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Halle Berry Bares Her Belly

Halle Berry Bares Her Belly

Halle Berry shows off a bit of tummy as she shops at “Club Monaco” and “Ron Herman” with a younger family friend on Friday at The Westfield Mall in Century City, Calif.

Halle, 41, and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 31, welcomed their daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry four months ago. Ms. Berry sure looks like she’s back in spectacular shape!

It was recently announced that Halle joined forces with the Callaway Golf Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation as the 2008 ambassador for the Callaway Golf Foundation Women’s Cancer Initiative.

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry baring her belly…

Just Jared on Facebook
halle berry belly 01
halle berry belly 02
halle berry belly 03
halle berry belly 04
halle berry belly 05
halle berry belly 06
halle berry belly 07
halle berry belly 08
halle berry belly 09
halle berry belly 10
halle berry belly 11
halle berry belly 12
halle berry belly 13
halle berry belly 14
halle berry belly 15

Credit: Bobby Rachpoot, Cousart-Ramirez-Rios; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, JFXOnline
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  • Violet

    She looks beautiful!

  • Kelly

    agreed. :)

  • mike

    lovely body!!!!

  • luchi

    me too!!!

  • kit

    She didn’t even get stretch marks, the bitch!! I’m SOO jealous…

  • Luchi

    She looks hooot!

  • Luchi

    There´s another Luchi omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im from Uruguay well maybe shes my lost tween!! lol

  • Yasmine

    what a show offf! welll….yeaaa u look awesome halle….
    *rolled eyes*

  • ra

    Has Halle ever been seen out with her baby? Wonder how many nannies she has on staff.

  • yeah right

    She always looks SOOO grumpy since she had that baby! She NEVER smiles.

  • Francophile

    I love Halle, but I wish she could sport the short mane again.

  • JunoFirst

    No baby, no Aubry, and a sour looking Halle almost everytime out by herself. Trouble brewing??? Even if no pics of baby, one would think that Aubry could be seen out at least a few times? He’s not chained to the bedframe is he? Something is obviously wrong with this entire picture. Oh well, am done with my musing. Moving on…..

  • Victoria

    Halle looks great, her skin is gorgeous.
    I can’t wait to see the baby.

  • Victoria

    Halle looks great, her skin is gorgeous.
    I can’t wait to see the baby.

  • Sarah

    Um, your shirts coming off. Looks silly.

  • liz

    unfair unfair unfair.

  • JLS

    Wish she would smile. Wonder if these people are ever really happy. I don’t have a smidg as much materially but I’ve got a great guy, a great family and smile all the time. Why so glum Halle???

  • Paureen16

    Don’t care much for the outfit she has on but she is truly showing her post baby figure off. She is her trim self again. Not that she has much to lose. She is truly beautiful. Good for her. :)

    I don’t think she is unhappy. Probably just tired. Babies do wake you up a night all night long. :lol:

  • Vaness

    She is Gorgeous!! I’m so jealous. I love her and I can’t wait to see that precious baby to.

  • nieman76

    This whole orchestrated “show” (i.e let’s pretend that I am hardly made up and just “casually” walking around the streets with no bra and my post-pregnancy belly hanging out, right in front of paparazzis) is simply pathetic.

    Her publicist was probably like ” Come on Halle.. Show us some belly! You got to bring it, girl! Show us some belly and tell the whole wide world (i.e Hollywood) what a hot / bankable Mama you are!! ” (You bet she looks kind of pissed.. Wouldn’t YOU?)

    Congrats Halle on showing the whole wide world (i.e Hollywood) that you an afford a tummy tuck, right after giving birth.. Just like a whooping 99% of Hollywood actresses. (Nope folks, “celebrities moms” do not have “exceptional” genes, nor “remarkable” personal trainers. Lol. But hey!!.. You got to do, what you got to do… )

    When are we seeing Nicole (Kidman) roaming around the streets with her crotch /post-pregnancy belly hanging out?? I can’t wait..

  • gina

    Wow. She does really look great here. I would say for her age, but she looks better than some ten to twenty years younger than her.

