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Nicole Kidman Spends Sunday At Starbucks

Nicole Kidman Spends Sunday At Starbucks

Nicole Kidman receives a helping hand from country superstar husband Keith Urban after a quick bite to eat/drink at their local Starbucks in Nashville, Tenn., on Sunday afternoon.

Nicole, 40, and Keith, 41, welcomed their beautiful baby daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban, into this world just two weeks ago.

Keith will be part of the televised CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock show that will air on September 8th! The two-hour show will be on ABC.

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  • dr fill

    She didn’t have a baby. This is a farce.

  • Caroline

    Jesus…Why people don’t take care about their business!?

    She had a child, she was not dying…It’s normal for a woman to go out for take a coffee! Gosh!!! Was she dancing n**e on a table??

    What a bad mother she is…She was drinking a coffee or a capuccino, with her husband…


    Leave alone this woman!…Now all this gossip about her is morbid.

  • http://LERMANET.COM anonymous

    What a laugh reading these comments.
    Who cares?
    Nicole looked amazingly fit throughout her entire pregnancy.

    Her hair is frizzy?
    She looks unhappy?
    Pleeeeaaassse give it a rest, this pic is a spit second of her in motion. And she always had frizzy hair – born that way.

    Nicole looks better and healthier a short time after having her first baby than Katie Homes looks in the majority of her pics.
    Show what belonging to a cult will do for your health

    The irony here is right next to Nicole’s pics is a HUGE ad promoting Tom Cruise’s website. Why? Why is he plastered everyone – no one cares. Alternatively, Nicole is trying to live her life more low key without a bullet proof fleet of cars, without living in a fortress, and without self delusional self promotion.

    Maybe all the $cientologists posting negative comments here about Nicole should go get their own lives.

  • alex

    I don’t think she had a baby,, ..cause i have a friend who is 5″10,, skinny model.. she gained like 60 lbs.. first child and it took her a year to loose that weight… and she had big boobs,, from nothing to big boobs.. and i mean when she was skinny she was.. so something is up with nicole… should have told the truth,, who would care

  • Kat

    She certainly had/has the strangest pregnancy I’ve ever seen. There is nothing wrong with staying fit during pregnancy, but she took it to an obsessive level. For somebody who reportedly had conception problems in the past, she certainly wasn’t trying to take it easy. Daily hour long spinning classes, jogging…come on. It certainly kept her baby weight off & it also kept the baby from gaining weight too. A 6 1/2 pound baby is tiny. All you ever heard of her eating when she was spotted out ware salads. Excessive excersie & a low calerie intake during pregnancy, lowers a baby’s weight. It’s in the medical journals, look it up. I certainly will not use Nicole Kidman as a good example of staying fit during pregnancy. Other actresses stay fit during pregnancy, but they do it with swimming, walking & pre-natal yoga. Low impact. And they don’t do it every day nor do they do it an hour at a time. They look a lot heathier & their babies have more weight. It was reported that Kidman was doing a full backbend at a normal yoga class just a few days before giving birth. Anybody who knows anything about yoga knows that is just ridiculous. It is unsafe & stupid.

  • Debra77

    I agree with all who stated that she looks so much better with red hair then Blond. The blond color washes her out. I thought her red hair was way more sexy. She acted more sexy then too. The blond hair makes her look like she is trying too hard to look younger.

  • so ignorant

    Most of you people are writing absolute nonsense and sound unbelievably ignorant, not every woman bleeds after having a baby!!!!!!

    Nicole didn’t gain much weight during her pregnancy so she didn’t have much to lose and she exercised the whole time.

    All the negative comments are completely over the top and say more about the person just being incredibly jealous and petty.

  • notbusy

    This Nicole hatred is coming from an online group of former keith fans that can’t cope with the fact that Keith married Nicole and not one of them. They have gone off the deep end.

  • beach&sand

    who’s that with keith? his mom?

  • http://deleted florisene

    She had a surrogate………she also had a contract with Tom Cruise not a marriage…he gets cover and she gets fame and all worked out great!

  • thank you justjared

    thank you justjared for nicole kidman pix coz i love her so much

    you are the best

  • regina

    She looks wonderful! So thin! Beautiful!!
    Where are Conner and Bella??

  • terissa

    Nicole looks amazing as usual. Dropping the pounds very quickly, I’m sure people will be hating on her for it. I’ve always liked Nicole better than Tom.

  • notbusy

    Working out during her pregnancy obviously helped Nicole have an easier delivery and recovery! But, those of you that sat around on your fat as$s and gained 100 pounds and never worked out just can’t seem to understand that. You also attacked Nicole for working out. Maybe next time you should try it too and then you won’t be bleeding for weeks on end.

