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Katie Holmes on Broadway -- First Cast Photo!

Katie Holmes on Broadway -- First Cast Photo!

Check out the first cast photo of Katie Holmes in her upcoming Broadway play, All My Sons, via ET.

Joining the 29-year-old actress in the Arthur Miller play are Dianne Wiest (not pictured), Patrick Wilson and John Lithgow.

The play depicts the tragedy of a man who knowingly sold defective plane parts to the government during World War II, and has to face the truth when his son wants to propose to his business partner’s daughter. Katie play Ann Deever, a woman who visits the family of her former lover, a missing pilot.

Previews begin on September 18, 2008 at NY’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, and the play will open on October 16 and run through January 11, 2009.

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Photos: Andrew Eccles
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  • ā˜† Shonathan Hilton ā˜†


    Katie is not going to be playin herself as a robot is she?

  • me

    I dont mean to sound nasty, but I think Katie is in way over her head. The rest of the cast is excellent and she is in no way in the same league…. not even close.

  • halli

    John Lithgow and Patrick Wilson will act circles around Katie. I know she’s a crappy actress but I still preferred her to Maggie Gyllenhaal’s stilted and wooden performance in DK. She looks like an old hag.

  • yeahhh


  • asdkfjglasd


  • adssdgsaddsg


  • julie

    oh, pleeeeease, tell me this isn’t going to happen. maybe tickets will sell but it will be tc who BOUGHT the play for his talentless GF, then tc will go on to BUY out seats for the cult.
    this is NOT theatre, this is some sicko business deal orchestrated by a fanatical loser tc and his equally fanatical partner kh. I am shocked the fabuously talented cast is participating in this fraud. They earned their parts, katie just signed a contract to whore herself for $$$ to tt.

  • Ronja

    She looks good. I like her Haircut

  • nysro

    Sounds like it will be VERY boring… the whole idea of the story sounds really stupid…

  • chilly_powder

    John Lithgow is awesome!! I think its’ good for her that she’s getting theater experience! Among wondeful actors! that’s good.

  • [ā˜†I n F a m o u sā˜†]

    poor thing couldn’ act to save her life.

    but tom rocks.

  • go katie

    Tom Cruise is her husband not her boyfriend. Second, give the woman a chance! She can act, she is talented and this may do her good. Always negative, always hating…..

  • whatever

    She is so photoshoped into that pic.

    And what is up with her boobs? No bra?

  • woogie

    go back home to Tommy boy pls

  • Amy

    She’s too sweet for the role.

  • Jaye

    Good Grief, no wonder fans have unrealistic expectations with regard to how stars look. Can this be photoshopped any more without making ‘creatures’ of them. What’s wrong with a little reality.

    I hope she does a decent job. I wouldn’t want her to mess it up for the other actors. Well, then again, they’d just fire her. Patrick Wilson’s dad works at the fox tv affiliate here in Tampa as an Anchor. His brother Mark is a reporter for the same station. I’m glad he’s doing well in his profession.

  • stellartes

    sounds boooooooring

  • Heather

    “Dianne Wiest (not pictured)”…uh, yes she is, you just cut off her head and half of her upper body. She is an Oscar winning actress who deserves more respect than you guys have given her here…

  • Lillianne

    I hope she does well. Give her a chance.

    And by the way, when was the last time you went to a Broadway play?

  • kit

    JJ: Why the hell did you cust Dianne Wiest out of the picture? Did Tommy pay you to get a close up of his wife?

  • kit

    Oops, I invented a new world – meant cut not cust.

  • raine0071

    I hope the best for Katie…but she looks “hollow”…’s hard to put into words….she’s lost…..:(

  • janel


  • 911

    Im just dreaming on because I cant watch this play no matter how much of a fan I am of Katie. She looks adorable and Patrick is so handsome.

  • :)

    Thanks Jared!

  • bianca

    Ooo la la Pretty Katie Holmes….

  • iron chef

    Love them but I cant see Diane.

