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Salma Hayek Calls Off Engagement

Salma Hayek Calls Off Engagement

Salma Hayek and French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault have called off their engagement, their rep confirms to USA TODAY. (We so called it earlier this week!)

“We are sad to announce the engagement of Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault has been canceled. There will be no further comment,” Hayek‘s rep said in a statement.

The announcement comes ten months after the couple welcomed daughter Valentina Paloma, who was born in LA.

Earlier this week, Salma took her child Valentina out to lunch, with Francois Henri noticeably missing.

Salma began dating Francois-Henri, who is head of the luxury goods firm that owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, in 2006 after meeting him in Venice.

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  • LuckyL

    Lol, of course, she has her cash cow baby now.

  • nora

    Fugly salma

  • carebear333


  • Guste

    haha, agreed.

  • Guste

    haha, agreed.

  • Guste

    haha, agreed.

  • carebear333

    third comment. shes pretty.

  • Orange Clockwork

    So in a nutshell, she hooked up with a billionaire, had a child with him and is now breaking up with him so he’ll have to pay her child support. Nice.

  • Ruth

    Salma comes from a VERY wealthy family and, of course, has a very
    high income herself as an actress and producer. So she wasn’t with him for the money.

    This guy has a big reputation as a ladies man so he probably just moved on. She has a gorgeous baby and I wish them both well.

  • LuckyL

    Jesus Jared, are you that upset over the comments? Just post them.

  • mEEEE

    I always knew they wouldn’t get married….

  • Helena

    Why are people calling Salma a goldigger. Doesn’t she have enough money herself?

  • http://. marina

    She has her money, but maybe her career or something else (he could be a womanizer) got in the way. I am happy for Salma, she was already pushing forty when she got pregnant, and she had always had a baby, not just money, she works for that herself.

  • +++

    I think Salma just want a baby. and I don’t think she ‘s after this guy money, she’s successful and rich herself.

  • Zoe

    Too bad. I liked this couple. She seems very down to earth.

    Maybe they just called off their engagement but not broken up?

    And she doesn’t need the money. She’s extremely rich too!

  • techdude

    Now that guy is rich.

  • sillyme

    She should have waited until she at least got two children out of the deal; I would have pumped out those babies back to back before breaking off the “engagement.”

  • rootsrockreggae

    did anyone really think that these two would marry? really? this guy has boat load of money and can have any woman he wants. he was never going to “settle” down with salma.

  • you r weird

    she did it for the money

  • Mediterranean

    I have no idea how rich Salma and her family but this guy is really very very very rich.

    I was thinking that she would have a baby from Edward but this guy will be a better father financially (if Salma is only interested in this)

  • janet

    HAhaaaaaaaaaa! her latino mexican fans are furious, they wanted so badly for salmita as they refer to her to marry a billionaire, well sorry i knew it wasn’t going to happen. He also left model Evangelista with a child before Salma.

  • Gina

    Sad! She is one of my favorite actresses, and her baby is adorable.

  • http://. marina

    bah, janet, you are exagerating, salma and her kid may not be utra super megarich, but so what? it’s not that she is middle class. And angry? is she going to give her money to her fans or why should they get angry?

  • remember da truth

    Sillyme proves that people post about others what they would do themselves.
    How awful to think that Salma, who has never given any indication of seeking out rich men for selfish, golddigger reasons, would latch onto a billionaire and have a baby solely to have the money. But I guess that’s what many of you would do if given the chance.

    You idiots have no idea what you reveal about your ugly insides when you post such rubbish.

  • Janie

    They should have gotten married first and then had a baby!

  • LuckyL

    janet @ 07/18/2008 at 12:11 pm

    HAhaaaaaaaaaa! her latino mexican fans are furious, they wanted so badly for salmita as they refer to her to marry a billionaire, well sorry i knew it wasn’t going to happen. He also left model Evangelista with a child before Salma.
    She called off the engagement.

  • LuckyL

    Janie @ 07/18/2008 at 12:25 pm

    They should have gotten married first and then had a baby!
    The results of these celebs doing it backwards.

  • LuckyL

    remember da truth @ 07/18/2008 at 12:22 pm

    Sillyme proves that people post about others what they would do themselves.
    How awful to think that Salma, who has never given any indication of seeking out rich men for selfish, golddigger reasons, would latch onto a billionaire and have a baby solely to have the money. But I guess that’s what many of you would do if given the chance.

    You idiots have no idea what you reveal about your ugly insides when you post such rubbish.
    I guess she did it just for the baby then. Happy? Either way, she had less years with this guy, yet has a baby with him over Edward Norton. What makes him so special?

  • Anonymous

    Why would a billionaire who can get as much booty action as he wants, why would he want to get married? Her child support for their child for a year will be equivalent to whatever he earns just for a single day in a year. He won’t even notice. I am sure his family were skeptical about having her marry into his family fortune…

    Think she’ll go back to Ed Norton?

