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Jessica Simpson Goes Gramercy

Jessica Simpson Goes Gramercy

Jessica Simpson (in David Szeto) leaves the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York after dining with her parents on Friday.

The 28-year-old singer first took her parents and friend Ken Paves to Dos Caminos in NYC. She then partied on the roof top bar after dinner before leaving the hotel at midnight, and then had to be guided to her car by a friend.

Jessica just signed a multi-year contract with the Camuto Group and G-Ill to to design, develop, manufacture and distribute a line of contemporary dresses under the ‘Jessica Simpson’ label.

“I’m extremely excited to be expanding into the dress market,” Jessica said. “I plan on creating beautiful dresses in distinctive fabrics and silhouettes that are reflective of my personal style and offer something special to the market place.”

The dresses is set for a soft launch in Spring 2009 and will be completely rolled out by Fall 2009.

10+ more pics inside of Jessica Simpson going Gramercy…

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jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 01
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 02
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 03
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 04
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 05
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 06
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 07
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 08
jessica simpson gramercy park hotel 09
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  • tia

    so, wot does she actually do at the moment? she hasnt had an album out in forever

  • b


  • Maxim

    Will she be selling that Hefty bag she’s wearing?

  • Ko

    omg, she just got uglier and uglier as the day wore on, is she wearing a garbage bag? Go away no talent tranny!

  • joe

    She’s really looking big, man with boobs.

  • tina

    footballer in drag. Those shoes are disgusting.

  • bw

    Maxim! Haha, welll this moron sells everthing (except music) so I bet this ugly thing will feature in her dress line.

  • lafy

    She’s look old, like 50 yearss. And fatter than Suzanne Sommers.

  • Maxim

    EEeeewww. Her toes are hanging off her shoes and walking on that nasty New York pavement.

  • tuzi

    OMG, she looks so pretty. I saw her profile on m’illionaire d’ating s’ite “M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m last week. What kind of relationship is she looking for on that site? Just curious.

  • Allie hampton

    Oh great – more money for Jessica! Maybe if she would concentrate on ONE THING, it might be succesful! She is the most mediocre, annoying creature out there! Doesn’t she already *have* a clothing line? Called some lame name like “Princy”?

    I would never want to wear anything I have seen her in. (Remember when she was dyeing her hair back to its natural colour and went to the Costume Institute with John Mayer (sp?)? Good heavens, what a mess!) I was brought up to know that classic clothing is best. Simple lines, good fabrics… look at that tutu she wore on her birthday – do any of you fellow women out there want to look like that? LOL

    Don’t buy this stuff, people. Allowing the Simpson family to make more money is just disgusting. (I’d love to know how much they give to charity – esp “former Baptist Minister” [ where was he ordained? did he even go to seminary?] Joe Simpson). How many 9,000 square foot homes do they need?!

    Ugh. Please go away – and please folks, don’t purchase this crap. She’ll just end up in yet another lawsuit (see Dessert Beauty, etc) and this company will tank. Don’t continue supporting mediocrity!

  • she has to make $ somehow

    She would never be caught dead in her line of jeans, shoes, dresses, lingerie ect…, unless she is promoting them for the 10% cut her dad takes. She is a huge phony.

  • kn

    Paves is taking out his trash!

  • mandy

    Where does she think she is, Dallas in 1980? This is NY Jessica, you look ridiculous!

  • Megs

    she’s always happy to see the paps.

  • bee

    get over yourselves the jealousy is rising you people are lo life scum to talk about her like that she is beautiful and natural and makes her own money and sings!!!!! stop being so jealous get a life

  • suzanne

    Shoes are too small … and she has rather ugly toes!

  • Dancer

    Did this celebutard look in a mirror before she went out in this garbage? It makes her look fat around the middle, the shoes make her legs look short and stubby. Wish some of these idiots would quit trying to be fashionable and go with what makes them look attractive.

  • soni

    She has no waist, or women curves at all. Except for the implants.

