working on that .. she would have had more time to promote her album.. Honestly her album should not have been released on July 1 .. it should have been pushed back further for her to actually release another single that got more attention or for her to get her album out there a little more..

2. Lack of Talent is her problem..
oh hun.. you seriously got everything all wrong it’s funny .. You claim she has no talent.. yet she’s in this industry .. Making movies .. Making albums.. Making music Videos.. Let’s see a talentless girl would not have won an emmy at the age of 16 or 17 now would she ? Yes she won and Emmy FYI along with the rest of HSM cast.. A talentless girl would not have scored so many endorsement deals.. Ecko Red.. Neutrogena.. Sears.. Now this .. Clearly she’s famous because of her talent that got her to where she is at today.. Next.. a talentless girl would not have been a part of having the best selling album of 2006 now would she.. Also a talentless girl wouldn’t have had 17 million people watch her in a made for TV movie now would they ?? no didn’t think so .. Just face it she does have talent.. Now am i saying she’s the best singer in this world.. no of course not . she doesn’t come close.. But i am saying she has more talen than half the stupid people in this industry that are only famous because they have some stupid show on the Disney channel and have a famous father.. She makes great music.. Which if you were such a hater as it seems like to be you wouldn’ t even have listened to ? correct? But you did says a lot about you paula.. It says that either you’re so intrigued by this girl that you just had to listen to her songs.. and it says that you’re pathetic for taking so much of your time to listen to songs that Vanessa sings.. when you don’t even like her ..

So to conclude .. Vanessa Hudgens is a pretty well known name.. Am i right.. ?

and Paula? who are you again ? Cuz i certainly haven’t seen you making an album that went gold or platinum .. or making movies.. or wining awards.. so basically you don’t matter =) & vanessa does.. suck it up .. she’s here to stay .. and this goes out to all the haters out there

#75 I think we’re just butting our heads against the wall on this one Go Sox. “identified” could have debuted at #5 and some people would be saying it’s a flop because she didn’t make #4.

I want to add an addendum to my reference to John Mayer’s CD it was at #24 on the Daily Hits chart while Billboard has it at #10. So make of that what you will. But I don’t anyone to think I was deliberately misrepresenting another artist’s sales. But still I think it proves my point there is an ebb and flow to music sells and you can never be sure of what’s going to happen.

I agree go sox…not that I think they minded helping each other put on that sunscreen but it’s good they used it and didn’t get all burnt. ;-)

I agree too Troy that it’s premature to speak of the success of her cd. Though it took longer to arrive than I would have liked…(many pre-orders!!!)…I have been enjoying it ever since I got it. :-)

And, Malia (#25), I was thinking the same thing…these two both work hard…glad they did have some nice relaxation to help them refuel…they are just quite on the go these days! And good for V – so in demand!

what is intelligentsia coffee????? this ad is going look cheap and tack thanks to vanessa, LOL

woww! vanessa looks beyond BEAUTIFUL!! :D I hope Zac comes back so they could be together again!!
lovee zanessa!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Cami, well said!!!! The Miley obsession Disney has is pretty obvious. But has anyone listened to that “7 things” song?? OMG…’s like nails on a chalkboard. She screeches, and the song is beyond bad. I know, that’s just my opinion. But there’s no contest in my mind about which girl has a better sound…..

troy, I’ll keep butting if you will…….

She is still glowing….Zac too in the recent post of him…..Love them !!!

goregeous au usual luv her outfit!!

Agreed.. go sox! .. I

Vanessa needs to do what’s good for her and leave HR .. they seriously only care about Miley and the Jonas Brothers.. && vanessa has 10x the talent than either of them! ..

She deserves better than Hollywood Records .. where as Miley .. needs to just disappear .. and stop making her crappy music.. it would make the world a better place =)

She’s pretty =)

miss zanessa @ 07/17/2008 at 10:17 pm

glAd shE´s HAppY aGAiN :D
wOW iT miGhT bE awkwARd havInG thE papS rigHt
in yoUr FacE aNd fOllowinG yoU all thE timE evErywhErE
c´mAn givE hEr a bREak shE´s juST 19 anD evErYonE nEeds a litTlE thinG cAll PRIVACY!! i HavE tO saY shE´s mAtURe 4 hER agE
cUz shE´s hanDlinG vErY gOod likE a pRo gO V!!!

