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Ioan Gruffudd is Tony Blair

Ioan Gruffudd is Tony Blair

Fantastic star Ioan Gruffudd waits for his car after dining at Nobu restaurant in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

In the upcoming film W, the 34-year-old Welsh actor will play former British prime minister Tony Blair (he served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007).

W is based on the life and presidency of George W. Bush. It is directed by Oliver Stone and stars Josh Brolin as George W. Bush.

10+ pictures inside of Ioan Gruffudd next to Nobu…

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ioan gruffudd tony blair w 01
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 02
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 03
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 04
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 05
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 06
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 07
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 08
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 09
ioan gruffudd tony blair w 10

Photos: Ticket/WENN
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  • hmm

    I have no idea who this guy is, but I guess he’s cute. However, he needs to learn how to dress, his jacket is way long and his pants look too big for him… I’ll not touch on the shirt/tie combo :/ He shouldn’t skipped Nobu, and went clothes shopping instead.

  • lyndsayy.

    who the heck is this guy?

  • jelena

    ohh, I love him! he’s hot!

  • Gaby

    tony blair, never was hot like that.

  • lisa

    He’s from the Fantastic Four films
    I just can’t believe they are making a film about George W Bush, what a load of crap

  • Paula

    oohh I love him!:D

  • gina

    He’s not very nice though.

  • Orange Clockwork

    That movie is going to be a straight mess.

  • jrfan

    I love Iaon. He was ADORABLE in the Horatio Hornblower movies. I don’t know about how this movie will turn out though…

  • victoria

    10th!!!! Who is this guy? I have never heard of him. And Number#7, why isn’t he nice? What did he do, or what does he do? The scoop please.

  • Bre

    :DD IOAN!! Can’t wait! *does a dance* Ioan in a movie about our stupid prez :DD

  • Anon

    He’s a really good actor. About threee years ago, I saw a movie on Cable of his called Solomon and Gaynor and he was just amazing in it. It was a very, very sad movie, but definitely worth seeing.

  • madonna


  • Chickie

    Ioan Griffuld is Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. He was in the “Justice League Movies” and Horatio Hornblower. He is a gorgeous man. He made a heavenly Lancelot in the King Arthur movie of 2004.

    Gina, why is he considered ‘not nice’? Any info babydoll?

  • T

    didnt he shut down his site because folks diss his gf?

  • Nicolette.

    Thanks very much for those several pics of Ioan!!!!
    He is my favorite. :)

  • KatKat

    OMg! I luv Ioan Gruffudd!!! I might check out the movie just cuz of him!!! ;)

  • avril

    you should get a copy of “King Arthur”, the keira knightley+clive owen+ ioan gruffudd version. ioan is probably the best lancelot ever in the arthur stories. pity he doesnt look like lancelot in real life. i mean, with a beard.

  • CA

    He is super nice. I have met him and spent time with him last year. He is a great guy who adores his wife. Yes, he did shut down his fan site because people were writing incredibly cruel things about his then fiancee on there. Wouldn’t you want your man to stand up for you and defend you if people were saying horrible things about you? Keep in mind, he was funding the site out of his pocket. So, he pulled his funding. I think that is fair, when the forum becomes all about bashing your wife-to-be. Bunch of jealous, catty women, if you ask me. Good for him! He was a true gentleman to my friend and I when we met, and he adores his wife. My husband and I have kept in touch with him and he has been generous enough to contribute to a charity event we are organizing. We are traveling to LA in a few weeks and hope to meet up with him and his wife for drinks.
    I do have to agree with the shirt/tie combo not being the best, however, but as for character, he is a really nice guy.

  • O.M.G.


  • lexie

    What happened to this guy. I recall ages ago he was once sort of cute. But he has faded in the looks department as well as the fame dept. Oh well.

  • lexie

    OMG – I just got a good look at his outfit. Mom jeans with an ill fitted inproper colored wrinkled mess. What a jerk off – buy a full length mirrror.

  • cnuchiwr

    Dear CA #19:

    You only met the guy last year. I do hope you get to have drinks with him. Maybe under the influence you can get the truth out of him. Hah, fat chance. Beware, he and she can drink Simon Cowell under the table.
    The FACTS are that there was absolutely nothing cruel written about his wife on that site that he now tells everyone he funded — not from the start he didn’t. fund it. Nothing was EVER allowed on there that insulted her. You know what got her knickers knotted? A comparison of her movies. She got on there and accused someone of posting comments on a TOTALLY DIFFERENT SITE. IOAN himself made her sound like a shrew on the Craig Ferguson show. You can watch the vid. When he says she screamed, “I HATE YOU! YOU’RE SO BORING!” the audience gasps. When people commented about that she got her claws sharpened and went to town.
    Yes, he had every right to pull the funding, but he could have done it without calling ALL his fans “despicable and vitriolic”. It could have been done with a “thank you but we’re closing now.” No… AND he only funded the site from his 1st Fantastic Four movie onward, a total of TWO YEARS when the previous SEVEN YEARS the fans had all chipped in. THE FANS made that site awesome with loads of pics and videos they all culled and posted from his obscure really good stuff like Solomon & Gaenor and Another Life and Very Annie Mary… but he never once thanked them for all the good PR they did for him. Are we bitter? You bet your ass–and it has nothing to do with being jealous of his wife. It has to do with ethics. You people who come in late and think he’s all so wonderful because you drank with him or he sends you stuff because no one wants to buy any of it on eBay have no clue of just what he destroyed, Talk to people who followed him from the start and supported him and got his name out there and copied hundreds of tapes from UK PAL to US VHS so people all over could see his work in The Gathering and Forsythe Saga and Man & Boy and Pobol Y Cwm and Love in the 21st Century — and ask HIM to show you the thank you posts he made — What??? There are none?? Hell no! But he’s such a nice guy!! Yeah, right. He lied about the site for two years, kept his involvement totally secret, deliberately lied about ever going on there, and never once thanked his fans for the support when they voted him up in People for Sexy Import or showed up at The Disney Store for that stupid dog movie that sucked but we went to show everyone he had fans. We went to premieres and appearances all over the world to show the suits that he had a following and could be bankable and what thanks does he give us? He LIES to us and calls us all despicable and then destroys the site we had built for him from 11 members in 1999 to over 1000 when he started funding it in 2005. By the end there were over 1400 members on that site, who are now all labeled as “jealous, catty women”– your words. Really? All of us? You have no idea of the community he destroyed, what he nuked into oblivion “all for the sake of his lady love”. THAT’S what pisses us off. All the work and yes, love, we poured into that site for seven years never knowing he started funding it the last two because he told the webmistress to keep it all secret. That site had become our home, our meeting place to talk about our lives and our kids and how we loved Hornblower and did you see Jamie Bamber’s new movie and how about Robert Lindsay’s funny turn as a dentist on BBC and how are your college classes going… Destroying THAT was what hurt and all you newbies have no clue at all at what a two-faced ungrateful man he has become since he met and fell in love with his wonderful wife while she was living with a Picasso heir. Those are the facts, you can read about it in her interviews from 2001. Oh no, that’s right, he destroyed the archive files on the site… oh well, I’m sure he meant it in a nice way.

