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Katie Holmes & Jonny Lee Miller Team Up

Katie Holmes & Jonny Lee Miller Team Up

Katie Holmes continues to film her guest spot with regular Jonny Lee Miller for his hit ABC show, Eli Stone, in downtown Los Angeles on Friday afternoon.

“There’s actually some singing and dancing she does and she’s exquisite,” ABC president Steve McPherson has said of Katie‘s role in the show as a nonprofit attorney.

Victor Garber, who plays the head of the legal firm Miller‘s character, added, “She’s delightful. We just did the read through the other day and she just fit in beautifully and was so unassuming. She’s perfect for this part. It’s a great thing for Jonny and Katie together in this episode. It’s magical.”

Katie‘s cameo will appear in the Oct. 21 episode of the legal dramedy.

30+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Jonny Lee Miller sitting on a park bench…

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katie holmes jonny lee miller 01
katie holmes jonny lee miller 02
katie holmes jonny lee miller 03
katie holmes jonny lee miller 04
katie holmes jonny lee miller 05
katie holmes jonny lee miller 06
katie holmes jonny lee miller 07
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katie holmes jonny lee miller 15
katie holmes jonny lee miller 16
katie holmes jonny lee miller 17
katie holmes jonny lee miller 18
katie holmes jonny lee miller 19
katie holmes jonny lee miller 20
katie holmes jonny lee miller 21
katie holmes jonny lee miller 22
katie holmes jonny lee miller 23
katie holmes jonny lee miller 24
katie holmes jonny lee miller 25
katie holmes jonny lee miller 26
katie holmes jonny lee miller 27
katie holmes jonny lee miller 28
katie holmes jonny lee miller 29
katie holmes jonny lee miller 30
katie holmes jonny lee miller 31
katie holmes jonny lee miller 32
katie holmes jonny lee miller 33
katie holmes jonny lee miller 34
katie holmes jonny lee miller 35

Photos: Oduran/FamePictures, WENN
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  • mima

    FIRST!! love to see more zac!

  • alypet

    ouu first lol

  • viva mexico

    Where is the rest of the pictures man. I went to see The Dark Knight last night, when the movie ended my friends were bitchin about that Maggie Gylenhal being ugly, the role should have been for a pretty girl. I agree though, Katie Holmes is prettier and this other chick had a droopy dog face. Man, Katie Holmes would have been more believable. No way droopy dog face Maggie would be a believable love interest for Batman, that is bullshit man!

  • viva mexico

    My friends were bitchin about Maggie Gylehnal , after we finished seeing The Dark Knight. They were like, wtf, she has a dog face, they should have brought back Katie Holmes. I agree. Her acting was alright but hellz, the role is for a pretty girl, not that clown face. Bring back Katie for the next sequel and just pretend that Rachel Dawes didn’t die, she just got plastic surgery and looks different now.

  • rolling eyes

    its like Katie Holmes and Rihanna get the same hair advice

    they both look good though…just saying

  • alypet

    Yeah I agree I don’t think Maggie Gylenhal is ‘all that’…

  • dancer

    #3 Viva Mexico. Maggie can act. Katie can’t. You compare Batman 1 vs. 2 and the role of Rachel Green–Maggie wins hands down. Katie can’t project let alone bring believability to the role of a DA. Sometimes talent wins out. And Maggie has it in spades unlike Mz. Holmes.

  • Karena

    Thanks, Jared. I’m tuning in for this episode, but will probably be watching “Eli” anyway. I watched a few episodes and Jonny Lee, I root for him. :)

  • kylie


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  • Jennifer W

    katie is the best

  • advanced

    Katie looks ok. Did you see more about her? She has a nice pro file with hot pics on a sin gle’s club named ‘ric h ki ss . c om’. She’s attractive, sexy and popular there. Maybe you can check it out.

  • gizmatage

    Viva Mexico — you sound very shallow if you think that everyone would rather see a pretty face who can’t act than a talented actor doing an actor job. Maggie Gyllenhal is one of the best actors of her generation, believe me, she’s way more believable as Rachel than Katie Holmes. I just watched “Batman Begins” again, and every time I saw Holmes I thought “There is NO way she’s ever believable as a lawyer”.

    So — as far as I am concerned, Batman movies are lucky to have Gyllenhall in the series now.

    BTW — on these pictures of Holmes — perhaps it is just me, but I like Katie with short hair. I think it’s made her look so much fresher….

  • Brett

    Hands down Katie over Maggie anytime and anyday but her role was pathetic if you know what I mean having seen TDK.

  • oh my

    Katie looks damn old and fug. Seriously, little tom sucked all the hotness out of her. This johnny boy is one fug dude.

  • pinks

    Katie is soooo cute.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Love Love Love Katie

  • ?

