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Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Zac Efron leaves Smashbox Studios with a mystery woman following him after a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sensation gave us a peek of his boxers just yesterday. Pick up your pants Zac. Pick’em up!

The Kenny Ortega-directed HSM3 opens on October 24th. Now less than three months away! Go Wildcats!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron and his mystery woman…

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# 1

She accompanies him to photoshoots to oversee them.

# 2


# 3

1st!! i love zac!!

# 4
jake_roldan @ 07/25/2008 at 7:15 pm


# 6

i love zaccccc !! zanessa rocksss


# 7

oooooooooo!!! is he cheating on V????

# 8

He better not be cheating on Vanessa.

# 9
z+v=zanessa @ 07/25/2008 at 7:16 pm


zanessa 4 ever @ 07/25/2008 at 7:17 pm

ewwwww that girl is ugly sooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!
go zanessa!!!!!!!!


He’s not cheating on Vanessa.

If he’s leaving a photoshoot,
it’s clear that that’s his assistant.

If they didn’t arrive together,
then they must have met each other there.

Don’t freak out, guys.
She looks too old for Zac.
And it doesn’t look like there’s anything going on between them.

And Zac can’t be cheating, why would he cheat in the public eye?
He’s not the kind of guy to do that to Vanessa, to break her like that.

This “mystery woman” has done nothing to anyone.
Don’t talk sh*t about her until you actually know who she really is =)

zanessa/jashley @ 07/25/2008 at 7:20 pm

He’s not cheating on Vanessa. I can assure you that he’s not. He’s too much of a gentlemen….For all we know, she can be his cousin…? Or like what #1 said. Looks like Zac just got out of the shower….his hair looks hot when it’s wet…XD

Vote Zac for Male Hottie on The Teen Choice Awards !!

So horrible and greasy looking.

He’s not cheating on Vanessa. Why would he? She’s perfect! That girl is probably just a friend.

zanessa!-nida khan @ 07/25/2008 at 7:26 pm

ok…who the hell is that gurl? i think vanessa should be the only girl that should be w/ him is he like cheating!!!!!!! oh, NO i cannot even think of that no way he is not cheating maybe he is just….umm…idk! o well i am just gonna hope taht he duzent do anything to her u no like hold hands or anything LIKE THAT!

its his assistant fucktards

cheating on vanessa?
you guys are more stupid then you seem -.-

hey. zac looks good:)

Soni Hannigan @ 07/25/2008 at 7:28 pm

Someone looks like they are trying to break up zanessa. Not a good thing to do. ac and Vanessa love each other.

my god, Jared, you’re OBSESSED with all these teeny boppers… zac, vanessa, miley, jonas bros., etc etc ad naseum! It gets a little old, I must say…. (haha, no pun intended)

jbfangirl7 @ 07/25/2008 at 7:29 pm

its probably his assistant and she looks older than him. calm down people, he’s not cheating on vanessa

its his publicist!!! i love you zac!

luv him!!!!!

OMG!!!! O.O!!…………who will be she???……

you guys are crazy! just cause hes walking with another girl everyone freaks out!? i dont get it! who caresss

why does his hair look wet and greesy?

thanks for the insight jj. glad u post old pics and pretend to know something

Like someone said probably someone from the agency to oversee his shoots. and im pretty sure if he was cheating it wouldn’t be out in public like this. but probably his makeup artist coz you know he loves tht makeup.

Guy, don’t worry!
That girl is his publiscist. Her name is Gina Hoffman. She also represents Milo Ventimiglia and Josh Holloway.

He’s not cheating on anybody! He wouldn’t do that.

No offense JJ, but why are you printing false accusations as fact?

That “mystery woman” is simply his publicist…

Don’t be ridiculous people! WHY do you all of you like to start something that isn’t there? Do you NOT think he is ever going to come in contact with another female? Do you NOT think Vanessa will never have to work with another man? Even a 12 year old knows better. I can’t help but think there are those posters who jump on these threads to post inane comments just to get the people riled up and get the ball rolling. But if you think you have a sense at all DO NOT be sucked into that kind of stuff. He just had a photo shoot so how idiotic do you have to be to figure out this lady is connect to THAT?

Amanda8765 @ 07/25/2008 at 7:51 pm

Poor Vanessa! She’s really cute! Let’s hope that she works for him and he’s not cheating on her! If he is cheating at least she’s a cute girl hehe

Oh shut up Jared. Well at least you know how to rile up the gullible and the morons. He’ s not cheating on her ( & um hello in public, he’s not stupid) & the woman has been at some red carpet stuff with him, it’s clearly a management type someone who works for/with him.

He looks hot, with the wet hair & all. Wonder what the photo shoot was for.

Lmao at #22 , if she(nb) actually fu cked him she would effing break him. No one is strong enough for that beast, least of all zac. Not to mention he actually has taste.

i think she just got out of her car and was wanting to talk to him or something…..

BTW, don’t be insulting this poor lady with comments that she’s ugly or whatever. She has done nothing wrong—just her job. Also, Zac has done nothing wrong—just his job. Being in in the same breathing space with another woman doesn’t mean his heart and love isn’t still with Vanessa. GROW UP, PLEASE!

itz his Publisict .

Karen u are right; i dont like nessa but i respect zanessa; xd zac must have love for her for real :)

You people need to relax Because if Zac was dating somebody else he would not Do that Because Zac Loves Vanessa hudgens and Zac only as eyes of Vanessa so people need to getting upset and and If you are Zac Fans would belive that Zanessa Is forever

well; we cant say zanessa its forever; cause… zac is just getting famous n famous; and better girls will come out :) and all that;

kkadriiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @ 07/25/2008 at 8:09 pm

It’s so creepy. Fist I was like that WTF .

Apparentley the lady with him is Gina Hoffman, his new Publicist, since she has recentley joined the Talent Department of BWR. She also apparentley represents Milo Ventimiglia and Josh Holloway.

is he cheating???????? Zanessa4ever !!!!!!!!!

guys seriously, zac would never cheat on vanessa. hes not that kind of guy. although if he was cheating on her i would laugh.

co-star in a new movie?

BRAZILIAN GIRL @ 07/25/2008 at 8:19 pm

assistent or producer..something like that..though huummmm

If this post wasn’t so STUPID, it would be funny.

JJ sure knows how to play into those little TWEENIE’S insecurities.

Geeezeeee . . . only INSECURE people will ASS-U-ME that she’s anything other than someone he’s working with. She at least 40 years old. :)

Anyone who THINKS Zac is “cheating” on Vanessa by doing a photoshoot . . . More tween-age drama!!

totally lovee him^^ so cute

Why would he cheat on V?,the man is obviously really in love with Vanessa to ever do that.

Hey you guys im that blonde girl in the picture is me. Zac and I are just friends. In fact, I’m just his assisstant. Sure we kissed once behind vanessa’s back but it was on a dare and just to let you know he’s a REALLY GOOD KISSER! Well he’s not cheating on vanessa so dont worry guys.

—st acey
(a.k.a.the blonde girl)


forget the girl his is looking smoking hot for his photoshoot, new soo cute.

and ladies his not cheating,but that doesn’t mean zanessa will be together ever okay and the girl is not ugly pretty cute, nice hair too.vanessa is hard at work so is zac.

maybe is jared’s mom

WHY ISN’T ZANESSA WEARING THEIR RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People quit spazzing it’s probably someone from the agency to oversee the photoshoot so nothing like the whole miley cyrus thing happens or anything like that

ahh, he looks AMAZING !

& no , zac ! don’t pull ur pants up , i loveeeee seein me some zac boxers xD !

nahh , he aint cheatin on v . its his new publicist or agent or w/e . she oversees photoshoots to make sure they go alright !

naw , zac would NEVA cheat on v !!!

alexa hudgens @ 07/25/2008 at 8:41 pm

OMG guys its not a Publisict or whatever you guys think…..its me Alexa Hudgens….god dont think that “ZANESSA” broke up i just had a photoshoot with him god take it from someone who is in these pics

Much Love
alexa h

holy crap ya’ll! zac is not cheatin on nessa! that is the last thing he would do. he is smart enough to not cheat in public, or ever cheat. him and nessa are still together. that lady is his assistant. if you are smart enough you would know that. now dont get this stuffed up your butt and be a biotch about it. its OVER get OVER it. please and thanks

Instead of repeating everything 20 times, everyone READ POST #45 by NERIS. You will have your answers.

Jasmine @ #57, I don’t guess this situation about the rings have been covered in the last day so I guess we’ll cover it ONE MORE time. Vanessa IS wearing her ring. She has been wearing it on her LEFT hand, middle finger lately. BUT she has also been wearing it on her RIGHT hand middle finger at times—like on te Caribbean vacation. Zac, on the other hand apparently has lost his since we have not seen it since his emergency surgery in January. But just less than a week before his surgery he was wearing it at the Palm Springs film festival with Vanessa. Now, he has been know to lose other rings in the past so this one could have been lost on the set or at the hospital it could have been stolen—but that is when we last saw the ring. However, we have seen enough of “Zanessa” over the past several months to KNOW they are more in love than ever so possibly he is not wearing the ring because he wants everyone to know their love is not defined by these rings.

Thats his publicist and the only reason i know that is because she is also Milo Ventimiglia’s publicist
not that it should matter,

even if he was out with her, why would everyone else care if he was cheating on Vanessa, i mean how do you know they didn’t break up and hes out on a date? retards i swear, foces on your life and not celebs. dont get so worked up when you dont know things

omg whos that girl he IS NOT CHEATING ON V they just got bck from turks & caico i think thats how u spell it lol

Did Zac ever date Ashley?? Or were they good friends?? because my friend is a zashley fan and she showed me some videos and it looked like zac was close with ashley then he is was with vanessa in ’06 and it looked like he only got close with vanessa after the hawaii pics were leaked out.

that’ a a publicist she also works for milo ( the guy who acts in heroes)


You would really make a good “reporter” for a ragazine like STAR or National Enquirer. You take a little truth to turn it into a lie. BUT, at least if people go to the link you printed, then they will know the truth to who this lady is and what the situation is all about.

Zanessa4ever @ 07/25/2008 at 8:59 pm

ok i dont think he is cheating on vanessa cause from wat i have heard he is in love with her big time so i dont think he is and zac jus dont seem lik the kinda guy that wud cheat on a girl.

christine x3 @ 07/25/2008 at 9:00 pm

that girl should be vanessa.


