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American Idol's David Domination Continues

American Idol's David Domination Continues

American Idol champ David Cook lugs around his football, guitar and yoga mat while passing through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Runner-up David Archuleta arrived with his manager father Jeff. He just blogged why he’s in town, saying, “I’m in L.A. for the time we have off right now and have had a couple of meetings involving the album, which were fun. Our next show is in St. Louis, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been there so it should be fun to see the big arch there haha. Anyway I’ll try to get that blog up, even though it’s not fancy or anything haha, so you guys can at least see it soon.

“Oh one more thing. On So You Think You Can Dance, a couple named Katee and Will danced to my performance “Imagine.” I thought that was way cool! Haha. They did awesome. I feel… Like honored lol. Ok sorry i’m out of it right now so have a good night everyone.”

Watch that performance below!

Katee Shean and Will Wingfield Perform a “Pas de Deux” duet
Song: “Imagine” by David Archuleta

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Credit: Matingas/MO; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Gina

    I was really surprised they used his performance of the song to dance too, but it really was one of the best performances this week on So You Think You Can Dance. These two are two of the best this season.

  • jesse


  • daniel mmmm.

    david archuletas song rocks!!!!!

  • oprah

    Davids are both good

  • seven

    The magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported David C is dating beautiful girls on a club called ‘ri ch ki ss.c om’ these days. He uploaded some hot pictures there and wants to find his sweetheart.

  • Lily

    I was annoyed that he didnt sing the whole song. I don’t give a f**k what your religious beliefs are; don’t ruin a song. Half the meaning was taken out of it. If he was so offended by John Lennon’s anti-religious lyrics, he should have stayed away from the song.

  • madmaxium

    During his SLC performance of When You Say You Love Me, Archie cried and thanked his fans in Utah. It was a very touching moment. He thanked everyone for voting for him. He then said everyone give Cook a big Utah welcome and they did. Utah loves all the idol contestants, but that song was very touching because at the end Archie cried and said “Look at what you made me do” or something to that effect.

    Check out the link on my name to the youtube video of that.

    There is another video where there is a close up of Archie tearing up…very touching.

    …oh and I loved the Will/Katee performance on SYTYCD. Beautiful dance danced to a very beautiful song it was a dance that captured the beauty of both dance and song.

    …oh Cook is cool two.

    Jesse if you don’t don’t want nothing to do with these ‘two’ as you wrote…then why even come here and read and post?

  • madmaxium

    Hit my name and there is a link of Archie up close during WYSYLM on the big screen where he cries and thanks his fans for giving him the chance to do what he loves – which is sing.

    He and Cook are both very special peeps IMO.

    Very touching…a must see.

  • madmaxium

    ThIS video is the SECOND video upclose.

    Thanks for the article, JUSTJARD.

  • tori

    They are both fantastic! Wish them much success.

  • RS

    Lily,Just for your information, David HAS sung the whole song before. The version you heard on SYTYCD was the live version from Idol where contestants can only sing for 90 seconds so David could only sing one verse. I invite you to chill.

  • crazyshark22

    I love Archuleta..he’s a top tier male vocalist

  • ron

    This dance is great! I love David Archuleta’s “Imagine” too. Such a perfect combination!

  • archie fan

    To RS, well said. I’m glad you set the record straight with Lily.

    I’m so glad they chose David Archuleta’s rendition of “Imagine.” David A. sang the song beautifully and the dancers were very good. I wish them all the best.

