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Sienna Miller: Lonely in London?

Sienna Miller: Lonely in London?

Fresh from her steamy vacation with married man Balthazar Getty, a solo Sienna Miller looks a bit down as she hides her face while out and about in London on Monday.

Sienna‘s much-publicized affair with the 33-year-old Brothers & Sisters star (and heir to a $50 billion oil fortune) prompted his fashion designer wife Rosetta, 37, to flee the country. She said she felt “humiliated” by his behavior.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller looking lonely in London…

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • eww

    wow she is so pathetic.
    dirty dirty.

  • Ryan Mac

    If nothing else she dressed cute!

  • lizzie

    She doesn’t love the cameras at this point in time I bet.

  • lmo

    Siennas never lonely. She always has some gentleman’s anatomy to keep her company. Even if its married with kids.

  • Kate

    Karma will come around and BLOW THIS HOE DOWN!

  • Sam

    does someone feel guilty?

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Why would his wife feel ‘humiliated’ when they’re not living together. I can see her protecting her children, but if they haven’t been living together for some time now, I don’t get it. Not that I’m saying what Sienna and Bal were doing is right here, I’m just not understanding why the wife is upset. Heck, I’d be happy as a pig in ‘caca’. I’d have PROOF TO TAKE HIM TO THE BANK!!!!

  • sharyllee


  • Jazz

    She looks so used. She must be feeling lonely since she does not have some balls to grab and be pictured..

    WNy Sienna, no invitations from your Primrose Hill mates?

  • shea

    She does look lonely and I don’t feel bad for her one little bit! She deserves all she gets on this one!

  • nikkita

    exactly #7, my thoughts exactly.

  • bejeebus

    awwww….poor little sienna….all used up and not a man in sight. what will she ever do with herself?

    balthazar is probably wearing a fake mustache and visiting the free clinic to get ride of the “souvenirs” he brought back from his vacation with sienna.

  • dtk

    Vile, nasty slag…. she puts every lowbrow skank who ever appeared on Jerry Springer to shame. Funny how she put herself above the likes of Paris Hilton, who has yet to bed anyone’s husband:

    “Asked about her presence on the London club scene by W magazine in 2004, Sienna Miller, 26, snapped, “Do I look like a (f-bomb) Hilton sister? …Yeah, and check me out on the Internet having sex. The fact is, I’d rather be at home cooking.”

    She makes Paris look classy.

  • natalia

    i love sienna,
    her personal life is her life, none of my business

  • Jazz

    She’d rather be at home cooking. Is that what you call it nowadays?

  • bejeebus

    what exactly is it she enjoys cooking? a twelve inch keilbasa?
    oh wait…i don’t want to pay any of her man hos a compliment….maybe she really likes to cook up a pot full of lil’ smokies? gag


    slut slut i hate her

  • Ruth

    His wife has every right to feel humiliated after the appalling media coverage of their affair. No one knows if they were already separated, because all the “sources” were from Sienna’s friends and PR people, but as of now no official announcement concerning their separation has been made. His wife and kids left their home in June because they knew that there would be media coverage with Sienna involved. He completed denied the affair a few days before he went to Italy and said that he still loved his wife. It is hard to believe that any man would destroy his marriage for such a woman.

  • vIvien

    What a slut … like others have said, she looks used and dirty …

  • Helena

    She had a lot of fans before all of this, now she doesn’t. Why would she do such a sleazy thing?

  • Aimee

    I barely recognized this whoore with her clothes on! SLUUT!

  • Jane

    She is a PIG!

  • Monica

    This tramp should be ashamed of herself. Even if Getty is separated she is flashing herself topless in front of the papparazzi making a fool out of herself!

  • Tulip

    She is such a slag. I can’t stand her. I loved the show Keen Eddie, but every time she was on screen I just wanted to fast forward. Now that I have the show on DVD, I do.


  • Allegra

    She ought to feel bad the tramp that she is. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She made her bed – very openly indeed – and now she’ll just have to sleep in it.

  • Allegra

    Tulip, I feel the same way about Keen Eddie. I loved everything about it – except for Sienna who is so bad compared to the rest of the cast.

  • Deb

    natalia @ 07/21/2008 at 2:26 pm i love sienna,
    her personal life is her life, none of my business


    This is how I feel about all the celebrities – their personal lifes are no of my business and I have more important people to pay attention to. ME!!! for example.

  • Susan

    Maybe she and her fellow CHEATER have decided to wait until the divorce has been filed before they get back together – a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted if you ask me.

