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Reese Witherspoon Looks Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon Looks Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon channels her inner Legally Blonde character, Elle Woods, and takes a walk with her little dog as she exits Fred Segals in Santa Monica on Saturday.

The 32-year-old actress has been in Europe supporting boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal and also doing photoshoots for renowned photographer Mario Testino.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Reese’s sizzling scarf look — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures of Reese Witherspoon looking legally blonde…

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reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 01
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 02
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 03
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 04
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 05
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 06
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 07
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 08
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 09
reese witherspoon looks legally blonde 10

Credit: Todd Seligman; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • demilovatorox

    first this is a start yea!! she is very pretty

  • demilovatorox

    first yea this is a start !!!! she is very pretty

  • lmo

    By wearing a scarf which by the way bears no link to the character elle woods shes channeling her. Slow news day??

  • demiselenalomez

    first yay this lik the first time so yae shi is pretty i lik the dog but post things of selena and demi lovato they are so awesome love their voices

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    it’s a sad day when your dog looks better than you.

    where’s the forehead-police?


  • Lillianne

    luvin da dogz

  • Maxim

    Demiclorox go take a pill

  • laura1

    ok . she is out with the dog..but the kids???

    she is a really bad mom

  • white

    Her smile is so sweet. Cute girl with a cute dog. I love everything about her. It’s suprised to see her prof ile on ‘Ric h kis s. co m’. And the pr ofile is attractive, sincere and sexy there. Is she serious?

  • LuckyL

    She looks like a cute little girl this time; granted, she has not been looking very cute lately.

  • WTF

    She took her dog shopping? Is she Paris Hilton now??

  • eh

    the chin cannot be covered even with a giant scarf she also has some flabby upper arms and a mean disposition

  • Anon

    I think she looks great! But i gotta say. That is one ugly a** dog.

  • anon

    her dog is ugly but cool!

  • Halli

    She can never quite pull-off her some of her new hipster inspired looks. Maybe its her age or the way she carries herself. Its just not working that well and she should have never cut her hair. WOrst length for her face and chin.

  • mj

    She’s brought a little European style w/her, which fits her well.

  • Chelsea

    Her dog is incredibly UGLY just like her.

  • Liz

    That’s a pug and pugs are the cutest dogs in the world. HATERS BACK OFF!

  • gt99


  • Jaxon

    Love the scarf. Very European. Her hair looks very very blonde but I do like it longer. She’s a cutie and I wish her and Jake the best.

  • MizLiz

    Well, that’s one way to hide the chicken-neck women get in their 40′s…

  • Kelly

    Her dog is actually a French Bulldog named Coco Chanel. Ryan took the English Bulldog Frank Sinatra when they split. I read somewhere that she once had a chichiua or however you spell it….just like Legally Blonde movie.

    I always look up to her fashion sense. She has a nice appearance, clean , crisp clothes. I usually try to find something in my price range though that is similar to her style. I recently got a long, wooden necklace from Ann Taylor Loft. A few accessories here and there really complete “the outfit.” I notice she always has an accessory or two like a scarf, sash, belt, necklace, always has sunglasses. :)

  • babydoll.

    its not a pug!!! its a french bulldog. and i gotta say i never know she owns one.

    i also have french bulldog and they are soooo cuuuuute.

  • Ivana

    I kind like Reese style here, she look so fresh and happy…..
    This dog is so cute and little bit confused :.))))


    to # 8
    Is everyone who leaves the house without the children occasionally a bad mom in your eyes?
    to # 12
    these are the typical upper arms that can be seen on most American women. So what do yours look like?

    She is a perfectly normal and pretty looking woman.
    Her style is neither typical European or anything else. It is just her style and it suits her well.
    Bye the way, what is your perception of typical European?
    You do realize that Europe has many different and very individual countries of which none is quite the same.
    So please stop using this idiotic phrase of typical European which I see here so often.

  • blue bird

    I like her style, but, seriously, I don’t care how she looks. This woman has Jake. Full stop. Can you get any luckier?

  • blue bird

    I forgot to add that to me she looks like an American girl. Very pretty, etc. but very American. If I saw her in the street in Paris, Milan, Berlin, etc. I would immediately think she was an American. And I should know, I’m from Europe.