I DON’T BELIEVE IT~!!!!!! He’s at Smashbox Studios, two days before I’m to go there….%$#$#&T&!!! That woman most likely is his assistant, or maybe a stylist…or, maybe, who knows…I don’t believe it…I hope I get to meet him when in LA this weekend.


violinbug1410 @ 07/25/2008 at 9:05 pm

He’s not cheating on Vanessa.

# 74.

I dont believe just jared

why start this rumors :(

CHARMIE!! Zanessa is a publicity stunt! Like emma said I hope that answers your question.

Zanessa4ever @ 07/25/2008 at 9:07 pm

wait this mite mean nothing but wat car is he drivin???

#66 charmie @ 07/25/2008 at 8:53 pm
Ashley said in Popstar Magazine (about a year ago) that she never dated Zac. She said they only worked together. Even Zac said that once, when someone asked him.

And according to Kenny Ortega, Zac and Vanessa were dating when they started making the first HSM. He referred to their relationship as a fairy tale from the very beginning. Kenny should know.

These stupid rumors are laugh out insane and stupid! Goodness!!! and the Zashley bit takes the cake! lol. I can’t believe there are still kids buying into the whole Zashley thing. lol.

g-hoffman @ 07/25/2008 at 9:14 pm

Seriously, what’s with all the drama here? Is Zac not supposed to be seen with his publicist? That’s news to me.

everybody is like flippin a **** haha, i find i quite funny xD

just chill i doubt hes cheating a vanessa like a couple people are saying its probably his assistant.

OMG that is Zac’s publicist she goes to things like meetings and photo shoots with him so Zac is NOT cheating on Vanessa.

And NO Zac never dated Ashley they both have made it clear in interviews they are just friends though ashley at one time did admit to having a little crush on him because she thought he was cute.

And the blond (his publicist) isn’t his type he has addmited even befor auditioning for High School musical he likes exotic looking girls with tan skin and dark which his publicist obviously DOESN’T have.

If you are a true Zac fan you would NEVER accuse him of cheating on Vanessa . If you do accuse him of that you obviously haven’t seen the pics from Hawaii last year, turks and Caicos, when she picks him up from the airport when he came home from NYC, when she was leaving his house in the morning wearing his clothes, or from they’re late night trip to Best Buy.

Zac and Vanessa are in love everyone can see it the cast of HSM has comminted on it and it is pretty obvious just by the way he looks at her.

oh, give me a break…that’s his publicist.

i think you little ashley fans should find an ashley thread to comment on. this is a zac thread and he would not like you bashing his girlfriend.

yes, those ten days that zac and vanessa spent in the caribbean really show that he and ashley are an item. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. how old are you delusional little kids, anyway?

you kids need to face reality and stop living in your sick little fantasy world. zac and vanessa have been dating now for three years. get over it and move on. ashley has her own boyfriend. if you are really ashley fans you will respect her decision to date jared.

Anonymous @ 07/25/2008 at 9:24 pm

oh wow, zac NEVER dated ashley. You guys are such complete morons it’s not even funny. She has her own boyfriend and if she ever met any of you, you’d probably be laughed at or spit at. I’d be amused at this but how completely stupid society is, especially the kids these days is just fu*cking sad.

And wth is the big deal with him being around his publicist.

for you little tweenie-weenie ashley fans, here is a thread jj posted yesterday. go there and purge all your hate for everyone you dislike in the world:

btw, that ashley thread that jj posted yesterday morning at 6:15 am only has 57 comments. ashley fans, go there and post so you will up her hits and make her more popular.

dang. ppl can be harsh on here.
i don’t think Zac’s cheating on Vanessa.
i hope so as well.
but like most ppl said, its probably his assistant

lets hope he clears it up?

for 3 seconds i was excited to see this

i love zanessa

Check out Zac on the red carpet for LA’s Hairspray premiere:

Notice the woman with wavy blonde hair and aviator shades standing behind him in some shots? I’d guess that is the one-and-only Gina Hoffman, Zac’s PR wonderwoman. Funny how she is hardly ever seen with him in public, mostly on red carpets, until today when JJ posted these pics. She’s really cute!

Also, side note….for those debating whether Zac would sign on for Hairspray 2, if it comes about – take note of :29 through :41 of this clip! I’d say he’s at least a definite maybe!


i bet its like his cusin or something. or an assistant

its probobly like a cousin or assistant.

mary, here’s one where you can see gina better. her hair was shorter then, but same nose and mouth.

Good heavens. Anyone who’s ever seen Zac at a red carpet event knows that’s his publicist.

And JJ knows it, too. He just likes to get the gullible little girls all upset by calling her a mystery woman.

Everyone, JJ just posted this at the top:

UPDATE: The woman is Zac’s publicist Gina Hoffman.

she’s sooo ugly
vanessa is sooo much better!!!


zac will not be cheating on vanessa cause he so in love with her.



Jennifer W @ 07/25/2008 at 10:45 pm

zac looks great

The lady with him is Gina Hoffman, his new Publicist, since she has recentley joined the Talent Department of BWR. She also apparentley represents Milo Ventimiglia and Josh Holloway.

love u ZAC

Zanessa ROCKS

People need to stop Zac would never cheating on Vanessa what is worng with you people get a life

Some of you guys really need to calm down. It’s like Zac was cheating on you guys and not Vanessa.

People just need to leave Zac alone and Let him be happy with Vanessa Zac’s Life is his own. Zac would never cheat on Vanessa But Zac is so in Love with Vanessa why would he break Vanessa Heart after 3 years togther People who make up Rumors need to get a life and leave Zac and Vanessa Alone.

zanessa♥.. ewjashley @ 07/25/2008 at 11:46 pm

she looks like chelsy davy jajaja

zanessa♥.. ewjashley @ 07/25/2008 at 11:46 pm

she looks like chelsy davy jajaja

The minute Zac has a pic taken with an attractive female other than Vanessa, it’s ‘Oh my God! Zac is cheating on Vanessa’. How immature and lame. Poor Zac, for every tabloid on him cheating he has to console and pacify Vanessa and vice versa. C’mon children you have to give Zac more credit than that. He would not be as blatant some celebrities who recently got caught out. There is the word’ Trust ‘between him and Vanessa and neither he nor she is about to abuse it.

I am in total agreement with Karen and Malia.

Okay, if you know anything about Zac and his personal preferences, I would say he prefers dark haired women with sultry looks like Catherine Zeta Jones.

i don’t think zac is cheating but that is not gina hoffman

thats his new publicist it said it on a website

citrus mango @ 07/26/2008 at 2:30 am

whoever that girl is… Zac is such a hotness!

hugepleasure @ 07/26/2008 at 2:32 am

and here’s another info for some of you to stop rumors
“Zac Efron stepped out with wet hair at Smashbox Studios in LA with his new blond publicist from BWR. She also reps Milo Ventimiglia, and kind of looks like the troll version of Ashley Tisdale.”/from oceanup…

It’s a dude, look at his Adam’s Apple, that blonde DUDE!

It’s a dude, look at his Adam’s Apple, that blonde DUDE!

OMG you guys she’s not ugly! Calm down.
he is not cheating on Vanessa.
maybe is his friend, or assitant. whatever she is, she was just accompanying Zac or something!
I like what she’s wearing! LOL!

For crying out loud do people like to look like idiots or what? It surely is a fact that 75% of the people on this thread NEVER read anything. There is NO excuse that anyone looking at this thread for the first time after 10PM EDT should not be aware of who this woman is since JJ has clearly posted it. And if anyone else would ever care to notice any other comments they would have known the facts by PAGE 2 of this thread, page 3 even had a link as to who it was.

She also can be seen in videos from the Palm Springs film festival as Zac and Vanessa were walking that red carpet and she was with them in the video where they are entering the theater during the HSM2 DVD party. All of you might as well calm down.


First of all…THUD! I really can’t spend much, if any, time on the focus of this post’s write-up…1) because it’s ridiculous and for the purpose of stirring up some insanity…hello publicist…and 2) because, I’m a bit distracted by how very, very good Zac looks in these pics. Bring on that photo shoot! :-D

I guess Jared wanted to keep everyone all unnerved and upset so now we do’t have the information at the beginning of the thread that this is Zac’s publicist but it has been told countless times with pictues and links, etc that everyone should know by now.

Zacheartvanessa @ 07/26/2008 at 3:37 am

I’m pretty sure, it could be her cousin. Cuz i can see some egualitys between them. Or if not, it could be like an assistant, or a friend like in that baseball game a few months ago… I dunno. But call me cheesy o weird, i trust him.

He’s not sheaating on V… thats obviously his assistant, but don’t worry, if he is cheating on V, EVERY Vanessa fan will be in LA really quick!!!

zanessa4ever @ 07/26/2008 at 4:05 am

he better not be cheating on nessa i freak out when i look at him with this granny

BabiiVFanforeva @ 07/26/2008 at 4:32 am

i hope shes just an assistant..he wouldnt go hurting nessa in any way..hes a he wouldnt do it in public..
anyways love zanessa!!! …i really wanna see some cute zanessa pics soon!!

ok, she’s so not the issue.

look at him! he’s freakin gorgeous!

She’s just an assistant or something, no need to fret Zanessa fans! Zac clearly wouldn’t do that and not in the public eye neither.

The women could just be a make-up & hair artist, PA or even a relative. OR dare I say it a FRIEND. Nessa doesn’t have to be there, she’s probably working on her own stuff.

first of all zac it hott!!!!!!!!!! lol and that is probz his assisstant

Why do u ppl come up with stuff and assume stuff for attention?
its people like you that zac does not respect! CHILL !

it will be someone to do with work, celebs have to have like loads of ppl to help thm with the stuff thy do. thy cnt do it all thy have ppl do everythin for thm thn thy just turn yup so she is probs like a photoshoot person who goes with him. and everyone who thinks he is cheatin thts stupid, he just got bak from holidaii with vanessa!!! and he knows der is paparzzi waitin for him wen he comes out so he wouldnt b so stupid. duh!

You people are very sad.

“Vanessa’s perfect! He wouldn’t cheat on her. He loves her.”


You don’t know them, stop acting like you do!

you zanessa fans are idiots. god forbid zac has any lady FRIENDS who aren’t vanessa. it’s most like just his publicist.

haha at #137; Ingrid, I know.. some of the comments especially the ones of the first page are hilarious. lol..

you know what, Zac Efron can walk with anyone he wants to. even if she is a publicist, it’s just a matter of time until he and vanessa split and go their separate ways. both have careers ahead and after hsm they will go in different directions so everybody chill and let him live his life. remember they are both young and so is their love.

wouldn’t JJ know who zac’s publicist is from the thousands of post he has had? stirring up the pot a bit wouldn’t you say? I for one am delighted to see him no matter who he is with. in fact, i’ve been wondering how long it would be before they split and grow up.

