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Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Zac Efron leaves Smashbox Studios with a mystery woman following him after a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sensation gave us a peek of his boxers just yesterday. Pick up your pants Zac. Pick’em up!

The Kenny Ortega-directed HSM3 opens on October 24th. Now less than three months away! Go Wildcats!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron and his mystery woman…

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zac efron mystery woman 01
zac efron mystery woman 02
zac efron mystery woman 03
zac efron mystery woman 04
zac efron mystery woman 05
zac efron mystery woman 06
zac efron mystery woman 07
zac efron mystery woman 08
zac efron mystery woman 09
zac efron mystery woman 10

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  • troy

    #246 Mea culpa Go Sox. Those things do count as “Musicals” so this time I was mistaken. Can we forget I said anything?\

    *wipes egg off face.*

  • Linn

    Ahem…..While there are many, many Zanessa fans out there, mark my words they will be over soon. Get real peeps, they are too young for a long term relationship especially in Hollywood. And yes, I do think they are a match made in Hollywood. If there wasn’t so much hype with their relationship they wouldn’t be “together”. I say Zac would do much, much, much better with Nikki because they look so REAL together and wouldn’t be a typical Hollywood, glamour couple. Yes, they worked together in Hairspray and probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t so, but at least on and off screen they looked great together and had better chemistry. Take a look at all the Hairspray interviews. They had these inside jokes going on amongst them, and they looked like they enjoyed every single moment with each other, unlike the forever smug look Vanessa always has. But that is my opinion. Zac probably stuck by Vanessa to avoid and soften the bad press she was getting with the nudie photos that showed up on the net of a TEENAGER showing her stuff. Without him by her side, she probably would have been canned! And as it turns out it was a good move on both their entourage’s part!

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    I agree with Go sox and narf Zac and Vanessa will always be together forever they are soul mates

  • Linn

    Also, during the filming and promoting of Hairspray I’ll just bet Zac was asking Vanessa who?…LMAO. You can clearly see in ALL interviews and pictures he was loving Nikki. You can even see how they formed a bond together. They talked with each other and about each other with such admiration. She was a nobody and he fell hard for her. GOOO NIKKI! But then he had to get back to the “Hollywood” frame of mind because of HSM3. Ha ha…I can’t believe you people don’t see it. Again I dare say…trust me, that Zanessa set up will be over soon enough. By the way, I’m entitled to my opinion as is everyone else. So if you don’t like it….OHHHHH WELL!

  • kgg

    Linn – LOL, you are too funny! Just another Nikki fan (there is no Zikki) trying to tell Zac who he should be with, instead of who his heart tells him to be with. So Nikki and Zac connected as FRIENDS, big deal! And you’re just wishful thinking if you think Zac will break up with Vanessa and get together with Nikki. All you Nikki/Zac fans are the same – you all live in a fantasy world where you think you put your spin to everything concerning Zac. Come to the light and away from the dark side! No one is forcing Zac to be with Vanessa…duh!

  • lou lou

    Linn…why would Zac want to be with a fat pig.

  • narf

    OMG, someone has been smoking something really strong haven’t they?

    Thank’s for that great work of fiction Linn, maybe you should submit a script to one of the studios.

    Zac stood by Vanessa’s side because he loves her, and even if he hadn’t stood by her side, she would still have come out on top.

    It’s so sad that supposed Zac fans think he can’t make up his own mind and know his own heart.

    If you feel that way about Zac and his choices, then you are really no fan at all.

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    You are looking at Vanessa Hudgens’ replacement. Just Kidding xD.


  • narf

    Lou lou, that was uncalled for.

    There is no need to call Nikki names or make derogatory remarks about her just because you disagree with her fans.

  • Boji

    Linn#251 you make me laugh. If you think Nikki and Zac have a better chemistry than I would have to say Zac is a very good actor and he puts alot into his art.

    Nikki is a sweet bubbly character. She’s talented in the singing and dancing dept and she played her character in Hairspray very well. Just because they kissed for the audience it doesn’t mean there is more to it than that. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Zac does prefer dark haired women and if you had followed all his interviews you will have no doubts about it.

