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Miley Cyrus is a VIP on TRL

Miley Cyrus is a VIP on TRL

Miley Cyrus (in Alice + Olivia) rocks her segment onstage and poses backstage during MTV’s TRL at MTV Studios on Friday in New York City.

The 15-year-old singer/actress has recently been active in raising money for the Cyrus’ family charity – the Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation. (in honor of Miley‘s grandfather) The foundation supports underprivileged children.

Among the items up for auction on Ebay include: a meet and greet with Miley, clothes worn by the singer, signed posters and signed CDs.

The meet-and-greet is already up to $4,150! Check it out!

15+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus, the VIP at TRL…

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miley cyrus vip trl 01
miley cyrus vip trl 02
miley cyrus vip trl 03
miley cyrus vip trl 04
miley cyrus vip trl 05
miley cyrus vip trl 06
miley cyrus vip trl 07
miley cyrus vip trl 08
miley cyrus vip trl 09
miley cyrus vip trl 10
miley cyrus vip trl 11
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miley cyrus vip trl 13
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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugh… that’s one ‘ugly’ kids.

    her mouth and teeth still look horrible.

  • natalieeeee

    i love miley(: she is absolutely wonderful!

    keep up the great work miley(:

  • Lisa

    Tongue again…she’s so ugly…

  • Anonymous


  • beci

    shes not ugly but shes not gorgeous! i think she is adorable! and i love her outfit!

  • ????????

    she won’t last !!!!!!!!

  • zanessa

    she is cute

  • Larissa

    Looooooove Miley!

    from Brazil! ;D


  • mike

    love her…let the hating begin…

  • riz

    WHY am i the only one who finds her annoying?

    seriously, stop trying to sound and be older than you actually are. no fifteen year old dresses like that. she’s going to end up like britney, or worse – britney didn’t take slutty pictures of herself at fifteen. nor did she take them lying on top of a boy significantly older than her.

    also, your name isn’t miley, you tool. destiny hope? yeah, when i was five i wanted to name my child destiny. not as an adult.

  • Lara

    she’s perfect :D

  • lyndsayy.

    honestly.. i dont really like her. for many reasons.
    not to be mentioned here at least,

    but i do like her dress alot,, and believe me that was
    really hard for me to complemint her..

    well,, she did some horrible things to me. lets just put it
    that way. ive never been a fan and never will. but im not
    a hater. because i dont hate miley,. i just am not a big fan
    of hers. whatsoever.

  • Suzanne

    See, she gives back so much and all you people think about are the negative things she has done, stuff that shouldn’t even be a big issue.

  • em


  • em


  • Julia


    i am a hater, I REALLY AM. Because i get mad when people like Miley request this amount just to know her.
    She could donnate the money to people in Africa.


  • stephana

    no matter how much i dislike this girl, i have 2 say, she luks gud… luv d dress btw

  • kimberly

    aaaaw i love the dress, shoes necklace, evrytin !




  • Angeline

    I’m not a fan of her because of a recent interview she did,
    but I do like her dress and I do like her personality.

    I just don’t like the way she presents herself to the public,
    the way she answers questions and interviews
    and tries to act REALLY grown up.

    But I do like herself when she’s not trying to act grown up,
    the way she acted when she was just starting out.
    She rarely acts like that now, though.

    So I don’t hate her.
    But I don’t love her.
    Matter of fact, I don’t even like her.

    But I do think she puts on good shows,
    and she’s a good perfroerm.
    Who might just make it in Hollywood.

    But with all the haters she has now,
    I doubt she’s going to survive.

    I just miss the old Miley,
    the one that acted like a normal teenager ;(

  • Zayrisha

    omg vanessa hudgens wuz on trl to! and (mtv awards) kool! she looks pretty in tha pics! cept sum
    – ZAY!

  • kah


  • justine

    hate her.
    her music is ewwww

  • mandy

    hey #4 and#18! That was taped last friday! NOT TODAY!!

  • combustion8

    yuuuuck, her face is so busted.

  • cs


    You obviously find it hard to read

    The 15-year-old singer/actress has recently been active in raising money for the Cyrus’ family charity – the Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation. (in honor of Miley’s grandfather) The foundation supports underprivileged children

    The money from the auction is going to charity

  • Jeremy

    god this girl is hott. beautiful eyes. and smile. people who hate are either jealous of her fame or money, or they are young jonas brothers fans who love to bash her and bring her down.

    btw, the jb fans are attacking her on itunes by giving her a low rating. well guess what jb fans, miley’s still going to sell a shitload no matter what your tiny brains come up with.

