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Denise Richards: The Custody Battle Continues

Denise Richards: The Custody Battle Continues

Denise Richards leaves the courtroom after a child custody hearing in downtown Los Angeles on Monday.

The 37-year-old actress lost for the second time in seeking to change any of the custodial arrangements that currently exist for Charlie Sheen and the children.

Sheen‘s attorney stated, “Charlie Sheen only wants what is best for his young children. It is unfortunate that Denise Richards and her attorney are trying to create a media circus to help her promote her television series.”

15+ more pics inside of Denise Richards‘ child custody case…

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  • Suzanne

    That shouldn’t accuse her of doing this for publicity. Honestly, you can tell she loves her children and just want the best for them even if she may or may not know what that is.

  • letitbe

    I think she is full of shit. She needs to stop w/ all the non sense.
    She just sounds and looks like a real b****!

  • Shar

    Suzanne, you’re kidding me right, this biitch,who has no job, and the only income she gets is from Charlie, uses Her ex and their kids as her meal ticket, which in her case, they are!!!

  • Shar

    And thank goodness 2 different judges was able to see through the bull***** she was trying to pull.

  • Dancer

    I don’t think either parent is thinking of the kids–only thinking about how to make the other suffer and look bad.

  • missp

    This is practically the same outfit Anna Nicole Smith wore when she was going to court over her ex husbands gazillions of dollars…… all the way down to the cross necklace. Have to say that the cross necklace Anna Nicole wore was probably worth a fortune, Denise’s cross looks like she got it at Target. LOL

  • Sinna

    I might be the minority on this, but I think she is pretty. That saying, I believe she should QUIETLY move on with her life. Seems to me she spends more time talking about Charlie and what’s going on in his life.

  • Deb

    Boy does she give the rest of us females a bad name.


    Her show ‘SUCKS.’ After watching the show for 2 minutes, I turned it off. It was HORRIBLE. With all of those dogs living in the house and are not trained, I know the house smells. I also agree with Deb, she is looking out for herself only.


    After seeing last weeks episode …while flashing the paparazzi with
    her girl friends..That was a great experience.. Is that why her dad moved in to babysit his grandchildren..Meanwhile why not call the
    show Denise and my girlfriends… forget the kids just Denise and
    my girlfriends..

  • Zoe

    She’s a pathetic piece of trash who will sell out anyone for a piece of publicity. Including her kids for 1 headline. She has no career and is grasping at straws now with Charlie and their kids.

    Pathetic mother!

  • jj

    It is the only way this ex prostitute can keep her name in the media.

  • bobbi

    I had the (mis)fortune of seeing a clip of this bimb’s reality show. She was returning from a vacation with some girlfriends of hers and instead of rushing to greet her beautiful daughters, she rushes to a computer to see if the papparazi took any topless pics of her and posted them.

    Obviously I don’t know this woman but my gut tells me she’d be mighty worried if she didn’t generate any media attention.

  • bobbi

    I don’t think you are in the minority to say she’s pretty #7. She obviously is but apparently she’s’ not that in-demand of an actress or she can’t land a contract job for some cosmetics company/hair line.

  • bobbi

    I don’t think you are in the minority to say she’s pretty #7. She obviously is but apparently she’s’ not that in-demand of an actress or she can’t land a contract job for some cosmetics company/hair line.

  • bobbi

    Jeez Jared…get a delete button so we can delete our comments when they are posted twice. There’s a novel idea.

  • hey

    she is a twit! she is irriating. Charles should get over what he did in the past as far as drug and crap like that and sue her behind for custody! I knew from the start that this whole nasty thing was her fault. she is a woman scorn and will do anything to be in the spotlight. it galls her that Charlie has moved on and totally forgot about her pathetic behind! she needs to get a life and stop trashing this man and putting her kids through all the bs! she could care less about what is best for her kids if she did then should wouldn’t be exposing them to cameras at a time when they aren’t doing so well as she puts it! get over yourself you has been and leave that man and his new wife alone and do better for your kids you stupid behind hag!!!

  • Carly

    I really like her.
    She’s a great Mom to those kids.
    What are all of you talking about?????
    Charlie Sheen is a PERV and she is trying to protect her kids from him.
    He went out with the po*n star Amber Lynn for years…….
    You are all too stupid for words.
    Mind your own business.

  • breezy

    Her show sucks and so does she! Media whore! Like on the show when she and her g/f’s go topless at the beach, give be a frickin’ break, like they didn’t think the paps would follow them??? It was all a setup, do they really think the public is that stupid?

  • r.m.

    I think they should both be ashamed of themselves. Kids have a right to be with both parents. This constant haggling is bad for them. And if that isn’t bad enough their mummy sees it fit to feature them in a real life soap too! Just so she”ll stay in the spotlights. Pathetic really!

  • Tealeaf

    A witch with Hollywood hair extensions..