    Go Sox, I’m not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or a slight to say that Evelyn thought you to be the nicest of the clique. Am I in the clique? And are the rest including me not so nice? Are we that bad? If so I do apologise to Evelyn on behalf of everyone, sometimes, we do feel strongly and say things that come across as haughty or arrogant. As Go Sox has clarified we do generalise and some take it personally. Anyway, it is all in good fun. Nobody got bruised right,?
    maybe egoes, that’s all.

    I have seen most of Johnny Depp’s movies and did enjoy Cry Baby. Did have a fan crush on him as he was very good looking. I liked Winnona Ryder too and when they were a couple I thought it was so cute and adorable. I guess Winnona had a lot of growing up to do. She was so young. I don’t know the real reason they broke up. Anyway that’s history.

  • troy

    #251 That’s an interesting theory? But I see a flaw there. You say Zac and Vanessa are too young to make it in Hollywood. Well Nikki is just a few weeks older then Vanessa and Zac will still be 21. So what’s the difference? Would Zac and NIkki STILL be too young to make it as a couple in Hollywood?

  • vannie

    if i see nikki stradding on zac on a vacation i will believe you Zikki fan.
    zaneesa is real !!!!

  • Boji

    A big Hi to everyone. I did email you kgg. Reciprocate when you can.

  • kgg

    Hi Boji, I did receive it and will respond asap. Sorry for the delay – it’s been crazy around here.

  • narf

    Hey Boji, how are you?

    Troy, good point!

  • Linn

    LMAO! You all are cracking me up over here LMAO, LMAO!!! You all act like life will cease if they break up. OMG…wake up…someday they will. Ohhhhhh what a tradegy that will be…NOT! And for your info Lou Lou, Zac said in an interview he likes his peanut butter just like he likes his women…CHUNKY! In another interview he said, he loves big women. If YOU were a fan you’d know this. For the record I said ZAC AND NIKKI LOOK BETTER TOGETHER!!!!!!!! As in happier. Nikki is definitely more talented in singing AND acting. You all cannot tell me this thing will last forever. Come on….ya’ll need to wake up and get out of the fantasy land. Also, I can just see Vanessa twirling her hair around her finger during this interview below especially the last part: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Doesn’t look like she sees this lasting either!

    “It’s hard when you have a good-looking boyfriend,” she added. “You want your man to be your man. You don’t want all these girls up on him and stuff like that.”

    As far as the future with Zac Efron, the 19-year-old Disney actress was incredibly confusing.

    “It’s fun having a boyfriend. He’s a friend and a cute friend who you like. It’s nice. But only time will tell,” she said. “I’m still young, and I have my girlfriends and I have my family.”

  • Boji

    Am with Narf, no name calling here. Nikki is very attractive for a girl her size and she carries herself well and her personality is bigger than the rest of her.

  • kgg

    Linn – you need to check out a newer interview with Vanessa, as in CosmoGirl….it’s on the stands now and if you rush you can still get a copy. It contains the latest interview with Vanessa and you can see if you read it that they’ve become much more open about their relationship, but still do not want everyone to know all the details. I can’t blame them there.

    Sorry to disagree with you on the looking great together too – Zac and Vanessa just radiate happiness and love when they’re together especially when they look each other in the eyes. Now, that’s real chemistry there…nothing fake about it.

  • narf

    Linn, it’s called not discussing her relationship.

    She could have known right then and there that she and Zac were going to get married somewhere down the line, but that was none of the interviewers or the publics business.

    I can just imagine the twisted stories that would have appeared had she said she saw herself with him forever. The twisted stories that came from what she did say were bad enough.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for their break up after HSM 3, unless you happen to like the shade of blue you will turn.

  • Karen


    I was just going to say what Troy said about the age situation but I was also going to ask: Are you saying just because two people are gorgeous in Hollywood they can’t have a meaningful relationship? What about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward who have been married for 50 years? I could name several more who got together much younger. Just because they are young does not mean they are doomed. Also, there have been many people on this very board who have told of their experiences finding their mates at an early age and are not married for 15 all the way up to 30+ years. Believe it or not Hollywood people are still people too.

