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Vanessa Hudgens' Lavender Lexus

Vanessa Hudgens' Lavender Lexus

Vanessa Hudgens gets into her new Lexus RX 400 Hybrid SUV and heads to Lavender Natural Beauty in Sherman Oaks, Calif., on Wednesday.

The High School Musical star spent about ten minutes browsing various beauty products at Lavender. Vanessa asked for a little advice from the store assistant before making a purchase and driving back home in her Lexus.

Check out the pics from Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens‘ July 4th vacation from the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos.

15+ more pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens‘ lavender Lexus…

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vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 01
vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 02
vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 03
vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 04
vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 05
vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 06
vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 07
vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 08
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vanessa hudgens lavender lexus 11
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  • Holly.b

    Rachel Bilson 2! She is a copy-cat! What is with her super cool audi???
    Find your own look you littel high school baby

  • kate

    Second!!!!! wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! shes the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate

    Second!!!!! wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! shes the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • EVA

    she is soo cute

  • mabel

    i love her audi more!

  • ZanessaFan

    First! And that’s a sweet ride she’s got there! [b]Vanessa Rocks!!![/b]

  • ZanessaFan

    Ok maybe I wasn’t first… But whatever, Vanessa rox!

  • Monessa

    Finally u bak baby v!!!! u look gorgeous!!!!

  • ZanessaLover

    OMG she is soooo cute!!

  • athena

    Isn’t she suppose to be going on her tour soon?

  • zanessa/jashley

    OMG !! That’s a nicee car. Does she have 2 cars now ? Or did she get rid of her other one ? If she has 2 cars…I’m totally jealous…I want her other car :D Hey Vanessa, can I have it ? lol, she is looking totally fine today, i like what she’s wearing.

    I think her tour kicks of August 1st…do you know if she’s going to the Teen Choice Awards ?

    Vote for Zac and Vanessa right here !

    It’d be really cute if they won together :D

  • poppy

    She looks gorgeous as always, she has got her own style and is not afraid to mix it up, and btw many people have Lexus Hybrids, not just Rachel Bilson, maybe it’s her moms car or something, who knows.

  • zanessa forever!

    great girl! she looks wonderful!

  • charoulla

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE HER! She looks gorgeous! And I love her new car, though I adore her Audi! I hope she still has it! Those vacations did her well! She’s practically glowing!

  • sissy

    pictures of vanessa visiting ashley the same day :D


    good for her! go for the hybrid! :]

  • stacy

    she’s soooooooo pretty !!! i want her dress :D
    her style is amazing and i love the ray-ban aviators !

  • laurie-ann

    thanks for the pictures sissy !

  • Naomi

    Vanessa’s audi convertible was a gift from Audi. She didn’t buy it. She might have bought this one for herself or her parents or it could be another gift. We don’t really know. I wouldn’t have thought she would have had any time in between filming to go car shopping but who knows. It doesn’t really matter. Her money, her car, her life.

    She looks so happy and gorgeous! I love seeing her like this, relaxed, glowing and serene. She starts touring in two weeks so I guess she’d be starting rehearsals immediately and her hectic schedule picks up again. Really glad she had this time away before resuming work.

    How cute is that dress! I don’t care for the boots at all but hair, dress and make-up = A+ , no surprise there. It’s Vanessa after all.

  • insane

    She don’t know what to do with all the money! Vacation, 10 cars, and shopping shopping shopping.

  • lida

    I LIKE HER she’s amazing she has the same car like RACHEL BILSON no? i think so because RACHEL also has a LEXUS
    by the way were’s RACHEL i miss her since june we haven’t any news about her OMG she’s desepearrrrrrrrrr lol

  • Tricia

    so pretty. love her dresss! (:

    love her pictures with Zac in Turks and Caicos

  • dadad

    i love vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen


  • tara anne

    love her!!

    i look alot like her too!! =)

  • holly.b

    rachel has beth lauren necklaces. Is V’s beth lauren too?

  • sara

    I totally agree with Naomi….. I wonder if after her ectic schedule is done if she’ll buy a house?

  • Helena

    Needs a stylist.

