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Nicole Kidman Spends Sunday At Starbucks

Nicole Kidman Spends Sunday At Starbucks

Nicole Kidman receives a helping hand from country superstar husband Keith Urban after a quick bite to eat/drink at their local Starbucks in Nashville, Tenn., on Sunday afternoon.

Nicole, 40, and Keith, 41, welcomed their beautiful baby daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban, into this world just two weeks ago.

Keith will be part of the televised CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock show that will air on September 8th! The two-hour show will be on ABC.

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  • xyz

    she looks fantastic!

  • hello

    isnt it kinda bad to be out and about so early? i mean i know basically nothing about that but it seems kinda soon

  • mike

    I LOVE NICOLE!!!!!!!

  • demiselenalomez

    number four yea i l0ove being on the first page

  • anon

    They both look great. I like her hair that way. it would be prefect if it were back to red though.

  • lopi

    Is this an scoop of justjared ? where did you take it from ? yea they are both a helping hand. I like the way she puts his hand in his arm

  • Sassy

    Nicole: surely you have some prettier clothes in your closet!! Yuck!!
    Hope the baby is letting you both get some sleep :)

  • Alie

    How did she lose the weight so quickly?

  • lopi

    I hope thta thye see thta my mom is a very good person.

  • nyc gal

    She looks amazing after so shortly giving birth! Keith looks yummy in red!! Oh, by the way Jared, Nicole just turned 41, Keith won’t until Oct.

  • yulu

    I need a very strong one to one relationship, sith all the rest , social life based on it. Not the socila life over the one to one relatuionship. I still have some doubts about it any way.

  • hostas

    Oh man, she had the lips injected again. Couldn’t stay away from the stuff, could ya Kidman? How fried and dead is that hair? Hmm, flat tummy already.

  • yulu

    Apiserum ?

  • daisy

    Yes, you have the ages reversed.

    No, it is perfectly fine for Nicole to be “out already” Very good in fact. One of my relatives just had a baby & she loooks as great as Nicole does after giving birth.

  • yulu

    blood analitic is a must.

  • hobbit

    After having had 3 kiddos, I find it hard to comprehend a woman who gave birth just two weeks ago, going out wearing tight WHITE jeans….ewww…..

  • Dolly

    Isnt it kinda bad to be out and about so early? i mean i know basically nothing about that but it seems kinda soon
    They didn’t leave for a month in Tahiti without the baby – they just went out for coffee – no big deal. I’m sure they have a nanny or maybe a relative staying with them. Lots of new moms enjoy going out for errands or a meal – otherwise you’re at home all the time.

  • jess0

    She looks great. I bet they need that coffee after two weeks of sleepless nights.

  • edie

    she was out for lunch 3 days after”giving birth” and then was seen out buying mattresses or whatever, now out again? I found it hard to even find time to take a shower for the first month after having my son. Very weird.

  • yulu

    I would baptise her as Sunday mary rose caroline. Its more options for her. ¿ how will she be call at shcoll by her mates ? I like to see my self like a couselor of them. I thgink thta cousleing has to be togehther with a helping hand

  • cricket

    Looks more like a Grandma than a new Mom.She could use that straw on her head to stuff herself a new matress and save herself some money.

  • Feer

    If she stops with the big lips injections she’s going to be gorgeous…

  • yulu

    wether its biologic or not, it is.

  • yulu

    I also need sun glasses

  • sandy

    The glotis and the swalllowing very strained. I see some hope now

  • surrogate?

    Wow she doesn even have the huge boobs like most women who just given birth!!!!! Did she really gave birth or she used a surrogate.

    He hair looks scary if undone!!!

  • sunty

    thankyoy you both

  • ism

    there’s something fishy about her giving birth.

  • Batman rocks!!!

    Congrats the couple for the new baby. Nicole always looks her best at academy awards. The capri pants is not for her tall figure. She needs to wear dresses and long jeans and longer length blouses.

  • Matthew

    Eek, must have had a rough night with Sunday!

    Haha, that’s all apart of the process. They’re ready and are great parents. I just find it amusing to see every hater dig out just about every excuse in the book and bash this couple in order to maintain their jealousy, disposition and vile comments. Such a sad thing that is projected. Good luck in this world..

  • ally

    She looks amazing…tired but amazing! And how the heck do you know if her stomach is flat? The shirt is not skin-tight. Besides, she didn’t have that much to lose in the first place.

  • Mark

    Get the hell out of Nashville, you paparazzi scum. I saw a shitload of cameras following Miley Cyrus as she went into Target one day. What the hell? This isn’t LA.

    We’re chill here in Nashville. We have RESPECT for the celebrities that want to get away from LA (aka the paps) and we treat them like any normal person.

    Damn paparazzi. I swear I will run them over if I see them again..

  • Sorry

    Found some boobs between week 1 and week 2 huh?

  • daisy

    My relative who also just had her baby is also able to wear these type of pants. She is not in maternity pants at all.