    Also, what did you think Zac was going to say about Nikki when they were promoting Hairspray together? Did you think he was going to say anything less than glowing? Did you think he was going to say “Well, Nikki would not be my type or she isn’t my type?” AND IF by any stretch of the imagination he really fell for Nikki while making Hairspray why did he speed back to Vanessa? He didn’t have to. Nobody knew they were an item while he was filming Hairspray with Nikki. Also, he could have been dating Nikki for some time BEFORE that infamous picture got released so that silly argument don’t hold water. Oh heck, frankly, NONE of your arguments hold water when it comes to Nikki. They were friends on the set, yes they liked each other as friends. BUT if he had cared like that then there was no reason why he couldn’t have pursued it and that’s a cold hard fact.

  • narf

    Well said KGG!

    So we can still get Cosmogirl on the stands? Cool, I will heve to go look tomorrow.

  • Boji

    Narf, am good a little sad but good. Girl left on Sat and mom’s leaving in a while.

    Kgg, sorry to hear about the craziness. Tell me all abt it in yr email when you can.

    Linn, Zac’s response is what you call diplomacy. He was not going to be rude or discriminatory in Nikki’s presence and neither was he going to hurt her feelings. I admire him for the true gentleman he is. Anyway, I guess we’re knocking on Wood here. And I’m not about to insult anyone here, so there.

  • Boji

    Have to go and send mom to the station. Ciao everyone, will try and catch y’all later ie. if anyone is still awake.

  • narf

    Amen Karen, well said as usual.

    Aww Boji, your nest will be empty yet again. *hugs Boji*

  • Linn

    I definitely can’t blame them for wanting to keep things a little private, but when you’re in the public eye and when you go on an interview you have to expect people to ask you questions about your very personal life. I saw her on an interview just recently promoting her new CD and she rolled her eyes and turned up her head when asked about Zac as if she was sick and tired of the hoopla. Granted she didn’t have to go into details, but at least acknowlege the fact that you’re a young happy couple if that is so the case.

    I gotta admit , when I see interviews with Zac, there is some kind of acknowlegement and praise when she’s mentioned. No details but at least there is an acknowlegement. Most pics you see of them in, he’s happy or close to it and she’s…well, she always has a smug look on her face as if she’s the greatest thing since slice bread. Someone needs to show her how to smile for the cameras even if you’re miserable.

    And by the way, there are plenty of pics around that show Nikki and Zac looking into each other’s eyes and you would think they were an item. They, to me, radiate and look more in tuned with each other.

    Also, Nikki being a big girl doesn’t have any affect on the type of person she is. She is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. She has a great personality and has terrific acting and singing abilities. So it’s very ignorant to judge a person by how they look just because she isn’t the typical size 2 Hollywood starlett.

    So whether I think Zanessa is fake or not and will not last, that is my opinion and you all cannot change that. FREEDOM OF SPEECH here people. So if you all want to get on me for not agreeing with you, then shame on you because this is a forum and of many opinions. I am entitled to my opinion whether you like it or not. So boo hoo for you if you lose sleep because you did not agree with what I wrote. As far as I’m concerned, I have big brass balls to come on here to state my opinion as I see it and not follow everyone else’s opinion. I’m sure there are more out there just like me and I say GO FOR IT AND SPEAK YOUR MIND!

  • Boji

    Thanks, Narf “hugs back” Needed that. Ciao!

  • Karen


    I would suggest that you and all Nikki/Zac dreamers go and check out the comment of — (the user’s name) on the “Nikki Blonsky Targets Converse” thread here at JJ. It is post #131 for 6/3/08 @ 4:02PM. It is VERY enlightening.

  • Boji

    One last word or words before I really dissappear. Big Brass Balls, Hahahaha! Too heavy for the christmas tree, now what are they good for? Bowling? Nope. What then?

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    I agree with narf About Zac and Vanessa. Linn If you are going to make Comments That zac Should be with Nikki then you are not Zac Efron Fan Because Zac Efron Fans Support Zac and Vanessa Romances. Linn By the way there is no Znikki. Nikki Blonsky is a Beautiful Girl but Zac made his choice on the woman he wanted to date and That is Vanessa he loves her.

  • Linn

    Boji, I agree that Zac is a gentleman and I could see he wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But the one interview I read where he said he likes his peanut butter like he likes his women…Chunky, was way before Hairspray. So that doesn’t count to being diplomated in her presence. Also, during the interview where he talked about liking big women, he wasn’t asked about anything like that. He just blurted it out. So what I’m saying…yes, he maybe a gentleman and diplomatic, but all in all, he is not one of those typical hot Hollywood guys that go for JUST the Hollywood model type girls. Which is a plus in my book because no one should be judged by their weight, color of their skin or any other superficial reason. I’m sure most intellegent would agree.

