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Angelina Jolie Twins Conceived Through In Vitro?

Angelina Jolie Twins Conceived Through In Vitro?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt turned to fertility treatments to conceive twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, reports Us Weekly.

“They conceived through in vitro fertilization,” a source tells the mag. “They both desperately wanted more babies soon.”

Apparently the chance of having fraternal twins at Angelina‘s age (33) naturally is under 1 percent; with in vitro, the chances are 25 percent.

Continues the source, “[Angie did it so] she wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant. She could just knock it out.”

FYI: In vitro fertilization costs around $12,000 per procedure.

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594 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Twins Conceived Through In Vitro?”

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  1. 576
    oH YEAH Says:

    handsomedude @ 07/27/2008 at 12:07 pm

    Oh yeah and you’re a real man “roll-eyes” . If you are a man as your name implies you’re a LAME GAY posting on a thread that is soooo not for a dude like you pretend to be. Grow up sistah own a real gender name and stop hiding as a brokeback mountain man. You’re sooo BRAINDEAD!!!

  2. 577
    OH DUhh Says:

    peace @ 07/27/2008 at 10:58 am # 481 OH DUhh @ 07/26/2008 at 3:23 am 455 peace @ 07/25/2008 at 4:35 pm

    For a fan fiction writer you suck… Maybe you ought to go view some fan fic from FEMALEFIRST they are good at writing fiction as news.


    listen girly it was all in fun, I did not mean any harm to you, your loved ones or your idols. LIGHTEN UP and that goes to the rest of you who made it into a BAD COMMENT. I just thought of zee when that happened and that would have been different but acceptable so go pick on someone else.

    Duhh stop pretending just for fun .. coz you are a LIAR.. if it was for fan you shouldn’t have changed the name of the father to Brad Pitt.. stupid hater.

  3. 578
    peace Says:

    OH DUhh @ 07/29/2008 at 7:13 am …………………..this is a good name for you

    you fagg*t

  4. 579
    Passing Through Says:

    # 2433 Jill @ 07/29/2008 at 2:43 am

    Saw The Dark Knight in IMAX this evening. I was underwhelmed.


    Join the club. I saw it in a regular theater and was underwhelmed. That movie would have been a lot better if they hadn’t thrown in everything and the kitchen sink. Chop 30 minutes off that sucker and it would have been a much better flick. I hate to say it because Aaron Eckhart was one of my favorite parts of the movie, but they could have left out the transformation of Harvey Dent into Two-Face and saved that for the 3rd installment. They should have used this movie to build up to the tragedy that ruined half of Harvey’s face and picked up the third installment there. Instead that last 30 minutes they threw in everything they could think of.

    BTW – please, don’t anyone bother to say there were spoilers in what I just wrote because there aren’t. The Batman lore has been around for about 50 years. If you didn’t know Harvey Dent turned into Two-Face, then you must have lived your childhood in a vacuum.

  5. 580
    Katherin Says:

    I love the way everyone here tells you to mind your own business if they don’t like what you have written. Just whose business do they think they are minding? Sure plenty of people have stayed in the same place all their lives and been screwed up, there are lots of ways to be screwed up. I just read an article by Barak Obama talking about how he was shuttled from place to place and wants so badly to give his kids a stable homelife and roots. However, to be fair, maybe the fact that they are getting so many children is a good thing because they will always have lots of companions no matter where they are.

  6. 581
    anonononono Says:

    peace @ 07/29/2008 at 9:40 am

    Peace, there is nothing at peace or peaceful about any of your comments. Frankly, they are mostly rude and hostile.

  7. 582
    bambamswife Says:


  8. 583
    someone with a brain Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe the people who actually thinks IVF is *LESS STRESSFUL*.

    Has anyone bothered to look up how many doctors visits are involved? How much extra stress?
    how much testing you have to go through beforehand?
    How many drugs they put you on to make you a weeping mess?

    Get a brain people!

  9. 584
    rs from IL Says:

    for one it’s too bad that brad won’t stand up and be a man and marry angelina. it’s appaling that they would go on to raise their beautiful children this way and purposefully bring more little beauties into the mix of things without the convenant and necessary comittment of marriage. it’s one thing to get together, have sex etc. and get pregnant…but to do this on purpose and to grow their family on purpose?

    i wondered about them with invitro and all the stars actually. they have $ at their disposal and are free to just write a check and have chidlren etc.

    the babies are beautiful and all babies are a blessing, it’s just sad what they are teaching their children about relationships, love, and how to go about things.

    i wish them the best and hope that A get’s what she truly desires: a man who will love her and comitt to her. I mean sheesh, how many babies does she have to have for him to understand that she loves him?

    and another point: are these babies really wanted or are they part of A’s sad little plan to keep Brad around.

    ughh..this is just so frustrating!

