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Rachel Bilson is a Wet Pinkberry

Rachel Bilson is a Wet Pinkberry

Rachel Bilson is spotted with her younger sister, Hattie, after getting drenched in water in LA on Tuesday.

The pair had some fun going to Pinkberry in Studio City, and later, Rachel‘s white T-shirt was soaking wet and sticking to her! Rachel tried covering up, but her top was already too wet.

Earlier that day, Rachel grabbed lunch at the Mustard Seed Cafe in Griffith Park.

10+ more pics of Rachel Bilson as a wet pinkberry…

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rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 01
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 02
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 03
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 04
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 05
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 06
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 07
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 08
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 09
rachel bilson hattie pinkberry 10

Photos: Famepictures, JFXOnline
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  • kessy

    lol. She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video at **:::M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m:::** that is a celebrity da ting sit e for wealt hy or sexy singles. She is really hot with bikini in that video. You will know how passionate it is after seening it!

  • tina

    love the vest and bag!

  • Ally

    OK, repeat after me : not wet, burn-out white fabric!! Why would have she been wet ? Hattie isn’t and it’s only Rachel’s shirt that looks wet. It’s a burn out tee, the fabric does look that way!

  • rachel

    uhh first? anyway that’s sweet ( i mean the sister thing) not wet tshirt

  • alison

    Rachel and Hayden are very serious about their relationship. They found each other.

    You see, Natalie Portman would not date him, Sienna Miller used him and dumped him. Rachel being a dumpee herself now warships him, she is dying to get married and kisses the ground he walks on.

    Hayden, after bad experiences finally got what he wanted, a girl who is crazy about him, that is all he needs. He settled for her devotion. I do not think it is possible to love someone as stupid as Bilson, especially after you have been exposed to someone as Beautiful, Bright and Talented as Natalie and Beautiful and Exciting as Sienna.

    Face it, he could not get these girls so he settled for Bilson in despair.

  • maria

    I agree with you 100%, alison.

  • alison

    By the way Bilson and Hayden have a lot in common, they both work in the same films and both get bad reviews. Hayden of course plays more versatile and complex characters where is Bilson can not even play a girlfriend, she is too primitive, but Hayden definitely settled for a safe relationship. He is tired of rejection. She defends him no matter what.

  • haydenlover

    Thx for the laugh.

  • newport beach, 92660

    That’s really cute. although the shirt part isn’t really cute :P

  • fg

    she’s a sweetie.

    and alison, a lot of men would take rachel over skanky sienna, trust me.

  • Jaime

    love rachel!

    sienna is just….nasty…don’t like her…

  • kkcc

    she used to be so cute but she is so blah nowadays

  • Katie

    So this is it, isn’t it?
    This is the extent of your Rachel news
    Day after day, pictures of her shopping and eating, shopping and eating, with occasional vague references of Hayden.
    Hope her PR people are getting paid loads, they are doing a sensational job of making her appear to be popular.
    Doing her ego wonders no doubt.

  • Frankie

    I could almost give you a day by day account of her week.
    Taking sister out,
    wearing “H” necklace while shopping,
    girl has become so predictable, I can’t believe this is the same person that I used to love from the OC, she’s turned into Mischa.

  • real world

    hayden is not serious about rachel .do you seen hayden these pics ?aathe pis are about rachel and her little sister.rachel was seen earlier with another guy .hayden do not need a girl to make him happy.His parents taught him that .how long do you think natalie going to be with her new boyfriend.every year she have new one.all the guys you people seen rachel with you still think she’s with hayden.she not wiiing to give up her freedom yet .she looking for a really rich to take care of katie holmes ‘s husband leave hayden alone.If hayden didn’t didnit go to new york and won’t take her out lile other guys on tv .he’s nother man .Maybe he should brought out the mystery man with her and her little sister .Next pis should be taken her and mystery man together . like she did in new york.

  • real world

    Also hayden is too smart for her .he needs a smart girl .Don”t sell him out like that.

  • leb

    where did she get her bag from????

  • Neo

    @ Alison, first thing, calling Rachel stupid is ignorant, and second though i like Natalie, look who she’s dating, and they say Hayden looks like Jesus, thirdly, SIenna’s a skank, exciting, oh please, she goes from man to man, bed to bed, boat to boat, and a total homewrecker, which fits her perfectly because she puts the ho in homewrecker.

  • alison

    @ Neo
    Yes, Hayden is better looking than Devendra, but Devendra is known for his talent and brains and Hayden is known for his looks. Considering Devendra’s talent, he is more attractive than just good looking Hayden.

    Yes, Sienna is a crazy slot, but Hayden would wish she could give him his heart and become his girl and come the hell down. He would also give his live and all his money to have Natalie.

  • Eve

    Shes gorgeous! so cute, I so want OC to start again!<33

  • Neo

    @ Alison, Devendra who?!, until he started dated Natalie, nobody’s ever heard of the guy, and I think Hayden is known more than for his looks, if he was just known for his looks he’d be a model. He can act for those who find it hard to believe, he was nominated for a SAG and GG for LIfe as a House and he did wonderful work in Shattered Glass. How can you its possible to love someone like Rachel after being exposed to Natalie or Sienna. That is so narrowminded! Do Natalie and Sienna grade that much higher than Rachel? Natalie’s movies lately have stunk the joint out, The Other Boleyn Girl, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Hotel Chevalier, Goya’s Ghosts (wth were those), V for Vendetta. As for Sienna, the best thing Hayden can do is stay the hell away from that ****. And I doubt very much he’d give his life and money to be with Natalie, or give his heart to Sienna the HOmewrecker. That would be a bit much don’t you think!