  • Mary

    No..I wouldn’t say Archuleta is to top mail vocalist..He did not win, but is doing well. David Cook brings a different style from what American Idol is use to and that is what America wants..Ballads are great but not as a steady diet so both Davids bring good to the industry. There are 2 other teens who are ranked higher in talent than Archulet aand are making their way fast..Charice and Delcan..Delcan has the voice of an angel..Listen to “Tell me Why” is just not good to put anyone over the other when there will always be someone better, but look at the personality and David Cook is gracious and humble and wears the title well. David Archuleta is a good kid who is also humble. I believe both albums will do well in their genre but to keep these guys in constant competition is unreal and takes away from the talent they have and this speaks for all the idol, all are good and do not deserve to be in constant competition when the show is over and the winner should be just that..”the winner’

  • valeria

    i like both of them but in the pics Cook look kinda fat!! sorry

  • beckalee87

    Cook winning doesn’t mean he’s a better vocalist. It means he got more votes. He’s a REALLY great singer, don’t get me wrong, but if you look at technical ability, Archuleta outdoes him by a mile. That’s perfectly okay though, because in Cook’s style of music, it doesn’t matter as much.

  • Davidcookandarchuletafan

    I love them both.I thought it was cool that they used Imagine for Will and Katee’s performance on So you think you can dance


    i love Archuleta’s version of Imagine on so you think you can dance and will and kate dancing to it was amazing . I wish Archie and Cook much success .

  • eye4daonly

    I beleive both david’s will do well in the future, they both are different but great. Cook has a sound of rock that is enjoyable not too harsh but i wll say he does sound like a lot of rockers arleady out there. His voice is not originall but i do like it. Archuleta has a voice like no other, pure, crisp and very powerful in all aspects. A range like no other. Then again for rock you don’t need the kind of range archuleta has.

  • Christine

    To Lily–David only had time to sing one verse of the song, or a minute and a half. Blake sang it last year and he sang only one verse. Same with Ruben and Jennifer Hudson. David sang his verse with a lot of passion and heart, and that’s what matters.

  • Archangel

    David Archuleta is my favorite! Hes unique! his voice is so pure beautiful soothing and so warm<3 I love him soo much he has a very bright future :]

  • KB

    I like both Davids, they seem like nice guys. I wish them both much success.

    I can’t wait for Archie’s album, though. I catch his performances on youtube from the tour and other press. He’s been on fire, and sounds better and better everyday. You guys need to hear him sing “Crazy”.

  • ane

    yay i love both davids!!! =] but im an archie woohoo! katee and will’s dance of imagine was GREAT! and david did not sing the other verses of imagine because you’re limited to a certain amount of time for each song. get your facts straight, john lennon’s wife even called him to tell him that his version was great.

  • lisa

    I lost respect for David Cook since he started dating Kim Caldwell. He can do so much better than that s k a n k. She just loves the advantages she will have dating him. She has been banged more than a screen door.

  • Loverducky

    David Archuleta is amazing and so is Cook. Katee and Will are also incredible so I think the song and dance was a good fit. One of the best ballet dancers there is was inspired by David’s rendition of Imagine to choreograph the dance he did, so I think that really says something about David’s talent. And reiterating what Christine said, the shortening of the song had absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs. There is actually a video of him singing Imagine when he is 13, and he does the whole song. Obviously, on AI, they all have to condense their songs, and David merely sang his favourite verse. There is no need to hate on someone for something that is out of their control

  • K

    Jesse <— Honestly i think you are Jeolous

  • Lily

    Thanks for letting me know, there was alot of talk going around that David chopped and changed the song deliberately. In that case, I will look for his studio version because i do think he has a gorgeous voice, and I did love his rendition.

  • michelle

    i loooove you david ARCHULETA!!!!!!!
    your sooo cute anddd have an amazing voiceeee i cant wait for yer album(:


  • michelle

    i loooove you david ARCHULETA!!!!!!!
    your sooo cute anddd have an amazing voiceeee i cant wait for yer album(:


  • samrlim

    David Cook just won the title but DAVID ARCHULETA IS THE RIGHTFUL TRUE AMERICAN IDOL and you cannot deny that because MAJORITY OF AMERICA EXPECT HIM TO WIN not only in AMERICA but all over the world the 12 million votes does not translate to equal per individual votes this are the individual who vote 3,000 times per person or more thats the irony of it. When I attended the Tacoma Dome Concert Tour in Seattle after David Archuleta finished his turn some people already left the show for they only want to see Archie. Now its a blessing in disguised that ARCHIE IS MUCH MORE POPULAR THAN DAVID COOK . when COOK deliver his lyrics sometimes you cannot understand what he was saying he need to utter his words clearly – this was also mentioned by her GF KIMBERLY but Archuleta, he deliver his song clearly and beautifully that why he can connect so well with his audiece – Its a GIFT that not all singer has. So stop comparing David Archuleta to David Cook for its no comparison – you are comparing apple to orange. Thank You.

