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Maggie Gyllenhaal Joins Jumpsuit Mania

Maggie Gyllenhaal Joins Jumpsuit Mania

Maggie Gyllenhaal hops on the trend train and rocks out a backless Stella McCartney satin jumpsuit with a plunging neckline at the UK film premiere of The Dark Knight at Odeon, Leicester Square on Monday in London.

If you haven’t already heard, The Dark Knight shattered box office records this past weekend, raking in a stellar $158.3 million. It best the previous best of $151.1 million set by Spider-Man 3 in May last year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s red carpet look — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Maggie Gyllenhaal rocking out a jumpsuit…

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maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 01
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 02
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 03
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 04
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 05
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 06
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 07
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 08
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 09
maggie gyllenhaal jumpsuit 10

Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty
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  • em


  • jared doesn’t like me

    Not such a good luck for her.
    It looks as if her tummy is bursting to get out. And where are the boobs? Just wondering…….

  • @#$%


  • girl

    Love her, but not this outfit.

  • plain

    I don’t get her appeal. She has a funny, piggy looking face and she’s not that great of an actress (I personally find her award onscreen)… yes, she takes edgy roles and is part of a very connected family, but is that all?

  • stephana

    nay, shes worn better!

  • Ivana

    Nothing against her, but this outfit is AWFUL……..

  • Danielle

    Fug. The could’ve cast a better looking lead girl. Geesh.

  • Zino


  • Kylegotgame

    Why the hell did they not make her wear this outfit for the part in , The Dark Knight, where she is at the fancy evening party? I was so pissed at that scene. She was wearing a very covered up dress and her hair was put up.. She looked like a granny. Even this odd looking jumpsuit is 10 times sexier looking than what she wore for that particular scene.

  • shaniquahhhh


  • remember da truth

    So here come the “Maggie is fug” comments. You people need to get over thinking everyone has to have blond hair and a button nose and look like Barbie.
    Take a look at photos of Roma Maffia — now THAT is a fug actress. Maggie Gyllenhall and Rumer Willis are not as ugly as everyone likes to say they are.

    Maggie not only takes edgy roles, she ROCKS them! Her face can tell whole stories, and she has volumes of range. Maybe if you watched something other than blockbusters you would understand good acting. Watch Secretary, and Sherrybaby, and you’ll see what a great actress she is.

  • e.

    Don’t care for this look on her, but you can’t seriously be putting down her acting skills. She was amazing in Secretary.

  • Helena

    I don’t like the jumpsuit on her. Very unflattering. Great actress, though.

  • nope

    She’s so fug. Yuck!


    nah and I agree with some of the people here.
    she is ugly. well we know the good genes went to jake

  • ellen

    you’re all shallow and don’t know good acting, maggie is GREAT

  • sweet jane

    MG is adorable. I like this outfit from the hips up – great plunging neckline, halter and plunging back. I think the pants could have a better cut. For all of the haters – she’s having the last laugh ’cause she just appeared in a record-breaking $158M dollar film and you’re all typing comments from a cubicle. Go Maggie!

  • stella

    she looks so pretty — her hair and make up and everything look good. but jumpsuits flatter no one.

  • Kylegotgame

    Of course she is pretty, but she needs to work it, and put out!

  • Ha!

    Saw Dark Knight last night and have to say that Maggie gave Rachel Dawes a depth that was absolutely lacking in the first film. She is a very, very talented actress. I’m glad to see that at least some roles go to the people who should be playing them and not just to the people half the population wants to f*ck.

  • Regina

    I’ve been looking at Maggie’s IMDb message board and I am sickened by the amount of “She’s ugly and didn’t deserve to be in TDK”. I mean, those shallow idiots even said that Katie Holmes was better! They would know what talent was if it punched them right in the face.

  • Regina


  • Ha!

    Oh, sorry, hate the outfit. I have yet to see someone pull off the satin pantsuit. From the waist up, not bad, but there is no way for the bottom to be flattering on anyone.

  • Nat

    her jumpsuit looks fine from the back… front view – meh….

