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Meg Ryan is Sleepless in Italy

Meg Ryan is Sleepless in Italy

Sleepless in Seattle actress Meg Ryan receives the Francois Truffaut Award during the Giffoni Film Festival on Thursday in Giffoni, Italy.

The 46-year-old actress will be coming out with her next film, The Women, slated for a Sept. 12th opening.

It is a remake of George Cukor‘s 1939 film of the same name where a wealthy New York leaves her cheating husband and bonds with other women at a resort.

Annette Bening
, Candice Bergen, Carrie Fisher, Debi Mazar, Debra Messing, Bette Midler and Jada Pinkett Smith will all co-star.

Now that’s a lot of women!

40+ pictures of Meg Ryan sleepless in Italy…

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meg ryan sleepless italy 01
meg ryan sleepless italy 02
meg ryan sleepless italy 03
meg ryan sleepless italy 04
meg ryan sleepless italy 05
meg ryan sleepless italy 06
meg ryan sleepless italy 07
meg ryan sleepless italy 08
meg ryan sleepless italy 09
meg ryan sleepless italy 10
meg ryan sleepless italy 11
meg ryan sleepless italy 12
meg ryan sleepless italy 13
meg ryan sleepless italy 14
meg ryan sleepless italy 15
meg ryan sleepless italy 16
meg ryan sleepless italy 17
meg ryan sleepless italy 18
meg ryan sleepless italy 19
meg ryan sleepless italy 20
meg ryan sleepless italy 21
meg ryan sleepless italy 22
meg ryan sleepless italy 23
meg ryan sleepless italy 24
meg ryan sleepless italy 25
meg ryan sleepless italy 26
meg ryan sleepless italy 27
meg ryan sleepless italy 28
meg ryan sleepless italy 29
meg ryan sleepless italy 30
meg ryan sleepless italy 31
meg ryan sleepless italy 32
meg ryan sleepless italy 33
meg ryan sleepless italy 34
meg ryan sleepless italy 35
meg ryan sleepless italy 36
meg ryan sleepless italy 37
meg ryan sleepless italy 38
meg ryan sleepless italy 39
meg ryan sleepless italy 40

Photos: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty
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  • fhbdkjh

    shes cool but sweaty

  • sandra

    quit the botox please!

  • victoria

    1st!!! I think. Meg is cute. I love her little daughter, DAISY.She is so adorable. Meg never ages. I can’t wait for her movie.

  • zanessa♥.. ewjashley

    jared coudlnt you find a pic more groos than this?

  • Vshizzle

    I love her…WHY does she have to RUIN her looks with the cosmetic stuff…Her LIPS? Her face is all swollen…it looks awful….I think if she “quit smoking” and gave up the botox/restalyn (?) she would look fabulous.

    Meg was so cute when she was natural.

  • lmo


  • Hayley -x

    Ewwww im going to have nightmares after seeing that picture lol

  • laura1

    omg…what happened to her…she was beautiful and now omg!!!

  • Bitsy

    Ummmm, whats up with the shoes???

  • emma

    ew she looks like shes gone to sleep with her makeup on and didnt redoo it the next day!

  • Kelly

    wow. how sad, she looks like a freak now. totally messed up her face. what a shame!! HIDEOUS!

  • Mareike


  • neela

    i hope this is a good version. i loved the original, and the storyline worked for that time.

  • phoebe

    My eyes my eyes

  • Amber

    what are u guys talking about?

    she actually looks pretty good here. she kinda fixed her lips or stopped pumping them up. I bet she switched to smaller lip implants.

  • Amber

    jared, u are horrible. u chose the worst pic for this thread.

  • PardyHardy

    That’s a terrible photo.
    I have to admit though, I’ve always loved her.
    Probably because she reminds me alot of my mom, my mom is younger though, and hasn’t had work done on her face, so she’s still pretty.

  • woogie

    ughh,,,I liked the way she looked better when she was natural. After all that cosmetic work…she looks unnatural. Why can’t these hollywood people leave their faces alone?

  • groundcontrol

    She looks much better here than she has in a while. But you can see the aftereffects of the work she’s had done. I know she wasn’t a great actress but I’ve enjoyed her in a number of films. She was adorable.

    She is a blonde after all and she’s aging like blondes do – not very well. It’s the brunettes who age the best.

    The shoes are for comfort. Fact is that most women can’t wear those high heels as they get older and many people have foot problems. That’s life.

