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Jessica Simpson Has Country Thunder

Jessica Simpson Has Country Thunder

Nashville newcomer Jessica Simpson wins over some of the country music faithful at the Country Thunder USA event at Shadow Hill Farm on Saturday in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

Her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, and pet pooch Daisy came out to support the 28-year-old aspiring country singer. Jessica performed between other country acts: Kellie Pickler and Sara Evans.

Next month, Jessica‘s new sensual scent, Fancy, will hit stores to coincide with the release of her country album Do You Know?.

10+ pictures inside of Country Thunder singer Jessica Simpson

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  • if it works for them

    Good for her when she found Tony. He seems like a trooper. I like them together.
    She is a bussiness minded woman.

  • ines

    hope they last

  • zanessa fan

    I think they are great together and she seems to have grown up and lately seems to have won her independence from Papa Joe. Go Jess!!

  • lj

    She looks pregnant or very fat. And look at her roots, she’s never had roots like these. Is this the way she’ll keep Tony? She’s so fake.

  • nana

    She actually looks pregnant in that one pic.

  • me

    They look great together and seem very happy . I wish them the best.

  • sexiimaama

    She even manages to look dumb while singing.

  • mike


  • Jeff

    local newspaper said she was booed.

  • Ruby

    I fucking love Jessica i think she is awesome

  • lovesimpsonsis

    She looks so beautiful and happy:D

  • Gina

    People that went kept talking while she was singing. I think she has an uphill climb on her hands. The fans aren’t accepting her and her single has already started falling off the charts.

  • AThinkingmind

    She does look happy. Her vocals don’t seem as strong as they were before. I hope her performance came off better than the pictures show because it just looks like she went for the image and posed a lot.

    Oh well, good luck with that.

  • Brenda

    She didn’t have any type of a career until she married Lachey, after she got done using him to get where she got a career she dumped him.

    And since she has been rude to fans at fan fair about signing autographs, she made a mistake. You don’t do that to country fans. But you figure she has to be using Tony to keep her in the public eye, sooner or later she’ll dump him too.
    She’s a rotten actress, she made a loose Daisy Duke, I saw the movie, She also is not that great of a singer, she bomb as a pop singer, so now she is trying country, it won’t last long.

  • Joe

    Is it true even Tony booed her?

  • Tommy

    Yes, she was booed. I think she just showed up and thought it would easy. She had no stage presence and was acting like she could strut herself into getting the fans to accept her. Reminded me of a little girl trying to get attention. Not much talent.

  • null

    I can’t wait for the day that she just becomes Tony Romo’s wife. And sexiimaama – you are so right! LOL.


    sexiimaama @ 07/20/2008 at 1:46 pm

    She even manages to look dumb while singing.

  • Yasmine

    y is she famous??? she can’t act, sing nor dance……
    britney can’t sing, but at least she can(could?) dance

  • Melissa

    Papa Joe is working his butt off to keep her in the media until her Cd is released. Funny how they are fooling people into thinking this dumb clown has talent. Country people seem to be tricked by here, watch her Cd sale. Jessica always blow up then lose. Tony need to face it he will always have a fatty on his hands.

  • stellar sophie

    i was watching the video…and she doesn’t even sound country…does putting country instruments in the background make you country?

  • Dia

    She does look pregnant in that second picture. May be that’s how she got Tony back.

  • H

    omg jessica looks terrible!!!!!! Dye your hair at least! And yes she gained a lot of weight. I saw her in Lake Tahoe at the golf tournament and she looked terrible. Her hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in three weeks and looked like she put on 30lbs.

  • anine

    She is probably pregnant. The first three months of a pregnancy you shouldn´t dye your hair.

  • SB

    Very fat? What are you on, drugs? She’s not fat.

  • Seriously

    Country fans are some of the most loyal fans. They know she’s fake and talentless. There are so many artist that love and appreciate their fans in country music and she’s not one of them. Her career is a total mess and that’s in part for having that perv father of her’s manage it. She needs to dumb Papa Joe if she ever wants to truly make it in the entertainment business.

    Her father said in a Rolling Stone article in Dec. ’04 that it was because of 9/11 her second album bombed. What’s going to be the excuse this time, Joe? Fame whoring might get her picture taken but it will never sell albums.

  • jughed

    yee haw. i always knew that jessica was more country than R&B. lookin’ good.

  • tLc

    I don’t understand why she continues to get endorsement deals. Extremely passe career. ..hasn’t had a hit record in years…movies all go straight to dvd and don’t get released. Do people really want to emulate this woman enough to buy her shoes, perfume or other products? How is she even marketable? I think she does look a few months pregnant…

  • sarah

    Is it true her father was waving his arms trying to get people to clap.??? Tony had to be embarrassed if he was there.

  • Rayando El Sol

    Jessica and Tony look good together. Jessica fits country well and the more time she performs she will gain more country fans.

  • Rayando El Sol

    Does anyone have a link where it says people booed? Im interested in reading articles about how she did.