    Cant wait for Katie’s comeback on tv and is this the ex hubby of Angelina Jolie?

  • Stella

    If Katie lived in the Batman franchise then Im all for her as Rachel.
    She and Bale are hot also Eckhart when they sex up TYFS
    so Im sure Cruise wont like that one bit.

  • :]

    So chic and lovely!!!! Thanks JJ!!!!

  • jared fan


  • love

    Other photog sites I wont name her also featured and followed Katie at the baseball park. Now Im getting so anxious and curious what her character is really about. Hats off to Katie.

  • ninjas

    dont worry guys reading how desperate and sad Nolan was about Katie ditching Batman the real scoop is the real Rachel Dawes is on Batman’s protection program.

    They killed Maggie’s lame fake Rachel.

    Many sites,TV programs and movie blogs are naming Batman and Mummy 3 as the Darren effect aka annoying recasts.

  • Abby normal

    She is a well rounded actress and Katie is so beautiful even with no speck of make up on.

  • J

    She does not look chic, she looks like a 40 year old housewife. News flash every poll ever answered by men shows they prefer woman with long wavy/curly hair. Why do women insist on short or stick straight hair, it’s not attractive!

  • remember da truth

    From what I’ve heard, she’s wearing a ballcap in her first scenes and looks like a boy!
    And she was so ordinary, no presence whatsoever. If she hadn’t married Tom Cruise, she would be just another “where are they now” from some lame TV show from a previous decade.

  • remember da truth

    Jonny Lee Miller is so hot! Rent Mansfield Park and you’ll see a different side to him.

  • Keyla

    she look pretty on 1st n 2nd picts. love her.

  • viva mexico

    Hellz nah. The scene where Christian Bale walks in with 3 hot chicks, and then you see dog face Maggie, hell nah, I was like, wtf! Her acting was mediocre. My friends were joking, after the movie, they said, now that Rachel Dawes is dead, they should make her come back in the 3rd sequel as Katie Holmes. I agree, man there is something wrong with Maggie’s face. I think she is ok, like in Cherry Baby, but hell nah! Katie Holmes was fine, but that one scene was what made me realize, no way, Katie Holmes should have been in that role.

  • mia mama

    Those are 2 very plain looking people. He sure has an ugly nose and ugly ears.

  • jenny

    I agree with most of the people who aren’t Maggie G fans.. I just don’t get why she gets work, she’s hard to look at :/

    Katie needs to act her age or at least look it, this classic older lady look on her is just bad. She’s too pretty for it.

    As for Jonny, it’s so funny to think he was Angelina Jolies first husband.. wow!

  • Bustered up

    You got sexy batman kissing this droopy hush puppy, real bad turn off. Didn’t help that I saw pictures of her lingerie, and they looked hella nasty. Anybody who don’t believe me. Google Maggie G. pictures in gothic lingerie. The scariest face, I would have to cover that shit. I rather watch Christian Bale macking on cutie face Katie Holmes. You put a plunging neck line on that girl, she got titties, would have owned those 3 bitches on the screen.

  • grey


  • WTF!?!?!?

    I guess Katiebot had to go back to TV. She sure as hell couldn’t make it in the movies. Watching her in the first Batman was like watching paint dry. Her last film BOMBED so she’s back to playing Joey Potter as a lawyer. She sucks as an actress and she looks like a 40 year old housewife.

    Her lunatic husband totally sucked her dry. He’s a ranting, raving, moron who shoves his religion down other people’s throats and she’s just as bad for being married to the little jerk.

    Katie, stick with TV. Its the best you’re gonna do.

  • Viku

    katie is very beautiful women I am sad that she did not make the continuationof batman maggie has a so empty glance

  • LuckyL

    Bustered up @ 07/19/2008 at 2:55 am

    You got sexy batman kissing this droopy hush puppy, real bad turn off. Didn’t help that I saw pictures of her lingerie, and they looked hella nasty. Anybody who don’t believe me. Google Maggie G. pictures in gothic lingerie. The scariest face, I would have to cover that ****. I rather watch Christian Bale macking on cutie face Katie Holmes. You put a plunging neck line on that girl, she got titties, would have owned those 3 ******* on the screen.
    You’re right. No one celebrated any of the kisses in the theatre.

  • Pamela

    I am totally agreeing about Batman, wathed it yesterday and loved it. I was disappointed in Maggie. I would rather Katie Holmes acted the part even if she acted it badly. At least you would see Batman kissing a pretty girl. Maggie is not pretty, she is a good actress but the role did not even need a good actress. Arrrgh, bring back Katie in Batman 3 Please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • well….

    Good looking guys fall for ugly girls all the time. Sometimes these guys aren’t looking at the face but the body. Or these girls brings stability into their lives. Maybe this is what the producer was going for when they hired Maggie.