Zac isn’t cheating on Vanessa! =)
This woman is his new press agent, called Gina Hoffman! So, don’t worry! But I don#t think Zac’ll ever cheated on Vanessa! He isn’t the type of guy, who do this!
Zac loves Vanessa, remember??? :)

HAHA! She looks like Scarlett Johansson:-)

Oh please!! We all know that’s his publicist,Gina Hoffman. Of course he’s not cheating on Vanessa,that’s just stupid of you to think. Why would you pretend it’s a mystery woman,Jared? Now ppl are gonna start rumors and that’s awful and horrible. Like it or not,Zac and Vanessa are together so accept this and move on!

I think the girl is Mollee Gray – Dancer from HSM…

zanessa fan 4 3v3r @ 07/26/2008 at 8:32 am

hes not cheating on vanessa guys! if he was (which he wouldnt), he would not cheat in public. and in a mag zac said he knew vanessa was the one, lol.

This is crazy, Zac is with his PUBLISCIST Gina, god what is with all this negativity?? Zac loves Vanessa and its pretty obvious he would never hurt her.

I cant understand why people get so crazy about this kinda stuff! Zac will be seen with over girls and Vanessa with over guys, it doesnt mean their cheating on each other.

As for the ring thing, who cares whether they dont wear it, Zac probz lost it b4 his operation, Vanessa wears her sumtyms, but even if she didnt i think theres more proof to their relationship then a ring…how about their LOVE for each other??

Zanessa lives on…has done for 3 years!!! Haters better get used to it becoz these are goin to be together for a LONG time, Live In Love 4eva n Always Zanessa ***

MAYBE! zac has a girl as a friend. doesn’t have to be cheating .. da-aa

Woman? Seriously???

Ham.. Ham!?

i love Zanessa!!!!

:O I don’t think he would be cheating on V
cause he knows that the media is gonna get on him
..or something like that :p

Kikigirl101 @ 07/26/2008 at 10:23 am

Oh relax there’s no way he’s cheating on V. Only an idiot would do that in the public eye! Besides she looks WAY too old for him and she’s probably just his assistant or something.

i love vanessa
i love you zanessa

OMG JJ, this was classic of you! hahahahaha! Unfortunately, you do know you do not need to post such rumor starting tags to get hits on a Zac Efron thread don’t you?? hahahahha!

P.S. Why did you take out the update explaining the truth? It is owed to the fans freaking out!

#1 – if you’re a fan and you feel anxious or “freaking out” that he’s with another girl…. then I feel that it’s time to step back from Zanessa world and get back to your world you were meant to live in. Living vicariously through another relationship is fun at first, but emotionally unhealthy when one turns it into their own world so much as to freak out when something like this happens.

#2 – Maybe they arrived at the same time and Zac doesn’t even know her from Adam For Pete’s SAkes. And she was lucky enough to have walked behind him. LOL

I could go on and on about this, but… I’m going to do what Zac Fan is doing and just ogle at his HOTNESS!!! instead… :)

Actually a few things are being posted here that are questionable.

I posted yesterday that this is probably PR woman Gina, but that may not be correct. Zac often appears on the red carpet with another blonde, a larger, more soccer-mom-ish looking woman who snaps her gum and blows bubbles while looking bored behind him. THAT may be Gina. We have no way of knowing because when I google Gina Hoffman BWR, I don’t get any pics.

THIS may be another one of his staff. I don’t think he has an assistant because if he did, that name would appear in the Hairspray credits under “Mr. Efron’s Assistant.”

Also, Gina Hoffman is not Zac’s NEW publicist. He has been with her for a while, but she DID change agencies and went from PMK to BWR in January. She took ZAC and her other clients with her, as is the custom in this business. So not a NEW publicist for Zac, same old same old, she just works at a different place.

Also, if you would like to reach Zac’s publicist Gina Hoffman with a question or request, in my googling I found that her email address is

that’s her publicist

she was in the airport with him too

Here is the other blonde I was talking about. She’s the one behind him with the shoulder-length, stringy blonde hair. I’ve seen her repping him at various events:

She even blows a bubble with her gum at 1:46! Classy!

Which one is Gina?? I love a good mystery!

P.S. My guess is that Jared read our comments and decided to take that as confirmation that the woman with Zac yesterday was Gina, but then deleted that when someone “official” wrote to him and said “That ain’t Gina!”

it’s one of his publicists. i know for sure.

Zanessa-love4life @ 07/26/2008 at 12:24 pm

ok guys zac is NOT cheating on Van!
Zanessa are like so in love and Zac really cares about V and he wold never do that to her!
Shes probably just his assistant or manager or something
JustJared needed a better headline! ;)

What is wrong with you teens zac Loves Vanessa. If you are a Zac Fan or a Zanessa Fan why would you make up rumors about Zac Cheating on Vanessa. Stop with all of the ruomrs and Believe that Zac Loves vanessa with all his heart . If Z ac wanted to break up with Vanessa Zac would not Dating another Girl right away he would need time to heal his heart. So stop all of the rumors here and Leave Zac and Vanessa alone and Let them be happy.

i hope you guys are right that ZANESSA didnt break up !!
i love themm together!

vanessa is muuuuuch better!
i love baby v
go zanessa

pliesbabymama12 @ 07/26/2008 at 2:33 pm

…cheesy much

Why would zac Want to break up with Vanessa for the some other girl. Zac would not do that to some he say he loves relaxs and come down Zanessa his still together

Look, Steph is right about getting on with YOUR own life. It is fine to love Zac for Zac and Vanessa for Vanessa and even thinking they are great together. BUT nobody knows what the future holds for anyone. I have been married almost 25 years and I have no clue what next year will bring. All I know is I have vowed to do what is within my being to do and do it right, to be faithful, and to honor and cherish him. But what if he doesn’t do the same? Wonder if some horrible event happens and we, being human, fall under the pressure and just simply fail? It happens to people, circumstances change, and some people re weaker than other when the pressure is on—and it happens to married people. These two are young but they have love and they have integrity so we will have to wait and see as the years go by. But I am fairly sure this young man—not manner who he chooses—will not be a cheat and he will be in one relationship at a time. It is an insult to him to insinuate any less than he understands the importance of faithfulness.

AND FOR HEAVEN SAKES, DO YOU THINK HE WOULD BE WITH VANESSA LIKE HE WAS ON VACATION JUST A MERE 10 DAYS AGO AND NOW BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE????? Just use a little logic. ~I’m going away now and find an icepack for my head~

Zac and Vanessa Belong together why are people trying to break them up can you see how much Zac Love Vanessa. Beside Zac know if he break up with Vanessa there will fans that will be upset with him for breaking Vanessa Heart so Come down Zac is not Cheating on Vanessa. Becasue if he was I think that Zac would have a lot of Upset Fan.

sooo ugly

i’m convinced she’s his assistant.
she does look a little old for him, but she’s pretty:].
and no, zanessa aren’t over:D!

JJ Can you please end this because Those Rumors about Zac Cheating on Vanessa Is getting old. People that is Zac’s Assistant Why do you guy’s don’t belive it You teenagers just need to get a life. Zac can hang out with Another Girls and not date Them Vanessa hangs out with anothers boy’s and You people think Zac And Vanessa are Break Up Please Go over it Life gose on. If Zac And Vanessa Break Up it will be all over the news E, Et, The insider. So just Come down OMG Zac is not Cheating on Vanessa Because if he was there will be a lot of upset People with Him. JJ next Time Please find out the truth before you Post something about Zac Efron. So he don’t have the Rumors going on.

Unfortunately Cindy JJ is probably sitting back and being quite entertained by all this..kind of when he posted the pic of Zac’s head on a womans body…

I just hope other ragazine type of tabloids get wind of the teaser and start crap on their blogs. It’s getting old and tiring to see such media toy and screw with peoples lives like that.

Shame shame JJ!

zac lover @ 07/26/2008 at 4:58 pm

love him. i hate v.

mm … he is relacion with vanessa hudgens … she is one friend ! :)
forever with vanessa hudgens !
So beautiful Zac Efroon ! :D

You people need to Prove that This is not Zac Publicist Gina Hoffman because a lot of people aready as Prove it but if you teenagers do not want to belive it then that is your Fault because all of the Rumors about Zac and Vanessa are really getting Old. And If every time you see Zac with another Girl that is not Vanessa and you start Thinking the worst then I don’t know what to tell you. If Zac and Vanessa Break Up Life gose on but I don’t See Zac and Vanessa Never breaking Up. So Stop with All of the Rumors About Zac cheating on Vanessa Is giveing my A headach and I am so Sick and Tried of The rumors

tellin it like it is @ 07/26/2008 at 5:25 pm

Zac isn’t cheating on V. Obviously she is his assistant or maybe someone from the photoshoot, they didn’t arrive together or we’d see pics of that. They didn’t leave together or we’d CERTAINLY see pics of that. Besides, Zac is smart and very private. He wouldn’t cheat on V in the public eye and be SMILING about it. He’d he ducking behind a hoodie, or going out back or something, not that he is cheating but you know what I mean. Yah… but hey lets focus on the good stuff. HSM 3 comes out in less than 3 months, and Zac’s hair looks hot when wet!!!!! ;)

tellin it like it is @ 07/26/2008 at 5:27 pm

Just another thing, there’s a chance she is some kind of freaky stalking mom fan. There are certainly a ton of them lurking on street corners and in dark alleys!!! LOL, do you get me, “Don’t make mountains out of mole hills,” and DO NOT accuse my future hubby of cheating. LOL JKJKJK!!!!!

tellin it like it is @ 07/26/2008 at 5:31 pm

One more thing, Bradley, stop making fun of us adoring Zac loving teenagers. Get a life old **** and maybe take some lessons in capitalization, grammar, and spelling at a community college near you!

BLEH!!!! BITE ME!!!!!

I Think Zac just need to Break up with Vanessa. I Like Vanessa but if you people want to start Rumors then Maybe Zac and Vanessa Jut need to Break up and But with Other people so the fan of Zanessa will be happy that Zac dump Vanessa . It is what you guys want you teenagers just don’t want to see Zac Happy. This is getting Old all of the Rumors come on Get a life and Grow up

I think she’s either an assistant or come psycotic stocker lady who wants Zac.

come on guys!
zac loves vanessa!
this girl is just a friend or a zac’s relative!
why would he cheat in the public eye? [2]

zaac is sooooo hoot
love him!