  • leedahae

    wow! that’s nice! David Archuleta is awesome! I can’t wait for his CD. The song IMAGINE is so pure and the dance is ridiculously brilliant.

  • not hot

    David Cook is so ugly, I can’t believe women think he is hot….
    with the man boobs, squishy belly and that really really obvious
    comb over…… at the concerts he is lying on the floor playing the guitar on his back, how embarrassing……he thinks he is a rockstar………eewwww!

  • Wha???

    The guy could definitely dance, but she was horrible and missed her spot on several occasions.

  • Josh

    Lily, I’m glad some people set you straight, but you have such a hateful attitude when you had no idea what you were talking about. Your whole first rant was filled with ignorant assumptions. And the message and ideals that the Beatles / John Lennon embodied was obviously lost on you. Someone changes up their song and you act like it’s a major sacrilege. From what I know about their music and their lives, they’d be mortified that their “worshippers” where so angry, hateful, and conformists to just one way of doing things. From the message I got from them, they’d be honored that people were taking their message, their ideas, and incorporating it into new things — exactly what they did during their time.

  • meg

    I just love David Cook! His vocals, muscianship, versatility, and consistency put him over the top. There is no one out there currently on the charts who can sing like he does. I have downloaded everything I could to listen to of his. I’ll buy his CD for sure. I think he will have a great career.

    I know why women think he’s great. He’s more than just a pretty face and hot body. Smart, articulate, compassionate, witty, talented, humble, kind, dedicated to his craft. And he has those qualities naturally. They’re what make him so attractive.

    I love David Archuleta. He is precious, and has a beautiful voice. He is young. I think his career will be great, also, with the right songs.

    Best of all, these guys are friends. Trumps the competition scenario. They both win with their positive attitudes.

  • Don

    I agree with Lily. If Lennon were alive, I do not think he would want his song cut for any show. Archuleta breathes too much when he sings and it sounds like he has athesma. American Idol finally got a fresh sound when David Cook won. The songs the contestants had to choose from did not showcase much of theur talent and to be honest, the songs wer emade for what American Idol was looking for, a ballad singer as usual, but the ones that made it got away from the American Idol sound and David Cook was nevr the American Idol sound, but is the sound America chose and America got it right this year.

  • Mary

    David Archuleta is a good singer and yes, he breathes too much in the songs, but, I honestly think when the tour is over and the 10 do not have to pay homage to American Idol by singing the songs they have been asked to sing and finally put forth their own, we will hear them all at their best. David Cook, Carly, Brooke, and Jason were the only ones in the competition that have unique voices. Not to mention were not cookie cutter contestants and stayed with their own style. That is what made this year interesting.

  • Mary

    I watched the video and the dance is great. Archuleta sang well but the word “possession’ is popped and needs to be smooth. I hope he corrects it for the final recording.

  • chanel

    Omg if u think jason and brooke are better singers than Archuleta than I do not trust anything you just wrote. Archuleta, Elliott Yamin, Daughtry are the best male vocalists ever on American Idol.

  • pam

    LOL omg..I can’t believe u ppl say Archuleta breathes to much. Have u ever heard Jason sing? It’s like he talks a song.

  • rick

    I don’t think David A did Lennon any injustice. He brought Lennon’s song back to life. Why would Lennon be mad if a kid brings back the message he’s trying to spread? AND FOR THE LAST TIME, THE SONG WAS CUT SHORT FOR THE SAKE OF THE SHOW’S TIME LIMIT.

