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Angelina Jolie Twins Conceived Through In Vitro?

Angelina Jolie Twins Conceived Through In Vitro?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt turned to fertility treatments to conceive twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, reports Us Weekly.

“They conceived through in vitro fertilization,” a source tells the mag. “They both desperately wanted more babies soon.”

Apparently the chance of having fraternal twins at Angelina‘s age (33) naturally is under 1 percent; with in vitro, the chances are 25 percent.

Continues the source, “[Angie did it so] she wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant. She could just knock it out.”

FYI: In vitro fertilization costs around $12,000 per procedure.

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  • heatherfeather

    in vitro costs $50,000 not $12,000

  • heatherfeather

    in vitro costs $50,000 not $12,000

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  • rotflmao

    Angelina doesn’t get flowers because pittz is giving them to his male lover. Rock hudson part 2.

    Angelina gives him all of these kids and he can’t even bother to defend the mother of his 6 children.

    ~Free Angelina from Pittz~

  • Jin

    She was toooooooooo skinny to have not used IVF

  • rotflmao

    John Travolta is brad Pittz hero. he has a mega crush on him.

  • cheap pregancy


    I will F u c k this whore any time though to get some shit out of her lunatic behaviors.

    Keep on being h o r n y for me, Angie s l u t. My c o c k will fill up your stretchy p u s s y.

  • mya

    Isn’t it part of private life? I’ve never doubt that they could be in vitro, it was an evidence itself. But that doesn’t bother me as long as she doesn’t push anybody else to do the same as her. And for Brad, I suppose that he agreed to the in vitro too; so he’s also responsible. In vitro or not, there’s no insurance that it’s gonna be twins or not, it just gives better chance to obtain twins at the end. So maybe, they tried the same for Shiloh but only one child came to the issue.

    And for gossiping more, aren’t suppose to adopt from Africa since one year? Still no answer? And recently, it has been talk about China adoption? What is true and what is false? She’ve always say that she wants children from around the world. That is what she’s really doing. The rest doesn’t matter until it is confirmed.

  • galloway

    Why is everyone so freaked out? Of course she had IVF…she was incredibly underweight and was likely having difficulty conceiving. Who in their right mind EVER thought she conceived twins naturally in the first place?

    And I say so what. The only ones who seem to think this is a crime and who are perpetuating negative press on this issue for the Jolie-Pitts are the overly defensive LOONS! Between their condemnation of gossip media outlets for publishing (God forbid) actual gossip and their irrational lashing out at Jennifer Aniston who had nothing to do with the Jolie-Pitt embryos, the loons are making themselves, and by proxy, Jolie-Pitt, look like crazy (crazier?) idiots.

    Btw…in vitro does NOT increase risk of ovarian cancer. Sheesh….take a brief break from your brangelina worship and look something up once in a while. You have the freakin’ worldwide web at your fingertips for pete’s sake.

  • rotflmao

    Pittz smoke too much marijaaaauna to get pregnant. he is Tom Cruise in disguise but tommy doesn’t touch drugs. oooooo

  • rotflmao

    Brohnny pitolta will be their name.

    ~John Traravolta and Brad Pittz forever~

  • poor thing

    poor Angie, can’t get flowers or a kiss from pitt stains. Oh, time to move on guys, JJ as been dropping hints like this all year! LOL

  • cheap pregancy

    STAR mag can lie but never does US weekly, folks. Pathetic cult worshipers can try to save some s h i t about that s l u t but they can not deny the truth.

    I f u c k that s lu t up and the rest of the s luts trying to fix some s h it about her.

    s c u ms is written all over that w h o r e ly face.

  • AnYmOuS


  • ?

    IVF DOES NOT cost $50,000. Where are you getting that rediculous amount from? IVF usually runs around $10,000-$15,000 per attempt. Geez.

  • huh

    #212 Just Stupid crazy Trinity.You are so funny.You really belong in the crazy house,Go take your meds,what did poor mommy and daddy do to you.Looks like a big job.Why do you have to be vulgar.You are nada in Brad and Angies life sicko.Your life must suck.

  • Lyn

    I do not beleive this Headline. Did you notice that theres a question mark behind the headline? What, are they trying to cover their azzes just in case they might get sued? I do believe Brad and Angelina will make a statement. I do hope Angeline will not start crying when she defend her children, you know how sensitive she gets when it come to the children especially when she had a hard time carrying the twin. Her blood pressure did go up a bit , which is sometime normal in these cases. My little neice went blind for a while in the hospital after having her little boy.