  • heh

    oh wow that picture…ouch

  • Dolly

    She actually looks OK overall – not as trout pouty as in the past – she just desperately needs powder for a press event.

  • Jess

    Probably the worst pic ever

  • gigi

    she looks like a greasy pig !!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    it’s a damn shame what she went and did to her face,

  • Mireille

    As a young starlet, Meg Ryan was never considered beautiful, but was considered very “cute”. She set trends with her hairstyles and was considered a passable actress . . .. Then she started to get older and that just can’t happen in Hollywood Land . . .Looks like Meg decided some face work might keep her in the acting game a little bit longer . . .

    I can’t say I think she looks better for all the things it looks like she done to her face . . . but then who knows what she would be looking like if she hadn’t the work . . .Uber wrinkles, severely sagging skin from smoking . . .a huge waddle under her chin . . .huge bags under and over her eyes . . .sagging, sunken cheeks . . .and the list goes on as a person ages. . .who knows maybe she looks better now, even with all the odd plastic surgery ???

  • Anna

    LOL. Jared, you are hilarious. you picked the worst pic. hahaha. :p

  • buckeyegurl

    Wow…just wow.

  • Vicky

    The pic is horrible!>_<

  • Tirza

    The pic is horrible because she’s sweaty. Other than her lips, she looks pretty good. It certainly doesn’t warrant all the EEEWWWW-ing these poster always throw at every celeb who doesn’t look 20 years old or airbrushed.

    Thanks JJ. Actresses like her are still so much more interesting than Heidi&Spencer or Paris Hilton!!!

  • MiHay

    She looks AWFUL now! Lay off the plastic surgery Meg.

  • justice

    eventhough she may had have some cosmostic work but she still looks good for 46 . i remember when she play annie on as the worls turns.

  • DrPHIL

    Ouch, she looks like the Joker. Not good work for Meg. She and Heather Locklear both aged horribly. Must be the smoking? I’ve had some fillers before but my face never got so swollen and shiny as Meg and Nicole Kidman. I don’t go back every 3 months though for touch ups. I think when they see the slightest wrinkle or frown line they freak out and have to be injected immediately. It’s the excess that has no where to go. Better to see a few lines than to look like a blowfish. Lara Flynn Boyle can be added to the list of overdone’s.

  • Raha

    WTF happened to Meg Ryan?

  • alex_p

    jared is so mean, always putting the worst picture in the spot.

  • me

    her eyebrows – the most awful thing about her

  • elena

    I have to tell you she is quite beautiful in person without any makeup on . . . just shirt and jeans. My sister and I were temporary maids in her house for 6 months. She is soooooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



  • nikomilinko
  • Zippy

    AAAGH! that face! It’s the cloverfield monster!

  • Sasha


  • Anna

    She’s a well-known botox user. Terrible photo though.

    I love her movies, but my like for her took a downturn when I saw her on the chatshow Parkinson in the UK a few years back, when she was AWFUL. Parky is known for being a fairly easy interviewee, only discusses what publicists say etc, but Meg Ryan was basically comatose & so rude to the host & the other guests.

  • Anistonballcheeks

    She actually has toned done the lip injections, but sadly has ramped up the restylane filler and cheek implants, giving her those big two balls on her cheeks, that aniston has now as well. She never had fat ballish cheeks even when she was 21, ditto aniston…so why these women, are all getting them now to front like they did, is stupid. lol

  • emma lee

    OMG! What happened to her face?!

    With her mouth that wide she looks like the Joker from the Batman movie!

  • Yowza

    This is exactly what Nicole Kidman is heading toward with the botox, nasal-labial line fillers and the lip injections….wow! it ain’t pretty.

    Please stop, you scare me and you are a horrible representation to your daughter of healthy self-esteem and living with grace.

    She looks like a plastic caricature of herself.

  • lyndsayy.

    she looks horrible. she skin looks so i dont know NASTY?
    what in the world happened to her face?
    wow. all i can say is wow.

  • kkcc

    OMG. EWW!

  • brenda

    She should have got the part as the joker.

  • http://deleted jESSICA

    I cant cant believe ,that’s Meg Ryan!!!!!Where is the American candy????

  • samara

    How old is she? she looks late 40s early 50s..and that hair style is totally not working

  • Mia

    Meg looks great, a 47-year-mother of a three-year-old!!!!. I agree, however, that she (along with many others) should never have started using Botox.

    I’ve adored her films and look forward to the upcoming one with the long list of female actors