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Balthazar Getty Opens Up About Sienna Miller Affair

Balthazar Getty Opens Up About Sienna Miller Affair

Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller initially denied rumors of a romance but now the 33-year-old Brothers & Sisters actor is coming clean.

Balthazar released the statement below confirming that he has split from his wife, Rosetta, who is said to feel “humiliated” by the very public romance.

Mr. Getty says, “The breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult and painful experience, especially when children are involved. In light of the fact that many pictures have surfaced in print and on the internet, which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment, I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge publicly that yes indeed by wife and I have separated and I will not be commenting any further.”

Balthazar and Sienna, who was topless, were seen vacationing together in Italy last week.

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  • idiot

    ” many pictures have surfaced in print and on the internet, which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment”

    No, Balthazar, YOU caused yourself and family great embarrassment. You and your homewrecking ho. Hope your wife uses those pictures to bleed you dry.

  • Jane

    They are both disgusting whoress! He should be ashamed of himself.

    He knew that all of those pictures were being taken of him and that topless pig Sienna but he didn’t care. I hope his wife takes him for everything he is worth!

  • ugh

    What a scuzz-bucket.

  • czarina

    What a complete a*****e!!!!
    So, let’s see, you’re f*****g Sienna Miller in front of the whole world, and your wife is looking after four children, one who is only 9 or 10 months old.
    I hope Rosetta BURNS this loser in the divorce. I hope she takes him for EVERYTHING. I hope she gets all the houses, boats, cars, plains, trains and automoblies and a HUGE chunk of alimony and child support up the wazoo.
    At least Blather will have the imprint of Sienna’s boobs on his palms to keep him warm at night. Jerk.

  • Aimee

    Getty – YOU caused your family great embarassment.

    You are obviously NOT embarassed or you would not have done what you did with that ho Sienna Miller!

    Hope Rosetta takes millions and millions of dollars from you!

  • jana

    This is what happens when someone cheats…it’s humiliating for the other spouse!!! SOMEONE else ALWAYS finds out, and the spouse looks like a jack asss. Keep the pecker in the pants, and for Shitt’s sake, when you have children involved, get out of the marriage first, take a freakin’ break! Sienna Miller, you give woman a BAD Name…we should all stand up for one another!!! You are both sleezie, and deserve one another, and by the way, it will never last…

  • Eileen

    Sienna Miller is a HO!!!!! Getty is a piece of SHIIT!!! I feel so sorry for his wife and kids!!! No one deserves to be treated like this!!!!


    Also there was a statement from his wife that they were 100% still together when he started cheating with that whore Sienna. They both should be ashamed of themselves. PUKE

  • blackfriday1978

    Well said, you all!!! I could not agree more… I am disgusted by his statement, it is clear that this moron (who is a nobody anyway coz I honestly don’t even aware of him until those ho-ish photos) does not take any responsbility and is blaming the print and internet media… what a bunch of BS!! Without the media and the print, I guess his wife would not know, so she won’t get hurt and embarrassed?! Only advice is go test for any STD, moron!

  • Zoe

    Hope your wife takes you for everything and she gets full custody of the kids. Maybe down the road you’ll realize what you threw away for a piece of trash like Sienna. She is a whore, through and through. Will always be!!!!!

  • jk

    what a focking loser!!! that HO was cheated by jude law before and now she is doing this to another woman. Anyway, i give them 3 months, 6 top…it will soon over.


  • shea

    I agree with the concensus that he is a scuzz bucket and he has to be kidding me with this statement….Oh, okay, you are so embarrassed by these photos that leaked to the press. I don’t buy it for a second. As if he didn’t know when they were being photographed, give me a break….LOSER.

    Balty + Sienna = HOs (perfect for each other)

  • lucie

    how come he’s getting a new woman so soon???
    I feel sorry for his wife and children.

    I don’t wanna waste my time to comment bout Ms. Miller.

  • julie

    Why is Sienna even a celebrity? I don’t get it

  • LuckyL

    How is Sienna a homewrecker if they already separated?

  • Ashley

    Oh, well ok then since he puts it this way I totally get it and don’t think he’s scum :) Yeah right! If he’s so concerned about his family.. the children I would hope are first priority and embarrassing them then why suck face with some topless actress in public just after a separation??

