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Nahla Aubry: First Pictures of Halle Berry's Daughter!

Nahla Aubry: First Pictures of Halle Berry's Daughter!

Here are the first pictures of Halle Berry‘s four-mouth-old daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry!

Mama Halle, 41, was seen carrying Nahla around Los Angeles on Thursday. Halle‘s mother, Judith Ann, was also around to lend a helping hand. A Mac computer and water bottle were seen sitting on the garden table nearby.

Missing in action: Halle‘s model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, 32.

Too bad her face is covered. But this is the most we’ve seen of baby Nahla so far!

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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  • black

    So, the little girl is brown after all.

  • terissa

    What a precious little one God blessed her with.

  • Angel

    she has her mom’s skin tone hopefully she has her dad’s looks


    Yeah she didnt have to sell her babys pix. Halle isnt a media w****

  • wow

    wow she is not like her dad for sure.


    She would have had a gorgeous baby with Eric Benet.

  • Helena

    Finally! I thought this girl was on house arrest or something!

  • Lucky

    I mean really? Was everyone hoping the baby would be white? Some of you people are silly worrying about the baby’s skin tone. She’s biracial. What did you expect, Shiloh? Though the pics seem to have been taken in secrecy, I’m glad we have gotten a glimpse of baby Nahla. Precious.

  • She’s cute, but…

    She seems big for one four-mouth-old baby girl!!!

  • Jill

    Kylegotgame @ 07/20/2008 at 5:12 pm
    Maybe her baby was born with a cleft. She is waiting for the stitches and the scar to disappear before letting anybody see her face.

    Of all the stupid comments I ever read, that is the dumbest yet. Maybe she just wants to keep her baby out of the papzs camera lenses. You can tell from that photo she knew the papzs were there and she was trying to keep them from taking pics of the baby. If I were her I’d do the same.

    She is going to be a beautiful brown-skinned little girl, just like her mother.

  • rumor has it

    Babys is darker skin than halyee. hair is course, halyee can perm it when shes a couple years older.

  • Mavin

    Looks like Halle is knocked up again. :)

  • Vee

    From what is shown, the baby looks darling–no wonder with her gorgeous genes!

  • o

    God willing the long wait is over and Halle can rest. The child has AA features none European. It’s not uncommon Halle is AA.

  • Vee

    Kylegotgame @ 07/20/2008 at 5:41 pm I know of 3 other celebrity babies who were born with clefts. It is easy to tell. You see Halle Berry looking so depressed in pictures. There is a reason
    In the pictures I’ve seen, Halle looks very happy. Maybe you have a cleft brain.


    halle is not is not a camera whore like these other celebs
    who show of their baby in magazines
    i think that is stupid
    but you go halle!!

  • xyz

    TRUTH @ 07/20/2008 at 5:19 pm Yeah she didnt have to sell her babys pix. Halle isnt a media w****

    Who did you think made the money now? The pap who took this picture. What a waste! She could’ve sold the baby pics and donate the money to much needed organizations. Believe me there are many. Now we’ve gotten glimpse of Nahla, her pics isn’t worth anything. So the pap who took this pic and who could take better pics have made their paycheck. Thus sending/encouraging all the looser paps to hang around famed people in hopes of taking their pics for money insead of getting a real job like most of us. So, what Halle did is not so………………. Well, there’s my two cents.

  • kbn

    um…in the pictures you showed of halle a couple of days ago, her stomach was almost completely flat… and in these pictures she looks huge. weird…

  • ellen

    Wow, this board is incredibly racist, of course she’s dark skinned!!! and beautiful!! What were you expecting, Shiloh the wonder white child II? I love Shiloh, don’t get me wrong, but there is NOTHING wrong with being dark skinned. Sheesh, get a grip on reality.

  • ellen

    And it’s the way she’s standing, her stomach is still flat. You can clearly tell she’s standing somewhat slouched to help her carry the baby. Some of you are so stupid.

  • Along Came Polly

    Daddy Aubrey genes are missing . If Halle Berry is no longer a couple with Aubrey. Aubrey and Jennifer Aniston make a perfect couple. They have awesome hair , body. John not good enough for Jennifer. Aubrey is awesome to look at. The baby can be rich.

  • groundcontrol

    It looks like they are in their backyard. How is this preferable to formal pics? It seems like some sleazy paparazzi has snuck up on the private property of a new mother and taken pics. Unless this is staged.

    These photos also seem to be taken a while ago. Halle still has her stomach and I thought recent photos of her stomach – proudly on display – show she’s back in shape. I also don’t think that’s a 4 month old baby but I could be wrong.

    I am sure the baby will be just lovely.


    Shes gonna be beatiful.
    her mom is halle, the most beautiful woman in the world at one time
    and her dad is a male model. are you kidding me shes gonna be gorgeous!

  • danielle

    I don’t blame a celeb one way or the other if they choose to publish baby photos or not. On the one hand, it’s nice to have something private. But on the other hand, having a “bounty” out for the baby’s first picture has to be stressful too. They can’t keep the kids hidden and inside forever. With the greedy paps and rag magazines, it’s a no win situation.

  • Cassie

    I agree who cares what colour she is. all that matters is that she is happy healthy and loved which i think she has.

  • Sweet

    Sweet picture of mom and baby.

    At least she does not sell her baby photos like some.

    Who cares what color she is? What an awful thing to say. You people are such bigots!

  • Along Came Polly

    Im blown away this kid has no Aubrey. Halle wore a depress face during pregnancy, Aubrey too. Romance is gone.

  • Angel

    She’s big for a four-month old baby a bit chubby

  • xyz

    As far as Hahla is concerned, I’m sure she’ll be gorgeous.

  • Halli

    Thats a HUGE four month old.

