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Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Who is Zac Efron's Mystery Woman?

Zac Efron leaves Smashbox Studios with a mystery woman following him after a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sensation gave us a peek of his boxers just yesterday. Pick up your pants Zac. Pick’em up!

The Kenny Ortega-directed HSM3 opens on October 24th. Now less than three months away! Go Wildcats!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron and his mystery woman…

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zac efron mystery woman 01
zac efron mystery woman 02
zac efron mystery woman 03
zac efron mystery woman 04
zac efron mystery woman 05
zac efron mystery woman 06
zac efron mystery woman 07
zac efron mystery woman 08
zac efron mystery woman 09
zac efron mystery woman 10

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  • Don’t play that game with us

    I LOVE the way they look at each other in this video that wasn’t put together by a fan trying to prove something.

    You just have to look in their eyes and you can see how they feel.

    Malia, I know you have some really good ones up your sleeve.

    Would you please share them with us?

    Zac Fan and KGG, bring out those hoards I know you have.

  • Boji

    Ahh, Malia, trust you to come up with this insightful and oh so true post and also thanks to Karen for mentioning it. Didn’t read it as it was on a Nikki thread.

    I have to say this is the first time I’ve heard of Big Brass Balls and it tickled me pink to hear of it being mentioned. Balls, yes but Big Brass ones, Nooo.

    I must say Nikki gives hope to all the big gals and for her achievements being what she is makes her their idol. Can’t say I blame them. I say this, both of them kissed for the audience and at the request of the presenter but they did not tongue each other, there’s the difference.

    Okay, enough of this Zikki nonsense as it is non existent as good as the Zashley nonsense. What next, I wonder; perhaps there’ll be Zasel, Zana, how about Zammi, or Zaley and if you’re guessing what they stand for, go figure.

  • Boji

    Mary#298, I’d say it was very well put together and I have to say it does give a sense of false hope to the viewer. There is affection there and she is cuddly and that is about it. He was like that with Ashley. It is all about Friendship and may they continue being friends. We mustn’t forget the PR and they were doing promotional work. Nobody is going to see a movie if the hero and heroine are seen to be unaffectionate and estranged in public. Someone could just as easily compose a video for Zashley and make it like it was the real thing. Enough said.

  • Kayla

    #131 hit the freaking nail with the hammer!!!

    i’m not even goin to say what i was goin to cause it’s pretty much EXACTLY that!!! amazing truth right there!!


  • Malia

    I’ll takes Zac’s word for it when he said that when you have the kind of communication that he and Vanessa have, “the chemistry will always be there.”

  • marie

    oh god i dont even know why the nikki subject is on this post LOL that really makes me laugh. man why dont ppl respect efron’s choice? if he wants to date vanessa so what is the big deal? its his life for godsake! its not you that is kissing v or dating her or huggin and bein there for her everyday .. its zac! and i never saw him pissed off because of that, on the contrary, the last pics we saw of them together (4th july) they seemed really in love and so happy even thou they have almost 3 years of relationship things are getting stronger. im just so glad that they can go ahead even thou theres lots of paparazzis following them and lots of ‘ so called fans ‘ that are just prayin so hard for them to break up. they’re real ppl, they have real feelings and im sorry if that makes you unhappy because zac isnt dating the person you wanted him to date, but big news: you dont owe his life. let him make his choices and support him whatever choice it is. and man, after 3 years of relationship im sure that if zac wasnt happy with vanessa or her with him, they would have already break up, dont you think? after all, who wants to be unhappy for 3 long years? :)

  • Boji

    Aww, Malia, that is the ultimate sweetness. So adorable, need I say more, this candid picture/photo speaks a thousand words.

  • yets

    malia that is my favorite Pic in their vacation.
    so sweet.

  • Malia

    You can put thousands of You Tub videos together of Zac and his Hairspray costar WORKING together.

    I think a lot of young girls who are being delusional about Zac and his Hairspray costar don’t realize that Zac and said costar were paid to promote Hairspray, they were paid to walk the red carpets, they were paid to hold hands, they were paid to do that kiss in front of a TV audience. Everything they said and did was scripted, and they were paid for it. It’s called promoting a movie.

