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Bar Refaeli is Ironic Iconic

Bar Refaeli is Ironic Iconic

Bar Refaeli stays classic in black at the NBC Universal 2008 Press Tour All-Star Party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old Israeli model is set to co-host fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger‘s one-off special, a unique and voyeuristic look at today’s pop culture in America.

Tommy Hilfiger Presents Ironic Iconic America, based on the book cowritten by Hilfiger and award-winning American Art Director George Lois, is set to air in the fall on Bravo. (Bravo is the cable television network owned by NBC Universal.)

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • kkcc

    she is so pretty!! though i dont like that dress on her.

  • lizzie

    I didn’t know she had breast surgery !

  • je suis la pour toi

    je vais demmander ci vous pouver mes jouindre sur live messanger

  • I hate the fact that she’s jew ..eew .. though I”m israeli too , but I’m arabian christian

  • maya

    to 6 you know you are really stupid you hate her ‘cuz she is jewish i’m jewish too and it is really patetic that you hate her because of that!!!

  • abbie

    Gorgeous, healthy and tan. WOW! I can’t wait to see her on Bravo for this TV special.

  • Debra77

    She is pretty, but her head seems really big for her body. #6 what an ugly comment

  • jared doesn’t like me

    Hey # 6. Stupid comment. I remember you disgusting groping Arabs from my time spent in Israel. The Jews had respect for women, the Arabs on the other hand: A bunch of monkeys.

  • lilly

    I don`t know what so special about her ( besides her boyfriend ), one in a million. I saw an interview with her about this show and it was really boring.

  • Vegi

    Kinda funny that an Israeli woman would host a show about American icons… but whatever, good for her. I think people should start giving her a break. It’s not all Leo. She’s not the first model in the world to have a famous boyfriend. If she’s successful, she must be doing something right (aside from being really pretty, that is).

    And to #6– you’re a racist and an antisemitic. I suggest you work on your hate issues instead of going on gossip sites. People are people. Some nice, some aren’t. Some smart, some aren’t. It has nothing to do with race or religion.

  • http://justjared cwazy!!!!!!

    Gorgeous face. Bad hair.
    Gorgeous figure. Bad dress.

    Can’t have it all i guess!!! :)

  • dt

    So plain.
    If it wasn’t for her boyfriend, she wouldn’t get any work.

  • lilly

    I have to second #14. She is not that pretty, beautiful or interesting just by herself. She is said to be a supermodel but it takes like 2 minutes to forget about her ( face ). Bar wouldn`t be this successful without Leo.

  • Tommy

    I agree that the antisemitic comment was disgusting but its not a reason to make racists comments towards arabs !

  • Helena

    Cute and we don’t need the anti-semitic comments here. Go away!

  • coco

    Nice boob. gotcha. Just kidding. Hey, there is something I wanna say that have you ever post your profile on W e a l t h y L o v e s.? Or others did this for you. whatever, I just saw you there. Nice photo, especial that one you are without…

  • bb

    Well, it was an interesting choice to pick her to co-host a show about American icons, she is not even American. It`s kind of strange to me. I don`t get her appeal at all and I really don`t like the dress.

  • curious

    Her eye color is very beautiful. I love that light shade of blue in her eyes, really beautiful. But if you look at her in a whole, she has a problem of proportion for a model. The shape of her face reminds me a “horse”. She is beautiful girl next door, but not a fashion goddess like Claudia or Linda.

  • stela


  • Tiffany

    Well I think her face is prettier than gisele’s.

  • jughed

    Woah. Stunning. :)

  • anti-Bar

    Bar is an overrated model silicone tramp whose ony claim to fame is sleeping with Leonardo Dicaprio. The only reason Bar is getting work is because of that. She is such an idiot an has no personality whatsoever. I’ve seen many of her interviews and she makes Pamela Anderson look intelligent.

    There are tons of more beautiful women in Israel than Bar. #5 is anti-semitic but so is Bar and she’s also anti-israel so Arabs should like her. Bar is like one of them. Bar is hated in Israel and for good reasons. She has made many anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements in the past. Well Bar will always have Jewish blood and she can’t change that even if she’s having sex with a German. Ha! Ha!

  • Vegi

    “anti-Bar”– breath! Relax. She’s just a model. She won’t be the downfall of Israel, I promise. It’s not worth getting so angry.

  • lilly

    anti-Bar is angry but she/he just said the truth about her…

  • tomka

    I have to say there is nothing special about her. Her legs aren’t the finest. But who are we, women, to rip her apart for her looks. I thought we were beyond that and wanted to be loved and admired for who we are and not what we look like… but since she’s a “model” and earns money I guess it’s ok. Anyway, I totally agree she is neither the one for Leo nor to talk about America. Without Leo she would be nothing. And I don’t find her interesting at all. She’s lame and has an unnatural aura around her. It is insane that she earns loads of money even though she is without talent. I mean Heidi for example has an excellent career on TV, Gisele CAN model, Cindy is the greatest. And she? She is able to ruin the nicest dresses just by wearing them. If there was something like rich white trash she would be it. Sorry, but I do not get her appeal at all!

  • JUNE

    At least she looks like a female unlike Leo’s androgynous EX. That’s all I can give Bara ..Bar sounds silly. She’s a gold/fame digging tramp.

  • kelly

    The only reason she’s getting work is because of Leo..? Right. Maybe it’s because she takes great pictures.
    I do think Gisele is more interesting looking, but Bar is absolutely beautiful in her own right. She has amazing eyes.
    I can’t believe all the Leo fan girls on here hatin, too.