  • Jayne

    In Vitro or not …. who cares?

    still love the Jolie-Pitts …. they give so much to charity

  • huh

    #212 Poor sick fool,blaming Angie because Brad left the x,the sick person talks so bad about Angie but this sick person doesn’t realize how ugly and sick she is,I guess her husband left her for another,or daddy left when she was little girl and still sick mentaly over it.Go to get help so they can put you on medication,if you don’t get help,you might come to a terrible end.Also maybe you were molested,that is why you act out vulgar,please seek help.

  • lab kids

    Knew these pittri dish twins didn’t come naturally. Way to thin & unhealthy. Brad smokes to much pot to fertilize anything. Shiloh was
    probably conceived in a lab too!

  • elle

    I told this to y’all when they had fraternal twins. UNDER ONE PERCENT chance naturally, it is likely that didn’t occur naturlally, esp since she is young and they have the money to do it, its easier to become PG than waiting “naturally” esp. since after her mom died she prob wasnt too fertile due to underweight.

  • alexziel

    JJ is officially sold to US magazine.
    Well , at least now we know what to expect.

  • huh

    trinity,trinity,trinty LOL so stupid.

  • jaye

    It’s official some people on this blog have lost their minds.

    Anyone that thinks having In vitro paints Angelina in a bad way, needs to grow up. Those who think it means that she and Brad aren’t having sex are uneducated and childish. To suggest someone is less of a woman because they went through in vitro procedures is crass. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

    I don’t care if Angelina did or didn’t have in vitro. You’d think that meant someone committed the crime of the century. Hundreds if not thousands of women do in vitro every year for various reasons. Some get pregnant and some don’t. Big deal. It is beyond crazy to get in a fit over even the thought that Angelina had in vitro. That some of her own fans seem to think that having in vitro is negative to their IMAGE of Angelina is ridiculous.

    If Angelina did have in vitro, I say more power to her. She’s just as much of a woman, just as sexy as she’s always been. As for Brad it wouldn’t make him less than the man that he is. So pull up your boot straps and stop letting every rag and troll jerk your chain. Be a FAN not a fanatic.

    P.S. I know I’m writing this for my own benefit. those who are inclined to be loonies will continue to be true to that calling. :-)

  • huh

    Did FF run you off sick animal.

  • carolv

    thought you had more class than to print this garbage! the tabloids have nothing to say about them so they’ll think up anything. they seem so in love i doubt there’s any problem in their bedroom

  • yes who knew

    #222 shut up Aniston,you pot head.Legs wide open,who knew twins would bring out all ff,even legs wide open.

  • amy

    who cares anyway? she has the twins, a boys and a girl and this is it. i mean, the way they were conceived is none of our business and it doesn’t matter at all. the most important is that she and the babies are healthy…..even if this happens to be true, i don’t see why anybody would give a damn about it

  • typical tabloid

    Here we go again, a resentful lying mag because they didn’t get the rights to the first pictures of Brad and Angelina’s babies. So predictable… STEP UP, US Weekly.

  • yes we all know

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  • alexziel

    Do you know that one of the reasons to love and become fan of Angie and Brad was because they were attacked like criminals since the beginning of their love story?

    You may think that you are hurting them or their fans with your garbage, or that this kind of “exclusives” is something new (you should visit JJ in 2005-2006 and learn something about nastiness)

    The only truth is that lies like this will be forgotten, they will be loved and respected like always for their fans, their colleagues and their family.

  • sheesh

    Let’s give this thread to the haters to help grow their horns right straight to hell.

    Fans, let’s move to More reliable there. Sheri deserves the hits.

  • poor sick#230

    #230 poor poor you.LOL

  • sheesh

    Let’s give this thread to the haters to help grow their horns right straight to hell. :-D

    Fans, move to It’s more reliable there. Sheri deserves the hits.

  • neli

    #230 quit telling everyone about your life trinity we don’t care.You are sick.Trying to blame angie for all these things to make yourself feel better,i bet you are the biggest ho around,or how do you know about these things.

  • Debra77

    I find it sad that a magazine can print anything and say it is true. When you open it and read it I am sure you will find that there is no proof to what they have said. Angie said that she had always wanted to adopt. Then she met Brad and realized that she could have bio. children too. This was because this man loved the children she already had as if they were his own. This happens everyday. Couples divorce and remarry. They have new relationships with new people. Look ant Reese and Jake. No one says anything about him acting “Father” with her kids. Just Brad. Angie is a young woman. She and Brad both want a big family. He has said this in all interviews. He wanted to be a father. It did not happen with Jen. I remember him saying in an Oprah interview that he wanted to have all girls. He called them “little Her’s”.

    I don’t get the anger directed towards this couple. If you hate them why spend so much time seeking out information about them., Why respond to threads directed to them.

    I used to enjoy JJ. But now I find this type of trash disturbing. I will visit depending on the information posted. I have found which is honest and funny. You may want to check it out.

