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Keanu Reeves is Comic-Con Cool

Keanu Reeves is Comic-Con Cool

Keanu Reeves and his beautiful costar Jennifer Connelly promote their new sci-fi film, The Day the Earth Stood Still, at the Comic-Con 2008 convention on Thursday in San Diego, Calif.

The Day the Earth Stood Still is a remake of the 1951 film of the same name. According to Wiki, the film updates Cold War themes like nuclear warfare to more contemporary ones, such as “humans vs. nature” and humanity’s generally violent nature toward itself.

Keanu, 43, plays alien messenger Klaatu. Connelly, 37, plays Helen Benson, a microbiologist inducted by the government into investigating Klaatu. The movie opens in theaters nationwide on December 12th.

15+ pictures inside of Comic-Con cool Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly

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Credit: Roger Wong, Agent 47/WENN; Photos: AP Photo/Denis Poroy, INFdaily
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  • z+v=zanessa

    he’s ugly!
    she’s pretty!

  • lunch

    She’s so pr etty and cute. It is said she is da ting a rich man. And they met on a celeb rity sin gles’ club ‘ric h ki ss dot c om’. Is she serious?

  • Beatriz182

    he is perfect!

  • yo


  • stylepolice

    not a fan of these 90′s jumpsuits. they look dated to me and not in a good vintage way!
    with that, Jennifer is cute these days, not beautiful…and I still think her brows need a good trim even though I realize it’s her signature look. I know there are some die hard Keanu fans…women who find him sexy and handsome. I find him femme and gay-ish. can he act? never seen him in much of anything that isn’t highly action oriented.

  • troy

    *Swoon* Everytime I I see Jennifer Connelly I feel like a teenaged boy again. And she’s not just a beauty she’s a terrific actress as well. I’ve seen the trailer for “The Day the Earth Stood Still:” and it looked pretty good. I’ll definitely see it when comes out.

  • hannah17

    please jared post more comic con!
    *hint*twilight cast*hint*

  • cat

    her husband is Paul Bettany and they have a boy

  • rp

    Keanu and Jennifer are both past their primes in the looks department

  • alex

    They look pretty hot to me. Older, but definitely hot hot hot!
    both gorgeous

  • Siobhan

    Who wants this see this stupid bearded ├žunt? Not me.

    We want to see the hot Comic Con Gerard Butler thread. The sexy bastard takes his shirt off.

    Pull your finger out Jared. Hurry up.

  • anonymous


  • sailormoon

    Yay! Can’t wait to see Keanu’s new movie!!!

  • Nanea

    I’m counting down the days to 12/12.

    Thanks for sharing the pics, JJ!

  • Jenanistoncenter

    Jennifer is gorgeous.
    Keanu is ugly !!!

  • Mapi

    Ashley Tisdale is the best.

  • nikomilinko
  • First?

    Yeah cool, but the Red Sonja panel was amazing. You should post the pictures and the movie posters Jared!

  • darkangelp2

    .. Jennifer Connelly.. is a wonderful actress.. thumbs up.. great choice :)

  • mo

    No word yet about Twilight huh? Missing out Just Jared, missing out.

  • AnDR

    SHE IS VERY UGLY AND HE ALSO… for that THEY are a beautiful friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD DO A FACE OPERATION! VERY BUT VERY UGLY….

  • ARYA

    Keanu looks fabulous to me…cooler than anyone else in the movies for sure.

  • Ducky

    Keanu looks beautiful to me! Girls were screaming when he came out to make his presentation. jennifer connelly, beautiful, as usual.

    Cant wait for this move to come out. The trailer looks great! People were excited yesterday at the clips shown.
    why is just jareds site being hijacked by kiddies waiting to see twilight? hmmmmm.

    Again, Keanu, sweet guy! and Hot!

  • Anonymous

    JENNIFER CONNELLY IS G O R G E O U S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • e.