  • E

    Im happy that Katie is back to her Independent project roots. She is beautiful but I miss her long hair. Cant wait for her New York sightings once her play is near. Great luck to her. It will tire her out because its no break for her but constant performance.

  • Helena

    How dare you block out Dianne?!

  • ymca

    # 19 last ones I saw were Cats and Miss Saigon but those were musicals. I got lucky too because they were gifts from my uncle so this play for Katie I sure cant afford.

    ***** SOB ********

  • Liz

    I love Arthur Miller, and I’m curious if Katie can keep up with the material. Patrick Wilson is pretty amazing, as is the rest of the cast.

  • spooky

    Looking good,Katie. Good luck to her and awww she looks good with Patrick.

  • lol

    Katie holmes ruined Tom cruise’ career. he should hurry up and dump her robot ass!

  • nolanite

    I was totally psyched that Maggie replaced Katie for the Batman sequel but boy was I wrong. Katie was a better actress and hot.
    I was rolling my eyes when Bale and Eckhart were fighting for her

    MG was more scary than Heath Ledger.

  • regina

    Yay Suri’s mama on Broadway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pg-13

    Looks like a very serious and conservative play knowing its Arthur Miller so I doubt she will be shedding her clothes unlike Kidman.

  • Dancer

    Preticket sales are not anywhere near where the backers expected when adding Katie. I believe she has sold a million in presales compared to Kidman’s 4 million when she was in a London play. None of the nights are sold out yet. They were silly to rely on Katie for sales. The rest of the cast are excellent actors with plenty of stage experience. Katie not so much or at all. When you have to put out over $100 for a ticket, go thru the hassle etc of driving if you don’t live in the city etc., — you want quality, not Katie.

  • victoria

    35th!!!! I hope this Broadway play goes well for Katie. She has seemed so depressed and lost in every picture I have seen of her lately. Even those of her with Suri. I know people tease them of Scientology, but I truely believe that is the reason behind her strange behavior. Her mother has been spending alot of time with her and probably with good reason. I love Katie and always have, but you cannot just switch from Catholic to Tom’s wierd Church of the Robotics ( and I do love Tom also ), on the spur of the moment, without some regrets. I hope she gets her life back on track. Go get them Katie on Broadway, and prove the critics wrong.

  • me

    Pretty f*cking sad when your “husband” has to buy you a part.

    This is one of the funniest photos i’ve EVER seen. The men are not photoshopped but they’ve photoshopped the ho Katie so much, she looks like a zebra standing between two horses. I can’t quit laughing.

    oh well, they’ve got her looking like she is….a big fake.

    This play will never open. I hear they can’t even give the tickets away. I guess Tiny Tommy will have to buy all the seats and charter many flights from LA to NY loaded with members of the cult.

    WTF if wrong with Lithgow for not backing out of this play already? It’s just a matter of time before it we can add another flop to Katie’s resume.

  • the incredible Edward!

    Free Kati-E!

  • diane

    I think Katie will do just fine .She is so pretty and has lots of talent

  • mia


  • ian

    Batman was just a female filler role but Katie should have just finished it.

  • Wilma

    she is beautiful

    Patrick looks handsome cant wait to see him also on Watchmen

  • who?

    What fucktard let her be in this play–I don’t give a crap how much money Tom had to pay?

    Personally, I believe Tom bought the part for her so her could get her away from him. You know what they say….when Katie’s away, David and Tommy “play”.

    The Katie Kurse strikes again. Her nickname should be Black Widow. Everything she comes in contact with flops.

  • ick

    Real, confident actresses like Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, etc. don’t have to be photoshopped.

    Only loser, bad “actresses” like katie must be photoshopped. Nothing they have will sell them to the public. She must be extremely insecure. She’s always hiding behind a fake persona.

  • hmm

    I wonder if she’s already done it with her male co-stars?

  • hmm

    What’s the name of this again? All My Robots?

  • julie

    All My Sorrows

  • jinny

    She has saggy boobs to be 50.