  • kimmy

    i would love to see nahla

  • mike

    Neiman I am sorry but you have some serious issues that you need to get over…if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Besides your probably some ugly person who was made fun of in high school and now has self-esteem issues….so quit hating….peace out!!!! :) And ONE MORE THING!!! Do you seriously have nothing better to do than come on here and “analyze” celebrities’ PR???? DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

  • elle

    She looks amazing, she took her time and did it all the healthy way kudos to her. Some celebs want their bodies back in 5 days after they give birth glad that cycle is over and they can just enjoy parenthood.

  • LuckyL


  • hottest couple ever

    Halle is gorgeous!!!!

  • nieman76

    To Mikey :)
    That’s right. I have nothing better to do than analyze PR strategies.
    And Mikey boy has nothing better to do than (pseudo) analyze his fellow anonymous bloggers with statements such as “I bet you you r a fat cow with fat pimples, man” . That’s right. lol

    Boy, am I glad I found a good (free) therapist on justjared.buzznet. (Dummass?:)

    Now back to the beautiful Halle and her wonderful belly..

  • more of halle’s damage control

    More of Halle’s damage control to dispel the comments she still has/had a belly early this month when doing the Coty shoot. Sorry, still has a slight pooch and still trying to get by relying on her need to be seen and her looks. Not too bad for having a baby 4 months ago.

    @JF don’t think she has Aubry tied up to the bedframe, he’s probably off on some golf course hitting some golf balls if he’s still in town or awaiting when he is summoned to make another appearance as Halle’s trained seal. Could be wrong?

    @P16 don’t think Nahla keeps her up at night, she has a nanny, probably is still getting use to being a mother when she’s not out doing a variety of things to be seen sans baby for the pappis. Keeping the mystery on for her die-hard fans.

  • JJ-she’s with her bodyguards

    JJ—she’s w/her bodyguards, which she has a slew of probably not a family friend or for the haters her babydaddy (not trying to start anything but you know how the haters like to pick on shyt like that so I thought I would beat them to the punch–no offense to us fellow fans).

  • sash

    She looks great, but I wish she could just cover up a little bit…. That shirt is more Britney than classy Halle, especially when out with a very young looking male family friend.

  • Loves to shop

    Boy that girl loves to shop, she needs a 12-step program and get back to work. Haven’t we seen enough pictures of her shopping with her bodyguards!

    Post something job related again or when she does final to show the child if so choses to do so. Does Halle’s PR chick have you on her staff?

  • kaylee

    Halle looks great.

    @ ” more of halle’s damage control”

    You need to stop all the hating. And just because some men are gentlemen doesn’t make them “trained seals”. People like you make the internet very unpleasant. If you don’t like Halle or her relationship with Gabriel. Then don’t comment. Because all the baseless trash you’re posting is uncalled for. The girl is only walking down the street. What did she do to piss you off? Bump that! I don’t give a crap. Thanks JJ for the beautiful Halle and co pictures.

  • A**holes talk sh*t via the net

    I don’t think the kid is her bodyguard. Maybe he really is a family friend or one of her sister’s kids. Halle said on Letterman her sister has like 4 kids.

  • A**holes talk s*it via the net

    I don’t think the kid is her bodyguard. Maybe he really is a family friend or one of her sister’s kids. Halle said on Letterman her sister has like 4 kids.

  • justin

    im not her bodyguard im her nephew

  • sue

    Bad day Halle? Would’t hurt to smile. So serious!!

  • cool–hey justin

    Cool…hey justin…thanks for the post and clarification. Have fun with your auntie.

  • Thanks Justin/kaylee

    Thanks Justin for setting everyone straight on the bodyguard thing. Have fun with your auntie and rest of your family. Think the post should have done their home work, but the guy to the left does look like one of the bodyguards she, she/mother, she/Aubry are often seen with.

    Kaylee—thanks. Why even bother to give the hater any attention? It’s not worth it.