    Any way Brad/Angie are a great couple. No one as hot as they are right now. Love it or Hate it. It is the truth. They rule the web, magazines, news coverage etc. Look at the amount of comments posted on any item that features them… Go Brange

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`pity, ‘pitt’ cōuldn’t həndle his ‘shīt.

    LOL @ jared bashing!

    āss kissing 2day… bəshing 2morrow… so ōn, and so ōn. LOL

  • Middle-aged hippie

    I rarely post unless I get really upset about something and the time has come again! I cannot believe the horrible, nasty comments I have read here. I really feel sorry for those of you filled with such rage and hate. Did she or didn’t she? Big deal. The bottom line is that is none of our business. However, if she did, this is only a lucky guess on US Weekly’s part. There is no way the magazine could know this. And as Angie’s being to skinny to conceive, a woman doesn’t have to be a certain weight to get pregnant. All that matters is that she is healthy. Those saying this seem to know very little about women’s health issues. I do not understand cruelty directed at people you don’t know. I am not a “loon”, but I do admire the couple for what they are trying to do, both with their charities and with creating a home for all their children. Sure she has a past. So do I and so do all who are posting here. Or at least they will when they grow up and realize how idiotic they have behaved. It is the PAST, not the present or the future. We are not defined by our past unless we let ourselves be. I am hardly a babe in the woods and I was cynical long before I started working in DC where cynicism is an art. However, I do think Brad and Angie are good people and should be given the benefit of the doubt.

  • GREG

    BS as usual. No haters will ever change with their constant repeating the same old, hateful lies. As the growing number of admirers of the Jolie-Pitts continue, and with the rest of the sane comments, we can see a normal world, separating truth from fiction. We should be applauding their normal, loving, healthy life. The twins conception by ‘How” is not pertinent to any of us.

  • poor thing

    move on move on, oops sorry, who would take all you peeps anyways? Also, you would have to register somewhere else so how could PT and her lickers switch names up?
    Poor Jared, he’s stuck with them :LOL:

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …”brad, busting`~ blənks…?!?” LOL whō said that! shōw yōursɛlf!

  • luceabb

    I have never been more disappointed than I am today. I am a fan of B&A, I am also your biggest fan, been coming here for years. I always laugh at Clini when she goes on her rants about conspiracies but I am starting to believe she is right on the money about a lot of things. B&A fans have been loyal to you, they made your site even if you don’t want to admit it. For you to turn around and do something so hurtful is hard to take. For you to make this thread knowing what would happen is just wrong You knew the outcome but you did it anyway. After today I will never take anything you say as truth and I will always from now on question your motives. I for one will never be as loyal to you and your site as i use to be starting today I will be looking for another B&A site that is more friendly to B&A fans. Just remember, B&A fans are the most frequent visitors to your site piss them off and what do you have, the trolls? I think their intention is to destroy your site but it appears you don’t see it that way or you would not have done this. The question I ask myself is why would you do this?? you can respond or not it truly does not matter any more .

  • Tijen

    I refuse to post here on a thread that is about an Us cover story.
    Did I mention that I hate that magazine with a passion?

  • http://NONE LINDA


    Thank you.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    Awwww,come on Jared!!!. What’s up with this?

  • Sunny

    Shut the f**k up #245 and #247 and #248. This is not ur site. Don’t try to dictate what he can’t and can post. He doesn’t owe you anything. If you don’t like what he has up then leave.

  • lsam

    US mag cannot afford the bidding for the first photos of the twins that’s why they had to create something. Thanks anyway, JJ. People Magazine will have the coverage and the real interview soon.

  • jaye

    Isn’t this site being SPONSORED by US WEEKLY? They’re printing the COVER of US Weekly, wow, why would that be? lol.

    People this is a BUSINESS, it’s run by whomever owns JUSTJARED, not the Jolie-Pitt fans. They couldn’t care less if you’re unhappy because they posted a story you don’t like. They don’t care if you threaten to leave, there are OTHER fans. Conspiracy theories aside, this site is run for MONEY, not for the pure enjoyment of the Jolie-Pitt fans. I’m just amazed that some of you are ranting at the owner of the site like he has to answer to you. He answers to he who holds the money. If he can keep you zigging and zagging like he’s done in the weeks since I’ve been here, then he’s done his job.

    This feeling of possessiveness for this site is not healthy. Reality is a b-i-t-c-h, but we all have to live in it; some willingly, some have to be dragged into it. Take a sip of the reality soup, you’ll feel much better. Peace.

    HELLOOOOOO NELEH , wherever you are.

  • nadia

    that doesn’t chance the fact that we loved those 2 kids…
    can’t wait 2 see pics from them…

  • jess0

    What a load of garbage! Why Is this sh*t posted here?