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The FBI Reads Anne Hathaway's Diaries

The FBI Reads Anne Hathaway's Diaries

The FBI stole The Princess Diaries!

According to Rush & Mallory of the NY Daily News, the FBI has seized Anne Hathaway‘s diaries during another raid on ex Raffaello Follieri‘s pad. Other items taken during the raid include an antique Bible, personal documents, watches, a Tiffany clock, and personal photos of the couple.

The 25-year-old actress is also said to have changed her phone numbers and cut off all ties to her ex.

Raffaello is doing very badly,” says a friend who revealed that Follieri was hospitalized for an anxiety attack the day he was locked up. “He says people are abusing him. He’s a broken man.”

Last month, Follieri was arrested on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering.

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  • Jess


  • kehinde


  • kehinde


  • kehinde

    d*** shoot

  • Jo

    what? lol

  • mike

    thats stupid

  • Miapocca

    hmm Hathway was around for the good time but not the bad..when that guy gets out, he will learn to date a woman who is strong enough to take him good or bad!!

  • Summer



  • Cassie

    They took the diaries and pro the photos to make sure that she know nothing about what he did. Understandable really.

  • FroFro

    Its been public knowledge of what he’s been up to for quite some time. How could she have not known what he was up to? She has a career to maintain, yet risked it to continue to be with a fraud. Smooth move Anne.

  • stella


  • meh

    “He’s a broken man” for some reason, I don’t feel too bad for him.

    I agree, I think it’s pretty impossible that Anne was completely oblivious.

  • Amber

    she met a con man. sucks for her

  • Julia

    Poor girl!
    She must feel humiliated!

  • Miapocca

    I think she has an inkling of what he was up to…the girl just skipped when it was convinient for her…in other words, when he was doin g illegal stuff and not getting caught it was okay because they lived the high life…but as soon as the LEGAL system intervenes, then she finds somethign wrong WITH HIS ACTIONS SUDDENLY..please she needs to join him in jail!

  • hypocrite

    There is NO WAY that everyone on the internet knew about his dealings before she did. Dumb bitch!

  • maria

    she most likely knew what was going on.and when realised it would become known to the press she ditched him to save herself.but she definetly knew what was goin on.not so innocent…

  • gnmc

    I feel very sorry for him. He isn’t doing anything worse than the banks, imo. Screwing rich people out of money is better than what the banks have done.

    And she is a freeloading b*tch. She was fine with all this before he got caught. She should be ashamed of herself. I don’t believe for one second she didn’t know exactly where the $$$ were coming from!

  • real world

    Don’t blame her too much.we all have done things for love.we must learn from them so we don’t make the same mistake she did.She was in love with him.If a guy gave you things would question where the money came from.all of us guilty of this behavior.even though she accept the things he gave her.she had the right to let him go.It was going to be her money next.

  • Mary

    A lot of women have naively fallen in love with someone they assumed they knew at a core level only to find they were being deceived. It’s a large enough challenge to communicate with an American male let alone someone from another country and/or culture. Hopefully, there is nothing in Anne’s diaries as she would be pulled into this ordeal for the smallest detail.

    Never, never keep diaries and, especially, after you are finished with a particular project or therapy wherein you have kept thoughts that someone else can misconstrue.

    In the corporate world, much documentation used to go into File 13 but today we have computers and so any record is eternal. People be aware of how you communicate on your personal computers but, especially, your computers at work.

  • victoria

    21st!!!! I agree with Miapocca. She knew all along what was going down with him. They were together day in and day out, and shared intimacies with each other, ( according to her }. No wonder her diaries are going to be read. Now, she is playing the innocent victim. Maybe sharing a little, tiny cell and toliet and metal bed, like he is, is in order. Like number# 20 said, NEVER<EVER, keep diaries. Especially of someone you are not sure of. If she was aware of this and tried to help or protect, do you think she should be punished also. What do you think MIAPOCCA?

  • Rach

    Crazy article! Poor Anne

  • jaja

    Poor guy..NOT. That’s what you get for stealing other people’s money and trying to live the high life. He looks like a sleeze too.

    And Anne is stupid too.

  • Melissa

    Why would Anne Hathaway’s diaries be at her ex-boyfriend’s house??

  • Dean

    OK, so he conned a whole lot of really smart people. He can’t con her as well? Yes, she might have been naive but how many of us have fallen in love, known there was something a ittle off about our mate that didn’t want to try and change them. Was she stupid? She may feel so now. Love is blind.

    I’m sticking by her.

  • babydoll.

    my relative is pretty well aquainted with new york’s business and i asked him – does the name rafaello follieri ring a bell – and he said that he is a shady person out there, not at all trustworthy and it was well-known to some extent that he was involved in some illegal actions in vatican.

  • Billy

    Reading between the lines, was this whole break up nothing more than an act, only days before he was arrested she said she was dreaming of marryng this loser. What girl would break up move out and leave her computer behind never mind her dog. Of course the $21mil bail must have come as quite a shock. If he dose a deal for five years will she be waiting for him when he gets out??? Perhaps she should ask herself if the situation were reversed would he be losing any sleep unable to eat etc. No he would be out with one of the women he has been seeing everytime Anne was working or unavailable It seems that locking him up has done her the biggest favour of her life. She might at last have got the message or simply accept what everyone else was aware of. After all he conned people far better placed to see what he was than Anne. Love is blind.

  • crispy

    yikes..people reading her personal diary?? that sucks…

    this entire thing is messed up. i wish her the best.

  • Sin tetas no ay paraiso

    So Stupid!!!

  • Fan

    I love anne