  • Sarah

    ew, it’s miley

  • Ashlee

    She looks really pretty, and I don’t say that often about her. I love the dress. And I’m glad to see her raising money for charity. Great job, Miley. You’re a lot more mature than 99% of the 15 year olds in this world.

    I have gained some respect for a Disney Star. Who knew this day would come?

  • xoxo

    Miley Cyrus is extremely pretty. Her album Breakout is very good. I think it’s sweet of her to help raise money for underprivileged children. If you guys read what it says, she is doing it for a good cause. You guys only pay attention to the negative things and rumors about her when there is a lot of positive about her. Also if you hate her, ignore her. It is easy, she hasn’t really been everywhere lately.

  • kate

    She looks GREAT!

  • kate

    She sang on the spot and sounded AMAZING.
    Seriously. Girl can blow.

  • Lynda

    Wish she would stop sticking her tongue out like that.
    Not cute………….
    She seems to be doing it more since she got her dental work done.

  • Sarah

    Miley Cyrus is not extremely pretty, selena gomez is way better.

  • Abby

    awww! people are sooooooo nice!!

    YAY MILEy!!

  • Abby

    awww! people are sooooooo nice!!

    YAY MILEy!!

  • Helena

    Jared, you have a thing for these underage Disney girls.

  • Kiran Jonas..x

    I LOVE WHAT SHES WEARING! But the money could go to a better cause i agree, people in Africa – they really do need it. (:
    Mileys new album rocks!

  • kimberly

    truly poor miley .. do you think its easy havin paparazzis all the time over u when shes just a teenager ! , people always waits the best of her coz they think she has to be ”perfect” if she makes a mistake BAM! ” ooh i dont like miley anymore, shes just a biiicth or shes a sluut, or shes ugly , i dont like her voice ” i think this is so hard to her coz shes just a girl like everyboy that loves to sing ! shes soo lucky coz she can make cds and films whenever she wants coz she deserve it! u have to work a lot in it to win it (the fame and love for what u do from the people & fans). this is not easy , its like a challenge for her ! and for every girl that wants to be a singer or actress.. so i think people shouldnt hate her for whatever she does, shes tryin to like people .. and if she makes a mistake that doesnt means that she dont deserve it or shes not that cool .. shes just tryin to be accepted by people and thats not bad ! yeah its right that she could be stupid sometimes that doesnt means that shes bad.. so leave her alone if u dislike her why ure seeing things of her or postin a coomment DUH!
    just see she cant hang out with friends (boys)coz people says that shes daiting or she cant take pictures with friends coz say that are innapropiate for a girl of her age .. just see how much costs be famous and have a normal life..

    poor of her
    ill always support her ! :)


  • sam

    She looks awesome!!

  • annie

    alllright with Kimberly

    people always waits the best of her but shes not PERFECT!
    se makes a mistake and they are sayin bad things about her!

    poor miley

    she looks gorgeus

  • ezz

    her mouth and teeth which makes her not pretty, other than that, she is pretty, she has good body and she is talented too.

  • shay

    no way, she is the most beautiful wonderful and … everything in the whole wide world.


    Maturity beyond her years…keep it up Miley!!!

  • jane

    omg… very cool and very cute!!! <3 I adore his musics :]

  • Marry


  • mandy

    i think she looks nice,
    but that’s because she’s famous.

    if she wasn’t, she’d be UGLY.
    she has people doing her make-up and hair,
    and probably styling her. so none
    of this is actually her.

  • Kaitee

    I agree with #10 and # 19!

    Can she please keep that tongue inside her mouth? it’s obnoxious. she looks like a female beaver. She’s only raising money so she can look good, since she lost a lot of respect for those trashy pictures. Plus the jonas brothers have a fundraiser so she’s trying to out do them. She’s pathetic! Her new CD is horrible, I was expecting a lot more. It’s getting low raitings, because that’s what it deserves, not because of JB fans. I’m a Jonas Brothers fan and have been since 2005, yet I still liked Miley when she first came out. Now she’s just gone downhill, I’ve lost so much respect for her.

  • Rach

    Cute!!!! Amazing picture

  • http://mtv Emma

    i love miley cyrus im the biggest fan ever i love her shes all over my walls in my room she so kool i watch her on tv evey time she does a good job i love her ps i love her

  • http://mtv Emma

    ps again my bud hates her but i dont care what there think my mom loves u to and my sister likes your new song 7 things