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Sherri Shepherd Had More Abortions Than She Would Like To Count

Sherri Shepherd Had More Abortions Than She Would Like To Count
  • Sherri Shepherd has had lots of abortions
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72 Responses to “Sherri Shepherd Had More Abortions Than She Would Like To Count”

  1. 1
    naThaaL'i Says:

    Fiiir’st..!!! 1º

  2. 2
    naThaaL'i Says:

    fiirst..!!<<< 1º

    Yeeeah I am th Fiir’st ^^’

  3. 3
    elle Says:

    Calling Sherri Shepherd a “baby killer” because she had abortions is completely out of line. I don’t care if the “writers” on Just Jared are pro-life; this type of judgmental writing has no place on a gossip website, written by people who earn their living dealing in smut.

    I’m done with this site.

  4. 4
    Helena Says:

    Abortion should be something that should be done rarely and the fact that this bítch keeps on having one… Ever heard of birth control, idiot?

  5. 5
    josie Says:

    i’m third and i don’t care about her

  6. 6
    josie Says:

    Damn it ! im not third but i still don’t care about her

  7. 7
    bindz Says:

    im pro choice but you don’t have to talk about how many abortions you had.

  8. 8
    josie Says:

    Ok i’m not third but i still don’t give a s*** about her

  9. 9
    lori Says:

    I am pro-choice, but people like Sherri Shepherd give abortion a bad rep all together…I understand having an abortion once, but if you are using it as your form of birth control, then you have a serious lack of concern for your own health and disrespect towards your body…for goodness sakes, take the pill…it’s much easier than having an abortion because you’re too lazy to protect yourself!!

  10. 10
    me Says:

    Why does she feel its necessary to talk about her abortions? She obviously is a changed person now and as a Christian I know she has been forgiven….. but why tell everyone?

    As a pro lifer I agree abortion is killing!

  11. 11
    Chris Says:

    Really don’t think you should be referring to Sherri as a “baby killer.”

  12. 12
    hm Says:

    I applaud her getting her life on track, but there are things you shouldn’t say and she kind of crossed the line.

  13. 13
    LuckyL Says:

    Just Jared, you’re a f****** maniac

  14. 14
    LuckyL Says:

    elle @ 07/22/2008 at 1:41 pm

    Calling Sherri Shepherd a “baby killer” because she had abortions is completely out of line. I don’t care if the “writers” on Just Jared are pro-life; this type of judgmental writing has no place on a gossip website, written by people who earn their living dealing in smut.

    I’m done with this site.
    Let’s post this again for good measure. Peace bit**

  15. 15
    mike Says:

    This is taken from an interview in which she was asked a question and then gave an answer….it wasn’t like she voluntarily just started talking about all this…and anyways it is extremely rude to call her a baby killer whether you agree or not…that’s just totally out of line…

  16. 16
    LuckyL Says:

    It was an interview secondly, and she was coming from a bad place in her life. People are such dumb cun*ts.

  17. 17
    erin Says:

    First of all, I wouldn’t brag.

    Second, it just goes to prove how dumb she is – how many abortions do you have to have before you figure out that you should be using some sort of birth control.

  18. 18
    Rayan Says:

    Why are people saying they shouldn’t call her a baby killer ?


    Abortion is murder! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I hate when people get abortions! Let alone go telling the world you did!
    Abortion should be illegal for people 18 and up.
    If you don’t want a baby, DONT HAVE SEX, or USE PROTECTION.

    Or do the incredibly selfless act, by giving the baby up for adoption to a couple who can’t have children!

    Selfish woman she is!

  19. 19
    looser Says:

    Shame on you Sherri!! And why are you telling people?no wonder your son is slow.