Apparently she’s his publicist, Gina Hoffman.

Apparently she’s his publicist, Gina Hoffman.

calm down, it’s his baby sitter.

zanessafan4eva17 @ 07/26/2008 at 7:33 pm

I agree with everuone who said don’t overeact the lady is his publist she also look old enough be his mother no worries Zaneesa is not over

This thread reminds me when he was shooting 17 Again and JJ posted pictures of Zac wearing a wig for his movie. That thread went over 1000 posts because people could not READ. Nearly every 4th post wold say IT’S A WIG and yet people were freaking out about his hair looking terrible. If any of you would care to go through and access a certain links that people have posted it wold tell you what’s going on. As I referred to the pictures of Zac and Vanessa’s Caribbean vacation which was no more than two weeks ago, do any of you think for a moment he is that in love with the girl in those romantic pics and now he is with someone else?

What’s up JUST JARED ! You guys should choose a factual title next time especially if it ‘s Zac or Vanessa. Better yet you should post a new picture of ZANESSA. We FANS believed in the love of ZAC and Vanessa . So please do not start anything.

Zanessa Is not over come down

JJ we are waiting for a new Zac and Vanessa post……………………………

JJ still waiting for new ZANESSA post……………………………………………..

JJ, I cannot believe no one has seen Zac or Vanessa all day today ?
We are still waiting for new post……………………………………………..

he better NOT be cheating on a great girl like Vanessa.but after reading these comments i can relax a bit.

You all do know that demanding pictures of “Zanessa” won’t get them for you, don’t you? Jared can’t post something he doesn’t have. Plus, the way Zac and Vanessa have been in the last few set of pictures it looks to me like they are exhausted from it all which could cause them to lay low for a while and that seems to be the case as we have not seen them. If people did not demand pictures ALL the time we would probably see a few. I think it will get to the place where they just won’t go anywhere together in public. Then what will everyone do? We survived almost two weeks without pictures when they were on vacation. And if they didn’t have to face all that craziness every time they moved then they would not feel the need to go “underground” and would not mind so much a picture once in a while. But you all have to admit since they have come home from vacation they have been stalked relentlessly and for what? Vanessa walking to her car? Zac walking into his lawyer’s office? A picture of his rear-end just because we can see is boxers? He probably went there to see how he could keep the paps from invading his private space.

Give me the Palm Spring pictures and the DVD release party type pictures and a candid thrown in once in a while and I’d be very content.

I could not agree with you more, Karen, I’ll take happy pictures of an event or occasional candid over Zac and Vanessa looking frustrated and irritated by the constant presence of the paps anyday. Who wants to look at them being upset? Vanessa has now resorted to hiding her face. Who wants to see her like that?

With you on this, Karen. Am feeling a bit relieved that there are no more pics of Zac or Vanessa trying to make their getaway. It is painful to watch/look at them being harrassed by the pap.

Vanessa is very busy preparing for her tour and Zac is going about doing his business. I know he has a lot going on in the works and we’ll just have to wait and see. JJ’s info is not reliable as has been proven and he or his staff is known foer stirring things up with a provocative thread.

Suffice it to know that this couple still get to have their privacy without us having to see a pic of them together. As long as we have a thread to bring the fans together, that is fine with me.

he looks good right out of the shower :)

if its a photoshoot then new pictures sooon! yay!

and chill. like he’d get with some girl and let all you obsessive oblivious people just watch it? god for all you know its his cousin. or his publicist or his assistant. he cant do everything himself you know.

#184, i peed my pants laughing at that one. :lol: :lol: :lol:

btw, here’s what is supposed to be the “official” song list for HSM3, according to BOP mag:

zac dating her!!!!??????




he is soooo not cheating on V guyz…. its prolly his assistant if hes leaving a photoshoot

and u really shuldnt talk about zac cheating on vanessa…its really mean

she’s just like a man ¬¬
look at her face in the first picture !

i agree with you karin

love Zanessa @ 07/27/2008 at 4:24 am

Ohh, noooooooooo !!!! I dont hope Zac is cheating on Vanessa. Nooo !!!!!! It just cant be right. I love Zanessa….. <3 Please dont do this to Vanessa. Stay together, stay together, stay together, stay together, STAY TOGETHER !!!! Do something. :( :(

loooooveeee zac!!

Eww, she’s soo ugly. But Zac loves V, so I’m not afraid

He’s a young guy..of course he’s gonna be ****** blondy behind closed doors. Vanessa probably even joins in!

Rach shame on you.

i think they are so in love so zac will not do that.

Well, if you think Zac is being unfaithful, it is all wishful thinking and you can dream on. Don’t you wish it was you huh, Rach.

I am not make fun of you teenagers I am a Zac Efron fan. I know that Zac Loves Vanessa and he would never Cheat on her. My Brother says that Zac needs to Break up with Vanessa and see someone else

oh plzzzzzzzz~ she is juz his new assistant!!

check this–>


she’s his new publicist. Gina Hoffman or something

Coby Think you so much I know that Zac would never cheat on Vanessa

Gina Hoffman is not his new publicist. He’s been with her a while. She changed agencies, though.

SmiileyLoveeeZANESSA @ 07/27/2008 at 12:53 pm

estoy enojadaaaa!!!
“V” se va a enojar kuando se entereeee!!! ¬¬

You know, it doesn’t even matter who this woman is, we ALL know by now she WORKS with Zac no matter what her name is. So, everyone quit jumping to conclusions and please stop making ugly comments about her. She is here to help Zac and anyone working for him in trying to get good things going for him is a good person and doesn’t need to be insulted, OK?

as·sis·tant Pronunciation[uh-sis-tuhnt]
–noun 1. a person who assists or gives aid and support; helper.
Yes she is someone who is helping Zac with WORK, such as a photo shoot.

ILUV zANESSA @ 07/27/2008 at 1:46 pm

the woman is his new publicist gina hoffmann!
so zac isn’t cheating on vanessa

Laura van der Duim @ 07/27/2008 at 1:48 pm

angeline (number 12)

you’re totally right!!


Well said Karen!

People, the poor woman has done nothng but assist Zac with geting his career on the track he wants it to be, so stop insulting her.

Seriously, it’s like we are back in school already.

“OMG, Joe Cool who is going out with Susie Cheerleader, is talking to some girl we’ve never seen before. He had better not be cheating on Susie with that *insert bad name here*”.

Meanwhile, Joe is just asking the unknown girl for the homework assignment from last class and is meeting Susie in the cafeteria in 5 minutes.

LOL, narf! So true, so true. I just hope more than I and a few others “GET IT”. How silly some people can be. Don’t people know it takes both male and females to work with Zac and Vanessa in moving along their careers? How many males have we seen with Vanessa in the last few threads of her? Those guys walking out with her from the studio the other day, are we to believe she is maybe “seeing” both of those guys on the side or did we not have that kind of pandemonium over that situation merely because JJ didn’t write in his headline “Who’s the mystery MEN with Vanessa?” When you want the posters to read what JJ writes you can’t get them to but when he is leading you on and you hope they won’t read it, they do… It is enough to drive a person bonkers.

I know Karen it’s crazy.

When Jared writes the true story behind a picture no one wants to believe it. When he feels like teasing with his headlines, people are ready to lap it up as if it were the gospel.

Karen I agree with you Zac and Vanessa do love each other. And Zac and Vanessa are both trying to inprove there careers. I think that Zac and Vanessa wants to do Movies that are not Musical. Zac Loved that he did High school Musical but I think it is time for Zac and Vanessa to move on. wIth There Careers. I Would love to see Zac do another Musical Maybe Hairspray2.

I don’t think we have seen the last of Zac Efron in musicals but he is also going to have to be seen doing something else and he knows that. But it is unfortunate that we have yet to see 17 Again and Me and Orson Wells. I think the brass for those movies would rather have the phenomena known as High School Musical behind them before going forward with movies portraying Zac in another light yet capitalizing on his success from this franchise. So HSM will be behind him before we see these other movies but not so far forgotten before the release of those movies. I hear that HSM will be released on DVD in February and if anyone has noticed that is when 17 Again is to be released.

I do hope he will have a few movies in there that are not musicals before he does something like Footloose or the sequel to Hairspray. I wouldn’t mind if he would pass up Hairspray but I’m sure he would not want to pass up the opportunity to work with the likes of John Travolta, Michelle, Pfiefer, and Queen Latifa, not to mention Christopher Walken once again. Those kinds of established actors can only increase his respectability in the business.

I can’t wait to see HSM 3, but I also can’t wait to see Me and Orson Wells, 17 Again, and Rock On!

LOL, I will be broke but very well entertained.

Born Manahattanite @ 07/27/2008 at 3:24 pm

If he was cheating on Vanessa he wouldn’t exactly be smiling at the paps.


ok – i have seen zac with a blond OLDER woman (meaning older than this girl) at several events … hairspray for one and i think that same woman was the one who went with him to new york … now … there was also a blond woman with him at Palm Springs … but not sure who that was … anyway, not sure who this girl is … jared, you need do some some investigative journalism and find out for us!

You know, I love how Zac dresses so that there is almost no hint of the well defined muscles we know are there.

And then we see pictures of him going to or coming from the gym and BAM, there those babies are.

evelyn, I’m sure Zac has more than one person who represents, mentors, and advises him. Both those women work with him. Do we really need names?? This is a “no brainer”.

Going back to the previous convo, I agree with Bradley, narf, and Boji. Zac does have to do projects other than musicals at this point. Honestly, I’m not even sure he should do Hairspray 2 this soon. He’ll be so typecast. If you look back at someone like Johnny Depp, I think his first role was John Water’s “Cry Baby”, and he moved on quickly to other dramatic roles, but still did ‘Sweeney Todd”. Zac could do that too, because he’s a talented singer and shouldn’t give up musicals completely. I hope he doesn’t too another one for awhile, though, unless it’s “West Side Story” with Vanessa!!

zac looks sexy :) xD!

go sox – i don’t appreciate your tone – i was just curious like most of the other people on this thread … no need to be so high and mighty.

and i’m actually surprised … out of your entire clique .. you are typically by far the nicest

Aww, that would be great Go Sox. Zac playing Tony to Vanessa’s Maria.

Although knowing how the story ends, we would have to make sure we get the 12 pack of tissues from BJ’s or Costco.