WHaT wiTH thE BAd cOmmEnTs huh??
oK evErYbOdY makEs miStakEs, nObOdY´s pErfEcT anD shE nOt mIgHt bE thE pErfEct giRl (well shE´s clOSE XD)
ShE´s a bEaUtifUl, TalEntEd, HardwOrkinG, sWeEt anD hUmblE pErSon anD I sUppOrT & adMiRE hER all thE WAy

OnE LasT cOmmEnT: I woUld kILL 4 tHat haiR & hER cD iS aWsOOoOOmE

oh, snap… you go.

ssonfire @ 07/17/2008 at 9:03 pm

cause that particular company is not like starbucks or coffee bean.. it’s more expensive and kinda elite. and it’s an environment-friendly company, which i love!

I’ve never seen any here in Boston, but sounds like a nice, young, upcoming company to promote. Would you turn down a job at 19 that’s as easy as that?? Maybe when she’s established and older, she can be more choosy about what products she endorses if she has less time. All actors who have selling power are in demand for advertising. Dumb thing to trash Vanessa for. Sorry, just saying.

#83 Intelligentsia Coffee is a more expensive, more specialized form of Starbucks. They are green and elite and their coffees have won awards. they make coffees for the real coffee connossieurs. You would think they’ll know more than you which celebrity fits their image and who would help them expand.

To save you from more ignorant comments, the following is from the company’s website.

“In October of 1995, Intelligentsia Coffee was founded on what we consider to be a simple premise: buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available. Our fanatical attention to detail results in distinctive, award-winning coffees that will please the most discriminating palate.

We purchase our green coffee from either the world’s most renowned importers or directly from the growers themselves. Our purchases are based on the cup quality of the coffee. Whenever possible, we seek growers and importers that are known to be both environmentally and socially responsible. It is almost always the case that these individuals produce and offer the best quality. Our coffee is roasted daily in our vintage German roasters. As a result, you will not find a fresher, more flavorful cup anywhere.

At a company level, we adhere to the philosophy that the compassionate treatment of people and the environment inevitably yields higher quality. So whether you are enjoying a cup in our store, your favorite café or restaurant, or in the peaceful confines of your home, we are certain that you will taste the difference that care makes.”

vanessa is perfect

Zanessa_Luver @ 07/17/2008 at 10:33 pm

she looks sooo mother fricken pretty! zanessa rox! my dream is to meet them! wow i love her!

i think her single was sent out to radio
because it was played on the radios sveral times
i don’t know, maybe i wrong
anyway i luv her!

So she’s going to be on an add? How cool.

And i must say i love her jeans! I have a massive skinny jean collection. Well.. i like the whole outfit really…

christinerrzz @ 07/17/2008 at 10:55 pm

she’s wayyy pretty :]



i love you vanessa

zANESSA_HE @ 07/17/2008 at 11:03 pm

tah maravilhosaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

zanessa4ever @ 07/17/2008 at 11:05 pm


HER ALBUM BOMED. it sold 22,00 copies which makes it a bomb.

Plus sneakernight is an embarrassment.

Go on sara #102, shout it a bit louder.

You never know, maybe the louder you shout, the less popular she’ll become, the less fans she’ll have, the less movies she’ll make, the less endorsements she’ll get, the less money she’ll make and the better you would feel. You might actually begin to feel that you are getting to her and that she knows of your existence. Give it a try.

Where are people getting these numbers? lol

♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥ @ 07/17/2008 at 11:48 pm

She looks faboulos…glad to see shes feeling better ♥♥♥

Sales and Promotion

Prior to the release of Identified, promotion was carried out by Hudgens giving interviews on Good Morning America and also on Live with Regis and Kelly. Identified debuted on the Billboard 200 at #23, selling 22,000 copies in it’s first week of sales[3],12,000 less copies than the first week of sale of her debut album “V”.[4] In the second week of sales the album fell to #39 but sold a further 18,000 copies taking its total sales to 40,000+.