  • Kate

    From an outside view, their relationship seemed strange from the beginning. Like they were never really even together as a couple. Who even knew they were dating until she became pregnant and they announced their engagement. Beyond that it seems that she never really wanted to marry this guy—maybe she just wanted a baby and thought a very rich father would be best for her child? It is true she does have her own money, but not billions.

    I have also read he is a huge womaniser so maybe he moved on and they decided to end the farce. She also made it clear she had no intention of leaving LA and moving to Paris. Her business is in LA, and her family is close by, either LA or Mexico.

  • huh?

    He was never going to marry her in the first place. They were never seriously engaged. It was all to make her look good, becasueshe got pregnant out of wedlock.

  • do tell

    # 26
    She called off the engagement.
    That was just to save face. They were never really going to ge married.

  • the dq

    This is exactly what I expected this cow to do. She just wanted a rich baby daddy to support them for the rest of their lives. I’ve never liked this pig and this just reinforces why. She NEVER had any intention of marrying him.

  • Zoe

    Being one of the few hollywood women who hasn’t married and popped out a few kids, I think she’s just very cautious about getting married.

    As for having a kids with him. She’s 40 and her biological clock was ticking. Big deal! If he didn’t want it, he should have worn a condom.

  • Jaxon

    If this guy wasn’t filthy rich he’d be picking up women in bowling alleys. I couldn’t even do him for the money.

  • sily

    #35, if this guy wasn’t filthy rich Salma would not have gotten preggers!!!!!

  • Kate

    RIGHT…like he DIDN’T marry the other SKANK who tried this right BEFORE this hoe got knocked up! PLEASE…

  • bejeebus

    big fricken surprise (major sarcasm). this is his SECOND illegitimate child. the first one was with linda evangelista. if he ever gets married, it’ll be when he’s old and gray and needs some hot piece to wipe cream of wheat off his chin for him. salma looks like an @ss… @ss with some serious child support $ in her future…..but an @ss all the same……she would have been better off keeping her self respect b/c she def didn’t need the extra money. oh well, at least she loves her little girl. so she probably thinks it was all worth it.

  • John

    Maybe they just broke up. Maybe they are still together, but called the engagement/ marriage off… Who knows, who cares .. and WHO THE HELL do you think you are??? (Not hat the interested parties should care, anyway. lol)

    Since everybody is speculating here, let me speculate.

    Salma just created her own production company less than a year ago. She is currently working on several film and TV projects both nationally and internationally (for which she received numerous accolades and awards), writes screenplays, made her first directorial debut a few years ago (and wants to keep directing) , ON THE TOP OF WHICH she still leading a busy and successful acting career. I really REALLY doubt that her objectives in life, are to live off some rich guy, make a kid w/ him to spend his money, and turn into a happy housewife in a fancy mansion and do nothing.. WAKE UP GUYS!!!!!

    You don’t lead a career like Salma’s without a genuine passion for your work / craft and the drive to succeed FOR and BY YOURSELF. NO MATTER WHAT. All the losers of this website have no idea whatsoever what it takes in the entertainment industry to succeed and STAY successful for more than 20 years. Marrying a billionaire is NOT what it takes! lol

    You r just a pathetic bunch of morons, blinded by your own inability to succeed in life .. and therefore assuming that to be successful, one needs to live off somebody else’s wealth.. PATHETIC! Salma is at different place in her life. WAKE UP.

    Besides, You never marry “up” when you r Salma Hayek. You r marrying down no matter what.. that is.. if you ever were to marry :))

  • remember da truth

    #39 ROCKS!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! You go, John!! You said it!!

    These people are complete idiots. Relationships like this happen ALL THE TIME, just not in the papers. So you date, accidentally get pregnant, decide yay, this is great, but as time goes on, the relationship runs it’s course. BIG EFFIN DEAL!!
    No, she’s never been one to seek out marriage, because she’s never NEEDED to. Marriage is for women who need a man to support them, either financially, or because they are too needy and helpless to get through life on their own. A smart, independent, attractive woman like Salma Hayek probably wasn’t all that keen on getting married, and he wasn’t all that keen on it either with his financial status. So, either they have just decided not to ever get married, or they have, like almost ALL relationships, Hollywood or otherwise, found they have reached the point of just being friends and there’s no point in staying together.

    So what? There are a lot of single mothers out there, and if you have money, it’s not a problem. Salma has earned her own money, and always has, and has never had to use a man for ANYTHING. She wouldn’t just get pregnant for the hell of it, or she would have gotten pregnant a long time ago.

    Again, people are revealing their own moronic, selfish, immoral selves when such a scenario even occurs to them!

  • the incredible Edward!

    Nice posts John and remember da truth.
    Finally some sense in this board!