  • pawned

    Bal just dumped her via text message. He knows that’s the way she’d want it.

  • flaky

    Ummm…I’d say the pictures of Rhys are sadder looking…his looks more realistic. If Sienna had appeared a bit more contrite in hers (say a raggedy ponytail and one shoe off and one on or something like that…maybe a dirty t-shirt) then I might have believed she’s really, really sad and lonely. But Rhys eating on the sidewalk, all alone…that gets my best-lonely-and-sad-actor vote…because he put his heart into it, immersed himself in it.

  • melissa

    what a whore- what goes around comes around

  • slut

    why even bother wearing clothes for a brisk thru the streets? she might as well be naked

  • Jazz

    I’m not a fan of Ifans but the way she treated him was really cruel.

    She was running around on him then dumps him as soon as she nabs Getty. Barely weeks after splitting with him she running around naked with Getty. No consideraiton at all for the poor heartbroken
    boyfriend. And to ass insult to injusry she then proclaims(thru her friends)that she was just fond of him.

  • Ally

    Maybe someone finally told off the self-centered little b*tch.

  • elle

    Exactly, #18. This whole bit about the Gettys being separated for “some time now” is just publicity spin. It was less than a month ago that Getty was saying he was with his wife and loved her and denied any affair. And Sluttienna was with Rhys a couple of months ago.

  • jsdhh

    I love Sienna Miller, she’s a great girl.

  • dtk

    You’re in lonely company– are you on her payroll or related? ^^^

    Either way, my guess is she has finally assassinated her career as well as character. A pathological slag and liar… I wouldn’t pay one penny to see her in anything.

    And that goes for him too. ‘Bros and Sisters’… the show about the importance of family. Someone pass me a sick bag.

  • myohmy

    As someone who works with adhd kids for a living, Sienna displays many “ADHD” tendencies. Impulsive behavior, short attention span, inability to sustain relationships,highly exhuberant personality, creative interests. I’m not judging her, nor should anyone else. But there’s always more to a story than what you see in the tabloids.

  • vicky

    stop posting on this homewrecker

  • P hILL

    did she really bonk james bond or what?

  • lippopatrol

    On a more superficial level. Is something wrong with her lips?

  • Allegra

    Too much sun perhaps?

  • gemma_nc

    What a SKANK

  • shea

    I feel bad for Ifans too…. She deserves to feel bad, but I doubt she really does. That would be giving her too much credit I think.

  • Susan

    LOL yeah I guess is there is always more to a story than what we see in the tabloids – but after the pics – it wouldn’t be much more!! And as far as “I’m not judging her, nor should anyone else”goes well as far as I am concerned we “the public ya know the one’s less privileged” support their lifestyles every time we pay to go and see their movies or sit in front of our television sets to watch their shows – so we can judge their behaviour the same way we decide what product to buy or not buy with our $$. Sometimes I think celebrities forget that!! These people are role models for our children whether we like it or not and in my view this behaviour is NOT okay.

    So dtk I agree with you I have already stopped watching Brothers and Sisters shame too because I was enjoying the show. Furthermore I will not be spending my hard earned money to go see any of her movies.

  • Allegra

    I feel bad about Nottingham – I really like Ridley Scotts movies and was willing to give Russle Crowe the benefit of doubt – but now I’m certainly not going to see it. Not only am I not impressed with Sienna’s acting but I’m sure as h#ll not supporting her in anyway after this. She deserves to go away!

  • Jazz

    For those of you interested – Getty has issued a statement to People magazine that he and his wife are splitting in light of the fact that pictures have emerged on the net causing him and his family great embarassment. And that yes, he and his wife have separated and he will say no more on the subject.

    Notice he said they are splitting and no mention at all that they have been separated for a year like Sienna’s pals are claiming. So what really happened was Rosetta got the story of their sneaking around LA and fled the US for Italy taking the kids with her to file for divorce. I stand in my opinion that Sienna followed him to Italy and the two of them staged all that pathetic cuddling and grabbing to force the wife
    to file.

    A source close to the Getty family intimated in one article I read that Getty was having second thoughts about Sienna after meeting her in Prague last June so Sienna flew to the States to beg him to choose her over Rosetta which the stupid man did leaving the wife no choice at all and humiliated besides.

  • Jill

    Well, she learned a valuable lesson from all this — next time, get a room.

  • shea

    jazz, interesting point of view. I suppose there could be some truth to that … certainly sounds likely. Poor Rosetta.

    I really think S & B are low lifes for doing this.

  • JLS

    She’s a skank.