  • agree

    Agree w/#38—ignore the haters/those who may post things whether negative or not that may differ from your opinion/others opinions. It is a definite waste of energy. BTW this is a blog site or message board not a fan site, there are going to be folks w/a variety of opinions on any celeb, sorry it’s fair game. Personally, I couldn’t care less about Halle’s personal life that’s her business not mine or anyone else’s. She looks like she’s having fun.

  • gabriel

    Good to see she is not trying to fit into something that is not her size..which she has to accept that…she has gain a tummy which u do after a birth but she has been busy having lipo down when she visits that so called friend in the last pics…this was a deliberate attempt to show and ignite a dying career and that ridiculous outfit was another failed attempt…The sooner she gets over the fact she will never be an Angelina Jolie the better for her and family….the stooges of managers will do and say anything to keep their pay comming ..Crooks,,really boring news and could not give two hoots but really wanted to share this info

  • justin_too

    Wow you dumbasses really believe that #35 ‘justin’ is her nephew and he decided to respond to you directly……incredibly gullible and naive! hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!

  • who cares?

    Who cares if it’s the bodyguard, family friend or nephew? Who cares why Aubry isn’t shown, whether he’s still around or other? Who cares why Halle hasn’t shown Nahla yet, which is her business.

    Ya’ll are trippin’…Halle’s dressed like she’s always dressed pre-baby/pre-Aubry, her Bo-Ho Chic style. Why’s everyone wigging out.

  • jax

    She’s definitely had surgery. That bottle-opener of a belly button is the tell-tale sign of a post-pregnancy tummy tuck.

    She looks good, but I agree with the others. I don’t think she was surprised to see the papz.

  • who cares? part 2

    Thanks Jax…never examined her navel. She may have had a tummy tuck or lipo like a lot claim. Could explain why she still had quite a post-pump a few weeks ago. She does still have the ligne negra (black line thing preggo women get).

  • Go Halle!

    Wow. Halle looks great. She’s not doing anything that hasn’t been done before. We didn’t even see a cover shot of her pregnant belly, so ease up will some of you?

    When women go through pregnancy and birth and look this good afterward, why shouldn’t they flaunt it? Halle always looks tasteful, even here. The weather is hot, she has beautiful, smooth brown skin and she’s gotten her body back. Way to go Halle! All women should be so lucky.

  • http://yahoo Rita

    Does think woman ever go out with her baby. She is photographed daily without her daughter. Some mother she is!!!!!

  • james

    ummmm…..if she had had a tummy tuck, her stomach would be FLAT. you can see from the pics that it’s not. or, you could use common sense. she’s diabetic, and not on insulin. she controls her diabetes completely through diet and exercise. she had a baby 4 months ago. plenty of time for her to work off the baby weight at a healthy pace. she doesn’t bring her baby out in public. so what? it’s her kid. and the second that she does bring the baby out, all the haters are going to say that she’s doing it for attention. which brings me to my next point: she doesn’t have to smile just because you think she should. would you be smiling 24/7 if you had annoying paps all in your face? i don’t think so. you have no idea what that is like. plus, you see pics from a few hours and try to make judgments on her whole life based on them. that’s stupid. seriously stupid. as far as her outfit….none of you pay for her clothes, and i doubt any of you could afford them, no matter what they look like. it’s really sad that so many of you always have to look for alterior motives in everything that a celebrity does. do you disect your own lives as thoroughly? because if you did, i doubt you’d have the time to be on here slamming somebody that hasn’t done anything to you.

    oh, and let’s not call anybody a “dummass” since you can’t even spell it right, ignoramus.

  • justin

    oh haha lmao number 41 im not her nephew ur just hater plain and simple and hell yes im directly doing this so dumbass’ like you dnt get the wronng idea which u already have

  • zoe

    she looks great but i really dont like her outfit here. its a bit too revealing in the navel area and doesn’t suit halle. she looks grumpy but anyone would be with paps running around.

  • oh

    god is halle a celebrity ???
    hmmm some of you are dreamin she is a dead axe has been tart…does not look like a celeb just another deficit disorder she looks like to me…god what she gonna wear next …a HAREM OUTFIT lolololol hahahaaha