  • Linn

    HA HA…BIG BRASS BALLS are used to be a leader not a follower! And just because you’re a Zac Efron fan it does not mean you have to be a Zanessa fan just because they are a couple. Puhleese people. That is so shallow. So I’m sure WHEN they break up, you’ll still be a Zanessa fan and bash his next girlfriend because you’ll still want them to be together. That is sooooooo LAME! Grow up people!

  • troy

    #274 Yes you have Freedom of Speech but guess what so do we. And we are exercising it. I love how people seem to think that their views somehow exist in some hermetically sealed bubble, and then when their view is challenged they cry Freedom of Speech!

    It goes both ways some people have trouble grasping that fact.

  • Karen

    BTW, Linn, it seems that you don’t like Vanessa and that is why you think Zac and Vanessa won’t last. It seems you like Nikki so Zac and Vanessa won’t last. You say Vanessa has some smug little look, who is judging whom now for the way they look? She doesn’t answer questions the way you want her to answer them so you make your judgment of how her and Zac’s relationship is because of it—you don’t like this about her, you don’t like that about her, etc.

    Vanessa has been the one who has spoken out FOR Zac when he was beset with rumors about him becoming upset concerning some silly zit on his face and how he wouldn’t go to a birthday party and she recently went on to defend him and tell people how ridiculous they were were when they started rumors that he didn’t like to shower, etc. And another thing, have you read her acknowledgments on her new CD? She thanks Zac for always having her back and giving her courage, etc.

    And furthermore, don’t flatter yourself into thinking just because you come on here to insult some beautiful young woman that you have big brass balls. And quit using the old excuse that you have a right to your opinion because so do we. It’s just your holes in your opinions are a mile wide. Yes, there are many who think because Zac and Vanessa are so young they will not last—well time will tell about that. BUT you got into hot water when you brought up Nikki Blonsky and your reasons for all that. So, sorry if your theories were shot down.

  • narf

    Trust me Linn, we don’t lose any sleep over opinions such as yours because we know they hold no water.

    And everyone here came to like Zac and Vanessa as a couple on their own, not because we jumped on any band wagons.

    I for one think Nikki is a beautiful young woman and wish her the best. She has no control over what her fans say or think so there is no need for any of the Zanessa fans to hold it against her.

    Bradley, thanks for the support.

  • kgg

    Linn – please! You really need to calm down and back away from the computer. No one is denying your freedom of speech to say whatever drivel you want to say, but please don’t force your opinions on everyone. You stay in your Zikki dreamland and we’ll stay in reality, thank you very much. Don’t be too upset if the Nikki/Zac thing doesn’t work out, ok? Thanks!

  • narf

    No Linn, IF they break up, we will continue to support them both no matter who they are with.

    Because true fans support their celebrities no matter what.

    I hated that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anisten broke up, but i still like them both and support them in everything they do.

  • nett

    LOVE ZAC and VANESSA sooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!

  • narf

    Keep rocking that wisdom Karen!

  • Karen

    Narf, the best wisdom I have ever read when it comes to the hoopla over Zac and Vanessa’ relationship and all the arguments of publicity, Nikki Blonsky, Ashley Tidsdale, etc is in that post I suggested Linn to read on the Nikki thread. That hit it all and how could ANYONE argue with ANY of it?

    But I thank you for the compliment.

  • narf

    I remeber that post Karen, it was truely words of wisdom that could bot be argued with.

    But you do a pretty good job yourself lady!

  • narf

    Sorry, that should said not be argued with instead of bot be argued with.

    LOL, I need the letters on my keyboard to be further apart. That or I have to slow my typing down.

  • Malia

    Oh, mercy. There are STILL little girls wanting Zac to be with someone else? How LONG are these kids going to live in their fantasy world?

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Kgg I agree with you all the away. Narf I also Agree with you If Zac and Vanessa Break up I will still like both of them

  • narf

    Nice to have you on board Bradley, thanks for being a fan.

  • Malia

    Karen, here is that comment you were referring to. I hope whoever posted it, won’t mind my re-posting it here:
    #131 — @ 06/03/2008 at 4:02 pm on “Nikki Blonsky Targets Converse”

    Thanks for the Nikki news JJ!