[edit] Charts
Chart (2008) Peak Position Sales
U.S. Billboard 200 23 40,000+
Canadian Top 100 37 [5] -
She’s doing fine lol. People do this pre-mature judging all the time, like with Pinkerton, if anyone knows that back story.



See I can type in all caps too. That doesn’t make what I’m saying true or that other people have to agree.

#104 If you’re asking where people are getting sales numbers they come from Billboard Magazine.

I get it now. I wish people would cite their sources sometimes, even though that is the obvious source.

daMNNNNNNN she is sooooo FINE !!!!! i would kill to be zAC


Hey everyone!

I’ve really missed this, it seems like its been so long since we’ve had a steady supply of Vanessa posts to discuss! As always there is a minority of childish, clearly bored and seriously ignorant losers spouting their ill thought out diatribes and playground taunts but we also have the core group of dedicated, die-hard, well-informed and sensible fans keeping things in check.

I always smile when I read your responses to the ridiculous insults that are posted here. Especially yours, Troy! How are you tonight?

Go sox – did you say you were a nurse?

IHATEMILEY @ 07/18/2008 at 12:19 am

At the begining, her album is lie. ‘Ehh okaay? But, if you hear it over and over. You’re like damn! This rocks!

#111 I’m doing fine Vicky, thanks for asking. How are you?

zanessa♥.. ewjashley @ 07/18/2008 at 12:22 am


I’m great thanks Troy. Glad to see Vanessa is still on top form!

i totally love this girl!! go vanessa!!!

I just want to point out something that people insist on shouting “HER ALBUM IS A BOMB IT ONLY SOLD 22,000 COPIES” seem to not understand: That was just in the first week. If the album had sold no more copies since the first week then I would be forced to agree it’s a bomb. But if you read the information LuckyL was good enough post for us in #106 *thank you by the way* the album has sold an addiotional 18.000 copies since then.

I admit falling from #23 to #39 isn’t the best news in the world but on the other hand I saw one album *I don’t remember which one unfortunately* in the top 50 that was ranked #98 last week. Like I’ve said before it’s the ebb and flow of the music business.

Who knows where “Idenitfied” will be next week?

V-loyalist @ 07/18/2008 at 12:51 am

Thanks JJ! She looks really cute in this ad and it’s great to know she has another endorsement coming her way, it’s truly a wonderful news for us her fans! Famous brand or not, it is still endorsement and another blessing for her being hardworking.

Way to go V!

V-loyalist @ 07/18/2008 at 1:21 am

I can not agree to some here who keep on saying her album bomb or flop or whatever you want to call it.. seriously you were only talking about the US, what about her sales she will make from fans like me and boji who are from the other side of world like go sox remembered that as of now no shipment yet coming our way yet and can’t wait to buy her cd. I heard there is undershipment so we dont know how long we are going to get our copy.

Vanessa has a lot of following around the world..My country alone viewed HSM2 by 9.5M people and recently HSM3 trailer was premiered here and I was thrilled to see people are excited for the threequel in given this scenario I assume Vanessa Cd will do well here.

midnightwonder @ 07/18/2008 at 1:41 am

I don’t understand the hatred towards this gorgeous girl. She is 19 years old and working non-stop to reach her goals in life. What is so wrong with that?

If non-fans can do better, go for it! Prove us that you are more talented. But let Vanessa alone! She isn’t harmful, is she? (The only reason why many people hate her is the fact that she is dating Zac Efron. But guess what? Zac Efron is dating Vanessa Hudgens as well. It was THEIR choice and they seem to be quite happy about it. So chill.)

yay!! go green sa!!

