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Rolling Stone: Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez are a Couple

Rolling Stone: Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez are a Couple

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and fellow Disney sensation Selena Gomez have been outed as a couple in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

“All I can think about is THE PICTURE,” Rolling Stone deputy editor Jason Gay writes. “What could it possibly be? Why would the Disney handler want to delete it? Was it Nick making out with a girl?”

Gay makes his discovery towards the end of the article: “Later that night, I’m finally able to see the photograph. It’s a picture of Nick, Joe, Kevin and yes, a beautiful young brunette in a scarlet-red top. Nick has his arm around the girl’s back, and the girl’s arm is wrapped around his. Her name is Selena Gomez, she’s Demi Lovato‘s best friend and a big new Disney star. The genuine affection in the photo is obvious…”

The much-hyped picture, which is published in the mag, shows Nick, 15, hugging Selena, who just turned 16 yesterday. The photo caption reads: “MOUSE MAGIC: Seconds before a show, Nick gets a hug from Selena Gomez, another Disney star, as Kevin, Joe and bodyguard Big Rob look on.”

P.S. The picture here is Photoshopped but the one in the mag is not!

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  • Danielle

    yeh ill be happy if there really going out they look cute together!!

  • Alyssa

    Nick is a JERK and apparently a PLAYER. Didn’t he cheat on miley cyrus? What a jackass.

    Can these no-talent fags disappear? I don’t even know one of their songs.

  • Demi Lovato Fan!!!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Please let them be a couple!!!! They r so cute!!!


    aww how cute!

    watch out zanessa…


  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    She’s a wannabe.
    I like MILEY better than her.

  • Eyda

    she is sooo cuteee

  • Hayley -x

    I do love Nick…….but atleast its not Miley
    I suppose I could learn to love it lol

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    I’m sure he’ll do better with Selena than Miley =).

  • Nickjonasfan4life

    WAYYY cuter couple than Miley and him. Selena is wayy prettier and she and nick deserve each other. that kills me to say because i’m in love with Nick

  • leah

    you need to get your facts straight.
    they are not a couple.
    both nick and selena have said that they are just friends.
    only true jonas brothers fans would know that. :)

  • leah

    you need to get your facts straight.
    they are not a couple.
    both nick and selena have said that they are just friends.
    only true jonas brothers fans would know that. :)

  • girl

    If you mean that no talent shit Miley Cyrus to go away, I completely agree. I think the Jonas Brothers have more talent in their fingernails than her and I don’t even like them. They’re too teenybopper for me. Selena is a better catch also, she’s has a lot more beauty than Miley could ever have.

  • Zanessa4ever

    im not the biggest Selena Fan mostly cos i feel lik she is tring 2 b the next miley but really I cant belive this if I dont c a pic that is not photoshopped.But dont get me wrong I luv this website and most of the things they say i will belive but idk if i can belive this without having a little bit more proof.

  • shelby


  • Eve

    Aww, They looks so cute together, she is gorgerous and he is a cute guy ! <3

  • oh_no

    holy crap.
    nick & miley would make a nice couple…but…whatever…i like the jonas brothers (i.e. their music) and the fact that nick & selena are (maybe) dating doesn’t affect my opinion.

  • jo

    Publicity Stunt!

  • .

    they are not a couple y r u spreading this rumor jj???? they have said it numerous timesss!!!

  • Jonas Fan


    this is the original picture:

    god people are so stupid to believe this crap. And no nick did not cheat on miley whoever said that. Honestly we dont know anything about their relationships so dont start guessing because thats how rumors start!

    Nick and selena are NOT dating

  • Alyssa

    #15 (girl)-

    No, I meant the fags..the Jonas Brothers. They’re so gay and have no talent. I wouldn’t say I’m a Miley fan..but some of her songs are more tolerable than the Fagbros. Atleast that girl paved her own way and got to where she is today with no help. The Fagbros had to have Miley’s help..since she took them on tour and then they got big. These boys suck and are NOT rock and roll.

    I wonder who this player will cheat with next. Probably someone uglier since he seems to be going downhill with his choices.

  • jo

    so miley is nick’s ex? and now he’s with her??

  • x-phile

    weird photoshop night-vision picture

  • jack

    #22 you’re a stereotypical jonas brothers fan arent you? JJ SAID the picture is photoshopped, you ignorant 10 year old.

  • Carolina – brazil O/

    Nick and Selena are so cuet *-*’


  • Samantha Jonas

    OMJ!!! They better not be dating! I like Selena but Nick is my husband and I will have a heart attack if this is true!!!

  • mike


  • ari


    they totally aren’t dating..
    unless nick says so =]

  • lalalalala

    first off… do any of yous know what really happend. yeahh

  • zacluva

    yay! thats soo cute.

  • mileyray

    he had SEX with miley CYRUS

    i know it for a fact

  • Demi Lovato is my inspiration

    where is the pic need to see it!?!

  • ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥

    OMG…i hope they are…they would make such a cute couple!!!


  • name

    they’re not a couple in a magazine they both denied it

  • Heather

    ya I agree, they both have said straight up that they were just friends.

    With Miley, he wouldnt say anything, only that they would “see where things go,” implying there was something going on…

    Rolling Stones just trying to sell a few more copies with Jonas Fans that want to see if this is true or not, when we already know its not.

    Don’t get me wrong, I will still buy the issue; those pics of the boys are smoken! But I defiantly don’t believe everything I hear.

  • Ylenia

    It can not be true! They are really leaving?
    if you know where are together really tell me in agregadme. I prefer to Miley,
    and not Selena with Nick

    - Ylenia

  • Helena

    Rolling Stone has truly gone downhill if they consider this a credible story.

  • ashlee

    there cute together she’s so much better than miley.

  • Noelle

    I don’t know if a picture means they’re dating…but they would be a very cute couple. I love Selena.

  • girl

    MILEY did not get big on her own. As I recall, she has a father named Billy Ray Cyrus?? Having a daddy in the business doesn’t help her at all is what you’re saying? Well I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. It does help.

    I’m not even defending the Jonas Hos because I don’t like them either but you have to admit that when you come from the Disney channel it gives you your popularity. Disney wh*res out these no talent whack jobs and that’s how they become so popular.

  • ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥

    So….when can we see the pic?!?!

  • ♥ZanessaFan4Lyfe♥

    So….when can we see the pic?!?!

  • stepho metho

    one word: photoshopped. that picture is so fake, and nick deserves so much better than selena. she is nasty, and is so fake.

  • Haley

    Oh my goodness, I feel like STDs is preparing to spread amongst these tween stars. These relationships almost look like a younger version of Cameron Diaz – Paul Sculfor – Jennifer Aniston – John Mayer. Jesus!

  • Mandy

    Miley deserves better than Nick, if he is gonna be a jerk and treat her like that because of the JBs psycho and insane fans, then be it, I’m a big JB fan but he is a jerk with girls, poor Selena, she is not gonna last too long with him….
    But dude she is ugly, sorry.
    She is such a wannabe, rofl.

  • camila

    they are not a cute couple beacase nick is mine!!

  • Stellie

    Nie widać, zbytnio, żeby Nick był zadowolony… Ale ślicznie wyglądają ;]

  • http://nickjonasfan camila

    they can´t be a couple she is sooooo ugly!!!!!

  • londonfog

    Jonas Fan this pic is photoshopped, it even says so BUT im guessin the one in the mag isnt!

    also if they ARE dating, they look adorbale together…

  • gabriela – brazil (2)

    well, i like selena. i prefer nelena to niley.