I didn’t see anyone asking what the guy’s name was holding Vanessa’s bag going to a studio the other day. What does it matter? It has already been discussed over and over that they have assistants, publicists, managers etc. No one it getting high and mighty, we are just tired of the same old comments insinuating that Zac is doing something other than WORK.

evelyn, I wasn’t honestly giving any “tone”. It was really meant for all those people who think she’s some kind of girlfriend or some threat to Vanessa, when we know she’s not. So sorry I came across that way! I guess it’s just looking at a whole thread of people who don’t give Zac much credit, when we all know he’s a VERY honorable guy!

They would be perfect as Tony and
Maria. Good point about the tissues though narf. I think I am going to stock up on them for October 24th too.

he would never cheat on v

by the way – i would love if vanessa could be zac’s date on footloose! what was the name of ren mccormack ‘s girlfriend? hahaa gee i forgot and i know i sound like a stalker but that would be just fine and v sure can dance, so it would be awesome for all of us zanessa lovers! lol

Maria, the girlfriend’s name was Ariel.

#229 Actually go sox, “Cry Baby” wasn’t a musical but rather a satire of the juvnile deliquinent pictures of the 1950s. It’s the Broadway adaption that’s the musical. So “Sweeney Todd” was actually Johnny Depp’s first musical. And for the record his first film role was in the original “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Sorry I just can’t resist an opportunity show off my knowledge of Hollywood trivia. It’s my one true weakness. LOL

I have to say I’ve never seen any of those Johnny Depp movies. I remember him from TV on 21 Jump Street.

Ohhhhhhhh good, he maybe moving on to bigger and better things! Wooo hooo….gooooooo Zac! If only it was true. The Zanessa duo is sickening. They’re only together because of the HSM movies. It brings more hype to it. Trust me, Zanessa will not last long after the movie comes out. Zac needs to go find Nikki Blonsky! Gooooo Nikki! Now that would be a match made in heaven NOT Hollywood.

#239 narf
thanks! and is marie btw ;P lol

#240 troy
i just cant stop laughing at your comment
“Sorry I just can’t resist an opportunity show off my knowledge of Hollywood trivia. It’s my one true weakness. LOL” hahaha so funny

I loved 21 Jump Street Kelly.

Oops, sorry Marie. My bad!

Oh, and Linn, Nikki was not made in Hollywood??? How would you, as a “Zikki” fan like it if everyone thought, if Zac and Nikki ever actually were a couple, if people thought they were just together because of Hairspray?? Isn’t it just remotely possible, that as actors, they met on a set and like fate, hit it off on a personal level? Like Zac and Vanessa? Like Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick? And dozens of real life actors who met on a set? This publicity angle is getting so old. Maybe it’s time to just get real, and face the facts. Zac is with Vanessa, by his personal choice. Pure and simple. Their relationship has never been about promoting HSM. No one ever knew it was going to be a success. If this series of movies had bombed and they were still going out, would you be saying this??

Troy, I will stand and be corrected by you, anytime!! Sorry about thinking “Crybaby” was a musical. I thought it was, because there are a lot of musical numbers and solos by Depp.

And Kelly, if you ever get a chance to see “Crybaby”, it’s a howl. Very weird, crazy. John Waters, who wrote “Hairspray” did “Crybaby” too. It’s not as mainstream as Hairspray, and definitely not PG rated. But I laughed my head off!!

no prob at all :D

I think Zac Would do good in FootLoose. Linn IIf you want to bash Zanessa please Keep it to yourself because there are people who Think Zac and Vanessa belong together. Please don’t do that If you want to think that Zac and Vanessa are going to Break up. Then keep it to yourself because Other Zac Fans Belive that Zac and Vanessa Belong together. I know you have the right to speak you mind but Don’t come on JJ and Start Bashing Zanessa.

You tell her Go Sox.

There are going to be a lot of tears among a certain fan base when HSM is over and Zac is still with Vanessa.

I can’t wait to see what excuses they make then.

#246 Mea culpa Go Sox. Those things do count as “Musicals” so this time I was mistaken. Can we forget I said anything?\

*wipes egg off face.*

Ahem…..While there are many, many Zanessa fans out there, mark my words they will be over soon. Get real peeps, they are too young for a long term relationship especially in Hollywood. And yes, I do think they are a match made in Hollywood. If there wasn’t so much hype with their relationship they wouldn’t be “together”. I say Zac would do much, much, much better with Nikki because they look so REAL together and wouldn’t be a typical Hollywood, glamour couple. Yes, they worked together in Hairspray and probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t so, but at least on and off screen they looked great together and had better chemistry. Take a look at all the Hairspray interviews. They had these inside jokes going on amongst them, and they looked like they enjoyed every single moment with each other, unlike the forever smug look Vanessa always has. But that is my opinion. Zac probably stuck by Vanessa to avoid and soften the bad press she was getting with the nudie photos that showed up on the net of a TEENAGER showing her stuff. Without him by her side, she probably would have been canned! And as it turns out it was a good move on both their entourage’s part!

I agree with Go sox and narf Zac and Vanessa will always be together forever they are soul mates

Also, during the filming and promoting of Hairspray I’ll just bet Zac was asking Vanessa who?…LMAO. You can clearly see in ALL interviews and pictures he was loving Nikki. You can even see how they formed a bond together. They talked with each other and about each other with such admiration. She was a nobody and he fell hard for her. GOOO NIKKI! But then he had to get back to the “Hollywood” frame of mind because of HSM3. Ha ha…I can’t believe you people don’t see it. Again I dare say…trust me, that Zanessa set up will be over soon enough. By the way, I’m entitled to my opinion as is everyone else. So if you don’t like it….OHHHHH WELL!

Linn – LOL, you are too funny! Just another Nikki fan (there is no Zikki) trying to tell Zac who he should be with, instead of who his heart tells him to be with. So Nikki and Zac connected as FRIENDS, big deal! And you’re just wishful thinking if you think Zac will break up with Vanessa and get together with Nikki. All you Nikki/Zac fans are the same – you all live in a fantasy world where you think you put your spin to everything concerning Zac. Come to the light and away from the dark side! No one is forcing Zac to be with Vanessa…duh!

Linn…why would Zac want to be with a fat pig.

OMG, someone has been smoking something really strong haven’t they?

Thank’s for that great work of fiction Linn, maybe you should submit a script to one of the studios.

Zac stood by Vanessa’s side because he loves her, and even if he hadn’t stood by her side, she would still have come out on top.

It’s so sad that supposed Zac fans think he can’t make up his own mind and know his own heart.

If you feel that way about Zac and his choices, then you are really no fan at all.

You are looking at Vanessa Hudgens’ replacement. Just Kidding xD.


Lou lou, that was uncalled for.

There is no need to call Nikki names or make derogatory remarks about her just because you disagree with her fans.

Linn#251 you make me laugh. If you think Nikki and Zac have a better chemistry than I would have to say Zac is a very good actor and he puts alot into his art.

Nikki is a sweet bubbly character. She’s talented in the singing and dancing dept and she played her character in Hairspray very well. Just because they kissed for the audience it doesn’t mean there is more to it than that. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Zac does prefer dark haired women and if you had followed all his interviews you will have no doubts about it.

Go Sox, I’m not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or a slight to say that Evelyn thought you to be the nicest of the clique. Am I in the clique? And are the rest including me not so nice? Are we that bad? If so I do apologise to Evelyn on behalf of everyone, sometimes, we do feel strongly and say things that come across as haughty or arrogant. As Go Sox has clarified we do generalise and some take it personally. Anyway, it is all in good fun. Nobody got bruised right,?
maybe egoes, that’s all.

I have seen most of Johnny Depp’s movies and did enjoy Cry Baby. Did have a fan crush on him as he was very good looking. I liked Winnona Ryder too and when they were a couple I thought it was so cute and adorable. I guess Winnona had a lot of growing up to do. She was so young. I don’t know the real reason they broke up. Anyway that’s history.

#251 That’s an interesting theory? But I see a flaw there. You say Zac and Vanessa are too young to make it in Hollywood. Well Nikki is just a few weeks older then Vanessa and Zac will still be 21. So what’s the difference? Would Zac and NIkki STILL be too young to make it as a couple in Hollywood?

if i see nikki stradding on zac on a vacation i will believe you Zikki fan.
zaneesa is real !!!!

A big Hi to everyone. I did email you kgg. Reciprocate when you can.

Hi Boji, I did receive it and will respond asap. Sorry for the delay – it’s been crazy around here.

Hey Boji, how are you?

Troy, good point!

LMAO! You all are cracking me up over here LMAO, LMAO!!! You all act like life will cease if they break up. OMG…wake up…someday they will. Ohhhhhh what a tradegy that will be…NOT! And for your info Lou Lou, Zac said in an interview he likes his peanut butter just like he likes his women…CHUNKY! In another interview he said, he loves big women. If YOU were a fan you’d know this. For the record I said ZAC AND NIKKI LOOK BETTER TOGETHER!!!!!!!! As in happier. Nikki is definitely more talented in singing AND acting. You all cannot tell me this thing will last forever. Come on….ya’ll need to wake up and get out of the fantasy land. Also, I can just see Vanessa twirling her hair around her finger during this interview below especially the last part: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Doesn’t look like she sees this lasting either!

“It’s hard when you have a good-looking boyfriend,” she added. “You want your man to be your man. You don’t want all these girls up on him and stuff like that.”

As far as the future with Zac Efron, the 19-year-old Disney actress was incredibly confusing.

“It’s fun having a boyfriend. He’s a friend and a cute friend who you like. It’s nice. But only time will tell,” she said. “I’m still young, and I have my girlfriends and I have my family.”

Am with Narf, no name calling here. Nikki is very attractive for a girl her size and she carries herself well and her personality is bigger than the rest of her.

Linn – you need to check out a newer interview with Vanessa, as in CosmoGirl….it’s on the stands now and if you rush you can still get a copy. It contains the latest interview with Vanessa and you can see if you read it that they’ve become much more open about their relationship, but still do not want everyone to know all the details. I can’t blame them there.

Sorry to disagree with you on the looking great together too – Zac and Vanessa just radiate happiness and love when they’re together especially when they look each other in the eyes. Now, that’s real chemistry there…nothing fake about it.

Linn, it’s called not discussing her relationship.

She could have known right then and there that she and Zac were going to get married somewhere down the line, but that was none of the interviewers or the publics business.

I can just imagine the twisted stories that would have appeared had she said she saw herself with him forever. The twisted stories that came from what she did say were bad enough.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for their break up after HSM 3, unless you happen to like the shade of blue you will turn.


I was just going to say what Troy said about the age situation but I was also going to ask: Are you saying just because two people are gorgeous in Hollywood they can’t have a meaningful relationship? What about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward who have been married for 50 years? I could name several more who got together much younger. Just because they are young does not mean they are doomed. Also, there have been many people on this very board who have told of their experiences finding their mates at an early age and are not married for 15 all the way up to 30+ years. Believe it or not Hollywood people are still people too.

