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Jennifer Aniston Jets from John's Place

Jennifer Aniston Jets from John's Place

Jennifer Aniston takes off from John Mayer‘s house in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The pretty pair also headed out for dinner on Thursday, trying to make a quiet escape into the restaurant.

, 30, was then off to his concert in Marysville, California.

Looks like Janiston is still going strong!

this story ends — Happily ever after or Splitsville?

10+ pictures of Jennifer Aniston jettting from John‘s place…

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jennifer aniston john mayer place 01
jennifer aniston john mayer place 02
jennifer aniston john mayer place 03
jennifer aniston john mayer place 04
jennifer aniston john mayer place 05
jennifer aniston john mayer place 06
jennifer aniston john mayer place 07
jennifer aniston john mayer place 08
jennifer aniston john mayer place 09
jennifer aniston john mayer place 10

Credit: ATM; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • eli

    wow she is still wearing those green cargos from 1999?

  • stella

    forsure splitsville

  • victoria

    Still do not think this relationship will work out. John likes to flirt with everyone he meets, and Jen does not commit to anything or anyone except her nicotine sticks. AND her BFF Courtney Cox. She will be rocking on their front porch with them in their old ages, as an old maid. That is probably why Brad left her. He wanted alot more. Like family. Believe me. These kids will just enjoy each for awhile and move on.. but that’s Hollywood. Turnstiles at the bedroom door.

  • Isabella


  • justme

    Why is everyone so harsh to her? I’m starting to like this couple, a lot.

    GO JEN!

  • j Goldma

    I wouldn’t trust Mayer as far as I could throw him. He is, as they say, a serial dater. He won’t settle down till the year 2015 or so. Jen seems to have a fateful habit of picking attractive, but flighty men. She needs an older, more mature fellow. Still, I wish her luck as she got a raw deal from the first Pitt the Git.

  • George

    It will last as long as John Mayer want it to last and Jen to. They both are along for the ride.

  • justine

    whatev–let the woman have some fun. At least JM seems to have a sensitivity chip.

  • jerina


  • PardyHardy

    Pretty sure it’s like, Johniston, Janiston is too easily [J]ennifer [Aniston]…at least with Joh-n-iston they’re both in there.

  • put a fork in it

    they’re done already
    and sorry to say, she’s looking haggard these days

  • angel

    jen hens should take a look at her veins,please warn her to stop using botox

  • brangelina

    hell 2 da NO john M dont keep good relationship he goes around like hooker on 2 notch

  • Sarah

    Splitsville…John’s eyes will be wandering, if they haven’t already.

  • tete

    baby pics time that is why they show up together again .

  • ma

    Who knows how serious either of them are. It’s too bad that casual dating has to turn into a media circus.

  • Lisa

    well, it looks like they are having a good summer. They both deserve to be happy.

  • Rebecca

    She, like everyone else in life deserves to be happy. I just don’t think it’s with him.

  • Lea

    The Pr people are promoting this relationship to the media in every outlet that they can. Money is dropping every where. They are doing heavy damage control to fix John Mayer’s reputation even going so far to track down one of the ladies he was hitting on while dating Jen and making her publicly deny it. They are so trying to buy Jen a man.

  • bet

    I love them, love them love them. She looks fresh, asusual gorgous and happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. He look sexy. He look like he take care of ther very good.

  • Dav

    John is a brought man. Ewwww look at her hands and wrist they look like old lady hands. She is getting old in the face to.

  • a recent fan

    Its a summer fling IMHO. I do wish she would find true love but I don’t think its with John. I don’t think its anytime soon either, which makes me feel bad for her.

  • http://JustJared Shawna

    Some people need to not be so jealous. They look like a great couple!

  • mona

    Forbes List was bogus..Angie made 3 (THREE)
    films last year..for Wanted alone she got 15 mil . source: Variety.
    then Changeling & Kung Fu Pand & endorsements.(St. John
    & Japanese makeup)
    so..there’s your Forbes BS list LMAO…

  • bet

    cute cute cute couple.

  • who’s arm is that?

    Picture 107 and they talk about Jolies arms?

  • mike

    I love Jennifer Aniston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • who’s arm is that?

    correction I meant pic 07

  • Sharon

    I think Jen is headed for another heart break. I think John wants her for her money and the attention she can bring him. I think when this relationship gets old and he pull out all he can from it he will find a lady fall for her then leave Jen. Some women keep falling into the same repetitive pattern. Jen pick men for the wrong reasons.
    This time I sure will not feel sorry for her.