  20. 20
    bejeebus Says:

    she obviously made A LOT of bad decisions….and no one needs to know about that cr@p except her. apparently, killing her babies was less of an inconvenience to her than purchasing and using birth control of some type. sorry, i just can’t feel bad and make excuses for someone who is clearly so moronic, selfish and out of control (past or present). one “mistake” can be overlooked (maybe) but to make soooo many “mistakes” that you don’t even want to count them???? she should have just keep her mouth closed. i already thought she was a dumb@ss. now i think she’s a dumb@ss piece of trash. and for those of you who think that we are being judgemental…..she put it out there for us to judge her. this isn’t about her wearing a bad outfit…this is about her causing deaths.

  21. 21
    bejeebus Says:

    oh and boo hoo to her trying to blame her actions on her cr@ppy life. that’s no reason for her not to be held accountable for the things she did. people, in general, just don’t seem to know how to accept responsibility anymore. she blames her sister, her boyfriends blah blah blah. stfu.

  22. 22
    rayt Says:

    Ugh. “baby killer”. **** off Just Jared.

  23. 23
    Quasi Says:

    Look, sticking a coat-hanger up there worked for my nan. Why not now? There’s nothing wrong with using abortion as a method of birth control.

  24. 24
    fakename Says:

    Oh, good, yet another reason to never watch that annoying show The View.

  25. 25
    p Says:

    I second elle’s sentiments. You are WAY OUT OF LINE Jared. Disgusting!

  26. 26
    AA Says:

    Regardless of who she is, it’s completely uncalled for to say she’s a baby killer. A woman should have the right of reproductive freedom. I expected more from Jared. I’m really disappointed.

  27. 27
    jam Says:

    I agree with elle’s comment above. I am also done with this site. While I am pro-choice, I respect your (apparent) position as a pro-lifer, but I do NOT respect such disrespectful, judgemental terms.

  28. 28
    bejeebus Says:

    a woman can reproduce…..a woman does not have the right to “reproductive freedom”….not in the way you seem to be implying anyway. a woman should have the right to take steps to conceive or not to conceive. anything other then prevention is selfishness or stupidity or abuse of a medical procedure. abuse of the absolute worst kind. even still, doing this once with a VERY good reason, might be understandable to many people. however, what she has done and feels no apparent shame in discussing is disgusting.

  29. 29
    OMG Says:

    What should a person be called who can make a statement that they “had more abortions than they would like to count”? Sounds like more than 2, maybe 3.

    I don’t look down on anyone who has A abortion, but at the same time I don’t look up to them. If you are at all human, it’s a horrible decision to make and it’s one you never forget, it should be life altering and not a situation you ever put yourself in again. I speak from experience.

    Sorry but I can’t stand scum who have misused and abused this right as their method for birth control. If all these abortions happened while she was a child her parents should be locked up.

    I have some other news for Sherri Shepherd, if she thinks there’s any God in this world who will forgive her, she’s extremely dilusional, ignorant and many other things, but keep drinking the Jesus Juice.

  30. 30
    china Says:

    THIS JUST JARED is out of line ….it seems they lack brains and calling someone a baby killer just because she made a choice for herself isn’t right …F**K YOU , how dare you? im a guy and I wouldn’t stand by someone callign my sister or someone in my family “baby killer” just because she had an abortion…talk about religious freaks!!! im done with this site.

  31. 31
    bejeebus Says:

    okay…i’m getting really annoyed. this doesn’t necesarily have anything to do with abortion being wrong from a religious standpoint. i’m a freaking agnostic and i feel very strongly that abortion is wrong. i’m not worried about getting some reward for good behavior after i die….i simply believe in right and wrong, having respect for life and taking responsibility for your actions…..ALL your actions. you all need to stop accusing people who don’t agree with the abuse of abortion of being jesus freaks. you seem to think that we are ignorant but it sounds like you might be the ignorant ones for trying to label all of us.

  32. 32
    Sarah L. Says:

    Darn, Jared! I was all looking forward to this “homophonic advertising” put out by Nike (interesting concept!), but it turns out that you meant “HOMOPHOBIC”. Big difference.

