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Jude Law is a Dior Dude

Jude Law is a Dior Dude

Jude Law models for the latest Dior Homme Sport fragrance ad campaign as photographed by Aussie snapper Daniel Askill in May.

Daniel says of the shoot in the Bahamas: “It was hard for me to decide whether to take it on because I had directed an ad for Dior before with Hedi [Slimane], it was one of the last major projects before he left, so it was a very tumultuous time.

“The new ad was completely different from Hedi‘s aesthetic. This time it was the marketing guys calling all the shots, but in the end it was still a great project. I would be working with an A-list actor and shooting in the Bahamas with a team of 70 people, so ultimately I felt it was too good to pass up.”

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law for London’s Dunhill…

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jude law dior 01
jude law dior 02
jude law dior 03
jude law dior 04
jude law dior 05
jude law dior 06
jude law dior 07
jude law dior 08
jude law dior 09
jude law dior 10

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  • Ryan Mac

    Can’t wait to see the ads. Thanks for the fashion News!

  • Eileen

    Jude Law is a HO just like Sienna Miller!!!

  • shea

    Very HOT!

    Jude is looking so very fine in these photos! ;)


    Yum. Love those British imports. (-:

  • lucie

    he’s really sexy. I also like the pics.
    I hope I can see the ads soon!

  • evans

    they clearly photoshoped his heir line

  • mouche

    Mr Law certainly looks stunning in these photos! Very Dior-classy look!

  • parisgirl


  • Jammy Sod

    Nanny Fucker



    damn, Damn, DAAAMN HOT!!!

    Mimi Prism = D

  • Ashley

    His hairline is so not fair! Why did that have to happen to him?? I just keep in mind how he looked in the Talented Mr. Ripley and try to ignore his unfortunate aging process :)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    loōk how thēy photoshop’ed his… həir____line. lmaoo

  • elle

    Yesss….i saw those photos already buuut you can`t get enough of a good things..thanks Jared very much!!! :)

  • mery

    Beautiful photos.

    His face is incredible.

  • ta

    sooooooooo hoooot love him. i agree with u, british imports ar really the best :)

  • Marta

    nice hair :P

  • mery

    Beautiful photos.

    His face is incredible.
    Photoshop? Well, maybe the first, but not the others.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • karena

    He’s stunning.

  • Annie

    So hot. Love him

  • john

    pliz, does anyone have any info about jacket from the last color pic? :D:D

    dunhill leather jacket, where 2 buy?! thnx :)

  • depeche

    Jude Law is God’s pure perfection.

  • Sandy

    Jared – always there to sarisfy our Jude cravings and these photoshoots certainly satisfy our cravings and cause us to delight in the present as we await witjh anticipation the future ones. He has such elegance and gives you a feeling of knowing just where he is going and what he is doing. Let them babble about the hair – it is not a feature that remains stationary – it grows and changes color and shape as he does different roles. A lot of us like the blond look on
    him the best but he has also looked out of the world gorgeous with
    his hair it’s own color.. but the face doesn’t change, the eyes the
    mouth the heekbones the smile, so leave him alone already you will
    get the look of the month of year whatever corresponds to his work at
    that time. Frankly it’s all good and we have to get used to that variety
    because that’s what jude is about variety. He doesn’t want to bore us or himself. I’m satisfied. I can’t think of ayone who really looks better!

    i only have to wait for a couple of movies that have been made but not
    released and the one he is working on and before we know it the
    yar passes and we are in London to see HAMLET.My cup runneth over.

  • an angel

    Someone inform me, when did JustJared become such a critical beyotch? Com on buster, you friggin suck. Suck this homo.

  • gina

    He looks very hot in these pictures. I usually don’t find him very attractive.

  • that_girl

    I’d still do him even that he is going bald.

  • Molly

    I don’t like him! Didn’t he cheat on this wife with the nanny?? His is a PIG!!!

  • purpleworm


  • Stephy

    Wife cheater!!!!!

  • Allegra

    Thanks a lot Jared! I think Jude is very beautiful and really sexy too – quite a combination :-D Can’t wait for the Dior commercial ;-)


    thanks so much jared……jude law is the answer to the energy crisis…..he just has to smile and he’d light up the whole planet. i think alot of posters have a hair fetish…..only kidding. why is his hair so important? jude chopped it off for his last picture repossession mambo. it’s now growing. back. in “sleuth” a movie he made with michael caine last year it was blonde and long. he looked as beautiful as he did in ripley 9 years ago. one constant remains jude is a beautiful, sexy great actor and a very devoted father…i love the pics of jude wioth his kids as well.

  • sweetie

    He looks very handsome!

  • christie

    smolder, burn, smolder YUM!!:)

  • gemma_nc


  • erica

    Submit to “His Hottness” that is Mr. Jude Law !

    Jude do me now baby !

    Thanks Jared

  • sheryl

    Juuuuuuuuuuude!!!! Hey there, sex-y!

  • Nicck


  • three

    talking about the pic’s being photoshoped…. is it just me or does the one with him in the tan leather jacket look like they have photoshoped his head on to the body?

  • elle
  • Sara

    I Love Jude with or without hair.

  • I Love Jude

    I love this man!

  • dEE

    Jude models for the latest Dior Homme Sport fragrance ad campaign while remaining sexy doing so !

    Thank you Dior
    and you too Jared

  • Allegra

    He looks so sevy in that video! Thanks Elle :-D

  • ericap

    Mmmmmm….he is so hot!

  • mery

    I don’t like him! Didn’t he cheat on this wife with the nanny?? His is a PIG!!!

    The nanny, the nanny. Boring.

  • andré


  • nikki

    Jude is for the grown and sexy people he is gorgeous !

    Keep them comming Jared

    I love Jude.

  • Brenda

    He is the premiere DILF!

  • gemma_nc
  • Sandra T

    I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but all eyes that gazes upon Jude cannot deny his beauty, charisma, sexiness.

    Anyone that has ever heard him speak in intervies cannot deny how intelligent this man is. He is so deep.

    Anyone that has ever seen him in his movies cannot deny how great an actor he his.

    Sometimes I wonder how a man can be so beautiful inside and out…. God’s gift to us Women???

    As anyone ever noticed how, when you load a website, say as an example, The Sun, and you see all these photos of celebrities. If there’s a photo of Jude, he seems to illuminate the page, and just sticks out and overshadows everyone else, including other males. That’s how beautiful he is. His charisma and aura just radiates over everyone else.

    My 2 canadian cents

  • Daphne

    Oh wow these are breathtaking. I’ve not seen Dunhill #1, 2 and 4 before. Thanks!

    What is that in his hand in the 2nd Dunhill photo (in the 3-piece suit)?