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Hayden Panettiere is a Comic-Con Cutie

Hayden Panettiere is a Comic-Con Cutie

Hayden Panettiere and her costar/boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia share a few laughs with each other while promoting their hit NBC show, Heroes, at Comic-Con 2008 on Saturday at the San Diego Conference Center in San Diego, Calif.

Hayden, 18, and Milo, who turned 31 earlier this month, made sure not to stand and/or sit next to each other to avoid additional speculation from their relationship.

Heroes returns with all-new episodes starting with its 2-hour season premiere @ 9PM ET/PT on Monday, Sept. 22.

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Photos: Agent 47/WENN
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  • O.M.G.

    1st its been a long time….jared



  • rach
  • jessica

    milo looks hot but i am so over him. moved on to rob pattinson and i feel so much better!!

  • LuckyL

    Wow, 13 years older. Lol

  • gigi

    cute? that dress looks like shit

  • kkcc

    she looks pretty

  • Sam

    WTF is she wearing? That dress might be cute somewhere else but for Comic Con? Is she fucking serious? And Milo has definitely seen better days. He looks rough as hell. Congrats Hayden. You made my fav actor look like shit, you bitch. Rot in pieces.

  • mike

    love her!!!

  • Goosie

    they’re so cute
    although he’s a bit too old for her

  • Goosie

    they’re so cute
    although he’s a bit too old for her

  • Eyda

    love love love them both, shes beautiful and hes so funny, great couple

  • lo

    .. because Hayden really has soo much effect on Milo’s looks as he ages… ::eye roll::

  • luckyl

    dont you think you’re exaggerating. They’re seats are assigned to them and they are just talking to the people around them, no need to try to make it anything bigger.

  • gertrude


  • gertrude

    her dress is not so cute, and he is shit.

  • gertrude

    her dress is not so cute, and he is shit.

  • you

    ^ stop spamming

  • martha

    milo milo milo there are “women” out there…do you know that?
    i mean its time to grow up milo!

  • LuckyL

    luckyl @ 07/26/2008 at 5:58 pm

    dont you think you’re exaggerating. They’re seats are assigned to them and they are just talking to the people around them, no need to try to make it anything bigger.
    Lol at my name use

  • Gerryloon – PLEASE LOCK ME UP

    Milo Ventriloquist and Hayden Pantyliner. Mr and Mrs Cünt.

  • Kim

    :) I’ve always wanted to attend Comic Con. It looks like fun.

  • tata

    LOVE THEM! *.*

  • chantall

    i hate how haydens dress is red AND pink it grosses me out when people wear those to colors together!
    i love hayden though im not soo krazy bout her BF

  • {‘_’}

    dirty pedophile.

  • AB

    #25 girl you better learn the definition of that word before you start throwing it around and lessen it’s meaning.

  • Coren

    #25 is correct. Why is an 18 year old girl going out with at 31 yr old male. That is sick. There are plenty of women his age to pick from. Oh maybe he should go to a place like Vietnam and pick up his 18 wife to be and bring her back to the states would that be okay. I don’t think so.

  • Finn_eve

    They actually did sit next to each other. (I know, I was there, about 10 rows back-center) When it started this morning, the cast all came out on stage in a line. She was next to Adrian Pasdar. Then they did the presentation and for the Q&A, Milo and Hayden sat next to each other, with Jack Coleman flanking her other side. Just FYI. :-)

  • Sara

    Finn_eve in the pictures the chick that plays Maya is next to Hayden.

  • more

    There are pictures of other cast members also. You should have included pictures of them.

  • Finn_eve

    Sara: re-read my comment. These pics were taken at the beginning of the panel. M&H sat together during the Q&A part, which was AFTER this. Trust me. Like I said, I was there this morning-I have many a picture on my camera of the two of them sitting next to each other.

  • AnaBe

    I don’t like the bottom of her dress, but I love her and Milo together,cute couple anyway I agree Jared why don’t u post more pics of the cast I want to see my other heroes hotties Zach Q. Adrian P. etc

  • debra77

    Milo is too old for her, she needs to have a boyfriend her own age. She trys to act more mature than she is. She should be a teen for as long as possible. Trust… getting older comes to us all. Don’t rush it.

  • nychica

    What does a 31 year old man have in common with an 18 year old??!! Yikes!

  • Mel

    Milo’s looking good. Any chance of photos of the rest of the cast? :D

  • Anne

    They all look nice. Oh I really want to go to Comic Con!! I don’t live too far away so I know for sure one of these years I will.

  • tool

    I was there too! They sat right next to each other during the panel.

  • Milo wait for hayden at age 20

    I dont think there is anything wrong with this, but I think he should wait atleest till shes 20 or older to date. 18 Is a little to young. I dont think hes old its just she needs to do some living and growing up. At 18 maybe she is inlove. Im 17 and like older men. I just do, but would wait till Im in my late teens early twenties.

  • 100

    Will some of you people drop it. They obviously have the same lifestyle and career paths, they are both vegetarian and probably have similar goals, families, views, beliefs, personalities, likes, dislikes. I wish people on gossip blogs would just stick to talking about the pics and the fashion like people used to, not try to dictate peoples lives.

  • Cindylover1969

    If I can go all Ellen Ripley for a moment: “Get away from her, you B*TCH!” (Yes, her not him.)

  • izzie

    hayden looks so pretty
    i don’t like them together
    milo is too old for her

  • barbie

    They look happy together. I don’t get the ‘he’s too old stuff…’….what do some people prefer, that like some other ‘typical’ teenagers, she sleeps around with as many of her own age guys, rather than be obviously committed to an ‘older’ guy? Really, she’s not a child anymore, she’s 18. And she’s been working already for a very long time, so is not like any ‘ normal’ , maybe even naive kid still in college/goofing around stacking shelves in a supermarket…

  • move

    Can this relatio nship last a long time? Who knows? I seem to see his prof ile on a cele brity si te called ‘Ric h ki ss . c om’. And it’s very attractive with many hot pics. OMG.

  • Serena

    If it were true that acting since childhood makes one mature, than no child star would ever have gotten addicted to drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t make sense that people say this about her. Being a child star makes her probably LESS mature than the average teenager. And yes, he’s too old. I think those people who say there’s no problem with the age difference are closer to her age than Milo’s. I’m the same age as Milo and think it’s disgusting that a grown man has lowered himself to trolling around in the high school dating pool. Just because she’s legal doesn’t mean she’s ready for adulthood. A switch doesn’t get flipped at midnight on your 18th birthday and you all of a sudden become wise and mature. She still has a lot of growing up to do.

  • LuckyL

    ^Serena PEOPLE matures differently and Hayden has had jobs, responsibilities and people depending on her for quite some time now. She’s driven with a good work ethic and is involved with charities and causes so she is definitely in adulthood and can make her own decisions.

  • Serena

    LuckyL: All child stars have had this kind of responsibility. It doesn’t just apply to Hayden. And not all child stars are that mature. So it follows that the industry does NOT make child stars more mature.

  • Skype

    Milo has deep seethed issues. Didn’t he start dating Alexis Bledel when she was like 16 and dumped her when she the moment she was of age. Like I said, the guy has issues, he’s too much of a wuss to date women his age, so he picks ‘em when they are young and gullible.

    This relationship will last 3 yrs tops, when she turns 21 it’s over. He’ll be 34 dating another 16.



  • anonymous

    I find him creepy.

  • Pat

    Milo is looking rough. Hayden is looking like an weird troll caked with make up, as always.