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Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Zac Efron leaves Smashbox Studios with a mystery woman following him after a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sensation gave us a peek of his boxers just yesterday. Pick up your pants Zac. Pick’em up!

The Kenny Ortega-directed HSM3 opens on October 24th. Now less than three months away! Go Wildcats!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron and his mystery woman…

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zac efron mystery woman 01
zac efron mystery woman 02
zac efron mystery woman 03
zac efron mystery woman 04
zac efron mystery woman 05
zac efron mystery woman 06
zac efron mystery woman 07
zac efron mystery woman 08
zac efron mystery woman 09
zac efron mystery woman 10

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  • Kikigirl101

    Oh relax there’s no way he’s cheating on V. Only an idiot would do that in the public eye! Besides she looks WAY too old for him and she’s probably just his assistant or something.

  • 1 fã

    i love vanessa
    i love you zanessa

  • dalia

    OMG JJ, this was classic of you! hahahahaha! Unfortunately, you do know you do not need to post such rumor starting tags to get hits on a Zac Efron thread don’t you?? hahahahha!

    P.S. Why did you take out the update explaining the truth? It is owed to the fans freaking out!

  • dalia
  • Steph

    #1 – if you’re a fan and you feel anxious or “freaking out” that he’s with another girl…. then I feel that it’s time to step back from Zanessa world and get back to your world you were meant to live in. Living vicariously through another relationship is fun at first, but emotionally unhealthy when one turns it into their own world so much as to freak out when something like this happens.

    #2 – Maybe they arrived at the same time and Zac doesn’t even know her from Adam For Pete’s SAkes. And she was lucky enough to have walked behind him. LOL

    I could go on and on about this, but… I’m going to do what Zac Fan is doing and just ogle at his HOTNESS!!! instead… :)

  • mari

    she no Gina

  • mary

    Actually a few things are being posted here that are questionable.

    I posted yesterday that this is probably PR woman Gina, but that may not be correct. Zac often appears on the red carpet with another blonde, a larger, more soccer-mom-ish looking woman who snaps her gum and blows bubbles while looking bored behind him. THAT may be Gina. We have no way of knowing because when I google Gina Hoffman BWR, I don’t get any pics.

    THIS may be another one of his staff. I don’t think he has an assistant because if he did, that name would appear in the Hairspray credits under “Mr. Efron’s Assistant.”

    Also, Gina Hoffman is not Zac’s NEW publicist. He has been with her for a while, but she DID change agencies and went from PMK to BWR in January. She took ZAC and her other clients with her, as is the custom in this business. So not a NEW publicist for Zac, same old same old, she just works at a different place.

    Also, if you would like to reach Zac’s publicist Gina Hoffman with a question or request, in my googling I found that her email address is

  • Matingas

    that’s her publicist

    she was in the airport with him too

  • mary

    Here is the other blonde I was talking about. She’s the one behind him with the shoulder-length, stringy blonde hair. I’ve seen her repping him at various events:

    She even blows a bubble with her gum at 1:46! Classy!

    Which one is Gina?? I love a good mystery!

    P.S. My guess is that Jared read our comments and decided to take that as confirmation that the woman with Zac yesterday was Gina, but then deleted that when someone “official” wrote to him and said “That ain’t Gina!”

  • bella1084

    it’s one of his publicists. i know for sure.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    ok guys zac is NOT cheating on Van!
    Zanessa are like so in love and Zac really cares about V and he wold never do that to her!
    Shes probably just his assistant or manager or something
    JustJared needed a better headline! ;)

  • http://ZacEfron Cindy

    What is wrong with you teens zac Loves Vanessa. If you are a Zac Fan or a Zanessa Fan why would you make up rumors about Zac Cheating on Vanessa. Stop with all of the ruomrs and Believe that Zac Loves vanessa with all his heart . If Z ac wanted to break up with Vanessa Zac would not Dating another Girl right away he would need time to heal his heart. So stop all of the rumors here and Leave Zac and Vanessa alone and Let them be happy.

  • kimmm

    i hope you guys are right that ZANESSA didnt break up !!
    i love themm together!

