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Heidi Montag Headed To Iraq

Heidi Montag Headed To Iraq

Heidi Montag and on-and-off-again fiance Spencer Pratt spoke with Extra! about their upcoming trip to the Middle East. Here’s what The Hills couple had to say:

Heidi on her stepbrother being killed in the Iraq War and her plans to perform for American troops stationed in the Middle East: My brother was an airborne ranger in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s very important to me and important to Spencer to support the troops and go over there.”

Spencer on the photo shoot they had with guns: “We went once, it’s not like we’re rolling around with guns… guns are not a toy. We don’t promote guns. We were under supervision of three trained professionals.”

Heidi on her friendship with presidential hopeful Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan: “She’s very sweet. We have a lot in common.” (Spencer adds, “I think Meghan McCain is helping organize Heidi and our Iraq trip. Her dad definitely has some pull with the military. I think she’s going to put that together for us.”)

Spencer on the couple’s upcoming video game: “We’re eventually going to have our videogame that UBI-Soft is going to design for us sold at Kitson…it’s top secret…get ready. All your wildest dreams are going to be in it.”

Heidi on her clothing line, Heidiwood: “It’s selling really well. It’s one of the #1 selling celebrity clothing lines.”

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    is she crazy she is going to for sure get shot over there haha wat an air head!


  • FroFro

    What exactly are these two famous for?

  • Orange Clockwork

    Weapon of mass destruction, obviously.

  • carebear333

    second! i do not like this girl at all.

  • reina

    Oh Lord, please have mercy on us. In this dark hour stay with us and drop a stone on this couple who is determined to molest our hard-fighting troups in your land. If you can’t drop a stone on them then let brain rain down on them and make them understand: NOBODY is interested in them.

  • lmo

    A couple from the hills to lift the troops morale?? who came up with this dumb idea!!

  • zanessa♥.. ewjashley

    i like her..
    go HEIDI! i hate spencer=S

  • loler

    wow there is soo much wrong with the entire article…they really need to disappear.

  • Whatever

    Someone needs to tear that bimbo and prick a new one.

  • nikkita

    I have to admit, from what I saw online her clothing line is not THAT bad =\.

  • wowowow

    can we all come to a consensus that this blog, or any other blog, will refuse to post anything about them? i know i can scroll down but just seeing that they receive this much attention makes my blood boil.

  • hello!

    Her brother didn’t die in the war. He fell off a roof when he was shoveling it. WTF when did this story get twisted and turned into a lie?

  • racoonfist

    #5 hilarious!
    Lord, please drop the stone… fast!

  • myriam

    i hate this 2

    we don’t want them to came here

  • Linda

    Delusion from start to finish.

  • Linda

    Delusion from start to finish. And her celebrity line is allegedly selling well mainly because it retails at about $30 a piece!

  • elizabeth

    i think they are both really full of themselves and they should dissapear or something. They are not even famous…they haven’t done a movie or nothing and they let the paps take pics of them..they are just dumb..unlike L.C she actually has some sense in her. I know she hasn’t done any movies at all but she doesnt throw herself out there like these two dumb shits!!

  • Helena

    Hopefully the troops will shoot them.

  • Regina

    “Heidi on her clothing line, Heidiwood: “It’s selling really well. It’s one of the #1 selling celebrity clothing lines.””

    LMAO, as if. I want PROOF. Hookers can’t afford her overpriced crap and that’s the only audience her fugly clothing would attract.

  • princess carrie

    #12 is completely correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He DID NOT die in the Iraq war he was shoveling snow off a ledge or roof and fell to his death. Tragic, yes, war, no.

  • Name (required, limit 30 chara

    good can they leave her there?

  • oinc!

    Muslins, you gave us 911. Now it’s time for the TRUE payback: Heidi & Spencer. Even all your car-bombers can’t stop them. Don’t believe?? So just try do it!

  • LuckyL

    She’s going to provide those poor troops more pain than pleasure with her singing.

  • Blog Envy Is The New Black

    Going… not staying?

  • B

    Drama, drama, drama.

    Marketing geniuses though.

    ********Check out******************

    Fun stuff!!

