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Natalie Portman is a Bollywood Babe

Natalie Portman is a Bollywood Babe

Natalie Portman has a grand ol’ time starring in her boyfriend’s hilarious new Bollywood-inspired music video, “Carmensita”.

In the video, Venezuelan folk rocker Devendra Banhart plays a prince who must use his snake-shooting eyes, knife throwing prowess and “rebellious beard” to save the a beautiful princess (played by Portman).

Check out the music video at Stick around for the tongue-in-cheek subtitles with questionable English translations! Here are some examples:

– “Grandma! I love you in a salad way!”
– Crystal bubbles will cremate our troubles!
– Have you forgotten the alphabet of desire?
– I will release the fire of pain trapped inside my body and immolate myself.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Natalie’s Bollywood-inspiired music video performance?

60+ screencaps inside of Natalie and Devendra… (They’re hilarious!)

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natalie portman bollywood 02
natalie portman bollywood 03
natalie portman bollywood 04
natalie portman bollywood 05
natalie portman bollywood 06
natalie portman bollywood 07
natalie portman bollywood 08
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natalie portman bollywood 10
natalie portman bollywood 11
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natalie portman bollywood 18
natalie portman bollywood 19
natalie portman bollywood 20
natalie portman bollywood 21
natalie portman bollywood 22
natalie portman bollywood 23
natalie portman bollywood 24
natalie portman bollywood 25
natalie portman bollywood 26
natalie portman bollywood 27
natalie portman bollywood 28
natalie portman bollywood 29
natalie portman bollywood 30
natalie portman bollywood 31
natalie portman bollywood 32
natalie portman bollywood 33
natalie portman bollywood 34
natalie portman bollywood 35
natalie portman bollywood 36
natalie portman bollywood 37
natalie portman bollywood 38
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natalie portman bollywood 41
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natalie portman bollywood 63
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    OR THIRD?!!!


  • yui

    can’t wait

    they are so cool and cute!

  • Roberta

    I dnt think I like it ! its kinda wierd !!
    and she doesn’t look good with all this make up on !

    She much prettier in real life ..

  • peggy

    not sure what the heck i just saw… natalie portman…ah ya ya…

  • duranduran


  • mariemjs

    Fuckin hell, only people in the US can see the video, I hate aol.

  • MALU




  • newport beach, 92660

    Ew….Bollywood. Sorry that was harsh but honestly i can’t stand the clothes.


    Devendra is a musical artist and they tend to be weird. Racist I think not! Natalie sure looks beautiful though and happy. :D

  • jake

    OMG Ioved it, it is hysterical, colorful, beautiful music, Devendra is very talented, Natalie is unbelievably beautiful, I love the way she moves, what a different creative peace, just great

  • k

    I don’t see anything offensive, it is very entertaining and tasteful
    Devendra is great, he is cool and bright, I can see why Nat likes him


    This video is hilarious!! Natalie and Devandra are funny and dance well. I will say again. Natalie is very beautiful!

  • fg

    Natalie looks hideous

  • k


    are you blind, she is the most beautiful female star in Hollywood
    your name is not fg it is fag

  • jk

    i can’t stop watching the video, it’s so funny, it’s great
    very creative for a change

  • iuedj

    Is it wrong for a rich and successful woman to have a sugar baby? is it wrong that she falls in love with a handsome and charming man? It’s human nature for her to want a younger and more attractive partner. Furthermore, more and more services come out on Internet focusing on this kind of relationship, such as ^^^Sugar daddyconnect . c om.

  • Paureen16

    Natalie and Devandra are funny and have adorable chemistry in this video. It is obvious Natalie can act and furthermore the most beautiful actress I think out there.

    Go away haters! ;)

  • j

    why do you say that Devendra is a sugar baby, he must be loaded after all his tours

  • k

    how many guys in Hollywood are as loaded as Portman, she is working since she is 11

  • suitable

    Love comes first and Natalie is the One.
    I love her <3.

  • alexey

    I love this video, it is really different

  • jeremy

    portman always makes the right choices, her movies, now her video, if her name is in it you are guaranteed quality

  • sam

    i loved it


    Natalie looks so pretty!!

  • gina

    Wow. Just from the caps alone this looks bad. She looks so much better without so much make-up.

  • stupid comment

    Natalie has perfect features and looks stunning with bright make up, she looked great in Cannes and she looks great in the video
    what a gorgeous girl

  • Stupid_westerners

    Crap video showing their typical half baked knowledge of indian Gods and the mythology. Now maybe Bollywood should make a music video of Jesus Christ dancing around in a diaper while nailed to a crucifix. that would be fun, would’nt it?

  • Halli

    Oh my God. I love it! Looks like their having fun. Some of you people need t watch some crazy Bollywood films to really appreciate this.

  • shir

    He CREEPS me out entirely.
    There is something about him that makes me feel VERY uncomfortable.
    I guess Natalie likes those off putting indie folk hippie types. This is just my observation.

    Cute music video though, and the song is nice, sweet voice.
    Natalie of course, looks BEAUTIFUL.