    Ask yourself these questions?
    Has Zac ever taken his Hairspray costar for a week-long romp on the beach in Hawaii?
    Has he kissed her in the surf?
    Lain with her on the beach and held her in his arms?
    Gone surfing with her?
    Gone scuba diving with her?
    Danced the night away with her at friends’ parties? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).
    Held her on his lap on a friend’s sofa with his arms around her? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).
    Has he ever taken her to Chez Noir for an early morning breakfast?
    Has he ever taken her to Paty’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner?
    To Aroma Café?
    Shopping at Urban Outfitters for clothes?
    Buying video games at Best Buy?
    Shopping for Halloween costumes?
    Has he ever taken her for a ten-day Caribbean vacation?
    Has he ever said “We are a couple” about his Hairspray costar?
    Did he get an apartment a few blocks from his Hairspray costar?

    NO to all of the above.

    For Vanessa Hudgens, a resounding YES to all of the above.

  • cassie

    i think the nikki fans have gotta be embarrassing nikki by wanting zac to dump vanessa and start something with her. i’ve even read some crazy comments by people thinking zac “sneaks” off and sees nikki on the side.

    man, the paps follow this guy like a flea on a dog. if he can’t even leave a studio with a skinny little blond woman who works for him how the hell is he going go anywhere on earth with a 300 pound blimp? wake up and smell the coffee, kiddies.

  • me…

    he would never cheat on vanessa for two reasons,one he seems to nice 2 do somthing like that, and he clearly is in luv with vanessa, you saw the pics of them on holiday.

    And for all we know, they could be related in sumway. So dont accuse hime of somthing he hasnt done, and dont juge her cos of one pic with zac.

  • me…

    and for comment no 50 (stacey) who claims she is the girl in the pic, get a liyf coz i dont fink any1 actually believes u. I dont any way

  • Boji

    Malia, am with you all the way,post #308 Hear,hear.

  • mi+me 4ever

    so much commotion over this useless thing.
    its quite entertaining. ;)

  • Karen

    Thanks Malia for doing the cutting and pasting of the comment from the Nikki thread for me—-I’m a little inept that way. Here’s a wonderful video—kind of has everything but the Caribbean vacation. Hope I get this right.

  • Karen

    Sorry that the video is no coming up on post #314. I get it when I access it from my library but it isn’t coming up here. It’s the Zanessa~True Love if that helps.

  • Linn

    WOW…Now aren’t I popular to be getting so much attention…LMAO Ohhhhh how I just love being the Devil’s Advocate. Here was my strategy from the moment I read the article and read some of your comments:

    1. Bash the Zanessa duo
    2. Get negative feedback
    3. Give a shout out to Nikky Blonsky…RAH RAH!!
    4. Get more negative feeback
    5. Express my freedom of my opinion so that all can bash me for expressing my freedom of opinion.
    6. Get even more negative feedback
    7. Have at least 5 people address me directly…LINN THIS AND LINN THAT, LINN CHECK THIS OUT, blah, blah, blah. That’s the funniest.
    8. Skim through the comments and LMAO at all the people that make this their livelihood as if these celebrities actually care what you all think and will reward you for sticking up for them. As if, OMG, the world will end if the Zanessa duo breaks up. What will we talk about? What will become of us here on the bandwagon? What kind of life will we lead? Ha ha…2 funny!
    9. Get a goodnight’s rest knowing someone or all of you out there got pissed off because I didn’t jump on your bandwagon. And I will continued to be mentioned for more comments to come.
    10. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awww…you guys were sweet. It’s nice to see you all stick up for each other in your little clique. But remember, as life goes on, try being leaders and NOT followers. It’s quite alright to challenge the opinions of others when different from your own. And for goodness sakes…get a real life and stop living in Hollywood land! Learn to seperate fantasy from reality.

    Thanx for the good times!

  • Linn

    Oh and I almost forgot one more important information for you all in case you didn’t know.

    Fan – an ardent admirer or enthusiast

    Obsession – a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling

    I’m guessing you all fall into latter.

    And oh thanks for the laughs.

  • Kelly

    Linn ,well we’re so happy that you had so much fun amusing yourself. Thanks for all the hits on Zac’s thread.

  • Kelly
    Here’s the video that Karen wanted to post. SO cute!