  • c

    Wow all the these posts are ridiculous. Too bad you weren’t there and you could have asked her, her day to day diary on her “flow.”
    Not everyone is the same. She could easily wear a pad under her jeans. She just went out for coffee, it wasn’t a huge trip. And for Nicole Kidman her boobs definetly show she gave birth.

  • c

    Keith is looking mighty fine as well!!

  • Emma

    Nicole looks gorgeous but a little tired! She is definitely much more curvaceous now so it’s obvious that she’s breast feeding. She looks so sweet in these white clothes. Keith looks handsome as always.

  • Sigh

    @so ingonrant..+ not busy Its important women bleed after giving birth. Its the natural way to clean your body and make it ready do get pregnant again. Its something the body has to do! when a woman doesn’t bleed after giving birth i suggest go to a doctor!

    some bleed a few days, others 6 weeks. its different for each person.

    As for Nicole, she looks like she has more curves.. and i don’t think a normal person would fake a pregnancy. Its to much work. As for her leaving the house so much without the kid.. i don’t know.. maybe the baby is a crybaby and she just needs the time to gain strength again.

  • jujuelen

    They both look great. Thanks JJ

  • Dan

    Some people here need to get a life. I imagine they’re the ugliest, most boring and ENVIOUS bunch of witches you ever saw. Nicole is looking amazing and it’s no one’s business what she wears. Stop being so incredibly judgmental. You come across as sick mental cases. Nicole is gorgeous and successful and you are not. Deal with it.

  • Sassy

    For what it’s worth, it does look like she had the lips done again, and that wasn’t necessary! Her hair maybe looks like she hasn’t used dye in a while which is good if she’s nursing. I feel bad I said her clothes weren’t good for her but her “top region” does look much fuller than usual. She is a very thin & tall woman who exercised regularly during her pregnancy so she would lose the weight quickly. Right on: they probably just ran out for a short bit for the coffee. I guess some people think they’re the “she-can’t-leave-the-house-after-baby-till-I-say-so” police!!! Give me a break.

  • diane

    Is she getting taller or is keith shrinking they look like a giant and a midget

  • Helena

    They definitely look like parents of a newborn baby! They look tired!

  • noway

    Hey Keith where is the third earring? You said when you and Nicole had a child the third earring would be back. Is he trying to tell us something?

  • notbusy

    The haters have finally found the proof they need that proves Nicole did not give birth and that proof is…. WHITE PANTS! LOL. You people are hysterically stupid, funny to laugh at and ridiculous! Hahaha…

  • hostas

    For those of you that did not bleed or know someone who did not bleed, they are not NORMAL! Here read up on this! Another web site said that tampons shouldn’t be used for six weeks!

  • hostas

    Helena @ 07/21/2008 at 8:36 am They definitely look like parents of a newborn baby! They look tired!

    He had a concert the night before in Philly.

  • rien

    I suppose all of you who do not believe in Nicole’s pregnancy would only be satisfied, if Nicole and Keith publish the result of Sunday Rose’s DNA test.

    Oh, I forget. Of course they could not, because you believe that there was no baby. What would they do? Presented you with Slitheen’s DNA and claimed it as Sunday Rose’s?

    I thought only Fox William Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully who worked for FBI x-files department, and not a whole bunch of you.

    Where is The Doctor when you need him?

  • dancer

    I can’t believe you people declaring she didn’t give birth because she is thin and in white pants. Every pregnancy is different. Not every woman needs five pads for the heaviest flow on this earth. Some just bleed a few days (I know personally and with friends) and a light flow at that. Just because your experience is different from Nicole’s–doesn’t mean she didn’t give birth.
    Sooner or later some industrious snoop will probably ferret out the birth certificate and I guess then we shall all see as it will name the hospital etc.

  • apples

    She did not give birth to a baby. She was never pregnant. She can’t have any kids and that’s why she adopted the other babies when she was with Tom. This baby is also an adopted kid. I wish she would just come clean already!

  • shea

    wow! I have never seen anyone who has gained practically no weight at all during pregnancy and then looks exactly like they did before getting pregant only days after the baby is born! How does she do it? Is she really a stepford wife afterall???

  • http://LOVE45 arlene


  • voe

    I did see one woman who is like Nicole. She was a week away from giving birth and I thought, when saw her, that she was still in her first trimester. And she was 40, pregnant with her fifth child. Her baby was 7.5lbs. Her body returned to its skinny self, flat stomach and skinny legs right after birth. So YES, there are women who are blessed to not gain any weight.

    And she can wear any color, any style she wants after giving birth. There no longer is a set of rules regarding attire for women for this and that occasion.