  • spylite

    In response to #23 – that poster is 100% accurate in their description of Ioan and the events that lead to the demise of his website. No one on IOL – NO ONE- was ever cruel, mean or anything like that. It was the most benign vanilla fun site with great members who supported him at ever step. Even further – these fans helped nurture his fledgling career. Not once – never once did he ever thank his fans. OK – he had to support that albatross around his neck cyber stalker wife. I commend him but….he cut his nose off to spite his face with that horrible letter to his fans – the one and only communication in 10 years.. He and his wife made very serious and very false accusations against innocent people that truly loved him. As for his fans being jealous ugly cows – they are published authors, actresses, high level executive, doctors, rich house wives, loving parent, creative thinkers, productive people – everything Alice is not. She is actually the jealous one. He really hurt alot of people. Unfortunately for Ioan the worm did turn… welcome to obscurity Ioan – you belong there.

  • toast

    Thanks for elaborating and explaining, cnuchiwr and spylite. Many people know that Ioan’s wife has been posting on the Internet Movie database boards for a long time and attacking not just Ioan’s fans but she has even gone so far as to insult Ioan on at least one occasion. If anyone is catty and cruel, it is Ioan’s wife

  • susanna

    Wow that’s really terrible!@#@!!

    Ioan’s a beautiful man and a terrific talent, and this just shows what history has recorded so many times already: that lots of fabulous, talented guys marry the most undeserving wretches for God knows what reason, maybe some kind of subconscious self-destructiveness, and from there onward it becomes a path straight down the abyss.

    Maybe he’ll wisen up and divorce her before its too late, but somehow I doubt it; and even if he were to, she’d almost certainly make his post-marital life a pure Hell, alimony and all.

    I haven’t seen his latest movies but I did see “King Arthur” lately and I agree, Ioan is DEFINITELY the BEST Lancelot there ever was. It’s a pity Antoine Fuqua killed him off at the end. A sequel would have been fabulous. Oh well. :–\

  • Lex

    All this ass wanted was to be famous. Well it all backfired. His is merely an obscure euro wanna be. We had to endure years of hideous mugging for the camera at D list events and then of course His Dear John letter to his loyal fans.

    He lost his charm and his talent and looks. Alice – he is all yours. What a huge disappointment.

  • http://AnnaLynneMcCord,oopselPezn AnnaLynne McCord

    So fun!!!

  • Miley cyrus

    Who is ioan??

  • allie

    Alice and Ioan and classless talented losers who deserved each other.

  • Yoneko

    Wow, I must admit I am a “newbie” to all of this rage and anger from Ioan Gruffud’s fans that stuck by him in his earlier years. Although I have seen very few of Ioan’s films (i.e. Horatio Hornblower, King Arthur and Fantastic 4), I think he’s a GREAT actor, and I also agree with some other people’s comments on the best version of “King Arthur” ever created, but I too really wished they didn’t kill off “Lancelot” in the end. I would have enjoyed a sequel or something else. In all honesty, I really don’t know what happened on Ioan’s website, but can understand the anger and hurt that stemmed from it by reading some of your input. As for his wife, Alice, I don’t know her from any other movie roles except 102 Dalmatians, but they did create a beautiful baby girl together – that should account for something. I was shocked to read about some of the things Alice did in the past on the site which in turn caused a lot of hurt from it, and in the end, I agree that Ioan’s loyal fans should have been acknowledged and given the respect they deserved when the site was closed. I’m not too much of an internet junkie but I wished I knew about his site years ago because I too would’ve liked to be a part of it. All in all I still think Ioan is a handsome man and it wouldn’t matter to me what he wore. Whether his jacket is too long or his pants too big – doesn’t matter. He would still be HOT. I’m still looking forward to seeing Ioan in the future – hopefully the NEAR future, but I fear with his new baby, he may not be working for a while – BUMMER! Maybe he can live happily ever after instead of being killed off. LOL! :0)

  • Krystal

    I have read many horrible things about his wife even on some message boards now. A lot of those so called fans are very nasty and disrespectful to his wife. Love her or hate her, he has chosen her and that’s his business. Those crazy women should have left his wife alone.