  33. 33
    Frida Says:

    I so agree with everyone, calling someone a baby killer for having had abortions is just disgusting. I don’t condone abortion as some sort of birth control but a woman should have the right to chose what happens to her body. And as for Rayan # 18: Accidents can happen even of you use protection and what if you got pregnant after being raped, what if your daughter got pregnant after being raped? Would you want her to go through with the pregnancy and being completely traumatized?! Not to mention people who have babies that they don’t care about at all. Better have an abortion than bring an unwanted baby into this world.

  34. 34
    Jaye Says:

    she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I remember when she said on the VIEW that she didn’t know if the world was round or flat. I’m still laughing at that one.

    She must be feeling lonely and needs the attention. She should have keep some comments to herself.

  35. 35
    COmeback 3t? Says:

    That’s so RUDE jard

  36. 36
    Zerg Says:

    Baby Killer is completely out of line and I will never look at this site again.

  37. 37
    Susan Says:

    I do not believe in abortions at all and am sad to see that Sherri Shepherd felt she had to choose that particular option. There are many many families looking to adopt a child. No matter how difficult life may be at times, abortion is not the answer.

  38. 38
    Dani Says:

    ok susan, then what about the tens of thousands of children that need to be adopted? where are the loving parents that want to adopt them?

  39. 39
    Huh Says:

    People listen UP!!!! Here is a news flash: If you had an abortion, then you killed your baby DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40
    eddie Says:

    that “baby killer” comment stinks.

    and, susan (#37), according to the right to life zealots 47 mill babies have been aborted. let me know if those many many families are willing to adopt 47 million babies because whenever i look at the state adoption pages, i’m seeing lots and lots of babies and children who are and have been waiting for a home.

  41. 41
    aeon Says:

    Jared this is way out of line. A woman choice should not be labelled “baby killer. ” Her body, her choice and her right.

    I see now where you are getting your headlines from “US Weekly.” Since when have you been sleeping with Min.

    Come on, I respect your right to post what you want on here but man this was way out of line. You are running the risk of losing your core fans for some cheap shots hits.

    Not cool Jared.

  42. 42
    Jay Says:

    I think the concept of realism seems to be lost on people who hold pro-life beliefs. Yes, ideally, the option of adoption would be the best one if you are unable to care for your child. But the fact of the matter is: finding suitable adoptive parents can be strenuous for, say, a teenage mother because they are simply not mature enough to deal with that kind of responsibility. It’s HARD. Finding adoptive parents for a child can be just as tough as raising the child because essentially the child’s future still rests in your hands, and honestly for a teenager that is a lot of pressure. Yes you can say “Well she had sex, therefore she should take responsibility” but how is that fair? Just because a girl has sex does not mean she or her child should be subjected to a potential life filled with poverty and hardship (say if they come from a lower middle class family).
    It’s easy to condemn abortion recipients but does that really get us anywhere? No, not at all. It’s really just a matter of: it’s none of your business. A woman DOES have a say in what happens to her body and you don’t. Simple as that. So while we argue the ethical merits of abortion, many girls are sitting at the clinic ready to terminate their pregnancy. Sorry.

    I have a question for Pro-Lifers. Would you prefer abortion to be illegal? Kind of an obvious question, but if you look at it, back alley abortions do occur, which can be fatal for the woman. So is that better?

    Sorry for my mini novel.

  43. 43
    Murder is murder Says:

    I don’t understand what you pro-choice people are smoking, but when you have an abortion, you are killing the pre-born human inside you. You can say you do not care that this human being is going to die because your needs are more important, but do not pretend that the heartbeat you stop isn’t human. You sound just like the slave owners who wanted to play semantics and call blacks only kinda human. Be honest. You know it’s a baby. You know it’s being murdered. You just don’t care. Even the racist founder of Planned Parenthood thought abortion was wrong. What really irritates me is when people say how these murdered babies are better off because they would have been unwanted. Notice how people who support abortion have the luxury of already being born.

    PS. 47 million babies wouldn’t have been created in the first place, if women knew they would have to carry them to term. AND most of those pregnancies were not rape related so stop the lies.