  • dancer

    Thanks for the update Jared. Glad to see she is taking advantage of her mum and sister being with her and getting some alone time in with that yummy hubby of hers!

  • ally

    “Found some boobs between week 1 and week 2 huh?”

    Well huh, maybe her milk came in? Rocket science right there….

    *Is wondering why in the world she’s speculating about NK’s boobs on the web…*

  • ally

    “Found some boobs between week 1 and week 2 huh?”

    Well huh, maybe her milk came in? Rocket science right there….

    *Is wondering why in the world she’s speculating about NK’s boobs on the web…*


    # 19 edie @ 07/20/2008 at 11:21 pm she was out for lunch 3 days after”giving birth” and then was seen out buying mattresses or whatever, now out again? I found it hard to even find time to take a shower for the first month after having my son. Very weird.


    Yeah, Jared had the thread – she gave birth on Monday, and met her friends for lunch at some restaurant on Friday.

    Now, she’s wearing skin tight white jeans??

    She officially has had the weirdest pregnancy ever.

    Where’s the swollen features, the bloat, the boobs…soooooo very odd.

  • maria

    Oh, so hot lady! It was said she just enjoyed hot dating with a black guy on((((((********inter racial********)))))))so many fans show interesting to her hot photos and videos there. Nice to enjoy more details about it…

  • Fakeee!!

    For those people that keep on saying that their relatives fit into skinny jeans after having a kid, I have a question for you…are they 41…?? Cause i know that when you get older and have kids, your body doesn’t bounce that quick back into shape. She’s not an amazon woman as everyone makes her out to be. None of her features, whatsoever, ever changed. At least a bigger bust, for the milk… But, I digress. Think she’s just using the “I don’t want to plaster my baby in mags” card so she doesn’t have to show her baby and how unbelivable it is that she ‘gave’ birth to her kid.

  • daisy

    Antonia went back to Australia at the end of the first week to be with her own family on her birthday.

    I wonder if all of your families & friends speculated on your pregnancies & your boobs after you gave birth? Apparently just because she is well known you think it gives you some type of right to specualte on her’s, Geez. She had a baby people, get over it.

  • Rob

    Why aren’t they spending time with their 2 week old daughter? As a new parent I couldn’t/wouldn’t leave my children with someone for a couple months. Doesn’t look good for them getting parents of the year!

  • Myohmy

    Did she have a C-Section? Because until if not I dont see how she is wearing tight white Jeans. Any ladies out there who have had babies knows that, especially with the first one for about the first 6-8 weeks it is messy to say the least.. if you get my drift. Heavy duty Overnighters are needed 24/7.

  • betsee



    I do know what you mean..VERY messy indeed.. no way would i have left the house in white pants..not to mention tight white pants.

  • Myohmy

    The more I think about it the more I say there is no way she had this baby unless she had a C-Section and then she would have bandages still on her stomach and wouldnt want anything tight. If no C-Section there is also no way she could she be wearing those very form fitting in the crotch area white jeans. I dont say this to be gross but there is a good 6-8 weeks of heavy flow that requires very thick and constant overnight type pads 24/7. Looking at this photo there is no way she is wearing one of these pads and there is no way she would not need to use them in just 2 short weeks. Something is NOT RIGHT!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Why do people always want to compare their PERSONAL child rearing/birthing/pregnancy energy to others? If it isn’t a fact, please f*** off, because maybe you might just be a lazy fat a**. How many WNBA sports coaches return to the court with a week or two? Or working women or stay-at-home-moms are up and back at it? Please.

  • geesh

    She must not be breast feeding. My babies wanted to feed every three hours, I would be so exhausted I could barely take a bath… and when they slept, believe me I slept…both my hubby and I were sleep deprived for months. It is worth it but, I have to say no way would I be up for a lunch with girlfriends just days after having a baby..or even out shopping for matresses. I guess everyone is different, especially some celebs who have live in help but still…WHITE TIGHT JEANS? um, no. how does one do that? She is human, right? Or maybe she didnt give birth? Who knows but it is very weird. If she had a c section, then she wouldnt be able to go out just days after birth(since that is major surgery) and if she didnt..well as myohmy has put it..VERY MESSY. You do tend to bleed for quite a while. I know I did.

  • geesh


    I don’t personally know any one who had a baby and was out having lunch with friends less than a week later…if a person HAS to work, unfortunately I can see the poor woman having to but if you just seems odd imo. And I don’t know any woman who had a baby and even had to go back to work a couple of weeks later, who would wear(or could wear) tight white pants like this.



  • Myohmy

    I think someone forgot to inform Nicole of post pregnancy feminine hygiene care that must be taken and what you should or shouldnt wear if you are a brand new mother after giving birth.

    I feel badly for her that she has had to make up the story that she gave birth instead of just admitting to a surrogate or something. Oh Well. I wish them the best in raising their daughter.

  • LuckyL

    Why do people always think everyone gains 40 pounds like their over-eating selves? She was tiny during the pregnancy, and will be tiny afterwards. She is 5′ 10″ like a model, and I’m sure you’ve seen pregnant models.