  • LuckyL

    Kylegotgame @ 07/21/2008 at 3:45 pm

    Why the hell did they not make her wear this outfit for the part in , The Dark Knight, where she is at the fancy evening party? I was so pissed at that scene. She was wearing a very covered up dress and her hair was put up.. She looked like a granny. Even this odd looking jumpsuit is 10 times sexier looking than what she wore for that particular scene.
    Exactly. I like this outfit; very stylish and very in vogue.

  • sarah

    Aww I think maggie is so cute and pretty, but I don’t really like the outfit. I think she was very good in The Dark Knight, great actress. =)

  • Sweetie

    I like Maggie but this is not a good look for her. The fit is all wrong. It if were less baggy in the front maybe it wouldn’t look so bad.
    Can’t wait to see her in The Dark Knight!

  • yeah

    bleh, ptooey, yuck!
    she’s got a great body, but this just makes her look awful!

  • Jennifer

    I love Maggie, but the outfit is so unflattering!

  • wizard

    gross in everything she does.

  • shine

    she seems to be following Katie. She cut her hair and this look is like Katie’s Batman L.A. premiere. I like her brother not her.

  • David


  • vicky

    Maggie is always a fashion victim. Medioce acting and I cant believe Im saying this but Katie upstaged her in Batman and Katie is more beautiful. The hype for Maggie on Batman is doing downhill and its reversing on Katie.

  • yawn

    delurking to say please stop posting about this person no one cares about.

  • Ingrid

    #32, I really hope you’re kidding. Why would she want to copy Stepford wife Katie Holmes?

  • Ha!

    You’re nuts. Katie seemed like a little girl who was in over her head. Maggie gave the character depth and a soul.

  • zamos

    sweet jane @ 07/21/2008 at 4:15 pm

    That’s the best comment – and the most valid observation
    Never understand people who click on a picture/link of a person they think is “fug” ??? and spew

  • remember da truth

    The only hype “reversing toward Katie” is by idiots who have nothing better to do than get on a blog and type “she’s so fug!”. Comments by losers are ignored by the rest of society.

    NOBODY thinks Katie Holmes can act as anything other than a pretend wife. She was cute as a teenager in a lame show from the 90′s. Some of you are stuck there.

    Maggie is all woman. I’m glad she’s starting to show off her incredible body more. She is not just talented, but really sexy, too.

  • Mary

    The Dark Knight is FANTASTIC!

  • Kx3 Mommy

    Attention Jx2 Attention Jx2 Attention Jx2 Attention Jx2 Attention Jx2 Attention Jx2
    Jx2- I thought maybe you’d comment on this thread because it’s about fashion. For how long are you banned from Babyrazzi and Hellorazzi? No one on Babyrazzi seemed to know….they just said that they hoped for forever. I’m not asking with any malicious intent (who…me?), but just out of curiosity.

    I was also wondering if you’ve heard from Tia. I haven’t heard from her in a while and have been concerned. As I’m sure you know, she and I are very close and have emailed quite a lot in the past, so I was simply wondering if you’ve heard anything from her.

  • mouche

    Nice to see that a talented actress gets meaty roles although she isnĀ“t a conventional beauty! The new Bette Davis perhaps!

  • duranduran

    Katie was not good in BB but Maggie made it worst. Goes to show in history and now that superhero girlfriends are generic roles same with superheroine films like Catwoman,Ultraviolet,Elektra you name it.

  • suzy86

    I love her, but she looks like she’s wearing a garbage bag.

    The thing doesn’t do anything for her, but she’s still gorgeous.

  • Donna

    YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is so ugly

  • Pamela

    That dress is hideous and I would rather have Katie Holmes as Rachael Dawes. A tleast she was pretty. Yuck. I wish Katie is brought back for the next instalement.

  • DNw

    Her face sure does tell a story. A long scary story that will make children wail and dogs howl.

    She should not play the hot sexy female lead in anything. She was the only bad part about TDK.

  • Leah

    She’s not wearing the jumpsuit, the jumpsuit is wearing her!!

  • carpediem

    Its bad to see a grandma face put on a 16 year old body. Her ugly and forced acting in the Dark Knight made Katie

  • Lynn

    I think she is a very good actress, but the outfit looks like it’s 2 sizes too big. Not to mention the length….