    Wow, ugly is definitely not a word I’d use to describe either of these people. Some of you that always go around saying everyone is ugly either have the worst taste in the world or my bet, you’re just that mean. Nice.

    Keanu is still gorgeous at (almost) 44.

  • http://justjared chris

    Keanu looks gorgeous and so does Jennifer. Keanu is no longer the beautiful boy he was in the 80/90′s now he is a ruggedly handsome man. But inside he still the most gorgeous, beautiful, unspoiled man. You just have to admire that after all these years in Hollywood he is still untouched by that “I am God” syndrome the rest of Hollywood has. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  • honesty

    People who call either of them ugly, must be insane, jealous, or have extremely bad taste.
    Both of them look gorgeous, even though they are older than the young stars that Jared likes to post (Heidi Montag(?), Lauren Conrad, Chance Crawford, Zac Efron, or whoever else that’s from Gossip Girls or the Hill – those people look so average compared to these two)!

  • FER

    Jennifer Connelly is one of the most beautiful women ever. And she can actually act, unlike most good-looking actresses.

  • ewok

    Love Reeves but Connelly is a witch.

  • Rach
  • adrianav

    I love Keanu, he is the best actor and the most beautyful man to me. I don`t care what the other say/write.

  • gina

    I am really excited for this movie. I saw the trailer, and I can’t wait. Jennifer looks stunning here. A classic beauty always.

  • Meg

    I think “most” of the people who put comments here are really young. They dont see anythin good if its about not Miley, Selena or Jonas bros ( or other young starlets). Not that theres anythin wrong with their choice considering many of us 30 yr old ( unlike moi ) hv other stuffs to do than checkin some gossip site.Just an observation.
    BTW , Keanu & Jennifer are delicous !

  • d

    I like him. And I like her. I think she’s very attractive woman.
    Btw, his beard is too long. He could shave more often.

  • misty dawn

    # 11 Siobhan

    Who wants this see this stupid bearded ├žunt? Not me.

    We want to see the hot Comic Con Gerard Butler thread. The sexy ******* takes his shirt off.

    Pull your finger out Jared. Hurry up.

    No Siobhan……YOU are the stupid C U N T.

    Do you kiss your momma with that filthy mouth of your’s?

  • Hellblazer

    Luv Keanu!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annie hall

    Who is the guy carrying papers in the shots with Keanu? I recognize him from the beach pictures with China Chow; he and Keanu were being playful together.

  • d

    ”Who is the guy carrying papers in the shots with Keanu? I recognize him from the beach pictures with China Chow; he and Keanu were being playful together.”
    Maybe hi’s boyfriend. :P ;)

  • d

    Maybe his boyfriend. :P ;)


    KLAATU…KLAATU………barada nikto……brada….nikto….Nikto ti neporadil – ako sa maju vychovavat – male sede ufoncata?….Nikto?…A co – komentare na – “”…?……KLAATU….KLAATU…….Zle ….prevelice zle – si si vychoval svojho maleho syna – “E.T.bebe”!!…….””…”el bebe extraterrestre”…..!

  • ladybird

    both are gorgeous!! they make a hot couple, thats all i can say.

  • The Beach

    That’s NOT ANY of the guys who were at the beach with him.

  • Mrs reeves

    2 all u who say that Keanu is looking ugly. Well, i tell u he is the hottest 40 sumthing around. Wait till u get 2 40ish then c if u r that hot. I have liked him as an actor since back in the day of Bill and Ted, even though the films were a bit lame. He was cool in street kings.

  • speak the truth

    How could anyone say either Keanu or Jennifer Connelly is ugly? They are the most gorgeous people I’ve seen! I think both of them are good actors. And Keanu’s acting skill deserves more credit than what’s given.

  • cindy

    I enjoy them both, very talented. They are both beautiful as well. Those people who call these too ugly are shallow and childish. Too bad we couldn’t have their pictures posted on this site and see what the shallow people would say about them.

  • ayse

    andr you are the one who is very ugly not jennifer connelly.