Also, what did you think Zac was going to say about Nikki when they were promoting Hairspray together? Did you think he was going to say anything less than glowing? Did you think he was going to say “Well, Nikki would not be my type or she isn’t my type?” AND IF by any stretch of the imagination he really fell for Nikki while making Hairspray why did he speed back to Vanessa? He didn’t have to. Nobody knew they were an item while he was filming Hairspray with Nikki. Also, he could have been dating Nikki for some time BEFORE that infamous picture got released so that silly argument don’t hold water. Oh heck, frankly, NONE of your arguments hold water when it comes to Nikki. They were friends on the set, yes they liked each other as friends. BUT if he had cared like that then there was no reason why he couldn’t have pursued it and that’s a cold hard fact.

Well said KGG!

So we can still get Cosmogirl on the stands? Cool, I will heve to go look tomorrow.

Narf, am good a little sad but good. Girl left on Sat and mom’s leaving in a while.

Kgg, sorry to hear about the craziness. Tell me all abt it in yr email when you can.

Linn, Zac’s response is what you call diplomacy. He was not going to be rude or discriminatory in Nikki’s presence and neither was he going to hurt her feelings. I admire him for the true gentleman he is. Anyway, I guess we’re knocking on Wood here. And I’m not about to insult anyone here, so there.

Have to go and send mom to the station. Ciao everyone, will try and catch y’all later ie. if anyone is still awake.

Amen Karen, well said as usual.

Aww Boji, your nest will be empty yet again. *hugs Boji*

I definitely can’t blame them for wanting to keep things a little private, but when you’re in the public eye and when you go on an interview you have to expect people to ask you questions about your very personal life. I saw her on an interview just recently promoting her new CD and she rolled her eyes and turned up her head when asked about Zac as if she was sick and tired of the hoopla. Granted she didn’t have to go into details, but at least acknowlege the fact that you’re a young happy couple if that is so the case.

I gotta admit , when I see interviews with Zac, there is some kind of acknowlegement and praise when she’s mentioned. No details but at least there is an acknowlegement. Most pics you see of them in, he’s happy or close to it and she’s…well, she always has a smug look on her face as if she’s the greatest thing since slice bread. Someone needs to show her how to smile for the cameras even if you’re miserable.

And by the way, there are plenty of pics around that show Nikki and Zac looking into each other’s eyes and you would think they were an item. They, to me, radiate and look more in tuned with each other.

Also, Nikki being a big girl doesn’t have any affect on the type of person she is. She is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. She has a great personality and has terrific acting and singing abilities. So it’s very ignorant to judge a person by how they look just because she isn’t the typical size 2 Hollywood starlett.

So whether I think Zanessa is fake or not and will not last, that is my opinion and you all cannot change that. FREEDOM OF SPEECH here people. So if you all want to get on me for not agreeing with you, then shame on you because this is a forum and of many opinions. I am entitled to my opinion whether you like it or not. So boo hoo for you if you lose sleep because you did not agree with what I wrote. As far as I’m concerned, I have big brass balls to come on here to state my opinion as I see it and not follow everyone else’s opinion. I’m sure there are more out there just like me and I say GO FOR IT AND SPEAK YOUR MIND!

Thanks, Narf “hugs back” Needed that. Ciao!


I would suggest that you and all Nikki/Zac dreamers go and check out the comment of — (the user’s name) on the “Nikki Blonsky Targets Converse” thread here at JJ. It is post #131 for 6/3/08 @ 4:02PM. It is VERY enlightening.

One last word or words before I really dissappear. Big Brass Balls, Hahahaha! Too heavy for the christmas tree, now what are they good for? Bowling? Nope. What then?

I agree with narf About Zac and Vanessa. Linn If you are going to make Comments That zac Should be with Nikki then you are not Zac Efron Fan Because Zac Efron Fans Support Zac and Vanessa Romances. Linn By the way there is no Znikki. Nikki Blonsky is a Beautiful Girl but Zac made his choice on the woman he wanted to date and That is Vanessa he loves her.

Boji, I agree that Zac is a gentleman and I could see he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But the one interview I read where he said he likes his peanut butter like he likes his women…Chunky, was way before Hairspray. So that doesn’t count to being diplomated in her presence. Also, during the interview where he talked about liking big women, he wasn’t asked about anything like that. He just blurted it out. So what I’m saying…yes, he maybe a gentleman and diplomatic, but all in all, he is not one of those typical hot Hollywood guys that go for JUST the Hollywood model type girls. Which is a plus in my book because no one should be judged by their weight, color of their skin or any other superficial reason. I’m sure most intellegent would agree.

HA HA…BIG BRASS BALLS are used to be a leader not a follower! And just because you’re a Zac Efron fan it does not mean you have to be a Zanessa fan just because they are a couple. Puhleese people. That is so shallow. So I’m sure WHEN they break up, you’ll still be a Zanessa fan and bash his next girlfriend because you’ll still want them to be together. That is sooooooo LAME! Grow up people!

#274 Yes you have Freedom of Speech but guess what so do we. And we are exercising it. I love how people seem to think that their views somehow exist in some hermetically sealed bubble, and then when their view is challenged they cry Freedom of Speech!

It goes both ways some people have trouble grasping that fact.

BTW, Linn, it seems that you don’t like Vanessa and that is why you think Zac and Vanessa won’t last. It seems you like Nikki so Zac and Vanessa won’t last. You say Vanessa has some smug little look, who is judging whom now for the way they look? She doesn’t answer questions the way you want her to answer them so you make your judgment of how her and Zac’s relationship is because of it—you don’t like this about her, you don’t like that about her, etc.

Vanessa has been the one who has spoken out FOR Zac when he was beset with rumors about him becoming upset concerning some silly zit on his face and how he wouldn’t go to a birthday party and she recently went on to defend him and tell people how ridiculous they were were when they started rumors that he didn’t like to shower, etc. And another thing, have you read her acknowledgments on her new CD? She thanks Zac for always having her back and giving her courage, etc.

And furthermore, don’t flatter yourself into thinking just because you come on here to insult some beautiful young woman that you have big brass balls. And quit using the old excuse that you have a right to your opinion because so do we. It’s just your holes in your opinions are a mile wide. Yes, there are many who think because Zac and Vanessa are so young they will not last—well time will tell about that. BUT you got into hot water when you brought up Nikki Blonsky and your reasons for all that. So, sorry if your theories were shot down.

Trust me Linn, we don’t lose any sleep over opinions such as yours because we know they hold no water.

And everyone here came to like Zac and Vanessa as a couple on their own, not because we jumped on any band wagons.

I for one think Nikki is a beautiful young woman and wish her the best. She has no control over what her fans say or think so there is no need for any of the Zanessa fans to hold it against her.

Bradley, thanks for the support.

Linn – please! You really need to calm down and back away from the computer. No one is denying your freedom of speech to say whatever drivel you want to say, but please don’t force your opinions on everyone. You stay in your Zikki dreamland and we’ll stay in reality, thank you very much. Don’t be too upset if the Nikki/Zac thing doesn’t work out, ok? Thanks!

No Linn, IF they break up, we will continue to support them both no matter who they are with.

Because true fans support their celebrities no matter what.

I hated that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anisten broke up, but i still like them both and support them in everything they do.

LOVE ZAC and VANESSA sooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!

Keep rocking that wisdom Karen!

Narf, the best wisdom I have ever read when it comes to the hoopla over Zac and Vanessa’ relationship and all the arguments of publicity, Nikki Blonsky, Ashley Tidsdale, etc is in that post I suggested Linn to read on the Nikki thread. That hit it all and how could ANYONE argue with ANY of it?

But I thank you for the compliment.

I remeber that post Karen, it was truely words of wisdom that could bot be argued with.

But you do a pretty good job yourself lady!

Sorry, that should said not be argued with instead of bot be argued with.

LOL, I need the letters on my keyboard to be further apart. That or I have to slow my typing down.

Oh, mercy. There are STILL little girls wanting Zac to be with someone else? How LONG are these kids going to live in their fantasy world?

Kgg I agree with you all the away. Narf I also Agree with you If Zac and Vanessa Break up I will still like both of them

Nice to have you on board Bradley, thanks for being a fan.

Karen, here is that comment you were referring to. I hope whoever posted it, won’t mind my re-posting it here:
#131 — @ 06/03/2008 at 4:02 pm on “Nikki Blonsky Targets Converse”

Thanks for the Nikki news JJ!

I happen to love this girl, I loved watching her in Hairspray, and she’s got a lot of talent which I can’t wait to see more of.

However, I have to say that all those who believe so exceedingly that there was, is, or will be something more than friendship between her and Zac are living in a fantasy world. Yes they’ve held hands here and there, yes, he tongued her on MOD, yes, they have great chemistry, yes, he hugged her and “ran his hand along her back” back in January, but he hadn’t seen her in a while and some of you read into things WAY too much.

But really, to say that there’s potentially been more between them, WHILE he was with Vanessa nevertheless, is completely out of line not just because Zac is with Vanessa, but because you want so badly for Zac and Nikki to be something more that you wouldn’t care what he did when it came to Vanessa. Some of you say that the Zanessa fans are really shallow, and while that’s true for some ignorant, immature posters, I myself am a huge fan of Zac and Vanessa as individuals and as a couple and I’m a fan of Nikki, so I really don’t understand why some of you so-called Zac fans would love to see him ditch Vanessa, maybe even cheat on her, just as long as him and Nikki are together. It makes me cringe to know that some of you wait there, day after day, hoping and wishing with all your heart that THIS time, that break-up rumour will be true and all your Zikki dreams will finally be within reach.

And all the excuses about Zanessa are obviously really old already: It’s publicity, they’re unhappy, Zac looks depressed whenever he’s around Vanessa, as soon as HSM3 is done, they’re done too, that’s all BS. Yes, I don’t know everything, no one does, but to say that two people who have been dating since BEFORE they were famous, since BEFORE HSM ever premiered and became the phenomenon that it is, are publicity, is plain ridiculous.

I mean, just as Nikki got her life-changing role through HS, so Zac and Vanessa got their life-changing roles through HSM. Everything changed for them when that movie premiered. Suddenly came fame, red carpets, interviews, media attention, paparazzi, and eventually of course the never-ending list of haters and cynics who would do anything and make themselves believe anything to escape the fact that Zac is with Vanessa, that he CHOSE Vanessa. They’ve been side by side, been through everything, been there for each other and still have that indescribable, breath-taking look in their eyes and on their faces after nearly three years of being together.

