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Vanessa Hudgens Models For Intelligentsia Coffee

Vanessa Hudgens Models For Intelligentsia Coffee

As the new face for Intelligentsia Coffee, Vanessa Hudgens shoots the coffee brand’s new ad campaign outside Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon. (Looks like she’s in a much better mood compared to earlier this morning!)

Intelligentsia Coffee was founded in October 1995 and boasts a simple premise: buy, roast, and serve the finest coffees available. Their coffee is roasted daily in vintage German roasters.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, boyfriend Zac Efron arrived at JFK airport in New York City.

UPDATE: E! News is reporting that Vanessa is not the new spokesperson for Intelligentsia Coffee. She just bought coffee from their store, apparently!

10+ pictures inside of Intelligentsia Coffee spokesperson Vanessa Hudgens

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vanessa hudgens intelligentsia 02
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Photos: ODuran/Fame Pictures
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  • Kay tee

    Shes awesome! can’t wait for Rock On!

  • Justin

    Zac efron is soo damn lucky! i love vanessa, she’s so pretty..

  • love baby v

    she look great ..
    btw …..vanessa hudgens had Account in youtube ….:)
    hurry up talk to her :)

  • Malia

    Most beautiful girl in the world, hands down.

    And she’s just as beautiful inside with a very big heart.

    Glad she’s getting all these promotions. Good for her.

  • Malia

    #150 Vicky @ 07/18/2008 at 10:03 am
    I’m much older than you, and I’m a Vanessa and Zac fan. You hit on something there about why people hate on Vanessa, and I think it’s all of these: because she’s dating Zac, is very successful, and very pretty. It angers a lot of bitter people to see them having fun and being happy, and doing well in their careers. And both are gorgeous as all get out, something of which they seem totally unaware.

    I, too, play Vanessa’s CD in my car. My favorite is Last Night–something about her voice and the beat. I also love Identified, First Bad Habit, Don’t Ask Why, Amazed, Paper Cut, Gone with the Wind. I’d have to say my least favorite is Hook It Up.

  • nett

    Vanessa is amazingly gorgeous !!! Her natural beauty really shines !
    Love her so much !!!

  • Mia


    She’s selling everything from shoes to clothes to coffee. As if she’s thinking ‘I gotta make as much money as I can while HSM is still popular.’

    Why doesn’t she ask Zac why he’s strictly sticking to acting? Doesn’t she know that the more endorsements she does, the less seriously she’s gonna be taken?

    These two are so different it astounds me. They both seem nice enough but their values just don’t seem compatible.

  • Carliis

    omg V is my idol i really like her style and shes perfect (: and she has the most perfect boyfriend (L)__(L)
    jared ur cool :D

  • anon

    why would she be taken less seriously for doing endorsements? it’s an honor to be asked to be the face of someone’s company…

  • troy

    #157 You know I find it ironic last year when she was recording her album she was critcized for going to the gym, riding on Zac’s bootstraps, and just “sitting around waiting for things to happen.” Here we see her doing something to EARN money and she’s a “sell out.” *God I hate that stupid meaningless phrase.* It’s ridiculous.

    Most people want to “make much money as possible” in their chosen profession yet somehow becasuse it’s Vanessa Hudgens its somehow shameful.

  • magali

    im not fan of her.. but she looks amazing i really love her outfit !

  • naaagaah

    she is sexy and so his her man! =]

  • giulia

    i love her!!!!!!!!!!

    she’s very beautiful!!!!!!

    (in italian: l’adoro!!! è bellissima!!!)

  • bekkah

    she looks really pretty!

  • Ariana

    anon & troy,

    You took the words right out of my mouth! As anon stated, it’s an honor to be asked to be the face of someone’s company. I highly doubt Vanessa is SEARCHING for companies that will ask her to endorse them.

    I really don’t understand Mia’s problem. It’s not like Vanessa is the only celebrity spokesperson; any celeb who’s gotten somewhere, was at least OFFERED to endorse a company. It’s sad how insecure & un-happy people are that they have to find silly & minor facts, such as Mia’s, just to put a person down. You should be happy for her, for all her talent & hard work is finally being recognized.


  • charlene

    what is her youtube channel?

  • mary

    i agree with #27…yay more vanessa!!!!she looks great and happy =)

  • menna

    my mom has that same chanel bag.

  • tLc

    I am amazed at how this woman seems to get more and more beautiful as she gets older. She was very cute in HSM1 and 2 but she is really becoming a stunningly beautiful young woman. No wonder Zac seems so enamored of her.

  • vanessA LUVR

    omg she looks so frikin hott!

  • UK

    hot! hot! hot! Zac you are the luckest guy. Vanessa is beautiful without question. I want her jeans so bad.Can somebody tell me where to buy it.

  • Vannie

    We are fans and just love how talented they are but anything behind thatis none of our business we resfect them, we all know that they want this vacation to be private, i love the fact that ZA angels respect that. and i continue to support them because they just in Love.
    they need our support from those who hate them.

  • sara

    I was just on VABN and ZA Angels and Vanessa is not their new spokesperson. I think maybe they got their info from this article on E news:

    can someone tell me if this is true? is she not the rep? they actually site JJ’s site as one of the incorrect places that said she was their rep…

    I’m confused :(

  • sara

    sorry, i meant to be saying spokesperson not calling Vanessa a rep!

  • hirojay


  • hirojay


  • hirojay


  • Karen


    Yes, we got your boring, boring, and your BORING messages. But if you think she is so boring why are you here? Couldn’t you find someone—ANYONE—on JJ who was not boring? Or did you have time on your hands and respond to every thread that you thought was boring?

  • britt

    Troy #160 you are sooo right

  • rose

    Wow some people are just so obsessed with this girl they continuely come back each and every thread to defend her against each and every haters remark.
    its kind of funny because on every thread there are always gonna be haters so why in the world do u spend time responding to them:
    do YOU have that much time on your hands?

  • ilovevanessa

    you know she went to visit ashley later that day jj you should have but the picture of her visiting ash on!

  • Steph

    #180 – rose…. as much time as you have girl :) We’re fans, that’s what fans do… actually there are less haters now, than there were before. So I’d say, we do a fine job coming her everyday to defend.

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day on the internet to acknowledge us fans though…

  • rose

    your welcome actually i dont hate her i just really dont care as much a s fully dedicated fans

  • rose

    idk if its a compliment or an insult however your welcome, actually i dont hate her i just really dont care as much as fully dedicated fans…lol;)

  • floor
  • http://justjared kimberly

    she looks so cute

  • soff

    te amo hudgens

  • http://loveyouVanesska Angelika

    I`M LOVE YOU VANESSA VERY LOVE YOU login:) I`M from Poland YOU GREAT:) 903258 my number gg skype: andziate3ka1

  • jamie

    lmfao wtf is she doing? Apparently, she’s not even the new face. She was just snapped regularly. So that makes her poses a lot more awkward…

  • http://idonthave tanya

    I love Vanessa and Zac!They are so cute together!They sing beautiful!


    She’s like perfect! I want her hair/skin so bad! She has such beautiful natural wavy hair.
    Her boyfriend is perfect, too.
    Ahh, she went from simple HSM to > fame and fortune.
    I’m jealous!

  • Elise

    I love you so much Vanessa! <3 Keep Rocking! <3<3

  • http://modles zanessa fan

    i think vanessa hudgens look fine and i dont care about what other people think,so they can kiss my ass for all i care!!LEAVE HER ALONE SHE IS PERSON JUST LIKE EVERY BODY ELSE SO TOP THE BULL-SHIT ALL READY OK OK GOOD BEY!!