  • avril

    look cute
    let’s vote for her and zac at teen choice awards 2008

  • Cindy

    I love how relaxed and happy she looks. Guess she is taking her own advice and trying to make friends with the paps and just enjoy her life instead of trying to ignore them. As she said, “they are apart of my life now.” I think she must have shared that advice with Zac as he looks happier too. I’m sure the intimate vaca helped a lot too! Love her dress , but not with those boots. They don’t really seem to match.

  • BabiiVFanforeva

    Amazingly alwaiis :D
    LOVE NESSA!!!!!!

  • Boji

    love her outfit. She looks so cute, happy and well rested. Just because she got herself a lexus SUV doesn’t mean she’s copying anyone. I think this is such a stupid and immature comment. It reminds me of a statement school kids would make. I guess she feels comfortable in those floppy booties after her long vacation bare footed or just wearing slippers on the beach.

    Saw a pic of her visiting her bff Ashley who looked pleasantly surprised to see her.

  • bob

    she looks soo happy and cute !!!!
    and who cares if she has the same car as Rachel
    i bet another 100 people have the same car

  • Jennifer W

    vanessa looks great and i hope she has a great tour

  • V-fan-forever

    OMG she looks sooooooo stunning!
    Awww cute dress.
    She looks sooo happy :]] Thanks Zac xD

    And wow, 2 cars? Not bad…

    Vanessa= gorgeous!
    My idol

  • Boji

    Now we have Rachel Bilson fans coming here to post. What next? I have nothing against R B but this is a Vanessa thread and her getting an SUV is a coincidence. There are lots of SUVS out there, I may add. Vanessa can’t help it if she has long dark hair like Rachel and whatever similarities they have. She was born with what God gave her.

    If you want a thread of your fav. celebrity just email JJ and perhaps he will respond. Coming on here is not going to help.

  • Boji

    Another thing is envy and jealousy. So what if she has lots of money and she can do with it whatever she likes, afterall she has earned it with hard work. We don’t know for sure what she has done with the other one and it is her concern if she has 2 or more and no one elses. As someone did say being the old fashioned gentleman he is, Zac most probably paid for their holiday. But then again, so what! Nobody is using the taxpayer’s money. Am just happy that they like other celebrities can afford such luxuries and why not.

    Naomi did say she was given the other car as a gift which is common enough for celebrities to receive gifts from Companies.

  • celia

    As a mom of young children who LOVED HSM1, I gotta say all of this saddens me. I loved when these young stars were just budding actors who sent a clean message for fun to all the kids who watched them. It was also nice to know all kids could watch the show on tv because some could not afford to go to the movies to see it.

    They have been bitten by the fame of Hollywood and have lost their innocence and down to earth likeability. Now it’s all about the STUFF they can buy and the vacations they can take and the sexy rendevous with each other. We as a society have it all wrong if this is what we teach our children. None of my family will be paying to see HSM3… is all overkill for the rich and famous.

  • Klau

    she looks so cute ^^

    I want her dress!! :)

  • acki

    not cute at all

  • josh

    She’s hot

  • asd

    beatiful always

  • shopgirl

    She is so cute! And that is a gorgeous car.

  • kathastic

    she looks so gorgeous and relaxed!
    glad she had a day off before her tour rehursels start

  • SAM

    She’s amazing, I want her dress!

  • kristi

    Hey #1
    She has the same hair color as Penelope Cruz! You gonna give her crap about that too? Get a life!

  • katie

    i would love to be her. hot boyfriend, succesful movie, great dancer, pretty, perfect life, everyone loves her….

  • misty11

    she works verry hard and i love vanessa she looks hot

  • joy

    At 19 how long and hard has she really worked? Try working for 20yrs. at a job you hate but you need to support your family and put food on the table.

    #37, how old might you be? I for one am not envious or jealous of people who earn their keep. However I agree with Celia, it is just so excessive you begin to wonder why are we supporting them.

  • Boji

    Celia, I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to afford tickets to see HSM 3, but I think your sentiments are a bit off as Disney is responsible for taking this made for tv movie to the cinema and not Zac or Vanessa. It doesn’t mean that just because Zac and Vanessa are down to earth, they should be spending their money frugally and not treat themselves to a bit of lavishness once in a while. I know if I were in their position I would do the very same thing.

    And what do you mean by ‘ clean message’. We seem to forget that Zac and Vanessa are becoming young adults and have been together for a good 3 yrs now. It is up to you as a parent what you want your children to see and guide and set values for them.