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Nicole Kidman Yearns For Yoga

Nicole Kidman Yearns For Yoga

Nicole Kidman went for some light yoga in Santa Monica, Calif., after giving birth just two weeks ago.

The 41-year-old actress’ slender appearance left her friends in awe as they were leaving the yoga class. Nicole delivered daughter Sunday Rose on July 7th.

Nicole will star opposite Hugh Jackman (X-Men, The Prestige) in her next upcoming movie, Australia, which is slated for a November 2008 release.

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  • gel


  • Conspiracy theory

    Did this woman actually have a baby or was it a prothesis belly? Im beginning to wonder.

  • hello

    yay mommy bewbies

  • Sinna

    Is she looking for attention. I find it weird and slightly disturbing that only three or four days since giving “birth” she has been out an about, and since then she has been seen almost every day. I’m just not convinced this woman give birth, and the fact that she’s being photographed everyday makes the rumors seem true

  • gel


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i know she’s so happy she doesn’t have to wear that fakɛ baby-bump anymore.

  • Ha!

    She was seen out two weeks after having her baby getting coffee and now at a yoga class. Her body looks like she was pregnant. Can we stop with the ridiculous conspiracy theories? Read the post, Sunday was born on July 7th. Being out of the house twice since then doesn’t make her or anyone else who’s done the same thing a liar or a bad mother.

  • Puccy



  • carol

    her boop….are…are….BIG!!!!

    It’s normal…

    Happy for you Nicole!

  • The incredible edward!

    Huge boobs indicate she probably had a baby….

  • jk

    there is no freaking way she just gave birth!!!

  • kbee

    Well, she looks like she may be nursing? Big boobs, for her.

  • Vee

    I agree–her bosoms are huge for Nicole and she is still a little thick around her middle. Remember how hard she worked out all during her pregnancy? It does make a difference. Please stop with the surrogate rumors–it’s mean.

  • Miapocca

    SHE HAS BOOBS who knew..I think she is wearing those tight undwear to press the stomach bulge..her tummy was bigger only the other day when she was in Nasville gtting starbucks…she had on loose fitting top and a low waisted jean to cover it…However a post pregnancy trick is to tie your belly so tight that you can have you tummy by quicker and the exercise firms the vaginal muscles…

  • ^


    Huh? Tie the tummy ? what are you talking about and how does tying the tummy fix the vajayjay?

  • thank you justjared

    thank you justjared
    for nicole pix
    wow Huge boobs now good for her

  • erika

    This chic is frickin’ obsessed with getting her figure back, but figured that out when we all saw how rigid she was in continuing to exercise during her entire pregnancy. She needs to slow down a little and enjoy life. She has already booked herself into some type movie very soon, so, no doubt she is getting herself ready.

  • jaymie

    um….did she really give birth? Or was it a fake stomach and someone else’s kid? Firstly she was really skinny while pregnant and nwo this? 2 weeks?! 2 weeks and she’s thin as a kraft single! I so don’t believe that’s her kid….

  • nda

    i think she was really pregnant
    the boobs are bigger than usual!
    she’s breastfeeding then…
    i’m so happy for her!
    go nicole!

  • Blackworm

    Is she really in Santa Monica? Didn’t she give birth in Nashville? Has she already put the baby on a plane? C’mon Nicole, can’t you stay in one place for at least a month?

  • kiko

    look that boop….

    it’s impossible to say she was not pregnant…there’s no way…SHE WAS PREGNANT!!!


  • ally

    She’s not in Santa Monica, it was Nashville. And those boobs are huge for her! It looks funny, LOL.

  • john

    Ehi Jared….She was in Nashville not in California…

  • darko

    she was pregnant…
    her boobs can’t lie

  • Olivine

    How can people say she was not pregnant?? It’s totally illogic.
    First was botox and now this incredibile story of the faked pregnancy.
    I think people should stay calm with the imagination.

  • Sher

    Leave Nicole and Keith and Sunday Rose alone! If Nic wants to go out with friends and exercise, she has the right to do so! If Keith & Nic don’t want to sell their baby’s picture for a gazillion dollars like some others do, it’s to their credit. And yes, of course, you stupids, she was pregnant – she was huge at Keith’s concert in Nashville on the Saturday before Sunday was born. Are you jealous? I am – who wouldn’t want to be a beautiful actress with a gorgeous country star husband who dotes on her?

  • KBS

    Is it against the law to go out after giving birth. Come on people who do you think you are? She is in great shape and should not be blasted for it. My girlfriend worked out up until 5 days of giving birth and then 4 days later was back with her trainer. I say good for her! Why do we have to bash people for everything they do?

  • http://LOVE45 arlene

    que dicen ahora no entiendo nada ademas creo que ella esta en nashville por que su esposo y hija estan aya no creo que dejara la bebe sola .algien me explica.spanish

  • Highwayroller

    Pregnant, non-pregnant, why people don’t live their lifes? Somehow I am sure everybody who blames Kidman for her slim figure they are VERY fat and ugly.

    She looks very good, i love how her figure rounded right now.

  • postwatcher

    Nicole Ritchie
    Angelina Jolie
    Jessica Alba

    All super skinny before pregancy. All looked very pregnant at the end.
    Just like most women, they all still had a post pregnancy baby belly.