  • fabio :p

    looks like zac has a sex slave

  • nicole

    who is that woman with Zac Effron ? shes a mystery women . i love Zac Effron.

    from nicole

  • Karen

    We know you get your jollies from irritating people. I’d rather be an ardent fan of someone who is sweet and lovely than to be someone who enjoys spreading hate and irritation. If that is the kind of thing is that gives you enjoyment you are the one who should be looking in the mirror and asking “What’s wrong with me? Why would I get joy out of causing people grief?”

    You are NO LEADER in any sense of the word. Leaders command respect and you get none here. Leaders are those people who have others who will back them up no matter what because they are trusted and those people know that leader is doing the RIGHT thing. I would hate to think of you on a battle field leading a unit with only your self delusions of being a leader. I could go on any thread listed and bash someone and say all kinds of horrible things and not care what anyone said about me. That does not make me a leader. It makes me a pathetic human being who is mean-spirited and don’t know how to make friends—which is a very lonely place in this world.

  • Karen

    One last thing, Linn, you know that all you said was shredded to bits by people more intelligent than you and all your opinions were as ridiculous as you.

  • bettybaby

    Malia, Karen—-

    I saw the post that you brought over here Malia, and of course I couldn’t agree more! I wont’ recopy her entire argument, but i would like to expand on one issue that she discusses……

    There has never been a Disney promotional effort to create and maintain “Zanessa”. Those that have insisted that Zac and Vanessa’s relationship was and continues to be a publicity stunt are the only ones guilty of perpetrating conspiracies. Therefore, any attempt to validate the claim that Disney has “forced” these two to date for the benefit of the “HSM franchise,” is a futile endeavor. First, it’s more likely that Disney would discourage any romantic entanglements with its young stars, as there is the potential for more harm than good coming out of such a situation,*cough-Britney&Justin-cough*. Moreover, even if Disney had suggested, or even demanded, that Zac and Vanessa maintain a relationship to bolster the movie’s success, this was not something that would have EVER been put in writing, thus, Disney would have no way to enforce such an agreement. Additionally, as the franchise prospered, Disney’s influence over Zac and Vanessa would have decreased rather than increased. Zac in particular, had much more bargaining power by the time HSM3 came to fruition, and it could be reasoned that Zac had Disney by the balls, because at this point, he would have had very little to loose if HSM3 were never made. Meaning that Disney had no hold over Zac and Vanessa, and thus, has no ability to force them to do anything they don’t want to do.

    But even if one were to play devil’s advocate, any attempt to argue that Disney did have such power over its two leading cast members still proves faulty. The “franchise” has now come to an end, for Zac and Vanessa at least, and as a result, Disney’s alleged influence over the pair would have ended as well. The fact that the Film has wrapped effectively leaves Zac free to do as he pleases, including perusing another relationship if that was his desire. There is nothing left for Disney to hold over Zac because HE HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID for his work. But wait! There is still the promotional period to think about. Zac likely stands to make a great deal of money–if he negotiated the right way that is–from a percentage of the Film’s profits, and its merchandising, and that the conspiracy theorists contend, would be motivation enough to keep the charade going through the Film’s promotional period. However, Disney has no way of enforcing such an obligation, because as we know, this could never have been put in writing! Disney then has no legal means to renege on any of Zac’s future earnings as a way to bend him to their will. Could you imagine if Disney tried? Could you imagine this in court? “Well your Honor, Disney refuses to honor the remainder of my client’s contract because he broke up with his girlfriend.” It’s a concept so ludicrous, it’s hysterical.

    So what then has young Zac done since the film wrapped? He took his girlfriend of three years on a well-deserved vacation and returned home, planning I’m sure, to focus on life after HSM.

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    I agree with you Karen. Bettybaby I agree with you too all the away. Linn If you don;t Like Zanessa keep it yourself because There are Fans. Who Think Zac and Vanessa Belong together. Linn your Comments are going really old if you want to Bash Zac And Vanessa then you are not a Zac Efron Fan.

  • Karen

    Thank you bettbaby, makes perfect sense to us lowly follower types. But having sense and at least some intelligence doesn’t seem to be needed for “leaders” in some people’s minds.

  • Karen

    Thank you, Bradley.

  • Linn

    STILL LMAO @ YALL! (pats self on the back) And as predicted I’m still being talked about. DAMN I’M GOOD! I’m glad you find me interesting enough to write more. Let the legacy of LINN live on….BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Dare I say again….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  • narf

    Hello to all!