  • lana

    vanessa is muuuuuch better!
    i love baby v
    go zanessa

  • pliesbabymama12

    …cheesy much

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Why would zac Want to break up with Vanessa for the some other girl. Zac would not do that to some he say he loves relaxs and come down Zanessa his still together

  • Karen

    Look, Steph is right about getting on with YOUR own life. It is fine to love Zac for Zac and Vanessa for Vanessa and even thinking they are great together. BUT nobody knows what the future holds for anyone. I have been married almost 25 years and I have no clue what next year will bring. All I know is I have vowed to do what is within my being to do and do it right, to be faithful, and to honor and cherish him. But what if he doesn’t do the same? Wonder if some horrible event happens and we, being human, fall under the pressure and just simply fail? It happens to people, circumstances change, and some people re weaker than other when the pressure is on—and it happens to married people. These two are young but they have love and they have integrity so we will have to wait and see as the years go by. But I am fairly sure this young man—not manner who he chooses—will not be a cheat and he will be in one relationship at a time. It is an insult to him to insinuate any less than he understands the importance of faithfulness.

    AND FOR HEAVEN SAKES, DO YOU THINK HE WOULD BE WITH VANESSA LIKE HE WAS ON VACATION JUST A MERE 10 DAYS AGO AND NOW BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE????? Just use a little logic. ~I’m going away now and find an icepack for my head~

  • http://ZacEfron Cindy

    Zac and Vanessa Belong together why are people trying to break them up can you see how much Zac Love Vanessa. Beside Zac know if he break up with Vanessa there will fans that will be upset with him for breaking Vanessa Heart so Come down Zac is not Cheating on Vanessa. Becasue if he was I think that Zac would have a lot of Upset Fan.

  • alexxa

    sooo ugly

  • erin

    i’m convinced she’s his assistant.
    she does look a little old for him, but she’s pretty:].
    and no, zanessa aren’t over:D!

  • http://ZacEfron Cindy

    JJ Can you please end this because Those Rumors about Zac Cheating on Vanessa Is getting old. People that is Zac’s Assistant Why do you guy’s don’t belive it You teenagers just need to get a life. Zac can hang out with Another Girls and not date Them Vanessa hangs out with anothers boy’s and You people think Zac And Vanessa are Break Up Please Go over it Life gose on. If Zac And Vanessa Break Up it will be all over the news E, Et, The insider. So just Come down OMG Zac is not Cheating on Vanessa Because if he was there will be a lot of upset People with Him. JJ next Time Please find out the truth before you Post something about Zac Efron. So he don’t have the Rumors going on.

  • dalia

    Unfortunately Cindy JJ is probably sitting back and being quite entertained by all this..kind of when he posted the pic of Zac’s head on a womans body…

    I just hope other ragazine type of tabloids get wind of the teaser and start crap on their blogs. It’s getting old and tiring to see such media toy and screw with peoples lives like that.

    Shame shame JJ!

  • zac lover

    love him. i hate v.

  • veronica

    mm … he is relacion with vanessa hudgens … she is one friend ! :)
    forever with vanessa hudgens !
    So beautiful Zac Efroon ! :D

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    You people need to Prove that This is not Zac Publicist Gina Hoffman because a lot of people aready as Prove it but if you teenagers do not want to belive it then that is your Fault because all of the Rumors about Zac and Vanessa are really getting Old. And If every time you see Zac with another Girl that is not Vanessa and you start Thinking the worst then I don’t know what to tell you. If Zac and Vanessa Break Up Life gose on but I don’t See Zac and Vanessa Never breaking Up. So Stop with All of the Rumors About Zac cheating on Vanessa Is giveing my A headach and I am so Sick and Tried of The rumors

  • tellin it like it is

    Zac isn’t cheating on V. Obviously she is his assistant or maybe someone from the photoshoot, they didn’t arrive together or we’d see pics of that. They didn’t leave together or we’d CERTAINLY see pics of that. Besides, Zac is smart and very private. He wouldn’t cheat on V in the public eye and be SMILING about it. He’d he ducking behind a hoodie, or going out back or something, not that he is cheating but you know what I mean. Yah… but hey lets focus on the good stuff. HSM 3 comes out in less than 3 months, and Zac’s hair looks hot when wet!!!!! ;)

  • tellin it like it is

    Just another thing, there’s a chance she is some kind of freaky stalking mom fan. There are certainly a ton of them lurking on street corners and in dark alleys!!! LOL, do you get me, “Don’t make mountains out of mole hills,” and DO NOT accuse my future hubby of cheating. LOL JKJKJK!!!!!

  • tellin it like it is

    One more thing, Bradley, stop making fun of us adoring Zac loving teenagers. Get a life old fart and maybe take some lessons in capitalization, grammar, and spelling at a community college near you!

    BLEH!!!! BITE ME!!!!!

  • http://ZacEfron Doris

    I Think Zac just need to Break up with Vanessa. I Like Vanessa but if you people want to start Rumors then Maybe Zac and Vanessa Jut need to Break up and But with Other people so the fan of Zanessa will be happy that Zac dump Vanessa . It is what you guys want you teenagers just don’t want to see Zac Happy. This is getting Old all of the Rumors come on Get a life and Grow up

  • Ashley

    I think she’s either an assistant or come psycotic stocker lady who wants Zac.