    Strange how Nicole kidman is purposely wearing a super tight top to showcase her breasts.

    Nicole Ritchie was practically anorexic before getting preggers and she definitely looked like she had a baby.

    Something fishy about Nicole. I don’t buy this natural thin angle. Plus
    her stomach is too flat two weeks after birth.

  • Elle

    Looks like she’ll be spending as much time with this baby as she does with her other two….

  • hostas

    Come on people – she has a movie to film in two weeks! She has to get that body in shape so she can be on the set for 12 – 14 hours a day. Did I mention she is returning to work less than five months after having the baby she always yearned for? I guess the novelty of a newborn wears off after five weeks!

  • msguidedmama

    She is nursing. That is NORMAL, and what breasts are SUPPOSED to do after having a baby- start making milk and get bigger. People need to learn some basic anatomy and physiology! Ah…American public schools….

  • mona

    that’s an Aniston nipple top but this one is padded!

    if she gave birth..I’m Megan Fox!


    I really wonder what those of you who have children looked like after giving birth.
    During a normal pregnancy with one child when you eat sensibly you may gain about 10 to 15 kilogramms. About 3,5 or even more is the child itself, the rest is water, fluids and womb tissue.
    About 5 kilos remain as post pregnancy weight which you can loose pretty quickly when running around once you get home.
    I know what I am talking about because my sister is a mid-wife and I experienced exactly the same myself after my pregnancies.
    So please leave Nicole alone.
    Jealousy is just a beast isn’t it?

  • Tirza

    I don’t doubt she was preggers. If she were to have used a fakebelly, I’m sure she would have used a bigger one than the real belly she ended up with ;)

    But it bothers me that she’s so gungho about excercising all the time. There’s no need to loose weight so fast. Just go and enjoy your baby. And those other two kids who unfortunatly seem glued to the Cruise family :(

  • nic

    I’m kind’a tired seeing her in very fitted sweats.

  • COGirl

    I see she’s got the implants back in.

  • Skeptical sally

    Of course, Nicole Kidman looks slim and trim. I wonder how her surrogate looks two weeks after giving birth. Now THAT is the real story.

  • Hola

    arlene @ 07/22/2008 at 11:00 am

    NO estaba en LOS ANGELES estaba en NASHVILLE en otros sitios de internet todos dicen eso JUST JARED se ekivoco (de nuevo) y no creas todo lo q lees!! obvio q nic estuvo embarazada !!!!!!!! y solo hace falta mirarle los pechos para darte cuenta,ella antes era casi plana, se re nota q esta amamantando a la bb!! Feliz por ella! y no tiene tampoco nada de malo q salga con su esposo o a hacer ejercicios despues de tener a la beba, mi mama volvio a trabajar despues de dos semanas de dar a luz y encima por cesarea y se q me ama mucho, y ademas me dejaba con niñeras, la mama de NIC esta en Nashville, asi q la beba no keda sola keda con ella y seguro con Keith

  • COGirl

    I agree Skeptical sally. There were NO changes in her body whatsoever with her “alleged” pregnancy. It just doesn’t happen that way.

  • Hola

    MOVE ON!!!

  • gOD



  • justme

    And why should it matter to people if she is exercising before and after pregnancy? Here in the UK, it costs the government millions of pounds each year by the pregnancy complications arising from women not looking after themselves. Despite being 41, her fitness has enabled her to have a very easy uncomplicated birth. I don’t know if it’s the same in America, but in the UK, health visitors and midwives always stress the importances of doing post-natal exercises within days of giving birth. If you want to be lazy and fat or don’t mind a leaky bladder, then that’s fine, that’s your life. This is her life and she should be able to live it the way she wants. She’s not breaking the law or hurting anyone by doing so.

    As for the other celebs who gave birth and looked like most pregnant women, did you even see them go to the gym while pregnant? Nope. Which shows why they took longer to recover.

  • Original jpf

    There is no rule in pregnancy that states a woman must look like this that and another proving she did in fact give birth. Not every woman gains, or retains, or is so sore she can’t walk for 3 months. I know way to many woman (Im not one of them lol) who never got very big, and when they delivered it was like they’re bodies never had babies in them.


  • ha!

    pregnant or not…
    surrogate or not…
    gave virth or not…
    I LOVE HER!!!
    She’s great!

  • Marianne

    People, there is no right answer as to what women should look like before or after having a baby. Women may gain a lot or next to nothing, have a post pregnancy belly for years or get rid of it right away. Nicole Kidman gained very little during her pregnancy, and it would be stranger if the tiny extra weight should take a long time to lose. It’s probably both due to genetics, body type and a healthy lifestyle. Good for her!

  • Mary

    yesterday she was flat-chested in her white shirt, today she has boobs with nipples showing. WTF? whichever way she wants it to appear she should be consistent. she doesn’t even look happy.

  • shea

    I think this is weird. I have never seen anyone look like that after they had a baby a week ago. Hmm..

    The boobs do look bigger though.

  • Cheetah

    If she was pregnant and breastfeeding. she would wair pads in her bra to keep her from leaking. Her nippel is showing, so there is no pad in her bra. Explain that?