For all of you saying that her album supposedbly bombed, well, sorry to break it to you, but thecnically it didn’t. The only promotion she got for the album was two days worth of a couple talk shows and such, Hollywood Records didn’t even send “Sneakernight” to radio stations (I don’t know what the f*uck HR’s problem is, btw.) and she still got a decent amount of sales. With the American economy being as slow and undependent it is also do you really expect a person to sell as much? In my opinion, Lil’ Wayne got lucky, because “Lollipop” sucks, in my opinion. I don’t understand what’s so special about saying “Lick the lollipop~” Ha, really shows the character us human beings have now-a-days. Anyways, that’s not the point though the point is Vanessa is one of the hottest stars right now, whether it be from the HUGE HSM outbreak, her “scandal” her music, acting, hell, even her gorgeous looks. I have no doubt that when she goes on tour and HR releases her next single which will most likely be “Amazed” or “Hook It Up” (Both awesome songs) her sales will boost up, greatly. It’s only the way it is because of lack of promotion. The only reason HR is promoting the hell out of Miley Cyrus (who HR if you ever read this, everyone is SICK of.) is because she has a fanbase and will most likely sell well. All her fans which consist of mostly 6-10 year-olds, boys who like to touch themselves innapropriately from looking at her oh-so sexy pics that she thinks they are and all her 20 and older year-old friends will buy the album (sadly). Sorry, MC fans. Jonas Brothers on the other hand, actually have good music and don’t try to get all “omg look at me! may I be shoved down your throat?!#@$. 7 things I hate bout youuu?8″ like ahem-Miley Cyrus. I have no doubt that their album will do good.

Bleh, I rambled. Anyways, the point is don’t go saying **** like “Oh, her album bombed” or whatever just because you’re a hater and most likely don’t know all the facts. Vanessa’s beautiful as you can see, an amazing singer (best singer Disney has other than Demi L, sry.) and a large enough fan base to take her places. She’ll go far, whether you like it or not. Love you, V! <3

Vanessa is so pretty!!!
i love her style!!!!

another busy day for vanessa. i read in the other thread zac is also in ny, is he with her? missing her already……huh

midnightwonder @ 07/18/2008 at 2:25 am

Please do not bash other celebrities in order to prove your point. It does no good for anybody. (Yet, opinions are welcome so express your ideas freely.)


Vanessa is not in NY, she is LA. But I guess they miss each other.

midnightwonder @ 07/18/2008 at 2:25 am

*in LA


She and her advertising jobs… media wh*re… she has enough money. Hehe she looks very pissed the last days :D

Gorgeous is an understatement! Haters who says that Vanessa has no talent are indirectly insulting Kenny Otega who chose Vanessa as the leading lady (Gabriella) over thousands of girls who auditioned for HSM 1, 2, & 3. Hatered is a disease and I suggest that haters on this site go see a doctor for help!

Vanessa and Zac for ever and ever. What God has joined together, let no man or woman put assunder or divide. ***** awaites you if you disobey Gods rules and regulations! Repent and be free.

never heard from her new album in germany. sneakernight is one of the dumbest songs ! She is pretty thats all. I like Ash’s music more! yeahhh

#127 Yeah I know, these kids with worth ethic and they should be ashhamed of ourselves.

Really when someone is critized for EARNING money we’ve entered a whole new level of grasping at straws and unmitigated stupidity.

looking very cute bb.

i love you vanessa!!! the haters are GAY!!


but I KNOW that you are NOT as gorgeous as everybody thinks. you have lot of money, you have very good and expensive hairdresser and thats the reason why you look so perfect right now.

i like her a lot she is beautiful as always

she looks freaking gorgeous!

Wedding Peach @ 07/18/2008 at 5:30 am

Time to get serious and start back to work. She still has that summer vacation glow though. Stunning, as always.

Wow! I’m impressed with how well informed Vanessa’s fans are. Way to go, Angels/Guys! Anyway thanks for the info.

Vanessa is looking her gorgeous self as usual. Good for her. I hope she gets more offers and more quality work to prove the stupid,stupid people wrong.

To all you fans, Troy, Karen, Malia, Naomi, Ssonfire, Steph, V-loyalist,amelia, zac fan, cami, Go sox and midnightwonder, good job and keep it coming! Am proud to be amongst you. My apologies, if I’ve omitted anyone on this thread.

Uk, I gotta agree with you, you are right Vanessa is beyond gorgeous inside out. Zac is one helluva lucky guy. She has the whole package.

BabiiVFanforeva @ 07/18/2008 at 6:16 am

She’s Gorgeous!!!So pretty :DDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vanessa efron @ 07/18/2008 at 6:55 am

vanessa so cute
i love zanessa

Ameila – you said what i wanted to say all this time ago! thank you so much!

me too ameila

Great post, ameila. Couldn’t agree more.

