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Miley Cyrus Plays TRL Egg Toss

Miley Cyrus Plays TRL Egg Toss

Miley Cyrus plays a friendly game of egg toss while taping a segment for Total Request Live (TRL) in Times Square, New York City on Friday afternoon. The 15-year-old Disney sensation chatted with MTV VJ Damien Fahey during the show.

Miley will be co-hosting TRL on both Wednesday and Thursday! She’ll be sharing all about her new album, Breakout, and what’s up next for Hannah Montana.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s pink newsboy cap and her double-belt look?

15+ pictures inside of egg-tossing Miley Cyrus

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miley cyrus trl egg toss 01
miley cyrus trl egg toss 02
miley cyrus trl egg toss 03
miley cyrus trl egg toss 04
miley cyrus trl egg toss 05
miley cyrus trl egg toss 06
miley cyrus trl egg toss 07
miley cyrus trl egg toss 08
miley cyrus trl egg toss 09
miley cyrus trl egg toss 10
miley cyrus trl egg toss 11
miley cyrus trl egg toss 12
miley cyrus trl egg toss 13
miley cyrus trl egg toss 14
miley cyrus trl egg toss 15
miley cyrus trl egg toss 16
miley cyrus trl egg toss 17

Credit: Doug Meszler/WENN, Jason Winslow, Bill Davila/; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Damien Fahey, Miley Cyrus, TRL

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  • Helena

    “WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s pink newsboy cap and her double-belt look?”

    I think…that I don’t care.

  • Joh

    This girl is a skanky mess, the new Britney.

  • Jo

    she sucks :)

  • Luiza

    MILEY DIVA (L) 8ever

  • Future mrs.Joejonas

    Not the best outfit I’ve ever seen. But I do like the newsboy cap the double-belt look. Not the pants… They’re a lil wild. I love her hair color too. Oh and CAN THE MILEY HATERS STOP!

  • jennifer

    i hate her face

  • Luiza jonas *-*

    miley looks like a rock star (: CAN THE MILEY HATERS STOP? (2)

  • Are

    she sucks!
    i hate her

  • kate

    if u don’t like her why u are here? stupid

    love miley ♥

  • me

    she really needs to keep her tongue in her big f*ng mouth!

  • casey

    i love miley and i don’t care what anybody says.

  • Bella

    I am sooo sick of this kid–she is just a hillbilly who really cnnot sing–I truly do not know what the big deal is about her—those buck teeth

  • lily

    i agree with number 10. She still has great fashion sense though.

  • lisa

    i dont understand why people who hate miley are commenting keep your comments to yourself if you dont like herr.
    your alll are justt really jealousss!

  • me

    my, the 12 yr. olds are up early today!

  • newport beach, 92660

    Oh Joy… Miley Cryus tossing an egg.

  • Jennifer

    what’s with the tongue wagging? she looks great, though. I can’t believe she’s only 30.

  • hgfhgf

    horrible as always

  • newport beach, 92660

    Well actually the only reason i post here is because the girl can dress, that i give her points.

  • shannnnon

    hahaha she can dress???
    you people make my day.
    i like that her leggings pay a tribute to batman though…

  • MMM :]

    loveeee her .

  • bug

    She looks cute with sweet smile. I love her. Did you see more about her? She has a nice pro file with hot pics on a sin gle’s club named ‘ri ch ki ss . co m’. She’s attractive, sexy and popular there. Is she serious?

  • Renae

    filthy slut

  • ally

    I don’t really like her, but besides the the double belt thing and the weird vest thing i like her outfit.

  • Lisa

    Oh, why couldn’t she stop playing with her tongue? :rolleyes:

  • woogie

    acting and looking like a slut or porn star with the tongue thing. gross. time for her parents to say something plz!

    I am a grandmother,.,so, stop the “you are jealous thing” people.

    She is only….what, 15? Shame!

    On the fast track to trouble!

  • Suzanne

    I love her cap and people how would you like it if millions of people were calling you ugly,worthless, talentless, scums. Chances are most of you are but besides that just keep your thoughts to yourself and save yourselves 10 seconds of typing.

  • NAME


  • Natx3

    Are you f.u.c.k.i.n.g. kidding me?! Shes going to be hosting TRL?! WTF?! Wow seriously shes ruining the t.v. if shes going to host TRL im not watching it thats for sure.

    Okay idk if people are just dumb enough not to notice this but everyone is sick of her seriously its time for someone NEW! Her 15 minutes of fame are up.

  • meme

    They need to fix that girls teeth ASAP

  • Natx3

    Oh and i hope that egg breaks on her face.

  • alyssa

    I don’t really like her.. a bit annoying to me. But she is talented.

  • old

    why does she look so much older then she is? she should look 15, not 30.

  • zanub

    wtf miley haters STOP COMMENTING HER STUFF! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!


  • Emma

    She looks retarded.

  • menna

    such a poser.

  • Isabel

    I don’t hate her, I really don’t. I just wish she would keep that damn tongue in her mouth…

  • SAM

    She looks amazing!
    She’s definitely still got it!
    THOUSANDS have come out to see her already.

  • kate

    WTF? Freakin lame hater.. go out and get a hobby.
    How does she looks 30 to some of you!?
    Her outfit is definitely of that of a 15 year old..

    She looks GREAT.

  • lolz

    i like her but u know i dont get y in most pictures i c of her her tongue is out of her mouth on her teeth.

  • kate

    I just came to the conclusion that JJ is filled with a bunch of Miley hating Jonas lovers, because I’ve seen so much support on other sites such as x17.
    This girl still has an incredibly large and loyal fan base. Heck she BEAT HER OWN RECORD at yesterday’s GMA taping.
    Hundreds of kids and TEENS have come out to support her these past couple of days in NY.
    She’s great. She rocked her performance yesterday. Props to her.

  • alypet

    Yeah no matter what I still love the girl lol…& the outfit is pretty cute..I would lose the hat though….but I dunno she still looks way older than she is! P.s. I am so beyond jealous of her chanel bag lol wish I got one at 15! :P

  • Maddie

    there were over 10,000 fans at her GMA performance. yeah..her “15 minutes” are almost up *rolls eyes*. the girl has been a phenom for 2 years now and she’s getting bigger and gaining more fans.

    so all of you jonas brothers fans that only hate on miley, GET A LIFE. the jonas brothers’s “15 minutes” would have been over a LONG time ago if it wasn’t for Miley taking them on tour with her. they were CRAP before she helped them. no one listened to their music. THEY’RE “15 minutes” are almost up. so you might want to take a step back off your computer and go worship the 3 fags that you probably have plastered all over your wall.

    (i’m not a huge miley fan seeing as I am 20, but i respect her work ethic and i admit, her tv show makes me laugh)

  • essie

    woah her teeth are BLINDING too much peroxide

  • Keyla

    her teeth so annoying, her smile also. i don’t know but i never like her.

  • ezz

    this girl, even she is talented but something about her look, her face and her teeth which make her not that good. hope they can fix that. who knows….

  • emmy

    Her body is ok, but other than that, not ok at all.

  • zanessa♥.. ewjashley

    ew ew ew
    slut slut slut
    go to hell miley!

  • taylor

    i think miley pink hat is cute

  • Mareike

    I LOVE her outfit and her hair looks awesome