  • yuk

    Jessica and Brooke Hogan could be twins.

  • mya

    She could be pretty but not that night…

  • Mainer

    I think she’s darling, but the photo of her toes splaying off of her shoe gives me the willies.

  • Miapocca

    AHAHHA,..she does not look like a man…her face is a bit odd at itmes especially minus makeup but she is not ugly ahahhahah

  • Check it out

    Hey get this you got Jess in NYC & you got Carrie in Beverly Hills(Jessica’s home is there) & we got tony in Oxnard at practice. Any chance of a hook up with Carrie & Tony again? Interesting. How long is Jessica in NYC & will Tony sneak to see Carrie in concert? This could get very interesting. Stay tuned folks.

  • me

    She has no taste whatsoever when it comes to dresses. Every dress she wears is ugly and makes her look fat.

  • lonestar

    Thought the same thing–a giant faux leather trash bag–the poor girl gets more pathetic all the time. You can walk down any street in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and find more attractive and classy women. She is difinitely not representative of the area.

  • lonestar


  • Sweet Swede

    That is a really, really, really shitty dress. And I’m not even going to comment on those shoes.

  • Brit

    For her sake, I hope her line of dresses look nothing like the one she’s wearing.

  • JANE


  • bejeebus

    sometimes she looks so cute….but this is not one of those times. the harder she tries….the worse she looks. that dress is truly sh*teous and don’t get me started on those shoes. i want to see her JUST ONCE in a pair of decent attractive shoes. next she’ll be busting out in those lucite things that shauna sands is always ho-ing around in….just waiting for that….any day now.

  • mikayla

    that would be funny if tony and carrie met up jessica would shit her pants or umm her trash bag. but i dont want tony to be with carrie she’s tooooo pretty for him and belongs with someone who appreciates what they have…carrie of course!!=)…besides carrie’s over that shit, she doesn’t want him back tony probably wants her though. he just settled for second best or third , fourth whatever…cause theres better looking girls then her.. jessica is not as attractive as carrie.
    is anyone really goin’ to buy her CD ??? i heard her on the on the view and it sounds like a typical jessica song but with country music the background…she sounded horrible and whats up with her singing its like a little girl tryin” to be sexy?????i don’t think country fans nor country artists will accept her she is not country she is a girl who failed with her music career and she is trying anything to make a buck and a name in any genre…dont believe her people when she says she is country and always wanted to do country …apparently romo was the one that encouraged her to do it it was never in her plans supposingly she said 6 years ago she wanted to do this….yeah right…she wants to be the carrie underwood tony romo longs for so she’s turning to country…what a stupid bimbo.

  • Rach
  • LN

    Perfectly trashy looking dress for a perfectly trashy looking girl. If she were more mature I’d call her a trashy looking woman, but let’s be serious,…that she is not.

  • Jessica

    WHY does Jessica go everywhere with her parents????


    Jessica IS a Hypocrite. WHY anybody still supports I have know Idea why. She’s a Liar and a HUGE daddy’s girl.

    If Daddy is still in the picture she’ll NEVER get married OR have a successful relationship. Romo will NEVER marry her. Jessica is just his plaything for the moment.

  • Katie

    She is sooooo sucking it in its ridiculous. She recently was on some magazine tabloid that siad she gained 30 pounds. i bet that bitch wanna be carrie underwood is sucking it in

  • lovesimpsonsis

    oh my god. i cannot belive what i see here. all of you haters, like i dont understand why you guys hate her so much. she is just a normal good looking person with an AMAZING voice! her voice is so strong and powerful, and i would die to look like her! just dont care about theese jerks Jessica, and remember that your fans are always with you. were supporting you in whatever you do:)

  • Jayc

    Wow a bunch of jealous women? she is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet… dont you wish you were as successful as her.

  • Karen

    Ewwwww…You’d think with all the money she has she could afford a pair of shoes that fit properly!!! That is gross!

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