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I slept pretty soundly last night.

    And it’s nice to know that we matter to the point of someone needing us to raise their self esteem and accomplish their goals.

    Great job everyone! *pats everyone on the back*

    I guess it’s true that life is a 2 way street and where there is give, there is almost always take.

    I for one feel better about recent events know that I know it was for such a noble cause as making someone feel better about themselves, no matter who that person was.

    I guess it will be another sound sleep for me tonight. Damn it feels good to help others.

  • narf



    I still feel truely blessed to have met all of you here, and some of you in person. I look forward to the day I have met all of you face to face.

    Long live the BATS in the BELFRY!

    Nub you guys!

    KGG, 4 more days ladies, I can’t wait.

    Zac Fan, Channeling seat 18 D. He he!

    *No Charlie, we don’t want to hear the quarterly report*

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Linn whatever, Hey Narf

  • narf

    Hey Bradley, how are you?

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Hey Karen. Narf I am doing fine.

  • Linn

    LMAO…I can actually imagine ya’ll fuming whenever you read a comment of mine and letting your fingers do the talking. I can see your wittle fingers trying to keep up with all that is running through your pretty wittle heads. Seems like I’m being talked about as much as Zanessa…LMAO

    And for the record, not once did I ever single anyone out and call anyone names because my opinion differ from yours. Skimming through I’ve seen Linn is delusional, unintelligent, pathetic, lonely, etc. I came on here to state my opinion whether you liked it or not that’s your problem. It’s an OPINION! I’m flattered that most of you took the time to answer my comments. I must be saying something remotely intelligent to warrant feedback. So, in short, I think it’s pathetic to bash someone for merely stating their opinions when it’s different from yours. It only goes to show how unintelligent, malicious and arrogant you are. As you grow up you will find many people in all walks of life who will have a difference of opinions. You just gotta deal with it. NEWSFLASH: You will not agree with everything everyone says….and it’s ok. No one will think any less of you. At least I won’t but maybe your clique will since they are quick to jump to conclusions and judge you by your opinions.

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Linn you Comments are getting Very old

  • charlene

    Danced the night away with her at friends’ parties? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).
    Held her on his lap on a friend’s sofa with his arms around her? (yes, there are pictures taken by friends).

    can i see the pics from that plz?

  • Sharon

    JJ, can we see pics of guests arriving at Ashley’s b-day party over the weekend? I haven’t seen any coverage of this on X17, TMZ, or on any of your other colleagues’ websites. I’d love to see Zac and Vanessa arriving together, what they were wearing, etc. Without pics, I’m suspicious that her guest list wasn’t so “star-studded” after all and her publicist took a little liberty with describing the celebration. I’ll believe it all when I see the pics! Thanks!

  • kryssia

    maybe is his cousin? hahaha

  • kryssia

    maybe is his cousin?

  • savannah

    Yeah thats my cousin! And they arent dating, shes his assistant!
    So suck it and leave her alone.Shes prettier then all of you over jelous people.

  • Karen


    You know, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. I don’t think any of them would have been hurt even it this information had never gotten out to anyone. That’s not what the night was about. A group of friends wanted to get together to celebrate another friend’s birthday, they aren’t interested in having that time invaded by paps. The fact we have no pictures, that the point.

  • go sox

    Wow, someone around here has an incredible EGO!!!!!!!! What a hoot!!

    Bettybaby, right on!! So many people are just not logical in their thinking, and you just said it perfectly for them!! Thanks!

    Happy to HEAR about Ashley’s party, and happy that it was PRIVATE!! Hope they all had a great time!!

  • ashleytisdalerox4eva! [anabe!]

    she looks like a man! lol

  • nett

    I hope they had a great time in Ashley’s party. LOVE Zac and Vanessa!

  • nett

    Miss ZANESSA soooooooooooooooo much !

  • oi


  • HSm3-87days

    oh god zac looks hot that lady looks kind of mean to me tho. i bet she is, the smile look fake

  • xxxxxxx

    troy is a gay.
    Suck my … troy.

  • Karen

    Well I see those who only know how to be obnoxious are out early thinking they are so smart with their vulgarity. It’s amazing how much someone can reveal about themself with so few words. It’s too bad they don’t realize what an embarrassment they are to themself.

    It’s good to have guys like Zac Efron around and I know there are more like him.