  • Synnjynn

    I just want both Davids to have a great career !!!!!!

  • sherry

    I think it is going to be hilarious when the David Archuleta fans who are waiting for his album don’t get what they expect. His voice is very much like Clay Aiken’s (which would explain why Claymates are following him now). But he is with Jive record label. So instead of an album full of the “inspirational” ballads that he does so well, his fans will receive an album of Disney-esque, disposable bubblegum pop. Interesting reactions should ensue.
    David Cook’s fans are expecting a rock record and since he is signed to RCA (along with Daughtry), a rock album is exactly what they will get.

  • DL

    Lily, i’m not sure if david ever did a studio version of imagine on idol. wasnt an idol follower at all till i discovered david a. at the tail end of the season. but here’s a link of david singing the whole song at age 13:

  • Lily

    I wonder if Archuleta would appreciate his fans being so damn rude about Cook; seriously, you call me hateful! It’s disgusting, he won because he is also talented, just like David is. And whats the whinging; they’ve both got the same record deal anyway! WHO WON IDOL?? THEY BOTH DID!

  • DrArchiefan

    Regarding David A “breathing” — it turns out (he said so in an interview with Ryan Seacrest 2 days after the Finals) that he found out during the show that he still has a paralyzed vocal cord. It is amazing that he can sing at all like that! I pretty much suspected this when I first heard him talk and sing during the auditions. When you breath in both vocal cords are suppose open wide — but with the paralysis, only one opens up – so you have to take in air through an opening that is half as wide (and he has to do this quickly and enough air to get through the next phrase)
    On the flip side when you talk and sing – the cords come together, opening just enough to let out air to make them vibrate — he probably has a wider gap letting out more air — thus the Rasp and Gasp – it is due to a medical condition he has no control over. (It is like making fun of someone who walks with a limp.) I am sure he is very self conscience of this initially was devastated when it first happened – but some how he relearned how to sing and has the guts to go out on a stage and belt it out!

  • Nina

    Okay, it is a medical condition. Still, that does not make him the best vocalist. It is as if it is sympathy voting and over estimating a kid who is good but not great. America did not vote for Archuleta or he would have won. All of the Cook bashing only leads to nothing because Cook does not bash anyone nor do the others who are talented and different in genre. It was time to get away from the american Idol same style winners. I think it is time to let the competition go and just go get the album when it comes out. Kids whine but adults know better. American Idol kept endorsing Archulet and if you look at the videos, it was unfair to other contestants who seemed to have just gave up. Why try when every night was Archuleta night. No one asked America who was their choice until the big surprise of Archuleta not winning. Simon ate crow that night because he was smart enough to look at the show again and found he was not correct, but at the time it was broadcast falsly that Archuleta was the winner the night before and still it did not stop America from voting for who America wanted. I enjoy all of them and wish them much success. And I know we will be surprised because there is still another who will rise to the top and that is Josiah Lemming, so no one is sure of anything except to just enjoy what American Idol 7 brought to America which to be in the top ten was an honor, so don’t bash just enjoy.

  • don

    Josiah Leming is on the rise. He is a brilliant songwriter. Yeah, I agree why bash just enjoy. I listened to Charice and she isextremely talented and to sing with David Foster speaks volume of her ability. She was discovered by a guy watching you tube and was brought to America. She has got the pipes and is a ballad singer. It is definately going to be lots of surprises in the music industry.

  • Loverducky

    wow, I cannot believe all the hate that is still around. I don’t think that the AI contestants really need to be compared anymore, the competition is over!..and they are all very different from each other. Some people seem to go out of there way to go on every site and put down people like Archuleta or Cook….just because you are a fan of a certain type of music doesn’t automatically make someone else bad, it is just not your taste, and if that is the case, then it would make things a lot friendlier if you just kept it to yourself.