VIcky, yes, I’m a nurse! Are you? We have a few here, that I know of; another one is our wise Karen.

I do have a question for anyone who may know…….why did the song “Vulnerable” not make the album? I really liked that one, and thought it was on the CD.

Have a great day, everyone! Off to work!

she looks great

veronica m. @ 07/18/2008 at 8:12 am

wat is zac efron doin in new york city????????? he should be with his woman

Chanel Theron @ 07/18/2008 at 8:28 am

Hey Vanessa Hudgens rock!!!

I love her!!!


Hey go sox!

I’m almost a nurse! I’m a final year nursing student. I don’t always post on these threads but I lurk a lot! I get the distinct impression that most of the die hards are actually older than your average V fan….I’m guessing you, Boji and Troy are in that category? I’m 23 and hoping I’m not alone!!

On the subject of her album, I gotta say it’s a real shame that there are so many idiots out there determined to trash it on iTunes and anywhere else they can on the net. It all comes down to the fact that they have some sort of vendetta against her. Whether it’s because she’s dating Zac, is very succesful, is very pretty or something else I don’t know but it’s really sad cos her album is actually really REALLY good. And I’m seriously not just saying that, if I thought it was bad or just OK I would say so, but I actually love it!

I live in the UK and although people here know HSM, it’s only really the kids that would know her name and no one really knows her music. I bought a US iTunes gift card on ebay so I could set up a US iTunes account and download her single Sneakernight and then her album when it was released. I play her album all the time in the car, especially when I’m with friends to see what they think. My friends are all 20 somethings who mostly haven’t seen HSM and had never heard of her before so had no preconceptions whatsoever. So far they have all loved it and have been asking “who is that girl?” ” what are we listening to?” “where did you get this album?” and that’s without me even asking for their opinions, just playing it in the background. I really think she would do well if she released here.

My favourite tracks on the album have to be Identified, First Bad Habit, Don’t Ask Why, Amazed, Sneakernight, Paper Cut, Gone with the Wind and Vulnerable, but not in that order, I can’t decide on the order yet! It changes everyday, gotta say right now I have Vulnerable on repeat but yesterday it was Identified.

Wow I’m really babbling. Anyone else want to share on their favourite tracks?

Shes awesome! can’t wait for Rock On!

Zac efron is soo damn lucky! i love vanessa, she’s so pretty..

love baby v @ 07/18/2008 at 11:27 am

she look great ..
btw …..vanessa hudgens had Account in youtube ….:)
hurry up talk to her :)

Most beautiful girl in the world, hands down.

And she’s just as beautiful inside with a very big heart.

Glad she’s getting all these promotions. Good for her.

#150 Vicky @ 07/18/2008 at 10:03 am
I’m much older than you, and I’m a Vanessa and Zac fan. You hit on something there about why people hate on Vanessa, and I think it’s all of these: because she’s dating Zac, is very successful, and very pretty. It angers a lot of bitter people to see them having fun and being happy, and doing well in their careers. And both are gorgeous as all get out, something of which they seem totally unaware.

I, too, play Vanessa’s CD in my car. My favorite is Last Night–something about her voice and the beat. I also love Identified, First Bad Habit, Don’t Ask Why, Amazed, Paper Cut, Gone with the Wind. I’d have to say my least favorite is Hook It Up.

Vanessa is amazingly gorgeous !!! Her natural beauty really shines !
Love her so much !!!


She’s selling everything from shoes to clothes to coffee. As if she’s thinking ‘I gotta make as much money as I can while HSM is still popular.’

Why doesn’t she ask Zac why he’s strictly sticking to acting? Doesn’t she know that the more endorsements she does, the less seriously she’s gonna be taken?

These two are so different it astounds me. They both seem nice enough but their values just don’t seem compatible.

omg V is my idol i really like her style and shes perfect (: and she has the most perfect boyfriend (L)__(L)
jared ur cool :D

why would she be taken less seriously for doing endorsements? it’s an honor to be asked to be the face of someone’s company…

#157 You know I find it ironic last year when she was recording her album she was critcized for going to the gym, riding on Zac’s bootstraps, and just “sitting around waiting for things to happen.” Here we see her doing something to EARN money and she’s a “sell out.” *God I hate that stupid meaningless phrase.* It’s ridiculous.