  44. 44
    Murder is murder Says:

    Hey, China, I love when men stand up and scream that women have a RIGHT to murder the inconvenient babies these men don’t want to support. Wow, you’re a real humanitarian. Maybe if you men used a condom, these women wouldn’t end up with “unwanted” babies. Oh, and how many women have abortions because the men “helped” them see how much better the abortion would be for “everyone.” You men like abortion because it allows you to treat women like whores with less concern for the consequences. I’m not impressed.

  45. 45
    Jill Says:

    You crossed a line, Jared, and you owe everyone posting on here an apology. Where do you get off calling someone a “baby killer”?

    My respect for you just dropped to zero.

  46. 46
    Kiki Says:

    I’m pro choice but it isn’t my business how many times Sherri Shepherd has abused Roe vs. Wade, a law which was passed to protect a woman so she could wisely utilize the law (along with being accountable and responsible on behalf of her sexual life). It’s this type of abuse that will, unfortunately, get the law overturned which will be a terrible day on behalf of all women.

    There is a great percentage of beautiful and classy black female Americans, however she and Whoopi are not a part of that percentage as they prove themselves progressively more tasteless with every passing day on “The View”.

    No wonder Lisa Ling didn’t stay on the show for more than three years….she is highly educated, very beautiful, and has far too much class!

  47. 47
    courtney Says:

    I believe all women in Hollywood do this. She is the only one to be honest about it.

  48. 48
    Jill Says:

    Murder is murder @ 07/22/2008 at 6:35 pm
    I don’t understand what you pro-choice people are smoking

    Well maybe you can understand this: an eleven year old girl was brought into my office by her hysterical mother. The child had been raped and impregnated by her stepfather. I discussed their options with them (adoption vs. abortion) and they elected abortion. I htink they made a wise choice. Having that baby would have destroyed that child’s life.

  49. 49
    Kiki Says:

    Regarding Britney….she’s getting a lot of attention regarding these unfortunate cigarette photos which are now everywhere on the Internet. This is a picture that occurs daily in households across America, unfortunately. Also, these little boys have been exposed to their dad (probably even pot) though we haven’t seen pictures taken through a telescopic lens into his backyard. Does this mean that Kevin and his attorney are up to no good for more money, again?

    I have never (nor dad) smoked and we quit drinking prior to our college-aged son’s conception and, yet, he smokes and drinks….go figure!

  50. 50
    Jay Says:

    To Murder is Murder – True, many unplanned pregnancies were not caused by rape. But why should women have to struggle through pregnancies, hating life, being miserable, sometimes face being rejected by their families and peers etc etc just because they made the mistake of having unprotected sex? It doesn’t make sense!

  51. 51
    Jill Says:

    bejeebus @ 07/22/2008 at 4:09 pm
    okay…i’m getting really annoyed. this doesn’t necesarily have anything to do with abortion being wrong from a religious standpoint.

    You’re right, it doesn’t. It has to do with Jared calling a this woman a “baby killer”. That is downright rude and despicable. My respect for Jared just went through the floor.

  52. 52
    victoria Says:

    Sherri has made a few tough choices but they are hers to live with. Leave her alone. WE all make tough choices and mistakes we regret and or HAVE to make because we DONT have a choice. She has found a life now, and seems happy. BUT, that, Britney. Did, you see how her son, was looking up at her as she was blowing her nicotine arsenic stick smoke in his face? Like, ” Mom, is that how you do it”. Is that why I smell all the time”? ” Why do I even have to bathe”? The minute he does, she just blows the terrible smoke all over him. Wish her dad would yank those sticks out of her hands, and throw them away. Poor kids,I guess they are better with K-fed, but who knows.

  53. 53
    lola Says:

    you know who else had like 3 abortions? Sophia Bush.

