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Carrie Underwood is a Cheerful Giver

Carrie Underwood is a Cheerful Giver

Carrie Underwood totes around her favorite gold python bag by Gerard Darel while out to lunch with her two friends (the Aeropostale green shirt is her cousin Cody) at Il Fornaio restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

On the way to the restaurant, Carrie decided to show a little kindness by giving some money to a homeless person on the street. After lunch, she decided to do a little shopping at North Face.

Residents and visitors of the San Francisco area will have the opportunity to see Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, James Taylor, John Mayer, Carrie Underwood and others as they perform this week.

The 25-year-old country singer will perform at Konocti Harbor Amphitheatre in Kelseyville, CA on Saturday at 7 p.m.

10+ more pics inside of Carrie Underwood as a cheerful giver…

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carrie underwood il fornaio 01
carrie underwood il fornaio 02
carrie underwood il fornaio 03
carrie underwood il fornaio 04
carrie underwood il fornaio 05
carrie underwood il fornaio 06
carrie underwood il fornaio 07
carrie underwood il fornaio 08
carrie underwood il fornaio 09
carrie underwood il fornaio 10
carrie underwood il fornaio 11
carrie underwood il fornaio 12

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  • rooo

    shes so pretty

  • rooo

    shes so pretty

  • Haley

    She looked good, as usual :D. Her music is as lovely as her.

  • Nik

    Love her!

  • ally

    ah i love her!!!!

  • Ashley_Rules

    Yeah , I <3 Carrie so much shes an amazing person with so much talent and very gorgeous looks haha shes one of my idols x

  • Mia

    ahhh! Carrie’s so gorgeous. her voice, looks, & heart are all beautiful. im going to Cali next week, & i’ll keep my eyes out for sure! she’s my favorite!

  • Nicole

    She’s so nice :)

  • Amanda

    She looks so adorable :)

  • Susie

    OMG she looks so gorgeous. and YAY for a Carrie Underwood update, Jared :) That always makes me really, really happy.

  • vanessa

    she sure wears a lot of makup.. she is pretty tho..

  • kkcc

    cute outfit. her eyebrows are so bad though!

  • Kara

    kkcc, her eyebrows look fine. What’s wrong with them?

  • Gretchen

    YAY she looks so cute! I was wondering if at least one of those guys was her nephew when I first saw these pics on another site… because I know she has one that is like 20, only a few years younger than her.


  • Check it out

    Hey get this you got Jess in NYC & you got Carrie in Beverly Hills(Jessica’s home is there) & we got Tony in Oxnard at practice. Any chance of a hook up with Carrie & Tony again? Interesting. How long is Jessica in NYC & will Tony sneak to see Carrie in concert? This could get very interesting. Stay tuned folks.

  • meagan

    Love her, such a good and decent person with amazing talent. Thanks JJ, such a refreshing change from the non stop onslaught of Bilson sightings this week. Funny, as much as she’s out and about, you never see her helping out a homeless/less fortunate person with a 10 spot.

  • Amy

    I love her! She’s gorgeous and her music is amazing :)

  • too much

    shes wears way too much makeup

  • flutters

    She’s such a cutie! Love her voice, too. Thanks for posting these Jared!

  • Terri

    she looks adorable.

  • Sarah

    Aww it’s Carrie, she’s so cute. She does wear a lot of make-up, she has said so herself, but she is very pretty.

  • jen

    I’m so glad to see a post about Carrie Underwood. She’s my favorite singer. She looks gorgeous and I love her outfit.

  • Billie

    Carrie Rocks!!!!!!!! Love her! She beautiful!!!

  • jo

    I’m pretty sure Cody is her nephew and not a cousin.

  • Mel

    I love her outfit! She looks so pretty.

  • Tiffany

    Awe..she looks so pretty. That was so nice of her to stop..most people would probably just walk by a homeless person. Carrie is so talented and giving. Love her!

  • jess

    Yeah, the one in shorts is her nephew Cody–her sister Shanna’s son. Maybe the other guy is a cousin or friend of Cody. She sure doesn’t need a bodyguard with those two.

  • Rach
  • Suzanne

    She’s pretty. I thought that she was like 21.

  • jade

    Carrie is beautiful and a great singer. Love her!


    She’s gorgeous.

  • me

    She looks like trash so her crouch on TMZ. She’s got a tatoo. Can’t stand her singing

  • me

    She got fake her on other wise you could see her bold spot.

  • me

    She”s pretty alright, pretty ugly. She got fake hair on other wise you would see her bold spots right in front . If you look close you will it. Her voice sound like mating cats.