  • jen

    Of course the baby is chubby. Babies are supposted to be chubby.
    I’m sure Mom, Dad, and Baby are all fine. They sure are a beautiful family. Although I must admit I was abit surprised at the babies skin tone. I too figured she would be lighter. But with the genes she has she could be purple and still be gorgeous.

  • Jill

    o @ 07/20/2008 at 5:39 pm
    The child has AA features none European.

    And you can tell this by looking at the back of her head?!!?

    Did you eat a big bowl of stupid for breakfast?

  • anna

    Halle is not a whore like angelina,plus halle is more beautiful than her.
    Angelina is jealous of halle.

  • Angel

    I think she would be tall as her dad

  • Angel

    I think she would be tall as her dad



  • godmom jenifer

    At this close distance the baby has Eric features.

  • Pedro Moreno

    Halle Berry will be the best Mother fer her baby,

  • eee

    To godmom jenifer-

    LOL! You are so stupid!

  • vickifromtexas

    people just look for something to be critical about. halle is most likely tired, babies are a lot of work. i saw pictures of halle and gabriel about two weeks ago going to a play , concert ,or something like that. just because they aren’t constantly in the same location doesn’t mean they are broken up.

  • o

    Hally regrets – that she cheated with Eric, she slipped . I’m traveling to Europe soon. I’m familiar with their culture. The baby is A TYPICAL,. No European traits. I won’t give a diagnosis concerning the cleft lip it is not ethical.

  • Bam!

    On the pap vs posed/sold photo of babies I can see both sides of the argument. 1. the celeb can make their lives easier just by showing the kid to the world & getting it over in one fell swoop so they aren’t chased all over by paps etc sneaking into bushes & what have you. 2. they can give any money to a worthy cause (which they should do cos it really is greedy media whoring if the celeb that earns X amount of millions per movie or whatever sells pics of their kid & then keeps the money)

    But at the same time I cannot understand why we as people on the street (who yes are perhaps fans of celebs etc) have any right or even desire to see these people’s kids…I mean I literally don’t get it. If I’m a fan of some celeb, yes I like to know they’re doing well in their life etc but if they have kids I really don’t need to know what they look like, where they go to school, what they’re hair & eye colour is etc etc. That isn’t being a fan, that’s being an obsessive stalker almost. I think the kids should be left alone to do as they please until they themselves are old enough to choose that life in the public eye. I like that Halle never sold pics of her kid, I respect her for her decision, I don’t think that means there’s something wrong with the kid.

    If I were a celeb I would take absolute delight in turning down these offers from the magazines etc.

  • Flippo

    What’s with all the “there are no European traits” talk? I’m European but I’ve no clue what what the hell is anyone talking about european traits for?! Neither of the parents are european….

  • Lillianne

    “cleft brain” hahaha best comment of this stupid post

    Baby looks very healthy for her age. Looks like she might be a little fussy. Probably nap time. NBD. Happens everyday when you have a baby that age.

    However I don’t like the ambushed quality of this picture. JJ you didn’t use to be like this with the sneaky paparazzi photos.

  • tas.

    lol@the baby is black?

    wow, of course the baby is black.
    Doesnt matter if the dad is whiter than white.
    what kind of question is that?

  • anna

    It is hard to see the baby but I am sure she is a beautiful since both of her parents are. beautiful.It looks like Haile is pregnant again. It is ture?

  • JOY

    At least she not selling her child to mag for cash. Nhala is beautiful I sure both of her parents are. She look like her mom I thought she was going to be like hawlo

  • LoVe BamZSKV

    Awwe Would have loved to see little Nahals face. I bet she is just beautiful like Mom and Dad.. Its too bad most are color blind here.
    What a lovely size baby.

    Congrats to our Beautiful Halle and her pretty husband. They are both gorgeous looking people. I have always really liked Halle and seen most of her movies.

    Best wishes to Mom Dad and Baby Nahla… oh and proud Gramma too!

    ps..Halle is mostl ikely NOT happy that she is in her own back yard with a sense of a camera or 50 snapping her pics.

    Time to go indoors on a beautiful day. Betya Halle and b/f Gabriel Aubry would have been strolling down the street one day* when ready* and we all could have seen Baby Nahla.
    \Hate when the paps do this, so invasive.


  • amy

    oh my gosh, some of you people can reach such high level of cruelty, this is UNBELIEVABLE!! can u just tell me what is wrong with being dark skinned? i must admit that i was kinda surprised, i thought she would have been a little lighter….but heck ,it’s amazing to see how racism persists…… you Americans, the smallest typically black feature would make a baby an afro, wow. the comments which are like “gabriel is not the daddy or the baby looks like eric, or the baby is “huge” WTF is your fuckin problem?? first of all, this is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (u’d better go get a [effin'] life) and then, why are you all so judgmental? damn..MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS DUDES! that baby is the daughter of HALLE BERRY, one of the most gorgeous bi-racial women on this Planet! and her dad is gabriel aubry, one super HOT model !! it’s actually SURE this baby is gonna be GORGEOUS as hell……come on, being black, white, red, yellow or whatever, doesn’t that make her a human being after all? talking s**** like this about a wonderous newborn is just unforgivable. nahla is chubby like any baby should be, and for all the haters out there, i wanna see YOUR babies ! sure it wouldn’t look a half like this beautiful brown babygirl does! i tink she looks wonderful only from those glimpses…can’t wait to see more……oh and, what if she’s holding another woman’s (friend of hers) baby? :p ..yea, i no, why would she be carrying another baby in her backyard but hey, anything is possible…someone can hold a baby while the real mommy is away,no? i’m just saying this because i cannot believe her baby has no genes from her daddy O_o but hey, nahla still seems super pretty XD

  • rach

    Coco and Violet are the cutest .