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Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Zac Efron leaves Smashbox Studios with a mystery woman following him after a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sensation gave us a peek of his boxers just yesterday. Pick up your pants Zac. Pick’em up!

The Kenny Ortega-directed HSM3 opens on October 24th. Now less than three months away! Go Wildcats!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron and his mystery woman…

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370 Responses to “Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?”

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  1. 126
    Maia Says:

    He’s not sheaating on V… thats obviously his assistant, but don’t worry, if he is cheating on V, EVERY Vanessa fan will be in LA really quick!!!

  2. 127
    zanessa4ever Says:

    he better not be cheating on nessa i freak out when i look at him with this granny

  3. 128
    BabiiVFanforeva Says:

    i hope shes just an assistant..he wouldnt go hurting nessa in any way..hes a he wouldnt do it in public..
    anyways love zanessa!!! …i really wanna see some cute zanessa pics soon!!

  4. 129
    Rach Says:

    Zac is hot!

  5. 130
    Helena Says:

    ok, she’s so not the issue.

    look at him! he’s freakin gorgeous!

  6. 131
    Jess Says:

    She’s just an assistant or something, no need to fret Zanessa fans! Zac clearly wouldn’t do that and not in the public eye neither.

    The women could just be a make-up & hair artist, PA or even a relative. OR dare I say it a FRIEND. Nessa doesn’t have to be there, she’s probably working on her own stuff.

  7. 132
    gabby Says:

    first of all zac it hott!!!!!!!!!! lol and that is probz his assisstant

  8. 133
    mernam Says:

    Why do u ppl come up with stuff and assume stuff for attention?
    its people like you that zac does not respect! CHILL !

  9. 134
    xxzanessax4evaxx Says:

    it will be someone to do with work, celebs have to have like loads of ppl to help thm with the stuff thy do. thy cnt do it all thy have ppl do everythin for thm thn thy just turn yup so she is probs like a photoshoot person who goes with him. and everyone who thinks he is cheatin thts stupid, he just got bak from holidaii with vanessa!!! and he knows der is paparzzi waitin for him wen he comes out so he wouldnt b so stupid. duh!

  10. 135
    Ingrid Says:

    You people are very sad.

    “Vanessa’s perfect! He wouldn’t cheat on her. He loves her.”


    You don’t know them, stop acting like you do!

  11. 136
    maria Says:

    you zanessa fans are idiots. god forbid zac has any lady FRIENDS who aren’t vanessa. it’s most like just his publicist.

  12. 137
    belle^ Says:

    haha at #137; Ingrid, I know.. some of the comments especially the ones of the first page are hilarious. lol..

  13. 138
    ali Says:

    you know what, Zac Efron can walk with anyone he wants to. even if she is a publicist, it’s just a matter of time until he and vanessa split and go their separate ways. both have careers ahead and after hsm they will go in different directions so everybody chill and let him live his life. remember they are both young and so is their love.

  14. 139
    paula Says:

    wouldn’t JJ know who zac’s publicist is from the thousands of post he has had? stirring up the pot a bit wouldn’t you say? I for one am delighted to see him no matter who he is with. in fact, i’ve been wondering how long it would be before they split and grow up.

  15. 140
    mEl Says:

    Zac isn’t cheating on Vanessa! =)
    This woman is his new press agent, called Gina Hoffman! So, don’t worry! But I don#t think Zac’ll ever cheated on Vanessa! He isn’t the type of guy, who do this!
    Zac loves Vanessa, remember??? :)

  16. 141
    Andy Says:

    She is no Vanessa

  17. 142
    Janca221 Says:

    HAHA! She looks like Scarlett Johansson:-)

  18. 143
    katie90 Says:

    Oh please!! We all know that’s his publicist,Gina Hoffman. Of course he’s not cheating on Vanessa,that’s just stupid of you to think. Why would you pretend it’s a mystery woman,Jared? Now ppl are gonna start rumors and that’s awful and horrible. Like it or not,Zac and Vanessa are together so accept this and move on!

  19. 144
    Patty Says:

    I think the girl is Mollee Gray – Dancer from HSM…

  20. 145
    zanessa fan 4 3v3r Says:

    hes not cheating on vanessa guys! if he was (which he wouldnt), he would not cheat in public. and in a mag zac said he knew vanessa was the one, lol.

  21. 146
    soph-x Says:

    This is crazy, Zac is with his PUBLISCIST Gina, god what is with all this negativity?? Zac loves Vanessa and its pretty obvious he would never hurt her.

    I cant understand why people get so crazy about this kinda stuff! Zac will be seen with over girls and Vanessa with over guys, it doesnt mean their cheating on each other.

    As for the ring thing, who cares whether they dont wear it, Zac probz lost it b4 his operation, Vanessa wears her sumtyms, but even if she didnt i think theres more proof to their relationship then a ring…how about their LOVE for each other??

    Zanessa lives on…has done for 3 years!!! Haters better get used to it becoz these are goin to be together for a LONG time, Live In Love 4eva n Always Zanessa ***

  22. 147
    Anonymous Says:

    MAYBE! zac has a girl as a friend. doesn’t have to be cheating .. da-aa

  23. 148
    Maaddie Says:

    Woman? Seriously???

    Ham.. Ham!?

  24. 149
    mhay Says:

    i love Zanessa!!!!

  25. 150
    audrey Says:

    :O I don’t think he would be cheating on V
    cause he knows that the media is gonna get on him
    ..or something like that :p

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