  • alison

    @ Neo

    Plenty of people know Devendra for his talent, and yes a lot more know Hayden for his horrible performances in Star Wars. As far as Bilson, she will never, ever come close to Natalie Portman and her level and quality of work, NEVER. And Hayden is not an idiot, he would rather be with Natalie than Bilson, there is just no comparison, and you know it.

  • Rach
  • Neo

    @ Alison, plenty = 2 maybe 3, first you say Hayden is known more for his looks then you say he’s known for Star Wars, please be consistent *roll eyes*. Rachel has just started making movies so I think Natalie has a bit of a head start and just for the record, the Oscar count for both of them is zero. And I noticed you didn’t mention Skienna, I knew you couldn’t defend her very long, haha. How do you know that he’d rather be with Natalie than Rachel, I doubt that very much right now, and unless you ask Hayden directly, you don’t know that!

  • **

    People should get the f*ck off the Hayden/Natalie thing, there is no proof that they even have seen each other since Star Wars ended. F*cking ridiculous to claim he give up everything to be with her. Unless you know him personally and know his feelings, you don’t know sh*t.

  • alison

    I do know, and you are pissed angry because you know too.

  • ll

    “Beautiful and Exciting as Sienna”


    and of course by that you mean sl*t, wh*re, and homewrecker

  • **

    @ 26
    nope sorry lady, not my style to pretend I know how some guy that I’ve never met “feels”
    I’ll leave the guessing and psychic abilities to you

  • alison

    this is on the preschool rachel bilson lever, i can not argue with limited brains, but you know that i am right and it is driving you mad

  • sunny

    anakin would gave his life and all the stars in the universe for padme

    but i doubt hayden would do that for nathalie

  • Neo

    @ Alison, your jedi mind tricks won’t work here

  • alison

    You know as well as I do that Hayden will never get over Natalie and may be even Sienna, although she hurt him. What is obvious is obvious knowing him and these girls and every smart person in mid 20s agrees with me. You must be 5.

  • WIshfulone

    I love her pocket burnout shirt. It’s so cute. Where can I get it? and yes, it’s not wet. omg…. it’s a style. a popular one, in fact.

  • sunny

    heartaches are parts of growing up, hayden for sure is a grown up

    man and knows what is best for him

  • !!Beck!!


    OH I FORGOT! She CAN NOT ACT, and she’ll never be on the A-list. what is so special about her? Nothing. wow she is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, thats not gonna put her in Vogue. she a int sh!t in my book!

  • wasteoid

    The shirt is meant to look wet, she isn’t wet, the rest of her clothing isn’t wet, it’s just a teeshirt. And I don’t understand why anyone would want to wear a teeshirt that looked soaking wet who wasn’t a ‘ho, esp. with a plainly visible black bra underneath. It’s just tasteless. I see she’s using Hattie as a prop again. Hattie looks thrilled to death about it too, although Rachel is always delighted to be photographed like the media b*tch she is. Hard to believe she has a following, given that she has no acting talent and very little in the style/design area.

  • miss zanessa

    aWw hoW sWeeT!!! ^^
    shE´s a vErY gOod bIg sistER. shE´ll bE a grEat mOm ^^

    rAchEl biIlsOn is OnE of mY fAvOritE actReSs
    i lOvE hEr in thE O.C ^^ anD lovE hEr FashIon stYlE (shE reAlly lOvEs thAt grEen sHadEs hUh??)
    shE lOoks liKE a vErY sWeeT anD doWn tO eArTh giRl
    I can´t bElivE shE´s 26/27 O_o!!! shE lOoks lIkE a swEet 16 yEars Old

    i wOndER whY hER shiRt is wEt??
    i kInDa lOok lIkE hattiE when i WAs yoUngER
    (shE´s cUtE with THis slEepY FAcE)

    anD lasT I thinK rachEl & haYden makE a grEat cOuplE, buT i lOvED whEn rachEl wAs datttinG wiTH adAm… ^^ thEy wErE sO adOrablE tOgethER

  • Carrie

    Oh look more pictures of this lollipop head doing the same shit she does everyday…shop, eat, shop, eat, and shop some more. How boring… Wake us up when this dumb tawt does something important with her life which will probably be like never.

    Boy her publicity team is doing a great job wasting their money paying the paps and Jared in order to promote this no talent wannabe.

  • mary

    Iove her style

  • anna

    Rachel and Hattie so cute

  • lucy242

    This article mentions Rachel’s “hubby” Hayden Christensen. Do they know something we don’t know?…

  • The Fact’s!

    Dear Lucy242,

    Your such a daydreamer!
    Look in the dictionary of defination of Hubby/Husband: A person with whom one is united in a monogamous relationship. This means two people that are in a relationship and not seeing anyone else.
    The article is assuming they are an item. Who cares anyway?

    They arn’t married!! Jesus! If she is wearing an “H” necklace even though she claimed it was for “Hattie” and we know she wears it for Hayden. Don’t you think if Hayden and her got married she would want to be showing off her wedding ring or in her case her rock on her finger for the whole world to see? Oh! The paparazzi would have got a pic of them eloping or we would have heard about it.

    You people are so laughable! :roll: :lol:

  • r-b-l

    I Love rachel! Haters go away! pffffffffff

  • nothingbuttruth

    Well – Rachel is tiny and talentless….she is the new Susan Lucci, destined for daytime TV. Hayden, though not a stellar actor, is versatile, and not typecast like his short little midget. I have read interviews and he is actually VERY intelligent, quietly intellectual. SHE ont eh other hand, is all fluff. And yes, he is heady with the obsession she has for him – but it wont last, at least I HOPE Hayden will do better for himself than a bit actress who is a midget.