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Jessica Biel Loves La Conversation

Jessica Biel Loves La Conversation

Jessica Biel grabs a bite to eat at La Conversation restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday.

The 26-year-old actress is currently working on Planet 51, an animated film about a human astronaut who lands on Planet 51 thinking he’s the first to set foot on it.

is lending her voice to the project and working alongside Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), and Dwayne Johnson (Get Smart).

Planet 51 is slated for a release in the second half of 2009.

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  • anna*

    i loove her !

  • anna*

    chazy soi num 1 !

  • Eyda

    wtf is she wearing?? she looks bad

  • se

    YUCK, everything about her is just yuck! she looks awful in that dress and that hair, and those sunglasses. bad shoes for her legs.
    she is so unappealing to me!

  • maria

    she can be attractive, but shes always looks so boring….zzzz…..why?

  • Stella Bella

    First prize goes to Jessica Biel for being the ugliest and manly girl in Hollywood.

  • Jo

    I don’t like the do

  • Lizzie

    I think she looks great as always! She is very sweet and very, very talented. I am a big fan of hers and always have been. Jessica is very beautiful and is a good person.

  • jessica!

    amazing physique- gorgeous face – hideous dress with flats. wtf?

  • jessi

    i do not know what special about her. ugly!

  • Catherine

    She’s been smiling alot lately with Justin aswell nevermind engagements could there b a baby on the way ((Only a thought))

    There is the massive celeb baby circus atm
    Gwen stefani
    Angerlina Jolie
    Nicole Kidman

    Could there b a mini Justin errrrrrrrrm

    x x x x x

  • ace tomato

    She looks like someone’s Aunt in the rural midwest going to the supermarket after church. No offense to any midwestern, churchgoing aunts – but it is a kind of look that is very familiar.

  • Ida

    looks like a grandma

  • bejeebus

    i just don’t get it….when she puts in some effort (even when it’s minimal) to look good and puts on a pleasant expression….she’s very attractive. but it’s like she purposely tries to look homely and miserable most of the time. whatever….more smiles and fun left for everyone else since she isn’t using hers!

  • coco

    She is gorgeous. I am kind of thinking That I saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like 【W e a l t h y L o v e】 or something. Whatever, this is not my thing. Good luck with your love.

  • Mart e!

    She used that dress in Norway too!!
    I love her!

  • Victoria

    Jessica Biel dresses a lot older than her 26 years, she looks slightly frumpy, and somehow she manages to look very masculine even when wearing a dress.
    I guess she is still hot though! Justin T obviously thinks so!

  • dd

    #6, Jennifer Garner gets that prize and her lookalike Hillary Swank!!!

  • rENEE

    OMG not the grandma dress again! this is the third time I’ve seen pics of her in this dress and each time I wonder what she was thinking putting this on in public. Girl has no sense of style. Those sunglasses don’t look right on her either and the mullet hairdo is not doing a thing for her! I agree with other post, she looks like a man in a dress. I don’t find her attractive or talented at all, she’s lucky to be with Justin or else she wouldn’t be getting any press aside from her bad fashion choices.

  • Ely

    She’s become such a frump

  • oh okay

    She doesn’t look very good at all.

  • Sis

    Seriously…what is with that hair! Yuck the dress and the hair and the shoes! Is she doing this for some role? What is she thinking? JT is gonna drop that ass if she keeps this up. It just looks sloppy.

  • shadybaby

    She used to look so good, but she’s starting to look a bit waif-ish and bobblehead like! What happened to the muscular physique she used to have? Why did she conform to the standard being set to be ultra skinny? She would be much better off putting some of the muscle back on and being known for the butt kicking, strong woman she has portrayed in so many other movies. I hope this look is just for a role and she goes back to normal soon.

  • renee

    that dress is fugly!!!! i dont really care for her anyway!

  • czarina

    The dress is definately hideous, but, you know, I think we all have that one really, really comfortable outfit that we love and continue to wear even though it looks awful…or we become enamoured of a certain outfit and just don’t SEE that it needs to be burned ASAP (I had this long pink and white horizontal striped sweater that went down to my thighs–wore it forever…I see pictures now and can’t understand why someone who loved me didn’t “accidently” drop indelible ink over it!!)


    Why does she continue to dress like a middle-aged housewife? WTF? Her stylist needs to do a hostile takeover, pronto.

  • xyz

    She always has such an arrogant look on her face. Dumb b!tch thinks she looks good. I agree with the above poster, she is the ugliest girl in Hollywood.

  • lola

    Sorry she is ugly. You can’t take that ‘trash’ look away from someone who was born with it.

  • Tam

    the dress isn’t as bad as the mullet hairdo

  • anonymous

    Jessica looks like she works in a library

  • laura

    looks like a man in a whig Again!

  • Cara


  • thebestever

    Yeah, not good. She needs a stylist pronto, as well as a hair stylist, and an overall attitude adjustment. You are not all that just because you’re j.t’s piece of ass for the moment.

  • silence

    what is with that fucking mullet?!

  • tia

    OMG! wtf is up with her hair!!!! justin timberlake can have ANY girl he wants, and he choose the transvestite???

  • lennie

    she looks like a granny

  • lain

    she looks like my mom circa 1990…

  • Almanac

    …According to The Omniverse Almanac, Johnny Depp is actually one of the few very cool people inhabiting this planet, along with Steven Splielberg, Riccardo Mariti, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie, Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawkings, Laurence Dale, the Dalai Lama…

  • mike mike

    i love her dress, at least it makes it easier foor me to quickly yank up the bottom of the dressw and lap on tp her sweet pussy in dark places.
    I sincerely love her body insde the dress.
    I million kisses for her