  • Myohmy

    Jessica Simpson has done more since her split from Nick in the way of making dollars – jewelry, clothes line, perfume line, movies and two albums. In 2004 she had a #1 hit on the pop charts(before downloads counted) and I think in 1999 she also had a #1 hit. I like These Boots Were Made For Walking also. I was surprised to see her try to do a complete crossover to Country. I would have thought she might have gone more the route of Miley Cyrus. Oh well, maybe this is all just for Tony? Seems he is a big country music fan.

    Also, If Nick made her famous why was he trying to collect alimony and why has he not been more than a reality tv type host since? I liked Nick but without Jessica he has certainly not been able to rebound.

  • jeff


  • truthfully

    She tries way too hard and I can only imagine what she sounded like–probably ass.

  • Kari

    Carrie Underwood should wear a T-shirt that

    “Real Girls Know How to Sing Country” !

  • ?

    She was booed and the comments made to the newspaper were brutal. They had nothing good to say about her. I agree Tony had to be embarrassed. She failed at acting, pop music and now country, what’s next?

  • jen

    I love how you say she won over some country faithfuls when the local newspaper clearly states that she was booed and only a few ppl cheered for her.
    I’m a huge country fan. There’s one thing Jessica should know and thats country fans can be the most accepting fans in the world BUT they know when someone’s fake and everyone knows that she’s fake. Everyone knows that she’s doing country music as a last ditch effort to save what little career she has.

  • http://hotmail.cpm open mind

    For those who have negative remark about her last night concert. Check out CMT.COM for the review. ( for those who do not know, CMT stands for Country Music TV)

  • stormy

    I was there – she was booed. The heckling so much better than her singing. It was simply awful. The highlight – she bent down to sign an autograph and forgot the lyrics to her own song.

    She twice has to correct herself and saying she wrote a song – when she really co-wrote them. I think they brought Sara Evans on 20 minutes early to keep people from leaving!

  • Joh

    no country fan has bought this crap, some pathetic Newlywds fans perhaps, but not country. And she’s trying to look like in Dukes, when some men thought she was hot. But look at that gut, ewww. And we’ve all had time to see your ugly man face now too, go away ugly, tranny.

  • Simone

    She was booed cause she SUCKED!!! Haha, loser tranny, this family needs to give it up.

  • ariana

    i’m with jen on this one. I liked jess when she was doing her pop thing but now she comes across as fake with her trying to be country. i can only speak for myself as a country fan but its hard to accept her new country venture when at one point she says that she should have made this album 6 years ago then turns around and says she never set out to make a country album, that it just happened. In my opinion, country fans are very accepting of new country singers, we dont bash other singers or pit one against the other… we have our favorites but love country music, period. Also, i think its a very bad decision to try and be accepted when you publicly bash the female vocalist of the year. jess may be here to stay in country but there are a lot of obstacles she’s going to have to overcome in order to truely be accepted… there’s a difference between being a country singer and singing country and a difference between country fans being polite and being accepting. time will tell i guess… (just my 2 cents)

  • Nicole

    In my opinion, you don’t go to a country concert and perform your POP hits. I think that was her major mistake of the night.

  • Paige

    She doesn’t look fat or pregnant. She actually looks thinner now then she recently has and her body, especially her legs are in great shape.

    Silly jealous and petty people need to make the changes to themselves that will make them feel better and stop wasting time bashing other people.

  • She’s a sell-out

    Definitely was not welcomed, but booed…just like her no talent horse-faced sister. Why are they famous???? The whole world hates them.

  • LN

    PerezHilton has the link to the Kenosha paper that qoted several people about how horrific she was. I usually make fun of country music fans, but it seems they know enough to know that Jessica doesn’t sing – she screams, shrieks and prances around half naked. Talent!

  • lj

    perezhilton and tmz have the articles. Nick is doing much better than Jessica since the divorce. Her album bombed and his was #2 on Billboard. Nick is 1/3 owner of the Tacoma Rainiers AAA baseball team. He also started, the opposite of myspcace. He is a part owner of the Hollywood Heat basketball team and he’s part owner of American Bistro restaurant in Vegas. He’s producing a fame like tv show for MTV about his high school. He’s on tv tonight hosting HSM Get In the Picture on ABC. His new album is coming out late September/ October. The single will be out soon. He’s not asking for any alimony. And Jessica’s album did bomb because of 9/11 kind of. Her second single was to come out 9/27, two weeks after 9/11. Remember when suddenly they were not playing regular music on the radio?

  • trevaughn

    Jessica Simpson is a star in everyway…she has the talent and beauty to match her personality.I think she will do well in the country business because she has a beautiful voice and she never seems to come with a beautiful sound…

    I don’t so see how people can hate and dislike a woman they’ve never met…and for what i don’t know?the reality tv show?



  • trevaughn

    Jessica Simpson is a star in everyway…she has the talent and beauty to match her personality.I think she will do well in the country business because she has a beautiful voice and she never seems to come with a beautiful sound…

    I don’t so see how people can hate and dislike a woman they’ve never met…and for what i don’t know?the reality tv show?



  • Yellowrose

    lj— your an idiot, yeah she is so very fat, you dumb—!!! You people are so stupid shes like a size 4 stupid, but oh my god shes very FAT!! You haters are a joke

  • lisa

    Jessica is a stupid no-talent hack. Her whole family need to get lost.