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Rachel Bilson For DKNY Jeans

Rachel Bilson For DKNY Jeans

Rachel Bilson strikes a pose in the latest ad campaign for her junior sportswear line, Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans.

“This is something that I have been interested in doing for such a long time,” Rachel has said of the clothes she’s designed. “I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity for it to be done right. Fans of The O.C. really like DKNY Jeans, and I know they make great stuff, so I thought it could be good. I want people to see these clothes for what they are, not just another line designed by another celebrity. I want the line to be taken seriously.

The collection is hitting stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Nordstrom in September for $19.50 to $49.50 per piece. Thanks, People!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rachel Bilson’s new fashion line so far?

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  • jeuj


  • ct

    looks nice! I’ll buy it, reasonable price too!

  • vf

    Can’t wait, the clothes look great, she’s beautiful and one of the most stylish celebrities around these days.

  • Russian girl

    Rachel is really Beauty)

  • http://none annn

    love her

  • sweetie

    She’s really pretty but I don’t like the ad.

  • Justin

    um. Its not going to be a hit. not like J.Lo or Sean John. she wants it to be taken seriously? I think no one will take her line seriously because she is not famous but only famous to teenage OC fans. Her clothing line won’t last at all. but good luck to your un-sucessful clothing line Rachel. STICK TO ACTING baby ;)

  • Eve


  • Joshua H.

    Is she still dating that dude hayden?

    he is so lucky because she is so f**kin H-O-T?

  • Queen Of B’s

    I didn’t know she had a clothing line. I remember her from the OC. That show was cool. But the clothes look boring. I want to see more of what she has. What sizes? What stores? It dosent look like anyone would buy it, only teenaged little girls who is obsessed with her, and most wont be able to affor this cheap looking sh** anyway. I thought she is an actress, but I guess she cant get a job so why not turn to clothes.


  • Rafaella brunnet

    She’s alive!!
    She’s so so pretty! and i love her! *-* so much!

  • retch

    Kind of boring flashback to 80′s New Wave + derivative of Hugo and others. Overpriced mall-rat trash.

  • this is gona to happen……..
  • summer

    awww i love rachel bilson!!!!!!!!!!
    and i will so buy from this line!!!!!!
    and i like how she wants this to be taken seriously

  • csxyz

    Is this the same black dress she wore when filming “New York, I Love You”? It certainly looks like it.

  • oh snap!

    this looks cheap and tacky

  • mary

    no rachel is alive no!good ok she’s so pretty and modest a think so…look if she wants to be celebre like other celebrities she got to take pictures of her naked !!!!!!but no she’snot like them she prefer not got job to do bad stuff so i guessshe’s so modest and sweet i love you rachel

  • lida

    OMG rachel bilson we haven’t you of her since june or may i really don’t know but she’s alive it’s the important
    PS: we just want more rachel bilson please jj i can’t be pasion i must see her more thk i like her

  • lida

    yeah a think it’s the same dress lol but i don’t care

  • naty

    I love RB I which she did more movies. I’m can’t wait until her line hit stores, I love her style and I think she will do a great job

  • cherryl

    I love Rachel and her fashion sense. I would buy her clothes!!!
    I like the yellow dress :) And the price are totally okay!

  • zanessa♥.. ewjashley


  • cherryl

    thanks JJ for the pics!!! Love Rachel so much! inspiration!

  • Diana

    AWESOME! I miss The OC, but once a main character dies, the show tends to die w/ it. Such a shame :(

  • kim

    Short girl with long back and stumpy legs who can’t wear fashion wearing what would have been considered dull lines even for the 80′s and who only got this job because she exploited an alleged affair with a costar that he has since denied. NICE.

    She’s been spotted in L.A. around July 2ed, and now NY for this ad and Hayden has been in Toronto since the Jumper DVD promo over a month ago.


    What do I think of her clothing line? CRAP!! I wouldn’t buy her $hit even if the crap was free! She looks like a hooker standing near a hazard working zone for her advertisement and all that crap! Blech!

    People actually think her crap is going to sell?

    Oh please! :roll:

  • retch

    Can’t understand all the gushing from these fans here. Bad actress. Boring clothes. Not that pretty. Makes no sense. Glad co-star no longer being used as her tall skinny fashion accessory.

  • magali

    agree with #23 ! she is absolutely an inspiration for us !
    gorgeous !

  • magali

    is not even expensivee.. OMG ! i want them !

  • a

    RB stands for Retarded Bilson

    she is almost 30 years old and look who markets to, young teens, that is because she is slow herself

  • Irishdreams

    OH GOD can we say GOTH LOOK..please she isn’t a designer and hell with the colors looks more like VAMPIRA then a clothing line..all she needs is fishnet stocking and a whip..

