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Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Zac Efron leaves Smashbox Studios with a mystery woman following him after a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sensation gave us a peek of his boxers just yesterday. Pick up your pants Zac. Pick’em up!

The Kenny Ortega-directed HSM3 opens on October 24th. Now less than three months away! Go Wildcats!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron and his mystery woman…

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Zanessa4ever @ 07/25/2008 at 9:07 pm

wait this mite mean nothing but wat car is he drivin???

#66 charmie @ 07/25/2008 at 8:53 pm
Ashley said in Popstar Magazine (about a year ago) that she never dated Zac. She said they only worked together. Even Zac said that once, when someone asked him.

And according to Kenny Ortega, Zac and Vanessa were dating when they started making the first HSM. He referred to their relationship as a fairy tale from the very beginning. Kenny should know.

These stupid rumors are laugh out insane and stupid! Goodness!!! and the Zashley bit takes the cake! lol. I can’t believe there are still kids buying into the whole Zashley thing. lol.

g-hoffman @ 07/25/2008 at 9:14 pm

Seriously, what’s with all the drama here? Is Zac not supposed to be seen with his publicist? That’s news to me.

everybody is like flippin a **** haha, i find i quite funny xD

just chill i doubt hes cheating a vanessa like a couple people are saying its probably his assistant.

OMG that is Zac’s publicist she goes to things like meetings and photo shoots with him so Zac is NOT cheating on Vanessa.

And NO Zac never dated Ashley they both have made it clear in interviews they are just friends though ashley at one time did admit to having a little crush on him because she thought he was cute.

And the blond (his publicist) isn’t his type he has addmited even befor auditioning for High School musical he likes exotic looking girls with tan skin and dark which his publicist obviously DOESN’T have.

If you are a true Zac fan you would NEVER accuse him of cheating on Vanessa . If you do accuse him of that you obviously haven’t seen the pics from Hawaii last year, turks and Caicos, when she picks him up from the airport when he came home from NYC, when she was leaving his house in the morning wearing his clothes, or from they’re late night trip to Best Buy.

Zac and Vanessa are in love everyone can see it the cast of HSM has comminted on it and it is pretty obvious just by the way he looks at her.

oh, give me a break…that’s his publicist.

i think you little ashley fans should find an ashley thread to comment on. this is a zac thread and he would not like you bashing his girlfriend.

yes, those ten days that zac and vanessa spent in the caribbean really show that he and ashley are an item. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. how old are you delusional little kids, anyway?

you kids need to face reality and stop living in your sick little fantasy world. zac and vanessa have been dating now for three years. get over it and move on. ashley has her own boyfriend. if you are really ashley fans you will respect her decision to date jared.

Anonymous @ 07/25/2008 at 9:24 pm

oh wow, zac NEVER dated ashley. You guys are such complete morons it’s not even funny. She has her own boyfriend and if she ever met any of you, you’d probably be laughed at or spit at. I’d be amused at this but how completely stupid society is, especially the kids these days is just fu*cking sad.

And wth is the big deal with him being around his publicist.

for you little tweenie-weenie ashley fans, here is a thread jj posted yesterday. go there and purge all your hate for everyone you dislike in the world:

btw, that ashley thread that jj posted yesterday morning at 6:15 am only has 57 comments. ashley fans, go there and post so you will up her hits and make her more popular.

dang. ppl can be harsh on here.
i don’t think Zac’s cheating on Vanessa.
i hope so as well.
but like most ppl said, its probably his assistant

lets hope he clears it up?

for 3 seconds i was excited to see this

i love zanessa

Check out Zac on the red carpet for LA’s Hairspray premiere:

Notice the woman with wavy blonde hair and aviator shades standing behind him in some shots? I’d guess that is the one-and-only Gina Hoffman, Zac’s PR wonderwoman. Funny how she is hardly ever seen with him in public, mostly on red carpets, until today when JJ posted these pics. She’s really cute!

Also, side note….for those debating whether Zac would sign on for Hairspray 2, if it comes about – take note of :29 through :41 of this clip! I’d say he’s at least a definite maybe!


i bet its like his cusin or something. or an assistant

its probobly like a cousin or assistant.

mary, here’s one where you can see gina better. her hair was shorter then, but same nose and mouth.

Good heavens. Anyone who’s ever seen Zac at a red carpet event knows that’s his publicist.

And JJ knows it, too. He just likes to get the gullible little girls all upset by calling her a mystery woman.

Everyone, JJ just posted this at the top:

UPDATE: The woman is Zac’s publicist Gina Hoffman.

she’s sooo ugly
vanessa is sooo much better!!!


zac will not be cheating on vanessa cause he so in love with her.

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