Most people want to “make much money as possible” in their chosen profession yet somehow becasuse it’s Vanessa Hudgens its somehow shameful.

im not fan of her.. but she looks amazing i really love her outfit !

she is sexy and so his her man! =]

i love her!!!!!!!!!!

she’s very beautiful!!!!!!

(in italian: l’adoro!!! è bellissima!!!)

she looks really pretty!

anon & troy,

You took the words right out of my mouth! As anon stated, it’s an honor to be asked to be the face of someone’s company. I highly doubt Vanessa is SEARCHING for companies that will ask her to endorse them.

I really don’t understand Mia’s problem. It’s not like Vanessa is the only celebrity spokesperson; any celeb who’s gotten somewhere, was at least OFFERED to endorse a company. It’s sad how insecure & un-happy people are that they have to find silly & minor facts, such as Mia’s, just to put a person down. You should be happy for her, for all her talent & hard work is finally being recognized.


what is her youtube channel?

i agree with #27…yay more vanessa!!!!she looks great and happy =)

my mom has that same chanel bag.

I am amazed at how this woman seems to get more and more beautiful as she gets older. She was very cute in HSM1 and 2 but she is really becoming a stunningly beautiful young woman. No wonder Zac seems so enamored of her.

vanessA LUVR @ 07/18/2008 at 6:40 pm

omg she looks so frikin hott!

hot! hot! hot! Zac you are the luckest guy. Vanessa is beautiful without question. I want her jeans so bad.Can somebody tell me where to buy it.

We are fans and just love how talented they are but anything behind thatis none of our business we resfect them, we all know that they want this vacation to be private, i love the fact that ZA angels respect that. and i continue to support them because they just in Love.
they need our support from those who hate them.

I was just on VABN and ZA Angels and Vanessa is not their new spokesperson. I think maybe they got their info from this article on E news:

can someone tell me if this is true? is she not the rep? they actually site JJ’s site as one of the incorrect places that said she was their rep…

I’m confused :(

sorry, i meant to be saying spokesperson not calling Vanessa a rep!


Yes, we got your boring, boring, and your BORING messages. But if you think she is so boring why are you here? Couldn’t you find someone—ANYONE—on JJ who was not boring? Or did you have time on your hands and respond to every thread that you thought was boring?

Troy #160 you are sooo right

Wow some people are just so obsessed with this girl they continuely come back each and every thread to defend her against each and every haters remark.
its kind of funny because on every thread there are always gonna be haters so why in the world do u spend time responding to them:
do YOU have that much time on your hands?

ilovevanessa @ 07/20/2008 at 12:02 am

you know she went to visit ashley later that day jj you should have but the picture of her visiting ash on!

#180 – rose…. as much time as you have girl :) We’re fans, that’s what fans do… actually there are less haters now, than there were before. So I’d say, we do a fine job coming her everyday to defend.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day on the internet to acknowledge us fans though…

your welcome actually i dont hate her i just really dont care as much a s fully dedicated fans

idk if its a compliment or an insult however your welcome, actually i dont hate her i just really dont care as much as fully dedicated fans…lol;)

I`M LOVE YOU VANESSA VERY LOVE YOU login:) I`M from Poland YOU GREAT:) 903258 my number gg skype: andziate3ka1

lmfao wtf is she doing? Apparently, she’s not even the new face. She was just snapped regularly. So that makes her poses a lot more awkward…

I love Vanessa and Zac!They are so cute together!They sing beautiful!

ASHLEY CARTER @ 07/27/2008 at 3:48 pm

She’s like perfect! I want her hair/skin so bad! She has such beautiful natural wavy hair.
Her boyfriend is perfect, too.
Ahh, she went from simple HSM to > fame and fortune.
I’m jealous!

I love you so much Vanessa! <3 Keep Rocking! <3<3

i think vanessa hudgens look fine and i dont care about what other people think,so they can kiss my ass for all i care!!LEAVE HER ALONE SHE IS PERSON JUST LIKE EVERY BODY ELSE SO TOP THE BULL-**** ALL READY OK OK GOOD BEY!!

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