    This will be in TJ Maxx or Ross in a matter of months..and she is late to be hitting a teen market they are already out and selling off the rakes DNKY isn’t all that big I’ve seen better.

  • a

    she became popular because she made herself available for her coworker H, by the way, where is he?

  • Ryan Mac

    hate to say but not impressed. its very blah

  • justice

    perfect op wonder how she manage that?? hope her clothing line goes good because movie actress not.

  • susan

    I like it!! Very classy and stylish and feminine. She’s 30? Looks real good, younger, but good!

  • Oh Brother

    Seems like every minor actress and singer has a fashion line out now! Almost none of them have fashion sense that’s worth the money they charge. Anyone remember we’re in a RECESSION? RB is not that popular, can’t imagine more than 10 people will buy the clothes and she’s related to five of them. Ugly, boring clothes.

  • Purple Poo….

    Actually the girl is only 26 years old. Soon to be 27. She turns 27 on August 25th I believe.

    But the thing is there is Hayden Panterri’s line and Avril Levigne’s at Kohl’s and look way better then Rachel’s line from what I have seen of Rachel’s line so far. Plus, Avril and Hayden P are younger then Bilson. I think Bilson is starting this a bit late and when September rolls around the girl’s will have already bought their school clothes.

    Her line will quickly be at Ross and TJ Maxx’s Poop bargain basement pile in no time flat!

    Perhap’s she should have the Ever Ready guy that gave her the Devil Horn’s walking in NYC the other day to be in her advertisement’s. LOL!

    I agree with #31. Bilson’s goth look or vampire look is spelling S & M! Add the whips and chains. Perhap’s Bilson should do lingerie! LOL! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • #37

    Rachel can’t do lingere, you have to have a body to do that. She’s so thin that she has nothing to show off, looks like a 10 year old girl in that picture. Wears falsies when she has to look like a woman, you can tell the difference from candids where she has no tits and film where she wears a Wonderbra.

  • shadowy

    @ I want the line to be taken seriously…

    Blah Blah Blah LOL!

  • reedley

    Oh well… “anything and everything” that makes a talentless celebutard to last a little bit longer in Hollyweird!

  • hoops

    @#37 She can model lingerie for me anytime. Chick is HOT!

  • crapshack

    It looks like fashion thing for the “tweeny diddle dumbs”.
    She’s a wannabe designer with no skill and can’t even draw,
    She should just “stick” to her true talent: shopping and shamelessly posing to her paparazzi friends!

  • real world

    Hope the clothing line goes well. But in order for it to go well. She got to promote it .Like tv ads and magazine.And talk shows.Got to get out there.Show people that there more to her that shopping and taking pictures for paz.And she can get an acting gig without anyone help.About hayden he didn’t show up last time she was in new york . I guess him and her are done. Remember she was with another guy.She was seen earlier walking by herself cool out short shorts.Good luck.

  • Purple poo

    Purple Poo,

    What’s the go with stealing my name??? Just because I haven’t posted for a while doesn’t mean you can start using my name. The last time I posted I was exchanging verbal abuse with the delightful Raven. After having this irritating interaction with Raven I decided it was a total waste of time arguing with a complete idiot like her. Now when I visit JJ I like to read the entertaining posts and when I feel like it post something myself, when doing so I want to use the name I came up with. I would like to ask you to please stop using my name, thankyou.

  • newport beach, 92660

    Nordstrom? K i’ll go check it out, oh well the dress looks cute.
    But Seriously though that girl is freakishly skinny. even more now than on the OC.

  • Paureen16

    @ Newport Beach, 92660.

    If your from NB then, we almost neighbors. I live near Dana Point, Ca! Welcome Neighbor! Plus…Your not to far from where Kobe Bryant lives. SWEET!!

    Rachel lately looks like a sack of bones. I don’t know what is going on with her? Well.. With Rach being so freakishly skinny it lay’s those f-cking stupid pregnancy rumors to rest that some idoitic Rayden’s started. Pathetic! :roll:

  • r-b-l

    i adore rachel. she is my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i will buy all her clothes! :)
    love you!!!

  • @ #32

    Haydung-beetle isn’t there, he’ll have his own thread when he’ll emerge from his boring farm.

  • wasteoid

    The girl has no talent at all in either acting or fashion design, can’t do school to learn to do anything because she can’t concentrate or remember anything (has to work with cue cards and do multiple re-takes because she can’t remember simple directions) and she’ so ordinary looking you can find 1000 girls in a mall that look just like her. She wouldn’t be anything if her father weren’t rich and well-known in Hollywood and if she didn’t sleep her way into jobs. She’s such a zero, there’s no reason anyone should admire her. She’s a brunette Paris Hilton but her family isn’t so rich.

  • @ #49

    Thanks for having wasted your time to submit an opinion so useful, detailed and based on irrefutable facts.