    I can’t believe people looking at other women’s clothes and direct their mind down to these women’s neither region, imagining flow. Those women thinking she faked pregnancy must have faked it too before. Or else your mind would not have thought of such crazy notion.


    Of all people you are the one person I didn’t expect to jump on this fake pregnancy train.Wasn’t the person you love and admire crazily accused of faking pregnancy too?

  • Regina

    I like Nic, but I think I can see her breasts in those pictures!

  • ha

    >>>>>>Nicole, 40, and Keith, 41, welcomed their beautiful baby daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban, into this world just two weeks ago.<<<<<<

    The statement above is premature. Since the public has not seen the baby, how do you know she’s beautiful. Nicole is not beautiful, neither is Keith.

  • hostas

    dancer – when you adopt a baby, the adoptive parents’ names are on the birth certificate – not the birth mother.

  • june bug

    She doesn’t have the baby boobs, because she probably was not pregnant. She probably used a surrogate.

    There is no way in hell her boobs would be the normal size when carrying a baby, and even months afterward the baby is born, she would still have big milk filled boobs.. When a woman gets pregnant, the first thing that is the telltale sign, is her boobs.

    I am surprised the press is giving Nicole a free pass on this fantastic lie.

  • scary

    # 8
    Alie @ 07/20/2008 at 11:06 pm

    How did she lose the weight so quickly?
    I have my doubts that she was even pregnant.

  • barbie

    All the comments here about Nicole’s figure is giving a VERY STRANGE perception of American women. Basically, that all American women are big, fat, neurotic whales after giving birth, and practical recluses, not daring to even venture out for a coffee… Really people, come back down into Earth. NOT ALL women transform into huge, bloated Mamas, despite all your personal experiences. There are actually A LOT of women who regain their original weight very quickly…regardless of a natural or C-section. And Nicole does not even look super skinny……maybe compared to the average American female posting here…but certainly not compared to the average European, Asian, African or whatever in other countries….

  • tell the truth

    # 26
    surrogate? @ 07/20/2008 at 11:26 pm

    Wow she doesn even have the huge boobs like most women who just given birth!!!!! Did she really gave birth or she used a surrogate.

    He hair looks scary if undone!!!
    Report Abuse
    # 27
    sunty @ 07/20/2008 at 11:26 pm

    thankyoy you both
    Her body, especially the boobs did not say, “pregnancy”.. Notice during the alleged pregnancy, she was not showing until the last minute. She had only been showing for about one month or so, then all of a sudden she announces she had a baby. I am not buying it.

  • Puccy

    Get a life people. Nicole does, and she doesn’t care about you. STUPID LOOSERS!

    Find another way to blame her. This story of the fake pregnancy because she’s thin it’s STUPID!


  • tell the truth

    CLINIQUA @ 07/20/2008 at 11:58 pm

    Yeah, Jared had the thread – she gave birth on Monday, and met her friends for lunch at some restaurant on Friday.

    Now, she’s wearing skin tight white jeans??

    She officially has had the weirdest pregnancy ever.

    Where’s the swollen features, the bloat, the boobs…soooooo very odd.
    I find that pregnancy suspect too. She didn’t show until the last month or so, and she never had the pregnancy boobs. The boobs are the first telltale sign of pregnancy. Look at all the women who had babies. The boobs swell in the first trimester, then stay swolen until months on end after the baby is born. Nicole is creepy.

  • http://LOVE45 arlene


  • Kelly O’Keefe

    As a woman who has given birth four times. I say something is not right with this supposed pregnancy of Nicoles.
    As I said, I have given birth four times and I know Nicoles body did not show any signs of pregnancy before or after this supposed pregnancy.

  • Joanne

    Nicole is creepy. She needs a hair dresser. Poor Keith, have to put up with that.

  • Joanne

    The reason I say she is creepy, because anyone who fakes a pregnancy is just weird.

  • Tink

    I think she looks very human without the botox.

  • daisy

    SSo it seems so many people were there & know what she is wearing under her pants. Geez.

    Your experience wiht birth is not Nicole’s people. How sad that everyone feels they have the right to judge her for living her life the way she wants to.

    I hope people don’t accuse you of something that you would never do. Oh & there is a bunch of people here that think Keith Urban is an absolute moron since he would go along with a “fake pregnancy” Just because these two have values.

  • Isabel

    Kidman isn’t a part of the baby’s last name, it’s her second middle name. So your story should actually read Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, not Kidman-Urban (note the lack of hyphen).

    Have a good one :)

  • Dancer

    BTW if you blow up the pics it almost looks like she is leaking milk. Another site has a better picture of her chest and it definitely looks wet. So maybe she spilled on her boob’s nip? Or gee, maybe she was really pregnant.