  • jee

    @ 27 where is your sense of humor, by the way, Hollywood made fun of every religion a million times, do not be so paranoid, it is a very sweet and funny video, I think this video glamorizes Indian culture and religion, I do not see anything wrong with it

  • Yasmine

    LOL@ number 7

    this video is not even offensive….
    they are just making fun of bollywood……

  • Kelly

    I love Natalie Portman, she’s one of my favorite actresses, and she’s so pretty.

  • JEnny

    Racist !! Making fun of Indians,they’re religion && cultural. You know why because I’m half Indian

  • Sharon


    i am not hindu, but i have friends who are and they find it totally ridiculous.

    i can understand making fun od bollywood… yea, even i find it funny… but when it comes to hinduism… why dont we make fun of busshism (which by the way originated from india because the Buddha was an INDIAN). Or why dont we do the same to Jewish people? or WHAT ABOUT KWANZA or other religions? HInduism maybe respected by people outside the religion, but it is sacred to others. There is
    no ‘beauty’ in this.
    No wonder Natalie could only major in a dullheaded degree like Psychology at Harvard. She wasnt smart enough to do anything else over there, short of being accepted into the university due to her fame.

  • Cassandra

    I know Indians who found Madonna’s videos (back in the day) that represented certain Indian/Hindu customs/ religious beliefs as offenive. Unless you are a Hindu, stop trying to imitate that religion. There are people who truly worship that religion… doctors, professors, civilians… respected people and just regular neighbors… they dont find it funny. They think it looks horrid! Maybe some Indians or Hindus find it “wonderful” but talk about stupidity…

    And as someone who is NOT from the Indian culture, I find it horrid, as well.
    Unless Dvendra and Natalie are converted Hindus, then I dont think they are making the religion beautiful at all. They completely made a fool of that religion and their people.
    If I were Indian or not, I could look at this as a beautiful thing.. but HINDUS DON’T WANT THIS TYPE OF ATTENTION. They dont want any help from anyone in representing their religion. And any one of this religion or culture that supports it is completely naive and stupid.


    @ #33, #34 and 35,

    God! Sounds like some people have their panties in a bunch!

    Devendra is an musician and artist. He is inventive, funny and creative. It is just a music video. Some will love it and some will hate it. Devandra and Natalie were funny and cute. I found the video entertaining and there was nothing wrong with it.

    @ Sharon,
    Sound’s like you are a hater. Natalie is far from dullheaded! Natalie has accomplished more then a lot of other dimwhitted celebrity actresses out there. Oh? Do you have degree’s then? Going to Harvard and working on top of that is no easy feat. Plus, she speaks fluent in 3 different languages. She is plenty smart. She looks gorgeous in this video and looks fabulous un-made up too. Stop Hating and just deal!

    There video seemed like a funny spin off from Aladdin. It was funny and different and sounds like some people don’t know the meaning of the term of having a sense of humor! PATHETIC! :roll:

    Keep an open mind is all I have to say.

  • What if hindus made fun of jew

    Yeah…so what if we turned the tables, and you saw a bunch of Hindus making fun of Jews???

    Y’all would up in arms…

    And k, yes it IS offensive, even if you can’t see what’s so offensive about it. Maybe you should get out of the US once in a while.

  • jj

    Cool vid!

  • jee


    Did you see Larry David, a jew who ate Jesus cookies on Christmas, jews do not need Hindus to make fun of them, they do it way too much themselves

    The video is funny and tasteful, has nothing offensive in it, stop fabricating facts, it is just a funny video, get over yourselves, be grateful they make Indian traditions public and fun, that is respect not making fun of

  • jon

    this Devendra dude is pretty cool, what is all this, isnt’s he Venezuelan from Taxes

  • Tomas

    so this video is about Venezuelan poking fun at Hindus? I think it is just a creative expression, has nothing to do with making fun of Hindus

  • alison

    funny and creative, nice

  • Lily

    Ewww you can see Devendra’s pubes… *gag*
    ruins the whole video

  • jiblet

    pretty distasteful.

  • bejeebus

    i think he’s pretty hot……should i be concerned about myself?

  • sarah may

    I think the reason D.B. chose to poke fun at this video was also because he was named after some Indian spiritual leader his parents followed while he was born, So he has that connection. I think its pretty funny. The tune is really catchy in my opinion. They’re just trying to over exaggerate the Bollywood style in an artistic way.

  • lili

    simply brilliant !!
    it’s so fun and unpretentious, and the song is catchy too :)))
    can someone translate the lyrics?

  • BLaze

    Wow that was soooo stupid…just loved Natalie Portman’s stupid faces she was making while trying to dance, oh well not many people will see this video anyways because who the hell cares about this dumb singer, we only know who he is because he dating a big hollywood star!!! good move dude way to pimp Natalie!!! look how well its working for Nick Cannon… Natalie Portman looks like a 12 year old playing dress up HA HA HA HA

  • Amy

    I don’t think the point is for her to look pretty. It’s comedy. I love the mistranslated subtitles.

  • suitable

    Im waiting to see that video also. Those pics looked very promising.

    Natalie is the most beautiful.
    I love her <3.