  54. 54
    Sherry sheperd sucks! Says:

    She says more than she can count. WTF didn’t she learn to use protection after the first, second, third, FOURTH time? she had the money to pay for the countless abortions but not enough for some damn birth control?

  55. 55
    itsawafer Says:

    all of you people seem to forget about not judging others. are we all so perfect we can sit on our shining thrones and damn this, that or the other person? i’m sure everyone has done something they regret. it seems that she turned her life around for the better. as for some of you saying jesus or god will not forgive her? how dare you!

  56. 56
    kat Says:

    Sherri Shepherd is a baby killer

    That is a REALLY gross headline. I’m disappointed to see it on this site.

  57. 57
    Jan Says:

    Sherri just KILLED HER CAREER by saying Barbara Walters needs to be saved. The View will fire her soon.

  58. 58
    kristen Says:

    hahahaha baby killer

  59. 59
    cat Says:

    i won’t ever be back to this site. done. i suggest anyone that is prochoice to make a stand and do the same. i am also going to email the sites that link to this site and suggest that they do the same.

  60. 60
    cat Says:

    i won’t ever be back to this site. done. i suggest anyone that is prochoice to make a stand and do the same. i am also going to email the sites that link to this site and suggest that they do the same.

  61. 61
    josie Says:

    Well, I have never killed anyone….let alone a baby…let alone multiple babies….so YEAH, I can throw as many rocks as I want at this nasty woman.

  62. 62
    OMG Says:

    For the person who wrote about the girl who was raped and her mother bringing her to your office, discussed it and decided to get an abortion is why I will fight for abortion rights and always be pro-choice. I will also condemn anyone who abuses that right and uses it as a form of birth control.

    If you’re going to have a writing campaign it should be to remove Sherry Shepherd from The View. What’s the lesson she’s teaching women, you can make mistakes, have multiple abortions but as long as you believe in God and ask for forgiveness it’s all Ok?
    I can’t stand people who use religion as their get out of jail free card. I beleive in God, I also own my mistakes.

    Wake up and grow up, having an abortion is ending a life; it’s the termination of a pregnancy. I speak from personal experience and can say I ended a life, not something I’m proud of, but I can own what I did and my right to do it and I know it was the right thing for me to do.

    I don’t get why people are so mad at Just Jared and not Sherry Shepherd.

  63. 63
    EricaNOW Says:

    I hate sl*ts who abort babies. KEEP YOUR NASTY LEGS CLOSED OR USE MULTIPLE FORMS OF BIRTH CONTROL (Condoms, Depo Provera, birth control pills, spermicide, etc)!!!

  64. 64
    Lyn Says:

    Most women will not talk about an abortion even to their best girlfriend, that is a very private matter and you pray about it. I think she is lying about her having many. I thought the Dr will not do it if you have done three already, they will send you to a counselor.

  65. 65
    eddie Says:

    she said she had MORE ABORTIONS THAN SHE CARES TO COUNT, not more than she can count. that could mean she had ONE.

    btw, guess what christians, that’s what divine forgiveness is all about. get over your rabid selves.

  66. 66
    Laddie Says:

    Ummmmm……what part of the “S” at the end of “abortionS” did you miss? That “s” makes it PLURAL…..which means more than one. You’re an idiot.

  67. 67
    OMG Says:

    She clarified her statement (google it) and said she didn’t mean to be flip about having MULTIPLE abortions. Her words, not mine, she’s a pig.

  68. 68
    kentucky Says:

    I am furious. We should not only boycott The View but also other ABC shows, esp The Evening News since they are first in the ratings

  69. 69
    kentucky Says:

    P.S. She as much as admitted that she thinks that she aborted babies, not blobs when she said she would see all her babies in heaven. I pity her for the penance she’s facing.

  70. 70
    Nela Says:

    I hope those babies she’s expecting to see in heaven kick her right in her fat ignorant sl*t @ss!

  71. 71
    blah Says:

    baby killer, no, more like serial baby killer

  72. 72
    sick Says:

    baby killer,jared? that’s disgusting of you.

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