    I happen to love this girl, I loved watching her in Hairspray, and she’s got a lot of talent which I can’t wait to see more of.

    However, I have to say that all those who believe so exceedingly that there was, is, or will be something more than friendship between her and Zac are living in a fantasy world. Yes they’ve held hands here and there, yes, he tongued her on MOD, yes, they have great chemistry, yes, he hugged her and “ran his hand along her back” back in January, but he hadn’t seen her in a while and some of you read into things WAY too much.

    But really, to say that there’s potentially been more between them, WHILE he was with Vanessa nevertheless, is completely out of line not just because Zac is with Vanessa, but because you want so badly for Zac and Nikki to be something more that you wouldn’t care what he did when it came to Vanessa. Some of you say that the Zanessa fans are really shallow, and while that’s true for some ignorant, immature posters, I myself am a huge fan of Zac and Vanessa as individuals and as a couple and I’m a fan of Nikki, so I really don’t understand why some of you so-called Zac fans would love to see him ditch Vanessa, maybe even cheat on her, just as long as him and Nikki are together. It makes me cringe to know that some of you wait there, day after day, hoping and wishing with all your heart that THIS time, that break-up rumour will be true and all your Zikki dreams will finally be within reach.

    And all the excuses about Zanessa are obviously really old already: It’s publicity, they’re unhappy, Zac looks depressed whenever he’s around Vanessa, as soon as HSM3 is done, they’re done too, that’s all BS. Yes, I don’t know everything, no one does, but to say that two people who have been dating since BEFORE they were famous, since BEFORE HSM ever premiered and became the phenomenon that it is, are publicity, is plain ridiculous.

    I mean, just as Nikki got her life-changing role through HS, so Zac and Vanessa got their life-changing roles through HSM. Everything changed for them when that movie premiered. Suddenly came fame, red carpets, interviews, media attention, paparazzi, and eventually of course the never-ending list of haters and cynics who would do anything and make themselves believe anything to escape the fact that Zac is with Vanessa, that he CHOSE Vanessa. They’ve been side by side, been through everything, been there for each other and still have that indescribable, breath-taking look in their eyes and on their faces after nearly three years of being together.

    I laugh when people say he looks unhappy around Vanessa, because they’re just refusing to see what’s right in front of them, they’re denying reality. Zac hasn’t and doesn’t look at any girl the way he looks at Vanessa-not Kay Panabaker, not Brenda Song, not Monique Coleman, not Ashley Tisdale, and yes, not even Nikki Blonsky. Vanessa Hudgens is the girl he steals glances at, whose name makes him blush and his eyes sparkle, who wears his jacket when she is cold, whose hand he takes, who makes him smile like no one else. I know one day Nikki will have her own amazing man in her life, but that man is not Zac Efron. And did anyone ever stop and think, and remember that you can’t help who you fall for? It just happens, NO ONE can tell you who to be with, for all you saying that Disney is behind their relationship, Zac is a grown man who can make his own decisions.

    He decided he should act on his feelings, he himself has said that him and Vanessa fell in love while making HSM and that is evident every day no matter how much people criticize them, no matter how much cynics and non-believers analyze their pictures, no matter how much they wish he would be with someone other than Vanessa, no matter how much some Nikki fans think she’s the girl for him.

    Everyone has an opinion, everyone can believe what they want to believe, everyone can embrace what they want to embrace. I happen to be of the opinion that Nikki is an amazing girl, but I’m not of the belief that she’s the girl for Zac. I’ve seen reality for a long time, I’ve seen Zac and Vanessa interacting, seen their love for each other, for a long time, and I choose to embrace that reality.

  • narf

    Ok, I must get myself to bed so I can function at work tomorrow.

    Good night to all my Angels, and to all Z and V supporters.

    And good night to our new friend Bradley.

  • narf

    Ah, that was worth reading again. Such a level head on whoever wrote it.

    Thanks to Karen for mentioning it and Malia for reposting it.

    Now, I REALLY have to get to bed.

    Good night all!

  • Malia

    Good night, narf.

  • mary

    I love this Zikki video on youtube, hope you enjoy too:

    I love how it shows their sweet friendship and their “looks and glances”….makes me love him even more!

  • ilovezanessa!!!!

    he is sooo beautiful!