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Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Zac Efron leaves Smashbox Studios with a mystery woman following him after a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sensation gave us a peek of his boxers just yesterday. Pick up your pants Zac. Pick’em up!

The Kenny Ortega-directed HSM3 opens on October 24th. Now less than three months away! Go Wildcats!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron and his mystery woman…

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zac efron mystery woman 01
zac efron mystery woman 02
zac efron mystery woman 03
zac efron mystery woman 04
zac efron mystery woman 05
zac efron mystery woman 06
zac efron mystery woman 07
zac efron mystery woman 08
zac efron mystery woman 09
zac efron mystery woman 10

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  • ah

    She accompanies him to photoshoots to oversee them.

  • Elle


  • yeahhh

    1st!! i love zac!!

  • jake_roldan


  • stephanie


  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    i love zaccccc !! zanessa rocksss


  • macy

    oooooooooo!!! is he cheating on V????

  • T&M.

    He better not be cheating on Vanessa.

  • z+v=zanessa


  • zanessa 4 ever

    ewwwww that girl is ugly sooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go zanessa!!!!!!!!

  • mikaela


  • Angeline

    He’s not cheating on Vanessa.

    If he’s leaving a photoshoot,
    it’s clear that that’s his assistant.

    If they didn’t arrive together,
    then they must have met each other there.

    Don’t freak out, guys.
    She looks too old for Zac.
    And it doesn’t look like there’s anything going on between them.

    And Zac can’t be cheating, why would he cheat in the public eye?
    He’s not the kind of guy to do that to Vanessa, to break her like that.

    This “mystery woman” has done nothing to anyone.
    Don’t talk sh*t about her until you actually know who she really is =)

  • zanessa/jashley

    He’s not cheating on Vanessa. I can assure you that he’s not. He’s too much of a gentlemen….For all we know, she can be his cousin…? Or like what #1 said. Looks like Zac just got out of the shower….his hair looks hot when it’s wet…XD

    Vote Zac for Male Hottie on The Teen Choice Awards !!

  • Helena

    So horrible and greasy looking.

  • ALyssa

    He’s not cheating on Vanessa. Why would he? She’s perfect! That girl is probably just a friend.

  • zanessa!-nida khan

    ok…who the hell is that gurl? i think vanessa should be the only girl that should be w/ him is he like cheating!!!!!!! oh, NO i cannot even think of that no way he is not cheating maybe he is just….umm…idk! o well i am just gonna hope taht he duzent do anything to her u no like hold hands or anything LIKE THAT!

  • mia

    Love him!

  • Matt

    its his assistant fucktards

    cheating on vanessa?
    you guys are more stupid then you seem -.-

  • niki

    hey. zac looks good:)

  • Soni Hannigan

    Someone looks like they are trying to break up zanessa. Not a good thing to do. ac and Vanessa love each other.

  • sasha

    my god, Jared, you’re OBSESSED with all these teeny boppers… zac, vanessa, miley, jonas bros., etc etc ad naseum! It gets a little old, I must say…. (haha, no pun intended)

  • jbfangirl7

    its probably his assistant and she looks older than him. calm down people, he’s not cheating on vanessa

  • alanaaa

    its his publicist!!! i love you zac!

  • unkown

    luv him!!!!!

  • Neris

    OMG!!!! O.O!!…………who will be she???……

  • tif

    you guys are crazy! just cause hes walking with another girl everyone freaks out!? i dont get it! who caresss

    why does his hair look wet and greesy?

  • ur gay

    thanks for the insight jj. glad u post old pics and pretend to know something

  • Anthony

    Like someone said probably someone from the agency to oversee his shoots. and im pretty sure if he was cheating it wouldn’t be out in public like this. but probably his makeup artist coz you know he loves tht makeup.

  • frida

    it,s a man!!

  • molly

    Guy, don’t worry!
    That girl is his publiscist. Her name is Gina Hoffman. She also represents Milo Ventimiglia and Josh Holloway.

    He’s not cheating on anybody! He wouldn’t do that.

  • sara

    No offense JJ, but why are you printing false accusations as fact?

    That “mystery woman” is simply his publicist…

  • Karen

    Don’t be ridiculous people! WHY do you all of you like to start something that isn’t there? Do you NOT think he is ever going to come in contact with another female? Do you NOT think Vanessa will never have to work with another man? Even a 12 year old knows better. I can’t help but think there are those posters who jump on these threads to post inane comments just to get the people riled up and get the ball rolling. But if you think you have a sense at all DO NOT be sucked into that kind of stuff. He just had a photo shoot so how idiotic do you have to be to figure out this lady is connect to THAT?

  • Amanda8765

    Poor Vanessa! She’s really cute! Let’s hope that she works for him and he’s not cheating on her! If he is cheating at least she’s a cute girl hehe

  • sashan

    Oh shut up Jared. Well at least you know how to rile up the gullible and the morons. He’ s not cheating on her ( & um hello in public, he’s not stupid) & the woman has been at some red carpet stuff with him, it’s clearly a management type someone who works for/with him.

    He looks hot, with the wet hair & all. Wonder what the photo shoot was for.

    Lmao at #22 , if she(nb) actually fu cked him she would effing break him. No one is strong enough for that beast, least of all zac. Not to mention he actually has taste.

  • brenna

    i think she just got out of her car and was wanting to talk to him or something…..

  • Karen

    BTW, don’t be insulting this poor lady with comments that she’s ugly or whatever. She has done nothing wrong—just her job. Also, Zac has done nothing wrong—just his job. Being in in the same breathing space with another woman doesn’t mean his heart and love isn’t still with Vanessa. GROW UP, PLEASE!

  • Ranaaaa

    itz his Publisict .

  • paola

    Karen u are right; i dont like nessa but i respect zanessa; xd zac must have love for her for real :)

  • http://ZacEfron bradley

    You people need to relax Because if Zac was dating somebody else he would not Do that Because Zac Loves Vanessa hudgens and Zac only as eyes of Vanessa so people need to getting upset and and If you are Zac Fans would belive that Zanessa Is forever

  • paola

    well; we cant say zanessa its forever; cause… zac is just getting famous n famous; and better girls will come out :) and all that;

  • kkadriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    It’s so creepy. Fist I was like that WTF .

  • Neris

    Apparentley the lady with him is Gina Hoffman, his new Publicist, since she has recentley joined the Talent Department of BWR. She also apparentley represents Milo Ventimiglia and Josh Holloway.

  • Zero

    is he cheating???????? Zanessa4ever !!!!!!!!!

  • sabina

    guys seriously, zac would never cheat on vanessa. hes not that kind of guy. although if he was cheating on her i would laugh.

  • AMy

    co-star in a new movie?


    assistent or producer..something like that..though huummmm

  • Malia

    If this post wasn’t so STUPID, it would be funny.

    JJ sure knows how to play into those little TWEENIE’S insecurities.

    Geeezeeee . . . only INSECURE people will ASS-U-ME that she’s anything other than someone he’s working with. She at least 40 years old. :)

    Anyone who THINKS Zac is “cheating” on Vanessa by doing a photoshoot . . . More tween-age drama!!

  • Miss::CulleN

    totally lovee him^^ so cute

  • nat

    Why would he cheat on V?,the man is obviously really in love with Vanessa to ever do that.

  • stacey

    Hey you guys im that blonde girl in the picture is me. Zac and I are just friends. In fact, I’m just his assisstant. Sure we kissed once behind vanessa’s back but it was on a dare and just to let you know he’s a REALLY GOOD KISSER! Well he’s not cheating on vanessa so dont worry guys.

    —st acey
    (a.k.a.the blonde girl)