  • Good for them

    They look good together. John seems to be changing his old ways for her. He knows she is the best has happened to him. She has money, great social connections.
    He is a young talented man. Not many guys in Hollywood can achieve what he has done.
    They make a good looking couple and a powerful one.

  • bee

    their both using one another 2 losers

  • Ella

    I’m a John Mayer fan that has been through this before. Wait until the break up. Tunes will change from the Jen fans. It sure did with Jessica Simpson.

  • Won’t last long

    She needs him to stay relevant and he needs her for exposure.

    There is nothing hot or cute about them. You have a immature musician who record/ticket sales has been tanking and a old sitcom hack who’s time is up in Hollywood and she refuse to accept it. Plus she is about as exciting as watching paint dry on a wall.

  • bet


    that is your hope. But john knows when he found the real one. look how he is take care and protective of her. Do i smell jealous. john probably change when he found the love of his life, who worth it like jen.

  • bet

    Wany last long.

    that is your jealousy dream. The way we look at them , the are keep going strong and strong.

  • JC

    These two hacks are using each other Doucifer is a good name for them. Yeah John can learn to live with Jen with all that money and what she can do for him. Sounds like a business agreement to me.
    John Mayer’s stunt life.

  • ghost

    I have never read more B.S. from a bunch of infantile,uneducated ,morons, than the Jen supporters on any blog in my life. Bet go to h-ll! You are a paid poster or the most vile, ignorant piece of crap on planet earth. This 39-year-old bed-hopping bimbo is Hollywoods latest Lindsey Lohan. One of your last posts read, cute,cute,cute,couple. This is with-out a doubt the most lame post in the history of JJ. Let me ask you , what is it about a sl-t and a no talent playboy that’s cute?

  • bet

    Won’t last

    They are hot like fire and very cute couple. I am sure they are making love day night , unlilke some wiered thing we are hearing lately.

  • Linda

    Doucifer is a good name to me.

  • To: BET

    And these two being a real couple that is going to drift off into wonderland together is in your own deluded dream!

  • Vicky

    I don’t like John,he seems dirty ,maybe the problem of the tattoo.

  • Linda

    Money is flying every where to promote this phony couple including paid poster like bet.

  • bet


    Are you crazy?

    they are cute cute cute couple. And also , hot like a fire. Can you imagin having a hot and sexy night between the sheet. Can you imagine john singing love song every night for her.

  • OMG

    LOOK at those Veins in her arms!!!
    she must be anorexic or on drugs, RIGHT?

  • Megan fox rocks

    love her , jennifer is so pretty

  • Liz

    bet I am a Jen fan but disagree with you.
    I like Jen but I don’t like her with John. He seems like a jerk to women. No matter how they pretty this up I to think he is going to eventually cheat on Jen. Jen can do better than John Mayer.

  • ghost

    Bet . You just posted . They are hot like fire. How the h-ll would you know. You also said, I am sure they are making love day night. Wow.! You just won the I’m an idiot and worst poster title. Get a real job Bet, Why ? because you suck at this one.

  • just saying

    They look good together, I hope it works out for them.

    And, to the people who say this is a pr stunt because of the Brangelina twins, I would say… so what if it is??? I mean would you want someone (paps) bringing your name up everytime your ex and his girlfriend had a child. Maybe she’s sick of the questions and all that other bull the media keeps regurgitating. I think it would be good pr for her to show that she is not associated with Brangelina.

  • conspiracytheroy

    The longer Mayer is with Aniston, the more he will be held responsible for her misery or happiness. Is that fair? No – but that is the way thestory is being set up. The tabloids have already cast him as “the villian” in their tales. If they breakup up he will be the one who the tabloids blame, while she will be cast as “poor jen” with tons of sympathy. For Mayer’s sake I hope they last.

    As for Aniston I hope that she has found happiness but she looks miserable.

    When you look at the pics Cameron Diaz (in the thread above) you see a woman that despite all her lost walks with confidence, head held high, and a smile. Jessica Simpson(I am not a fan) just got booed and maybe she is hurting inside but she walks with confidence and a smile.

    Aniston it seems gains her confidence according to the men she is seen with and by what people think about her. Almost like she hides behind the men she is with. I am most likely wrong as hell but that is what it seems like. After a while I think men get fed up of that. Maybe Mayer will be different.

  • kidi

    Jen looks great for 52!

    Oh, wait…….