  • LS

    You people are crazy Charlie is nothing but a drugged out man whore…Why would she be doing this to promote her show the season is over on sunday. I think she is a good Mom & very down to earth.

  • pooky

    I hope Denise nails his tiny horny pecker to the wall…….u go girl save your kids.

  • victoria

    Denise, go home and keep quite. Every time there is a lull in the proceedings, you stir up the pot. Why can’t you just be friends with Charlie for the sake of your daughter’s instead of dredging up all kinds of lies and hateful so-called conversations. I think Denise just needs attention and this is the way to get it, but she makes an idiot of herself. Charlie does not start this crap up, if you notice. Your daughters will not like you later on for this, i can guarentee it. Charlie will come out ahead on this one.

  • bLaze

    cant they just agree on something like civilized people? they dont have to be selfish. lets face it, kids need a mom and a dad..

  • Janne

    I’m appalled that she wears a cross whenever she’s in public. Her appalling use of every swear word in the English language and it’s disrespectful. She’s a trainwreck. Those poor little girls… they really don’t have much of a chance of having a healthly life.

  • Kari

    Two words – Starship Trooper

  • Kelly

    Wow, how fast everyone forgets what a creep Charlie Sheen is. All those hookers he was with, and then he Fu*ked up while stilled married to Denise. He was on David Letterman a few years ago and admitted he screwed up, and stated that he was “an asshole for what he did”, & Denise still gave him a second chance.
    Men like Charlie never change, I give his latest marriage 3 years tops! LOL
    Oh, and regarding Heather Locklear – John BonJovi was asked during an interview about Heather & Richie’s divorce, and he said they were having problems for years. His words, not mine.


  • a realist

    Charlie has nothing to do with publicity mess. Leave Charlie out of it, he has moved on with his life, with Brooke.

    Charlie’s only mistake was marrying and fathering children with this former prostitute and whore Denise Richards.

    Denise has no career, because she is a bad actor and has nothing going for her, so she keeps starting schitt with Charlie.

    I wish Charlie and Brooke much happiness.

  • carzy azz Denise

    Denise is a psychotic, homewrecking tramp.

  • kelly

    Charlie has turned his life around for the good.

    Denise is a evil b*tch who sleeps with her friends husbands.

  • huh

    Thank God Charlie found Brooke. Denise is bad news.

  • US voter

    # 25
    bLaze @ 07/22/2008 at 10:08 pm

    cant they just agree on something like civilized people? they dont have to be selfish. lets face it, kids need a mom and a dad..
    It’s Denise who keeps this mess going. Charlie has moved on with his life. All is wants is to see his babies.

    Denise is an evil, tortured witch.

  • a realist

    CORRECTION: Denise is an evil, “tortured” witch.

  • O.M.G.


  • km1

    I think people need to be careful when they point and accuse and call people names. I think Denise Richards is very brave and strong for doing her reality show. I believe she is trying to move on with her life. There are other reality shows who have their children in them. Why is everyone talking about Denise having her kids on the show as if it is something new? Looking at the big picture, both her and her ex-husband Charlie Sheen have made mistakes. What is important is that this is a single mother trying to raise her two young daughters as best as she can. You never see any men running in and out of her house. She spends most of her time at home. I applaud her for trying to make the best of her life. Don’t forget, even though she may not be an A list celebrity, she still is a celebrity. Therefore, she may not come rushing in the house every single time and grab her kids. Come on, be realistic!! In the “real world” people who come home from work don’t always run to their children right away. They may get something to drink or read their mail. Give that woman a break. I say, “Denise, you are doing a great job.”

  • Sprmcandy

    Beautiful Denise can do a special show where by she sucks my cock until she gaggs on my thick sperm. Now that would boost ratings!

  • Dee dee

    I like Denise Richards. She is down-to-earth and a good mother. Charlie Sheen is the mentally f*cked up whore who solicited Heidi Fleiss’s prostitutes. Denise agreed to doing her reality show because she was being libeled in the tabloids — probably by Charlie’s people. I think Charlie just married and impregnated Brooke so quickly to try to prove something to the world. I don’t know why any woman would want him anymore.

    Furthermore, Denise did not “steal” Richie Sambora; the man is rich, famous, experienced and made the choice to date Denise. Additionally, Heather Locklear had NO SAY in who Richie chose to date after SHE filed for divorce from him. Besides, no one knows what kind of a wife she was to Richie.

  • samantha

    poor charlie has moved on with his life; denise cant seem to do that. thats what she really needs to do for the sake of her kids; its not about winning & loosing when you have kids denise; what a stupid woman.

  • samantha

    poor charlie has moved on with his life with brooke; denise cant seem to do that. thats what she would do if she had any common sense at all; for the sake of her kids! its not about winning & loosing denise; and good women dont sleep with their friends husbands; what a sorry excuse for a woman & mom.