  10. 585
    gena Says:

    Angie is on the cover of “Eve” magazine. I was at Barnes & Noble looking at mags and I can spoke her eyes a mile off. Went over, pulled the mag and there she is looking beautiful. She is in a really pretty beige or mauve type dress. Have not seen her in this dress. The interview was done when she was in Cannes. The interviewer was Marianne Gray and the photos were taken by Lorenzo Agius. He did a great job, she looks so young and beautiful. Will try to scan the pics at work on Monday. She says things that we have heard before in other interviews. She said that she reminded Angelina that last time they met, they were staying at the same hotel and she bumped into her and Brad in the lift. Angie was not pregnant then and Brad and Angie was talking about how careering round the world was not a life for their kids. Angelina is adamant, as ever, that this doesn’t matter because family is the most important aspect of her life. The interview contains things that we have read before but is a nice interview. It is 5 pages. The head shots are really beautiful! Very positive interview.

  11. 586
    anabelle Says:

    I wonder how much money would Miley Cyrus get paid if she was pregnant w/ triplets or quads. That would be hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 587
    B Says:

    OK, this whole thing about “getting pregnant being stressful” for Angelina is BS! She was probably having a hard time getting pregnant because she was too thin. I am married to an OB who says that if body fat percentage goes down too low there is less chance that you will ovulate naturally and that you will keep the baby. That doesn’t mean it is impossible, but the chances go WAY down. I wonder if she also tried Clomid, which you are not supposed to be on for more than 6 months and then turned to IVF. I know some people who tried IVF and believe me, it IS stressful given all the shots you take and the fact that you have to stay completely off your feet during implantation, etc.

    Getting pregnant isn’t always stressful. For both my pregnancies the egg was fertilized on the first try. I just used an ovulation prediction strip and did it the old fashioned way and it took. So, if you are healthy there is no reason to ASSUME that getting pregnant is going to be stressful.

    I think Angelina has an eating disorder, which is sad because it really is a disease and you compromise your health because of it. She has also substituted her love of drugging with media attention. She just can’t stay out of the spotlight– it’s an addiction for her.

    Good lord this woman has something to prove!

  13. 588
    voe Says:


    There are millions, millions of skinny women who get pregnant naturally every day. Ask yourself, why do starving Africans keep having babies, why do much poorer than poor Americans keep procreating? Do they all have IVF? I’m not an OB or a wife of an OB but I grew up in one of the poorest countries in Asia where women work like slaves, have little protein in their meals most of their days and therefore are skeleton skinny. They all get pregnant easily. You are BSing.

    And you too have something to prove? Why else would you be commenting here?

    If Jolie is willing to ruin her body (which is her cashcow) and brave morning sickness, sleeplessness and being cut open to prove something, let her be for she doesn’t harm any one but herself. You, on the other hand, speculating negatively about her is harming her.

    FYI, I’m not even a Jolie’s fan. It’s sickening how many people give themselves the prerogative to judge strangers and run their lives.

  14. 589
    B Says:


    All I am saying is that OB husband says it is harder to get pregnant with body fat percentage being extremely low. It isn’t impossible– look at Nicole Richie! Also, even if you look really skinny, it doesn’t mean your body fat percentage is too low. Female athletes can have difficulty too, btw and they don’t look skinny, they just have very high muscle to fat ratio.

    And, if it is true, what you say, that one can get pregnant just as easily regardless of body fat percentage, then why on earth would Ms. Jolie think that it is less stressful to have IVF than to get pregnant the natural way? If skinny women in Asia get pregnant all the time, and I know that they do, then why would Ms. Jolie need to get pregnant using artificial means? Maybe she had a fertility problem that isn’t attributable to anorexia, that is possible. There is unexplained infertility.

    What annoyed me about it, is her claim that it is less stressful than getting pregnant the old fashioned way. My two best friends used IVF and called me crying several times because it was so stressful for them. They had to have the uterus primed and tons of shots. They had to stay off their feet during implantation.

    Your post actually proved me right. That is not always stressful getting pregnant the old fashioned way. If all these other people can do it, then why couldn’t she?

  15. 590
    neer Says:

    Once & for all, Angie & Brad conceived their twins naturally & not IVF.
    To quote Angie from Hello interview:

    AJ: If they had been conceived through IVF we would have been happy to discuss it. But we have been fortunate never to have had fertility problems.

  16. 591
    neer Says:

    Once & for all, Brad & Angie conceived their twins naturally & not thru IVF. To quote Angie from Hello interview:

    AJ: If they had been conceived through IVF we would have been happy to discuss it. But we have been fortunate never to have had fertility problems.

  17. 592
    Savanah Says:

    I’m sorry but I really think that Angelina Jolie is a wicked witch who has a spell on Brad Pitt. She just wanna hurt Jennifer Aniston, thats all.
    I don’t like her and I never will. (support her work)

  18. 593
    zen2 Says:

    Savanah, so go cry and scream to the ocean. ahahahahahaha.

    If you don’t like her there are many people all over the world that like her. As a ex. I’m from Brazil.

  19. 594
    hamile kalamıyorum Says:

    Thank you for another informative website. The place else may just I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal approach? I’ve a project that I am simply now working on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such info.

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