  • Elle

    It’s great that they’re supporting our troops but, didn’t her stepbrother die in Colorado after he fell off a roof and not in the war?

  • LuckyL

    oinc! @ 07/21/2008 at 4:51 pm

    Muslins, you gave us 911. Now it’s time for the TRUE payback: Heidi & Spencer. Even all your car-bombers can’t stop them. Don’t believe?? So just try do it!
    Too bad her voice will be torturing the troops, too bad you can’t spell, too bad all Muslims aren’t Arab, and too bad all aren’t terrorists.

  • racoonfist


    can we differentiate a little bit more astudely? It wasn’t all the muslims who planned 9/11 just as not all Americans dropped the atomic bomb and not all Communists killed about 6 million people during Stalin’s tshistki. I don’t know not all the muslims deserve this devastating weapon in form of two douche bags called Heidi and Spencer… some do, I am sure, but not all. Nobody deserves a punishment as severe as this

  • Lorraine


  • Angeline

    Is there ANYONE in the world who likes Speidi?
    They’re trying to turn their image around but…
    EWWWWWW no one likes them.

  • LuckyL

    hello! @ 07/21/2008 at 4:33 pm

    Her brother didn’t die in the war. He fell off a roof when he was shoveling it. WTF when did this story get twisted and turned into a lie?
    Don’t worry, someone will blow up this lying cun*’s spot.

    Why is she such a liar?

  • hm

    Our troops are heroes and they do not deserve this talentless hack for entertainment. If Heidi is gung ho about the war and McCain then perhaps she should go down to her local recruitment center and sign her and her useless boyfriend up for the ultimate service. Why in the world do you post so many article for this artificial girl with the fake t*ts, fake chin, and fake nose. Aren’t there any real celebrities that could fill this space?

  • tea

    good for her and sad not many Hollywood ppl do this.
    Our troops are the real stars in this world.

  • hm

    And, her clothing line is one of the number one selling…either you’re number one or you’re not. Idiot!

  • Nicole m

    I saw her being interviewed and she said her brother fell off the roof and how lauren didn’t even send her a card saying her condolences.

    Seriously I cannot stand her!

  • Bob

    This is the ONLY time I’d be rooting for the insurgents. KILL THESE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!

  • britney’s bitch….

    her step brother was in the military, but I don’t think he actaully died over there. I thought he was doing work on a roof and fell off, didn’t he?

  • fresh

    lets hope they stay there.

  • pfttt

    Yes that has already been established many times on this thread.

  • You/Me

    Uh, I thought her brother died from falling off a roof?
    Anyway, U.S. troop pull out solved……They will all be hauling a*s back to the states to get away from these two losers…lmao…

  • Grc

    Please JJ, no more posts about these two talentless twits!!

  • kk

    OK. To all the idiots who support them, now is the time to admit they will do anything for attention. Not only did that dumb bitch lie and say her STEP brother was killed in Iraq when he actually died when he fell off of a roof shoveling snow, she has disrespected every person out there who has actually lost a loved one in the stupid war. Her family should be ashamed of her for taking a tragedy, and using it to gain more attention for yourself, and her Beavis and Butthead look a like boyfriend. I don’t know what kind of christian she is but lying about someone’s death is just WRONG!!!

  • wendy

    Montag’s stepbrother died in Colorado in a work-related accident that had no apparent connection to his military service. His service and that of all soldiers should be honored but he did not die in or because of the war in Iraq.

  • doobedoo


  • tiffanyyy

    Awww! She THINKS shes a celebrity!

  • hey

    Her stepbrother didn’t die in Iraq. He was doing some sort of roofing thing in Colorado and fell of the roof.

  • goddess

    In all seriousness who are they? I’ve heard they’re stars of the Hills, but I’ve never seen that show. Is it a scripted show or reality series?

  • eddie jones

    are these two really brother and sister or cousins?

  • Donna

    I hope they go there and stay there, I hear blondes are worshipped there!Ha HA

  • Some A-Hole

    Now the enemy will surrender for sure!!
    Whaat…Waterboarding….now this….I can’t take it anymore…lol