  • jk

    u people are stupid. she is a nonprofit attorney in the show, so of course they try to tone it down how she looks.
    Now try to imagine yourself wear the same outfit as hers…..i bet you’d look like crap. seriously, if she were ugly, u guys would be what…? gross and fugly?

  • Sam

    HIT SHOW ? Really ? LOL

    The casting of Katie Holmes seems a last ditch attempt to drum up some publicity for a show nobody’s heard of, let alone watched !


    Katie Holmes = sad $cientology CULT member = career suicide

    Why would you want to give your hard earned money to an abusive cult
    $cientology – worse than you could ever imagine


    All the trash talking, hateful comments on Maggie Gyllenhaal are from ONE single psychotic fan of Katie.

    She has been posting hundreds of libelous comments on Maggie under different nicknames, here on Just Jared. She hates Maggie because she is the one which has been chosen by Christopher Nolan to play Rachel Dawes when Katie Holmes was canned.

    Her real name is Simonette Alanes. She is 34 years old, unmarried, and living with her parents (her mother name’s is Kohinoor Alanes) in Arletta, California. She is a phillippino immigrant and has never worked. She spends her whole days on the Internet and she is living at her parent’s expenses and stealing their credit cards regularly in order to buy stuff, magazines about Katie Holmes, her idol. Katie Holmes is her whole life. Simonette Alanes thinks that they fired Katie from The Dark Knight in order to hire Maggie … which is true, actually. And she has murderous thoughts when she thinks of Maggie.

    Simonette Alanes is a celebrity stalker.

  • kit

    I was just about to say the same thing. Viva Mexico, Bustered up and LuckL is one person trying to the make, well, the same point over and over again. Problem is, this not-so-bright forgot to change it up a little.

  • dancer

    If you watch the two Batman’s with Bale, back-to-back, it is easy to see why they canned Katie. Her acting in the first picture it truly dreadful. She is suppose to be a high powered DA and comes off sounding like some simpering wimp. Her facial expressions are over done and she basically can’t act the part in this role. Maggie G. is so much better. Projects a better image and can actually act her way out of a bat cave unlike Katie Holmes. Holmes is a small screen actress or a indie actress and should stick with those roles rather than trying to be something she is not–an A list actress. She is A list for one reason: she married Cruise who’s star is rapidly falling.

  • I love jonny

    Forget about the Stepford wife….JONNY LEE MILLER IS HOT!!!!!! Rent “Hackers.” You will not be disappointed. There should be more pictures of him up here.

    Going back to the Stepford wife for a moment….what’s up with the hair?

  • Freaky Stalker scares me

    I can vouch for that post about the freaky stalker posting all those posts about Maggie being awful. The person mentioned above trolls the internet talking about Katie being wonderful. She has hundreds of names. This person was outed by several of the Batman sites because of her IP number.

    She’s a scary person. She believes Katie Holmes is God. I don’t care for Katie at all but I’m glad she has security. This “fan” is dangerous!!

    Katie needs to get away from Tom Cruise. He has destroyed her and her career. She is reduced to going back to TV because she’s married to a freak. Katie, get away from that guy and away from his cult! You were so promising and now look at you. You look 20 years older, anorexic and sick and even beautiful Suri looks out of it lately. PLEASE GET AWAY FROM TOM CRUISE AND TAKE YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER WITH YOU! HE’S SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF BOTH OF YOU!!

  • Mulberry

    I did hear that too. I like Maggie G. but she looked like an old lady in some scenes. She was not what I expected of sex appeal for Batman. She acts good, but the least they could have done was make her wear a push up bra and show her cleavage. She seemed a bit too covered up. I definitely would have liked seeing Katie in it.

  • giselle

    Katie is so adorkable and same with Jolie’s ex hubby. I only thought Jolie was married to Billy Bob.

    And yes lots of people were inquiring about Katie in the Batman film and wanted her back opposed to Gyllenhaal.

  • Paige

    I was wondering what happened to Jonny Lee Miller!

    I haven’t seen him since Hackers and Trainspotting! Him and Angelina made a cute couple for sure.

  • teddyquin

    Katie Holmes has foot bunions that are red and inflamed–also the big toe is starting to turn inward ,,,,with the bunions enlarged–should be seen by a podiatrist soon–ugly

  • remember da truth

    You must all have drunk the Scientology Kool-Aid or be on Tommy Boy’s payroll to actually think Katie Holmes is hot and deserves to be in Batman!!

    And Maggie isn’t that BAD to look at. She’s attractive, just not a bimbo ordinary beauty looking like everyone else. If she were at your office or school, she’d be the cute one, compared to everyone else and you know it.
    Besides, she has a rocking body and can ACT!! Anyone who can’t see her acting chops is stupid enough to think that Katie can act.