  • groundcontrol

    What is this place? A convent full of judgmental wags? Or have I just stepped into a time warp of 1962 where we point out fingers and shout “hussy!” The moralizing is suffocating. Unclutch your pearls, ladies.

    Really. Salma can get married or not. That’s her business. There are plenty of people who get married for money and all other stupid, superficial reasons. It is no guarantee of commitment or love or anything else.

    Rant over. I wish her the best but I did predict this. Salma does not have all this big money people seem to thnk she has. She has never made a lot of money in Hollywood and her family’s “money” is not even in the same universe as this guy’s money. His money is huge. Really huge.

    She doesn’t need him for child support but his parting gifts could include enough to really set her up for life as in enough to refinance and fund her production company or maybe buy her a nice little studio. Salma is no fool. Anyone who remembers her Oscar campaign knows how ambitious she is. And I don’t say that as necessarily a bad thing. In any event she has a lovely child adn I wish her well.

  • nieman

    What’s that last comment supposed to mean? That Salma is “kind of” rich, but not “filthy rich” (whatever that means.. lol), and therefore likely to get herself a billionaire?

    Wanna talk about the rampant morality (lack thereof, whatever) on this blog & pathetically cheap stereotypes?? Pearls? What pearls? The ones you bought on credit @ Target ? (I mean, tried to get @ Target, before the transaction got declined??.. )

    Has it ever (ever) cross your mind(s) that most women in this world have other (greater?) aspirations in life other that living off / raising kids off some dude’s money? Nope? Think again.

    I could not care less about the “morality” of marrying for money. (Could not care less what people do with their personal lives, not that much free time to waste.. )

    I am just stunned by the fact that people are so vapidly vain, that they systematically assume that other people marry/date for money.

    Thank u to all the (Anonymous) bloggers 4 spreading the truth (online) about Hayek and her real motivations (i.e to make a fat kid w/ a fat guy for his fat bank account.). Thank you.

    Thank you to all the (Anonymous) bloggers for spreading the truth about the Rich and Famous in Hollywood, Salma Hayek and her relationships, her financial schemes and baby girl.. Thank you.

    It is common knowledge nowadays (knowledge disseminated by vapid / talentless clowns, who did not make it to Journalism school and who are now working for gossip magazines 20cents/the hour) that women in general (and A-list actresses in Hollywood /Hayek in particular) are dating guys for their fat bank accounts.

    It is common knowledge nowadays, that women in general (Hayek in particular) are materialistic /conniving bitches, who have no ambition/aspiration in life, besides marrying a fat bank account and spending fat money.

    That human relationships ARE all about money. That people in general (Hayek in particular) enter relationships the exact same way they make a deposit at the bank. That billionaires suck. That Rich people suck. That celebrities suck, and so on, and so on, and so on.
    Who the hell do think you are?

    That’s right. Life is just about money. And human vapidity on this blog is just as immensely vast as Pinault’s billion dollars.

    (Too bad Pinault’s family made that kind money WORKING their asses off!! Can you believe that?? That some people would actually work and have passion/aspirations in life, besides marrying a fat bank to spend fat money? O boy..

    I am speechless.. People (are they?) on this blog assuming that the that having children is solely about money, that life decisions are about money, that relationships, parenthood, happiness, the world, you name it.. are solely about money. Meanwhile, they are still missing a soul..

    Salma? Last time I saw her acting, she still had a big one. (Soul)

  • wizard

    This is not news. It was expected. She exploited her youth and was a whore until she reached her expiration date, but before she did, she made sure she found the richest man available even though she was not attracted to “grandpa”, spread her legs so she will not have to work the rest of her life (couldn’t, even if she wanted to) and now all she needs to do is put her hand out instead of her ass and get paid for 18 years at least.

  • zoe

    she’s a great actress and is beautiful…its sad that she’s not getting married. she’s 40 already! anyhow, she has a beautiful baby daughter.

  • Maria

    Oh please!!! Selma Hayek is just another Mexican that wants to be white. You see thats all that she dates anyway. She will probaly raise that little beautiful girl to be the same way. She thought that when she met this French white guy that he was going to be sooooo in love with her just because she is ethnic, so in her mind she thought “oh I can have a baby by him and he will marry me”. YEAH RIGHT!!! He barely even knew her enough. They never went through any ups and downs. He was just getting the milk for free. She just happen to get knocked up in the process. Now he will be off with another woman. SELMA WHY DONT YOU STOP TRYING SOOOO DAMN HARD TO BE WHITE!!! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!!!

  • http://egotastic Big bang

    I don’t care how much money she has——it runs out fast when you have her lifestyle.Just because her fam. has $,it does’nt mean she gets it(Tory Spelling),also,roles for middle age women are ………not so much… as they say,she and her baby are set for life.She definately had a PLAN!

  • Mia

    I don’t think he ever intended to marry a mexican.