  • http://deleted bluemelatonin

    She can wear whatever but her face still looks the same…. like a half moon with a face. Her dog is great.

  • dr fill

    Does she know her ‘boyfriend’ is a known homosexual parking lot cruiser?

  • Ewwww…

    Reese’s dog is looking better than fugly blonde bore,

  • Kelly

    Reese’s sandals are YSL and they retail for ONLY $540.00. LOL Must be nice to be rich! How about feeding the hungry for that? That’s what I can’t understand about fashion.

  • Kelly

    There’s the link if you want to buy her sandals by YSL. Only $540.00 ON SALE !

  • remember da truth

    Jeez, kids need to be glued to celebs or the idiots here attack them. Meanwhile, where are YOUR kids while you’re on the computer looking at photos of celebrities? What an ass!!
    Maybe, just maybe, the kids are with their dad, who you will next criticize for likewise not being seen with the kids.

    Reese is beautiful, as you all know or you wouldn’t be attacking her. Yes, she was cast as Rachel’s sister on Friends, so she has a bit of the JenAss chin, but she looks a heck of a lot cuter.

    The scarf is great — i love scarves and wear them frequently.

    People hate her because she left one good-looking guy, and is now with another good-looking guy. Such envy. Try to fill the holes in your own life and stop advertising your discomfort on blogs.

  • bobby

    Stop thinking you know what motivates everyone. You don’t . You sound like a b1tchy know-it-all which means you’re probably also a huge Reese fan. Birds of a feather.

    I Really don’t like her. I think she is a real life Tracy Flick. I couldn’t care less about her relationship status.

  • jami

    love the scarf!

  • kkcc

    ahh she is so cute! love her!

  • blah actress, Shitty person

    Cute dog and ugly looking b!tch.

  • Ivana

    Reese, can i borrow your credit card…….
    I like your sandals, and Kelly just said were can i buy him…..
    God, this sandals, cost more than my salary …. it is so unfair :-)))))

  • Ivana

    * buy them….

  • remember da truth

    Bobby, I don’t know what motivates everyone, but I can read the bitterness in the posts here very easily, as can anyone with a brain! Don’t think you can hide your insecurities. Bitchy know-it-all? Guess you’re jealous because Reese and I are smart!

    And don’t pretend to guess what motivates anyone else, either, as you are too wrapped up in your own bitterness to really learn about anyone else. I’m not a huge Reese fan, but I don’t hate her and see no reason to. She’s always behaved with dignity and class, and made the most of what she has. No one who has done the same would bitch about her, so it’s obvious when people hate on her what they are really hating about themselves.

  • ines

    with her flop films I want her back in the romantic comedies.

  • baghogs

    who mades that bag??? I LOVE IT!

  • sharon

    I don’t understand all the California girls wearing scarves and sweaters. Isn’t it summer in CA too? I especially don’t understand having a bulky big scarf wrapped around your neck when you’re wearing shorts or a mini. Bad circulation?

  • Heidi

    She thinks she’s trendy, too bad those jeans are totally 2007.

    I feel bad for Reese she seems like she trys really really hard.

  • Showing off

    She is boring. That dog is funny looking. Her boyfriend is definitely whipped and in the closet.

  • yawning as I type

    Work it for the Paps girl!! Hardest working woman in Hollywood.

  • blech

    Her DVD commentary on Penelope was so self-important and snotty I wanted to light the disc on fire. She really feels like she is personally empowering woman by the way. Just be like Reese and your life will be perfect too.

    So amazingly in love with herself.

  • Kelly

    I haven’t seen her commentary on Penelope but I see what you mean as she was interviewed on Jay Leno about Penelope and she was so into herself as a “Producer.” Not humble at all. I just like her style that’s all. I look at her for some trends. I think she’s a great actress but as a person, she is very snobby.

  • observer:

    Some of you haters out there are awful. You don’t know her personally. You blog so you can run someone down. I guess you are all in the same boat as she is. Do you know how I know that? I got my information in the same place you do.

  • Kelly

    Relax Observer! R U related to her? LOL