  • Victoria

    Oh gosh, she is just so pretty!

  • Gretchen

    Umm yeah FYI Jared or whoever does this stuff…

    Cody is Carrie’s NEPHEW, not her cousin. He’s like 19-20, only a few years younger than her. Her sisters are a LOT older than her… one is like 33/34ish and the other is like 38/39ish I think. She has talked about before in interviews how her newphew is closer in age to her than her sisters and that he doesn’t call her Aunt Carrie because that would be weird haha.

    Just an FYI in case you wanted to change your facts :)

  • victoria

    38th!!!! That is so sweet of Carrie to give a homeless woman some money. Most people would walk on by. She is a talented singer and a caring young lady, who will go far doing what she is doing. I hope she never changes, by getting arrognant and snobish.

  • to me

    EWW you are stupid and gross. learn to spell. and dont waste your time making up absurd facts.

  • Linda

    She always looks like such cheap trailer trash. I’m sure the only reason she bothered to give money to the homeless guy was because she saw the paps and knew it was a good photo opportunity and another chance to get her picture out in the tabloids.

  • Katlyn

    Me, really STFU! nobody wants to see you make an idiot of yourself. Get a life. Maybe learn to spell while you’re at it.

    Carrie is amazing and anyone who says otherwise is just stupid. She looks beautiful. And Linda, Carrie looks nothing like trailer trash. She looks like a classy young girl. Take some hints from her.

  • Amber

    If Carrie had pranced right by that homeless person everyone would be calling her a stuck-up snob, so Carrie is kind of in a lose-lose situation here. She doesn’t stop she is called a snob, she does and she is a fake media whore. Poor Carrie. It really sucks because she is in reality such a sweet person and everyone wants to think she is a snob.

  • New Orleans

    hey, check it out… good call about tonry in oxnard, ca for dallas cowboy training camp and now carrie in bevhills and jess now in nyc. BUT ,you bet JESSICA SIMPSON IS GOING to DALLAS COWBOY TRAINING with TONY . She will be there. Sh e SHOULD NOT BE THERE as wives/girlfreind sdonot attend tNFL training camp. It is business, not a vacation. All of the team members and coaching staff have wives or girlfreinds, kids, but non of them bring them to training camp.

  • morning

    She’s so pretty !!

  • to linda-

    take a couple lessons from her, id like to see the way you dress you are prob some fat pathetic weirdo.

  • Rayando el Sol

    Who cares if Carrie and Tony are both in Cali? Both have moved on and the triangle the media and some people want to create needs to stop, its crazy.

    Carrie sometimes wears too much makeup, like in these photos and her brows are way too dark. But shes still gorgeous and sings circles around pretty much anyone.

  • tina

    i dont understnad why people are so rude with her she isnt trash she s pretty did you see her without makeup she looks great she s hot and she can sing better than 85 % of old stars who you probably like she s 25 and she is not whore because she had 3 boys come on you re so jelous i know why maybe because she has beauty money voice body and you dont do if you dont like her dont comment please cause you look stupid you linda and someone who calls himself me because carrie isnt fake and you would know that if you met her and look at other stars who are big and they change boyfriends they cant sing and so famous

  • jUDY

    Carrie is a wonderful person. She is so very talented and beautiful inside and out. She is #1 in my books, and has made us all so very proud of her. She is a great role model. Her voice gives me goose bumps. She is so versatile, she can sing anything. I love the way she dresses and conducts herself. She is a class act. Love ya Carrie, Judy
    Tulsa, OK.

  • Ruby

    Linda is a Carrie hater that has posted numerous times on JJ-ignore her ignorance. Carrie is one of the sweetest girls around and there is no way her heart would let her walk by that little old lady. You have to know her before you pass judgement. Carrie is like a normal person not a celebrity. She doesn’t even try to live that life. She wants to be normal and doesn’t seek out tabloids those photographers just happen to find her. God gave her this talent and she’s doing what she can with it but has not departed from her upbringing. She’s just a very humble person who would never speak a negative word of anyone. If you can’t see that person from these photos, you are blind. As far as Tony goes, that was a year and a half ago so give it a rest because she has a long long long time ago.

  • jUDY

    TO ME, AND LINDA—– Just wonder how you have been so lucky to meet this beautiful Young Lady? ME, YOU ARE GROSS AND DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL, AND LINDA I THINK YOU MUST JUST BE A LITTLE BIT JEALOUS.

  • CC

    She’s gorgeous. Still the best Idol winner, imo. Love you, Carrie!