  • Neos

    Sienna goes from man to man, look into the future and she’ll be alone for the rest of her life once her looks go, which as I see, isn’t very far away. As for Balto, ask yourself this? Is Sienna the stepmother type, especially to 4 kids? Answer me when you get head out of your ass!

  • Critic

    I won’t be watching his series any more. That is how careers are killed! My sympathy is with the wife and babies, not with either of these two toxic pigs.

  • gina

    At least he has come clean about it, but this is just horrible for his family.


    I don’t care if he cheated…I am still watching Brothers & Sisters..yay so he is a scuzz bucket but look at Brad Pitt…he cheated on Jennifer Aniston with that b**** Angelina Jolie and now everyone LOVES THEM….and still watch both of their movies. GET OVER YOURSELVES people…he will be paying alimony & child support until he is dead. His wife won’t get any of the Getty fortune because I am sure a pre-nup was signed. His family is not stupid when it comes to money. This relationship will last 6 months and then they will both be onto new people. RELAX PEOPLE!!! Do you think HE care what you think??? Do you think Rosetta cares what you think? If he wasn’t in the spotlight no one would give two sh**s so RELAX!! Go f*** your neighbours!! Spread the sugar!

  • Buzzword2008

    I agree with meeeeeeeeeeee…..move on people! Its Hollywood….EVERYONE CHEATS!!! Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillppe have done it and NO ONE called them scuzz buckets! Get over yourselves.

  • Stephy

    Sienna and Getty are SCUM! Sienna please keep your clothes on. You have little itty bitty titties!!!!

  • looser

    You Disgusting A HOLE I hope you catch everything Sienna has ( I’m guessing it’s lot) I hope your wife gets a boatload of money and finds a good looking man cuz your not.

  • Grace

    I’m sure Sienna has already moved on.

    Does Balty really have money or is he living on expectations?

  • czarina

    MEEEEE: If Brad and Jen had four children, and Brad had pics taken of him hanging out, banging a topless Angie in a semi-public resort before he and Jen had ever even announced a separation, then it would be the same situation.
    I believe in marraige, and I believe in trying to save it whenever possible. I also think when you have kids you have a MUCH MUCH greater obligation to your marriage and family.
    However, I still remember the pictures taken of Brad and Jen walking arm in arm down a beach days before they announced their intention to divorce. It seemed that the decision, when it was made, was amicable on both sides.
    It was only when Brad and Angelina became a public couple (months later), and Jen took her high dudgeon to Oprah, that things got messy and ugly, for which Jen was as much to blame as Brad.
    So, no, I don’t think the Sienna-Blatherer affair is the same at all.

  • Ruth

    So the pictures and the media coverage have embarrassed Mr. Getty. – does this mean that he is more embarrassed than his wife, his family? Wasn’t he a willing partner in the photoshoot with Ms. Miller ? Did she force him to take part?

    His behaviour in this entire business has been callous and blatantly cruel towards the mother of his children. Even if they had been separated beforehand he had no right to go public in this trashy way – he certainly has enough houses in which to cavort with the girlfriend without allowing themselves to be caught by the papz. They knew that the cameras were there – no doubt about it – and just continued to do their thing. I suppose when you are as rich as him there are no boundaries of bad behaviour. Rich but no class.

  • Rhythmz

    you know what SUCKS?? Things like this happen EVERYDAY. but we don’t give a damn…oh unless it’s blown out of proportion by the freakin media. I guess then it matters. I think we all need to get out of this delusional superficial world of ours. (and by we i mean you). Want news? about this: Life isn’t perfect.

  • Allegra

    He’s just too stupid to take seriously. Good luck to Rosetta and the kids.

  • Conspiracy theory–Siennas-reputation-thats-really-left-tatters.html

    it mentions in this article about various US blogs stating that she is a homewrecker etc etc..I guess the media DOES read these…maybe we can get a petition up to stop here from making anymore movies.

  • I won’t

    MEEEEEEE, watch him if you want. I know I won’t. And I won’t be seeing any of Sienna’s movies either. Big loss, whooptidoo.

  • Naima

    The Getty’s have always had crazy embarassing moments, they are a completetely disfunctional family. I thought maybe after all the crap that his family has been through and especially his own childhood would have set this man straight to make sure the same doesn’t happen to his children, not so much. What a damn shame when there is no growth or progression in a family and individual, I’m sure Sienna was couting his billions as she was screwing him while looking at his wife’s name tattood on his chest.