I laugh when people say he looks unhappy around Vanessa, because they’re just refusing to see what’s right in front of them, they’re denying reality. Zac hasn’t and doesn’t look at any girl the way he looks at Vanessa-not Kay Panabaker, not Brenda Song, not Monique Coleman, not Ashley Tisdale, and yes, not even Nikki Blonsky. Vanessa Hudgens is the girl he steals glances at, whose name makes him blush and his eyes sparkle, who wears his jacket when she is cold, whose hand he takes, who makes him smile like no one else. I know one day Nikki will have her own amazing man in her life, but that man is not Zac Efron. And did anyone ever stop and think, and remember that you can’t help who you fall for? It just happens, NO ONE can tell you who to be with, for all you saying that Disney is behind their relationship, Zac is a grown man who can make his own decisions.

He decided he should act on his feelings, he himself has said that him and Vanessa fell in love while making HSM and that is evident every day no matter how much people criticize them, no matter how much cynics and non-believers analyze their pictures, no matter how much they wish he would be with someone other than Vanessa, no matter how much some Nikki fans think she’s the girl for him.

Everyone has an opinion, everyone can believe what they want to believe, everyone can embrace what they want to embrace. I happen to be of the opinion that Nikki is an amazing girl, but I’m not of the belief that she’s the girl for Zac. I’ve seen reality for a long time, I’ve seen Zac and Vanessa interacting, seen their love for each other, for a long time, and I choose to embrace that reality.

Ok, I must get myself to bed so I can function at work tomorrow.

Good night to all my Angels, and to all Z and V supporters.

And good night to our new friend Bradley.

Ah, that was worth reading again. Such a level head on whoever wrote it.

Thanks to Karen for mentioning it and Malia for reposting it.

Now, I REALLY have to get to bed.

Good night all!

Good night, narf.

I love this Zikki video on youtube, hope you enjoy too:

I love how it shows their sweet friendship and their “looks and glances”….makes me love him even more!

ilovezanessa!!!! @ 07/28/2008 at 12:57 am

he is sooo beautiful!

Don't play that game with us @ 07/28/2008 at 1:09 am

I LOVE the way they look at each other in this video that wasn’t put together by a fan trying to prove something.

You just have to look in their eyes and you can see how they feel.

Malia, I know you have some really good ones up your sleeve.

Would you please share them with us?

Zac Fan and KGG, bring out those hoards I know you have.

Ahh, Malia, trust you to come up with this insightful and oh so true post and also thanks to Karen for mentioning it. Didn’t read it as it was on a Nikki thread.

I have to say this is the first time I’ve heard of Big Brass Balls and it tickled me pink to hear of it being mentioned. Balls, yes but Big Brass ones, Nooo.

I must say Nikki gives hope to all the big gals and for her achievements being what she is makes her their idol. Can’t say I blame them. I say this, both of them kissed for the audience and at the request of the presenter but they did not tongue each other, there’s the difference.

Okay, enough of this Zikki nonsense as it is non existent as good as the Zashley nonsense. What next, I wonder; perhaps there’ll be Zasel, Zana, how about Zammi, or Zaley and if you’re guessing what they stand for, go figure.

Mary#298, I’d say it was very well put together and I have to say it does give a sense of false hope to the viewer. There is affection there and she is cuddly and that is about it. He was like that with Ashley. It is all about Friendship and may they continue being friends. We mustn’t forget the PR and they were doing promotional work. Nobody is going to see a movie if the hero and heroine are seen to be unaffectionate and estranged in public. Someone could just as easily compose a video for Zashley and make it like it was the real thing. Enough said.

#131 hit the freaking nail with the hammer!!!

i’m not even goin to say what i was goin to cause it’s pretty much EXACTLY that!!! amazing truth right there!!


I’ll takes Zac’s word for it when he said that when you have the kind of communication that he and Vanessa have, “the chemistry will always be there.”

oh god i dont even know why the nikki subject is on this post LOL that really makes me laugh. man why dont ppl respect efron’s choice? if he wants to date vanessa so what is the big deal? its his life for godsake! its not you that is kissing v or dating her or huggin and bein there for her everyday .. its zac! and i never saw him pissed off because of that, on the contrary, the last pics we saw of them together (4th july) they seemed really in love and so happy even thou they have almost 3 years of relationship things are getting stronger. im just so glad that they can go ahead even thou theres lots of paparazzis following them and lots of ‘ so called fans ‘ that are just prayin so hard for them to break up. they’re real ppl, they have real feelings and im sorry if that makes you unhappy because zac isnt dating the person you wanted him to date, but big news: you dont owe his life. let him make his choices and support him whatever choice it is. and man, after 3 years of relationship im sure that if zac wasnt happy with vanessa or her with him, they would have already break up, dont you think? after all, who wants to be unhappy for 3 long years? :)

Aww, Malia, that is the ultimate sweetness. So adorable, need I say more, this candid picture/photo speaks a thousand words.

malia that is my favorite Pic in their vacation.
so sweet.

You can put thousands of You Tub videos together of Zac and his Hairspray costar WORKING together.

I think a lot of young girls who are being delusional about Zac and his Hairspray costar don’t realize that Zac and said costar were paid to promote Hairspray, they were paid to walk the red carpets, they were paid to hold hands, they were paid to do that kiss in front of a TV audience. Everything they said and did was scripted, and they were paid for it. It’s called promoting a movie.

Ask yourself these questions?
Has Zac ever taken his Hairspray costar for a week-long romp on the beach in Hawaii?
Has he kissed her in the surf?
Lain with her on the beach and held her in his arms?
Gone surfing with her?
Gone scuba diving with her?
Danced the night away with her at friends’ parties? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).
Held her on his lap on a friend’s sofa with his arms around her? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).
Has he ever taken her to Chez Noir for an early morning breakfast?
Has he ever taken her to Paty’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner?
To Aroma Café?
Shopping at Urban Outfitters for clothes?
Buying video games at Best Buy?
Shopping for Halloween costumes?
Has he ever taken her for a ten-day Caribbean vacation?
Has he ever said “We are a couple” about his Hairspray costar?
Did he get an apartment a few blocks from his Hairspray costar?

NO to all of the above.

For Vanessa Hudgens, a resounding YES to all of the above.

i think the nikki fans have gotta be embarrassing nikki by wanting zac to dump vanessa and start something with her. i’ve even read some crazy comments by people thinking zac “sneaks” off and sees nikki on the side.

man, the paps follow this guy like a flea on a dog. if he can’t even leave a studio with a skinny little blond woman who works for him how the hell is he going go anywhere on earth with a 300 pound blimp? wake up and smell the coffee, kiddies.

he would never cheat on vanessa for two reasons,one he seems to nice 2 do somthing like that, and he clearly is in luv with vanessa, you saw the pics of them on holiday.

And for all we know, they could be related in sumway. So dont accuse hime of somthing he hasnt done, and dont juge her cos of one pic with zac.

and for comment no 50 (stacey) who claims she is the girl in the pic, get a liyf coz i dont fink any1 actually believes u. I dont any way

Malia, am with you all the way,post #308 Hear,hear.

mi+me 4ever @ 07/28/2008 at 6:24 am

so much commotion over this useless thing.
its quite entertaining. ;)

Thanks Malia for doing the cutting and pasting of the comment from the Nikki thread for me—-I’m a little inept that way. Here’s a wonderful video—kind of has everything but the Caribbean vacation. Hope I get this right.

Sorry that the video is no coming up on post #314. I get it when I access it from my library but it isn’t coming up here. It’s the Zanessa~True Love if that helps.

WOW…Now aren’t I popular to be getting so much attention…LMAO Ohhhhh how I just love being the Devil’s Advocate. Here was my strategy from the moment I read the article and read some of your comments:

1. Bash the Zanessa duo
2. Get negative feedback
3. Give a shout out to Nikky Blonsky…RAH RAH!!
4. Get more negative feeback
5. Express my freedom of my opinion so that all can bash me for expressing my freedom of opinion.
6. Get even more negative feedback
7. Have at least 5 people address me directly…LINN THIS AND LINN THAT, LINN CHECK THIS OUT, blah, blah, blah. That’s the funniest.
8. Skim through the comments and LMAO at all the people that make this their livelihood as if these celebrities actually care what you all think and will reward you for sticking up for them. As if, OMG, the world will end if the Zanessa duo breaks up. What will we talk about? What will become of us here on the bandwagon? What kind of life will we lead? Ha ha…2 funny!
9. Get a goodnight’s rest knowing someone or all of you out there got pissed off because I didn’t jump on your bandwagon. And I will continued to be mentioned for more comments to come.

Awww…you guys were sweet. It’s nice to see you all stick up for each other in your little clique. But remember, as life goes on, try being leaders and NOT followers. It’s quite alright to challenge the opinions of others when different from your own. And for goodness sakes…get a real life and stop living in Hollywood land! Learn to seperate fantasy from reality.

Thanx for the good times!

Oh and I almost forgot one more important information for you all in case you didn’t know.

Fan – an ardent admirer or enthusiast

Obsession – a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling

I’m guessing you all fall into latter.

And oh thanks for the laughs.

Linn ,well we’re so happy that you had so much fun amusing yourself. Thanks for all the hits on Zac’s thread.
Here’s the video that Karen wanted to post. SO cute!

looks like zac has a sex slave

who is that woman with Zac Effron ? shes a mystery women . i love Zac Effron.

from nicole

We know you get your jollies from irritating people. I’d rather be an ardent fan of someone who is sweet and lovely than to be someone who enjoys spreading hate and irritation. If that is the kind of thing is that gives you enjoyment you are the one who should be looking in the mirror and asking “What’s wrong with me? Why would I get joy out of causing people grief?”

You are NO LEADER in any sense of the word. Leaders command respect and you get none here. Leaders are those people who have others who will back them up no matter what because they are trusted and those people know that leader is doing the RIGHT thing. I would hate to think of you on a battle field leading a unit with only your self delusions of being a leader. I could go on any thread listed and bash someone and say all kinds of horrible things and not care what anyone said about me. That does not make me a leader. It makes me a pathetic human being who is mean-spirited and don’t know how to make friends—which is a very lonely place in this world.

One last thing, Linn, you know that all you said was shredded to bits by people more intelligent than you and all your opinions were as ridiculous as you.