  • bb

    You see, I personally don`t think that she takes amazing pictures at all. Her pics are boring and mostly fall flat, they are average just like her.. And one more thing, don`t think that all the negative comments are from Leo fans.

  • Angie

    Eww she has too many pimples! She has pretty eyes, but they look mean.

  • Cookie

    She’s a beautiful girl, but I’ve seen her look better.

  • ihb

    Plain Jane

  • jaggerboms

    finally someone pointed out her zits! ewwww! I don’t even have that many zits and I have an “ance problem”! with all that money can’t she do something about it? she is not helping with her image at all.

  • tomka

    hm hm hm…. I have to say people who think she takes great pictures are blind. Sorry, but she doesn’t. I also doubt all people here are Leo fans and criticizing her because she’s his “girlfriend”.

  • Anna

    She is pretty but in a girl next door sort of way. I don’t think she has what it takes to be a famous model. Great body though. She would definitly NOT be where she is unless she was dating a famous person.

  • me

    Wow, those were some ugly, racist comments up there! How ridiculous!

    Bar is getting all the connections she needs through Leo, after all, it isn’t what you know, it’s WHO you know in showbiz. I don’t think she is stunning, but she is pretty. I saw an interview with her about this Iconic America show and she barely made it through the interview. It wasn’t her English, she speaks it fluently without much of an accent, but she comes off as extremely stupid in the interview. The interviewer had to help her along a couple of times. I was really disappointed, to be honest.

    OH, well, there must be something about her – she has managed to hold Leo’s interest for over 2 years!

  • Naima

    Leo should have stuck with Gisele, for the simple fact that Gisele in an intelligent adnd very down to earth person trust me I’ve worked with her on several occasions. Bar on the other hand is inarticualte, cold and tries too hard to prove that she’s got something going for her when in fact if its wern’t for dumb ass Leo she would not be very well recognized and no one would care.

  • jsy

    Bar probably gives Leo the freedom he needs to do whatever he wants whenever he wants it as long as she is the `main squeeze`. Leo made a huge mistake letting Giselle go.

  • abbie

    Leo has proven that he has grown up. He let go that immature, overexposed brazilian monkey and took the decision to settle down with a gorgeous, discrete and brilliant young woman. Bar is a natural beauty.

  • The Dark Knight

    She is an upgrade from the MANLY MANGISELE.

  • The Dark Knight

    Leo should have stuck with Gisele, for the simple fact that Gisele in an intelligent adnd very down to earth person trust me I’ve worked with her on several occasions. Bar on the other hand is inarticualte, cold and tries too hard to prove that she’s got something going for her when in fact if its wern’t for dumb ass Leo she would not be very well recognized and no one would care.
    You sound like a bitter manface Gisele fan. It’s not like you know any of these people personally, so SHUT UP! You just sound like a jealous loser. Bar is GORGEOUS. All these negative comments are from insecure teenage girls, who are probably fat.

  • ihb

    Can we get over this Leo fan – Giselle fan thing? It`s so childish.
    abbie, Giselle let Leo go FYI. But yeah, Bar is brilliant, she could catch a cash cow way out of her league and she somehow managed to hold on to him. I give her that.
    #41, do you know them personally? If not take your own advice.

  • lilly

    Not for anything but you say that those who don`t like Bar are fat, jealous and insecure teenage girls. And you call another model ( a more successful one ) an overexposed Brazilian and man-faced monkey. So how exactly are you different from those teenage girls? It`s okay to say these things about Giselle but not about Bar?

  • IHB2

    haha Lilly!

  • shon

    bar is a goddess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woow woow woow

  • tony

    bar is the most beautifull girl in the history of man kind.

  • Truth

    Just another bitch and ugly too. LOSER!!

    to #5, the arabian shit. Shut the fuck up.

  • Gosh people :D I’m the one who wrote #6 .. lol I’m not racist or anything , I live with Jews and talk with them everyday ! But if you’re Arabian like me who live in here and see how they treat us unequally sure you’ll hate them , though Bar is such a nice person , who’s one from millions of Jew’s , who may b so good and can’t be judged because of being Jews , but all I said is that I hate the fact that she is Jews , not I hate her !!!! :) so when you read sth , read it slowly and contemplate ! cuz especially me , I’m not the kind of person who judge people =) .. and those who spoke about arabs , they are normal people I’m a christian female , who sees her self as a woman not As Arabian or christian or whatever , cuz I belong to nothing , I belong to me myself AND I and to the fact hat I’m female , Actually I’m a feminist and all the people who live around me respect me especially men , cuz I’m a respected female who’s 19 years old , and knows the value of women ,and living freely , got piercing tattoos and dress even better that Posh herself :P I’m the biggest fan of David beckham and I speak English fluently as if I’m English or American , I look like Italian girls , I’m tall and thin , go to gym listen to all king of music and treat people equally , but the only think I hate is this stupid government in Israel ! , My father has a car dealer ship and 70% of our customers are Jew’s , and so many are my dad’s friends , and they are as good as me , but this governmet makes you hate them , it’s like a stereo type e ! You know wt I mean =)
    So people ! don’t attack like this and start talking shit ! You aren’t Arabian and living in a country that’s not yours , and don’t have the rights that the others have ! so please when you’ll be in my place you can talk =)

    Best regards

  • I’m the one who wrote number 5 ** :D hehe

  • fuck You “jared doesn’t like me” hehe ;) and maya :) you’re so stupid you and “jared doesn’t like me” cuz I’m # 5 hahaha