  • LuckyL

    Whatever. One of you preachy ***holes have done something terrible to someone. The biggest mouths have usual done the worst. Go pray for your own soul.

  • Kiki

    Guess that’s the reason why actors have their managers make press statements when they have separated from their spouses or in the process of a divorce.

  • janeway

    I feel sorry for the wife and kids. He deserves to be embarrassed, he made his bed he should lie in it. But his wife and kids are not famous and they didn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated. What kind of man could do that to his kids? I hope they will all be very well taken care of financially, good riddance to him.

  • no dignity

    The most degrading behavior of a married man and a young actress.
    Sienna now looks like a slut. I hope his wife drains him out of cash to teach him a lesson.
    Any cheating man or woman deserve punishment especially the married men and women.

  • Pixiestix

    They’re both complete and utter pigs. They seem perfect for each other.

  • max

    can’t place all the blames on sienna. this man’s such a piece of shit

  • tasty

    the wife looks quite attractive, actually more so than Sienna- who looks old for her age. This is almost like a PR stunt, the whole affair. Because neither one of them can generate this much publicity alone- without the scandal. JMO

  • Jill

    Ain’t that some shat — “The internet ruined my marriage.”

    Next time, get a room, √°sshole!

  • Sarah

    Sienna or should I say Daisy you should know better!!!I felt sorry for you when Jude ripped your heart out, now you’re doing it to another women and their kids!You have effected their minds bodies and hearts now and in future relationships.Not quite sure how you can sleep at night. I used to think you were beautiful and moralisitic but I think that perhaps Mr Law saw something in you alot sooner than the public. Wonderful shag, not wife material. Mind you, like you said you’re only still young and by the time you have kids they will be your life so now you just want a bit of fun. Wonder if Getty feels the same!Wonder how unstable your future children will be looking at their mother and how she ruined lives whilst having a bit of fun.You’re welcome to each other!Rhy’s had a lucky escape (both of them) Know what I’m saying!What a waste!Why is it all icons turn bad?Bet your plan of reuniting with Jude really has gone out the window, that’s what you were hoping for really so obvious!!!What a lucky escape it’s been for him to (never thought I’d say that)His wife is above his heart and in it.
    Happy fucking!!!!

  • Sandy

    I see lots of MONEY in Rosetta’s future. I hope she sticks it to him!!!

  • rien

    Well, as much as I love the idea that Rosetta will have a lot of money, if they ever get divorce….there is something that she will never ever recover. Getty and Sienna’s treatment. For this pain, I can not feel joy for Getty’s money. He can stick his money up to …..

    Bad thinking, if Getty and Rosetta ever had pre-marriage agreement, then it is a bad luck for Rosetta. In this case, I do wish, she has a good lawyer (s).

    I just hope that Sienna gets as much as she deserves. Young and sweet are not forever. Even roses are dried and forgotten. And especially wild roses. Some people simply trample on them without any mercy.

  • Second cup of joe….

    Rosetta won’t get any of the Getty fortune..they have a prenup. She will get child support and probably a lump sum but that is it. The Gettys are not dumb…they may be dysfunctional but they are not dumb with money.

  • Allegra

    It seems that Rosetta and Balthazar weren’t exactly seperated when he started seeing Sienna:,,20214484,00.html?xid=rss-fullcontent

    So it is just like we thought – he’s an ass and Sienna is full of shit and a slut like no other. Surprise! Not!

  • sheryl

    I say that instead of suing papers for the attention that she herself invited, she should be issuing a public apology for her bad behavior with a married father of 4 children who was not separated from his wife. I mean, it’s what she herself got, and for a lot less IMO.

  • 45

    i don’t think she should issue an apology…period.

  • shea

    Apology or not, she should feel remorse for her inexcusable behavior and so should he. However, I doubt either one of those narcissists think they have done anything wrong. pathetic and shameless!

  • #46

    I think she should….period.

  • Jazz

    Well at least Rhys Ifans had the last laugh. He has been telling friends that now he can go on with his life and enjoy it because the world has shown what Sienna really is. And good riddance to her.

  • 48

    absolutely not.
    no apology warranted.