Malia, Karen—-

I saw the post that you brought over here Malia, and of course I couldn’t agree more! I wont’ recopy her entire argument, but i would like to expand on one issue that she discusses……

There has never been a Disney promotional effort to create and maintain “Zanessa”. Those that have insisted that Zac and Vanessa’s relationship was and continues to be a publicity stunt are the only ones guilty of perpetrating conspiracies. Therefore, any attempt to validate the claim that Disney has “forced” these two to date for the benefit of the “HSM franchise,” is a futile endeavor. First, it’s more likely that Disney would discourage any romantic entanglements with its young stars, as there is the potential for more harm than good coming out of such a situation,*cough-Britney&Justin-cough*. Moreover, even if Disney had suggested, or even demanded, that Zac and Vanessa maintain a relationship to bolster the movie’s success, this was not something that would have EVER been put in writing, thus, Disney would have no way to enforce such an agreement. Additionally, as the franchise prospered, Disney’s influence over Zac and Vanessa would have decreased rather than increased. Zac in particular, had much more bargaining power by the time HSM3 came to fruition, and it could be reasoned that Zac had Disney by the balls, because at this point, he would have had very little to loose if HSM3 were never made. Meaning that Disney had no hold over Zac and Vanessa, and thus, has no ability to force them to do anything they don’t want to do.

But even if one were to play devil’s advocate, any attempt to argue that Disney did have such power over its two leading cast members still proves faulty. The “franchise” has now come to an end, for Zac and Vanessa at least, and as a result, Disney’s alleged influence over the pair would have ended as well. The fact that the Film has wrapped effectively leaves Zac free to do as he pleases, including perusing another relationship if that was his desire. There is nothing left for Disney to hold over Zac because HE HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID for his work. But wait! There is still the promotional period to think about. Zac likely stands to make a great deal of money–if he negotiated the right way that is–from a percentage of the Film’s profits, and its merchandising, and that the conspiracy theorists contend, would be motivation enough to keep the charade going through the Film’s promotional period. However, Disney has no way of enforcing such an obligation, because as we know, this could never have been put in writing! Disney then has no legal means to renege on any of Zac’s future earnings as a way to bend him to their will. Could you imagine if Disney tried? Could you imagine this in court? “Well your Honor, Disney refuses to honor the remainder of my client’s contract because he broke up with his girlfriend.” It’s a concept so ludicrous, it’s hysterical.

So what then has young Zac done since the film wrapped? He took his girlfriend of three years on a well-deserved vacation and returned home, planning I’m sure, to focus on life after HSM.

I agree with you Karen. Bettybaby I agree with you too all the away. Linn If you don;t Like Zanessa keep it yourself because There are Fans. Who Think Zac and Vanessa Belong together. Linn your Comments are going really old if you want to Bash Zac And Vanessa then you are not a Zac Efron Fan.

Thank you bettbaby, makes perfect sense to us lowly follower types. But having sense and at least some intelligence doesn’t seem to be needed for “leaders” in some people’s minds.

Thank you, Bradley.

STILL LMAO @ YALL! (pats self on the back) And as predicted I’m still being talked about. DAMN I’M GOOD! I’m glad you find me interesting enough to write more. Let the legacy of LINN live on….BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Hello to all!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I slept pretty soundly last night.

And it’s nice to know that we matter to the point of someone needing us to raise their self esteem and accomplish their goals.

Great job everyone! *pats everyone on the back*

I guess it’s true that life is a 2 way street and where there is give, there is almost always take.

I for one feel better about recent events know that I know it was for such a noble cause as making someone feel better about themselves, no matter who that person was.

I guess it will be another sound sleep for me tonight. Damn it feels good to help others.



I still feel truely blessed to have met all of you here, and some of you in person. I look forward to the day I have met all of you face to face.

Long live the BATS in the BELFRY!

Nub you guys!

KGG, 4 more days ladies, I can’t wait.

Zac Fan, Channeling seat 18 D. He he!

*No Charlie, we don’t want to hear the quarterly report*

Linn whatever, Hey Narf

Hey Bradley, how are you?

Hey Karen. Narf I am doing fine.

LMAO…I can actually imagine ya’ll fuming whenever you read a comment of mine and letting your fingers do the talking. I can see your wittle fingers trying to keep up with all that is running through your pretty wittle heads. Seems like I’m being talked about as much as Zanessa…LMAO

And for the record, not once did I ever single anyone out and call anyone names because my opinion differ from yours. Skimming through I’ve seen Linn is delusional, unintelligent, pathetic, lonely, etc. I came on here to state my opinion whether you liked it or not that’s your problem. It’s an OPINION! I’m flattered that most of you took the time to answer my comments. I must be saying something remotely intelligent to warrant feedback. So, in short, I think it’s pathetic to bash someone for merely stating their opinions when it’s different from yours. It only goes to show how unintelligent, malicious and arrogant you are. As you grow up you will find many people in all walks of life who will have a difference of opinions. You just gotta deal with it. NEWSFLASH: You will not agree with everything everyone says….and it’s ok. No one will think any less of you. At least I won’t but maybe your clique will since they are quick to jump to conclusions and judge you by your opinions.

Linn you Comments are getting Very old

Danced the night away with her at friends’ parties? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).
Held her on his lap on a friend’s sofa with his arms around her? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).

can i see the pics from that plz?

JJ, can we see pics of guests arriving at Ashley’s b-day party over the weekend? I haven’t seen any coverage of this on X17, TMZ, or on any of your other colleagues’ websites. I’d love to see Zac and Vanessa arriving together, what they were wearing, etc. Without pics, I’m suspicious that her guest list wasn’t so “star-studded” after all and her publicist took a little liberty with describing the celebration. I’ll believe it all when I see the pics! Thanks!

maybe is his cousin? hahaha

maybe is his cousin?

Yeah thats my cousin! And they arent dating, shes his assistant!
So suck it and leave her alone.Shes prettier then all of you over jelous people.


You know, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. I don’t think any of them would have been hurt even it this information had never gotten out to anyone. That’s not what the night was about. A group of friends wanted to get together to celebrate another friend’s birthday, they aren’t interested in having that time invaded by paps. The fact we have no pictures, that the point.

Wow, someone around here has an incredible EGO!!!!!!!! What a hoot!!

Bettybaby, right on!! So many people are just not logical in their thinking, and you just said it perfectly for them!! Thanks!

Happy to HEAR about Ashley’s party, and happy that it was PRIVATE!! Hope they all had a great time!!

ashleytisdalerox4eva! [anabe!] @ 07/28/2008 at 10:11 pm

she looks like a man! lol

I hope they had a great time in Ashley’s party. LOVE Zac and Vanessa!

Miss ZANESSA soooooooooooooooo much !


HSm3-87days @ 07/29/2008 at 4:55 am

oh god zac looks hot that lady looks kind of mean to me tho. i bet she is, the smile look fake

troy is a gay.
Suck my … troy.

Well I see those who only know how to be obnoxious are out early thinking they are so smart with their vulgarity. It’s amazing how much someone can reveal about themself with so few words. It’s too bad they don’t realize what an embarrassment they are to themself.

It’s good to have guys like Zac Efron around and I know there are more like him.

Personal Trainer ?

CASSANDRA @ 07/29/2008 at 5:02 pm



#351 Mernam–they were there on Sunday that doesn’t mean they are still there-even Ashley isn’t there now.

By the way I couldn’t get the damn thing to open-does it say Zanessa came together? THey could have come seperately.

So-what-monkeysrock @ 07/30/2008 at 1:06 pm

is that lady a he-she. she/he looks pretty mannly to me

Who care’s! He’s only 20 soon to be 21 needs to have some fun. Does NOT need a one only girlfriend. He’s too young to be so close with only one! And yes, he is HOT, HOT, HOT! I’m much older but he is great on the eyes.

So, Denise, do you feel the same way about Ashley Tidsdale and her boyfriend Jared? It was just hinted on Extra last night that Ashley is sporting a ring on her left hand and may be an engagement ring. Now Ashley is 23 but Jared is Zac’s age.

Karen, they are all too young to be so close. Live your life first and that doesn’t mean that you need to break up just take your time…. he’s got such a great career ahead of him and so does she. THey just need to lay low and get there careers going even farther than they do now. He’s still way hot!

ana beatriz @ 07/31/2008 at 9:14 pm

wow, greeeat zac !
cheat vanessa, i hate her with all of my heart HAHA

Apparently it’s Gina Hoffman, his publicist.

trust me, he is not cheating on Vanessa Hudgens.
Vanessa sent a “hot friend” to talk to him after his workout [pay attention to the sweaty hair] and flirt with him to see what he would do back.
Of course, Zac Efron did not respond, because obviously, he is in love with Vanessa.
I’ve never seen I love like that :D

heyyyyyyy i am your biggest fan!!!!I love you:)!!!!OMG i cant belive im talking to ypu

heyyyyyyyyy why do u think Zac’s cheeting on Vanessa??Hey i got this from the dark night…WHY SO SERIOUS?LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!!!!!!!!OOOOO i got a nother one OH NO NO NO I KILLED THE BUS DRIVER!!!JUST KIDDING:)OOOOOO ITS ALL PART OF THE PLAN!!!HAHAHAH!!Wasent that funny?Well zac i sooooooooooo hot!!!

heyyyyyyyyy why do u think Zac’s cheeting on Vanessa??Hey i got this from the dark night…WHY SO SERIOUS?LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!!!!!!!!OOOOO i got a nother one OH NO NO NO I KILLED THE BUS DRIVER!!!JUST KIDDING:)OOOOOO ITS ALL PART OF THE PLAN!!!HAHAHAH!!Wasent that funny?Well zac i sooooooooooo hot!!!

I dont even care about zanessa I care about zashley

oh who is that woman she’s nasty,she’s horiblle and her hair is an abamination even if she is such a blondy much.i hate that woman.zac answer this question if u will not there will be a dangerous or worse day of ur lyf ur lab wans will be gone specially ur gf vanessa i mean she will not die but u will loose her forever mua ha ha ha ha. so whatever here’s my question are u cheatting on vanessa? if u are u will die so don’t cheat on her by the way who is that nasty woman of urs? ba bye stupid idiot!!!!!!! mua ha ha ha 4ever

Fabíola Fernandes @ 12/09/2008 at 10:20 am

she’s UGLY!

Zac and vanessa?? :( [/never

Zac and me!!!!!!!!!!!! {dream… :/ }


I wish it was true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally do NOT like Vanessa!!!!!

coolcat552855285528 @ 08/14/2009 at 3:41 pm

zac is a backstabbing loser i waz in love but vannasa is way pretty and zac like all guys are pigs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS UGLY.

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