  • Stella

    come on guys!
    zac loves vanessa!
    this girl is just a friend or a zac’s relative!
    why would he cheat in the public eye? [2]

    zaac is sooooo hoot
    love him!


  • Georgie

    Apparently she’s his publicist, Gina Hoffman.

  • Georgie

    Apparently she’s his publicist, Gina Hoffman.

  • {‘_’}

    calm down, it’s his baby sitter.

  • zanessafan4eva17

    I agree with everuone who said don’t overeact the lady is his publist she also look old enough be his mother no worries Zaneesa is not over

  • Karen

    This thread reminds me when he was shooting 17 Again and JJ posted pictures of Zac wearing a wig for his movie. That thread went over 1000 posts because people could not READ. Nearly every 4th post wold say IT’S A WIG and yet people were freaking out about his hair looking terrible. If any of you would care to go through and access a certain links that people have posted it wold tell you what’s going on. As I referred to the pictures of Zac and Vanessa’s Caribbean vacation which was no more than two weeks ago, do any of you think for a moment he is that in love with the girl in those romantic pics and now he is with someone else?

  • nett

    What’s up JUST JARED ! You guys should choose a factual title next time especially if it ‘s Zac or Vanessa. Better yet you should post a new picture of ZANESSA. We FANS believed in the love of ZAC and Vanessa . So please do not start anything.

  • http://ZacEfron Doris

    Zanessa Is not over come down

  • nett

    JJ we are waiting for a new Zac and Vanessa post……………………………

  • nett

    JJ still waiting for new ZANESSA post……………………………………………..

  • nett

    JJ, I cannot believe no one has seen Zac or Vanessa all day today ?
    We are still waiting for new post……………………………………………..

  • MaRiA+

    he better NOT be cheating on a great girl like Vanessa.but after reading these comments i can relax a bit.
    ZANESSA ROX!!!!!

  • Karen

    You all do know that demanding pictures of “Zanessa” won’t get them for you, don’t you? Jared can’t post something he doesn’t have. Plus, the way Zac and Vanessa have been in the last few set of pictures it looks to me like they are exhausted from it all which could cause them to lay low for a while and that seems to be the case as we have not seen them. If people did not demand pictures ALL the time we would probably see a few. I think it will get to the place where they just won’t go anywhere together in public. Then what will everyone do? We survived almost two weeks without pictures when they were on vacation. And if they didn’t have to face all that craziness every time they moved then they would not feel the need to go “underground” and would not mind so much a picture once in a while. But you all have to admit since they have come home from vacation they have been stalked relentlessly and for what? Vanessa walking to her car? Zac walking into his lawyer’s office? A picture of his rear-end just because we can see is boxers? He probably went there to see how he could keep the paps from invading his private space.

    Give me the Palm Spring pictures and the DVD release party type pictures and a candid thrown in once in a while and I’d be very content.

  • Cindy

    I could not agree with you more, Karen, I’ll take happy pictures of an event or occasional candid over Zac and Vanessa looking frustrated and irritated by the constant presence of the paps anyday. Who wants to look at them being upset? Vanessa has now resorted to hiding her face. Who wants to see her like that?

  • priscilla

    i love zac

  • Boji

    With you on this, Karen. Am feeling a bit relieved that there are no more pics of Zac or Vanessa trying to make their getaway. It is painful to watch/look at them being harrassed by the pap.

    Vanessa is very busy preparing for her tour and Zac is going about doing his business. I know he has a lot going on in the works and we’ll just have to wait and see. JJ’s info is not reliable as has been proven and he or his staff is known foer stirring things up with a provocative thread.

    Suffice it to know that this couple still get to have their privacy without us having to see a pic of them together. As long as we have a thread to bring the fans together, that is fine with me.

  • allie

    he looks good right out of the shower :)

    if its a photoshoot then new pictures sooon! yay!

    and chill. like he’d get with some girl and let all you obsessive oblivious people just watch it? god for all you know its his cousin. or his publicist or his assistant. he cant do everything himself you know.

  • cassie

    #184, i peed my pants laughing at that one. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    btw, here’s what is supposed to be the “official” song list for HSM3, according to BOP mag:

  • gabriella SAlas

    zac dating her!!!!??????



    LOVE, ME

  • Laur

    he is soooo not cheating on V guyz…. its prolly his assistant if hes leaving a photoshoot

    and u really shuldnt talk about zac cheating on vanessa…its really mean