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Gwyneth and Madonna's Hamptons Stroll

Gwyneth and Madonna's Hamptons Stroll

Gwyneth Paltrow and her Kabbalah BFF Madonna each take one of their kids for a walk around the Hamptons, NY on Sunday afternoon.

The 49-year-old Material Mom pushed the stroller with Gwyn‘s daughter, Apple, riding in the front and her own son, David Banda, 2, in the back.

Last week, Gwyn enjoyed a family seafood supper with husband Chris Martin and kids Apple, 4, and Moses, 2, at Cherystones Clam and Lobster Shack in East Hampton.

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gwyneth paltrow hamptons madonna 01
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gwyneth paltrow hamptons madonna 03
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gwyneth paltrow hamptons madonna 05
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gwyneth paltrow hamptons madonna 08

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  • ds

    Gwyneth is fug but her kids sure are cute.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    I concur with #1 =).

  • angeline

    The boy looks as if he’s gonna fall out.

  • Jane

    Madonna is in great shape. I can’t believe she’s older than Gwen!

  • stefanie

    So why is David at the bottom, under Gwen’s daughter?
    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…

  • pinkrose

    Strange pair. The only thing they have in common is that they both married Englishmen and are psuedo English ‘ladies’ with equally psuedo English accents.

  • Bob

    Both ladies have seen better days. The children are adorable as usual.

  • Juliett

    first ?

  • Travel Feeder

    Time flies, life is short. Gwyneth and Madonna were once my super idol during my childhood and suddenly became the mother of 2 children, while I’m a father of 2 children too…

  • becca

    aww thats cute! Is apple nakey? lol

  • nancy strauss

    love her

  • Kate

    Gwyneth ain’t nothing to write home about. I think Apple will be prettier than her mother. She has her daddy’s eyes.

  • Matt

    I never realized how beaky Paltrow’s nose is until I looked at that 4th photo.

  • Amy

    Apple is so cute. She does look like Chris!

  • Jullez2001

    Should a 4 year-old still be riding in a stroller and sucking its thumb?

  • Val

    I’m not sure if Madonna looks younger or Gwyneth looks older, but they could pass for the same age.

  • legs

    little david looks like he wants to walk.

  • Dee

    Gwyn is getting uglier and uglier.

  • Poe

    Gwyneth looks like a stringbean. I am not a fan of Madonna’s, but she looks good.

  • Bae

    soo cute

  • n.o.l.a

    That’s right. Put the African-English kid in the back of the stroller. have we NOT made any progress (LOL). For the record, I am black.

  • Marion

    Paltrow is a living testiment to the immense power of makeup.
    Madonna is fabulous and fierce for a soon-to-be 50 yr old!

  • irene

    Madonna & Gwyn are starting to look alike. I wonder where Moses was?

  • z

    two blonde hags.

  • Bella

    #10 – I think you’re right. She does look n-u-d-e in pics 3 & 5.

  • anon

    OMG People they put David in the bottom seat because he’s smaller than Apple. I have the same stroller and the manufacturer’s instructions for use are the heavier kid in front so it won’t tip. DUH!!!!
    Hardly something to drop the R-card for sheesh!

  • Steph

    How tall is Gwyneth? She looks huge next to Madonna.

  • Yuck

    Yuck. Gwyneth looks like a tranny.





  • Cheetah

    a. the smalles kid HAS TO be in the back of this stroller. Rasisme.. fools!
    b. apple looks naked, bet she is wearing a swimshort or somethink like it. The woman in the back is carring towels.
    c. They all look good. i wish i had such bodies!
    e. Apple looks so much like Gwyneth when she was young.

  • casey

    gwyneth looks pregnant


    OMG! They put David, who is YOUNGER than Apple in the diaper bag basket?????

    That is not a second seat for a child!


  • Tara

    Apple has her mother’s hair and cheeks. The rest of her is all Chris which is a good thing cause Gwyn is quite plain.

  • anon

    since when do diaper bag baskets have seat backs?
    I have the same stroller its Phil and Teds, the second seat is an add-on for a younger child my two year old rides in it everyday!

  • Carolina Amaris

    This is why I know Gwen hates Madonna secretly. She let’s her BFF walk out with those bloomers with lace. I guess when she was 20 (Madonna) the tight Lyrcs ones with the lace at the trim in 80′s was the way to go, now in 08 with being 50 the loose one’s are the way to go. Can’t wait to see the one’s she decides to wear when she’s 80.

  • Jane

    I think both women look terrific – especially Madonna!!

  • Shawn

    Geez, Gwynnie looks rough. Madge is looking pretty good.

    That is a two seater. There’s a photo of it on the phil and ted site.

  • petra

    Where are Madonnas weddingring???

  • amber

    The smaller baby is Always on the bottom in strollers like that. So take you “things that make you go hmmm,” and shove them some where appropriately.

    Poor Apple looks exhausted.



  • http:t.n t.n

    this proves my point: can’t have a thread about a black person without someone bringing up race even if the thread is not about race. why are whites so preoccupied with black people? what is the deal? thank god i don’t live in america. how sad.

  • anon


    How can YOU presume to know the race of the people commenting?!?
    The ONE woman who first brought up race explicitly said she was african american. I’m glad you don’t live anymore too we don’t need any more “jump the gun before they know whats going on and say something dumb” people living here than we do now.

  • http:t.n t.n

    anon @ 07/21/2008 at 5:59 pm


    How can YOU presume to know the race of the people commenting?!?
    The ONE woman who first brought up race explicitly said she was african american. I’m glad you don’t live anymore too we don’t need any more “jump the gun before they know whats going on and say something dumb” people living here than we do now.

    if you were familiar with the sick trolls you would know the lengths they go through to spew hatred. some people will say the most awful things and then say they are black to make black people look bad and vice versa. it is twisted and sick but that is what people say. i have heard some vile things about david banda and zahara jolie-pitt, stuff that you won’t hear about when a post is about a white child. i am just wondering what is the preoccupation with blackness that people take the time to spew hatred about them. read the post on halle berry’s daughter. it is frightening some of the stuff that is being said. so if you are in the mood to attack, maybe give it some more thought and attack the awful people who post racist stuff, not me. but if you feel more comfortable attacking me then go ahead.


    Thank the Good Lord that Brad Pitt did not have children with Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow. The kids could have been ugly. An angel was looking over him when he met Angelina Jolie. AJ is the only truly beautiful woman he has ever dated. A daredevil with a good gene pool. Leave the ugly kids to Chris Martin. Gwyneth, you cannot get away with being sans makeup, but Angelina can!


    Notice how Madonna looks good without makeup, even at her age but Gwyneth doesn’t. I think it has do to with the way your bones are placed on your face, not your age.

  • stylepolice

    Folks, Madonna has had a face lift. That is no secret…regarding your comments as to why she looks the same age or younger than GP.
    Her brother confirmed the facelift on National Television last week..but we all knew she had it long before he blabbed it out.
    I think she still looks like a hag, and all the surgery in the world won’t make her a nice person.
    I have to agree with the comment that GP looks pregnant. I have suspected this for a few weeks now…

  • http://deleted florisene

    That is a horrible stroller…one child has to be covered by the other…what a dreadful design no wonder the poor kid is trying to escape.

  • hannah

    They’re both attractive but I think it’s more a case of Gwyneth looking older than Madonna looking so much younger. A face lift helps but Madonna also keeps herself in phenomenal shape.

  • Batman rocks!!!

    David looked like he was about to fall of the stroller. He looked very tight squeezed in the seat. Not safe for him at all. The women were busy chit chatting and not paying attention?