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Jessica Simpson - "Do You Know" Album Cover

Jessica Simpson -

Check out Jessica Simpson‘s album cover for Do You Know, her debut country album after her crossover to country music. It will be released on Tuesday, September 9th.

9/9! 9/9! 9/9! 9/9! 9/9!

Jess, 28, co-wrote all but three of the tracks on her album, including her Top 20 hit single, “Come On Over.”

It was also recently announced that Ms. Simpson will be performing at The Akwesasne Music Festival at the Discount Concert Grounds in Hogansburg, New York on Aug. 29.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica’s first country music album cover?

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  • ~F~

    It sucks hardcore.

  • Emily


  • Demi

    I like it

  • KB

    Don’t like it at all, it’s very simple and there’s nothing special about it.

  • louisa

    very boring cover i am not a fan of her music

  • Jess

    “Do you know” is a question, so it should be written as “Do you know?” That’s the REALLY annoying thing about that cover and the title generally.

  • blueeyes

    Do I know what? Is she country or pop? Is she really dumb or just really smart? To be honest, no I don’t know…and I don’t think she does either! =)

  • jared doesn’t like me

    Don’t give a hoot! She is such a sell-out. She’d do a naked shoot for Playboy if people stopped talking about her, good Christian girl that she is.

  • mandy

    More crap from the shaggy tranny. How much waste does this greedy w(%#re pollute the world with? Ugly plastic shoes and handbags, cheap non biodegradable clothes, ugly fake hair and music and DVDs nobody is going to buy. This monster and her nasty father are just evil.

  • tab

    Is that pout supposed to be sexy? She just looks deformed, too much surgery has freakofied her face. Ugly.

  • boo

    A dress and cowboy boots, oh look, she’s pitching two bad products at the same time! Boycott!

  • tranny

    That’s a man in a cheap wig. Gross.

  • jerzeegirl

    Are the boots necesary cause it’s country? Anybody who buys this crap needs to be locked up in a mental ward!! Sick of her, her father and sister…want them to all go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike

    awww i love her <3 although i don’t like county lol

  • Linda

    I didn’t know Come on Over had charted in the top20 on Billboard (Country or Mainstream)? I don’t think it has.

  • Bob

    If she spreads her legs a little more, we could see her panties!

  • camila

    She is the end of the end…

    american garbage!

  • Solid

    boring cover

  • Mia

    Jessica Simpson does not deserve the trash spoken about her! She has proven that she can earn her own way through life and, unlike her short-lived former marital partner, doesn’t live off monies never made during that marriage. I would question his morals and ethics prior to judging her. Whether you like her or not, at least she keeps trying and doesn’t sleep on the floor for fear of falling out of bed.

    Find somebody else in Hollywood to kick around….

  • janni

    Who is she trying to impress? Carrie Underwood? Oh wait, didn’t Carrie date Tony? Oh Jess, you don’t have to go thru this much to prove youre better, relax. Carrie doesn’t want him now after you’ve been with him.. Blehhh!

  • delicious

    the cover sucks badly.. and so does she why is she going from pop to country.. because she failed in it? anyways.. she is nothing special.. she should be locked up for stupidness

  • Mary

    So sick of her

  • Maleficent

    Cowboy boots are all it takes, now?

    Wow. Okay.

    I wish her success, though. Everyone deserves to be happy.

  • Ruby

    She’s playing at the Akwardness Discount Concert Fairgrounds? Good place for her. Fans have to listen to her when she is in the line up at
    Country Thunder to get to the real stars. Lets see who goes out and buys the CD with their hard earned cash. I don’t know why she subjects herself to the humiliation. She has a butt load of money and other things with her Macy’s stuff. Oh Yeah, she likes the tabloid attention.

  • Kee


  • Lillianne

    I’m wearing cowboy boots with a real pretty dress so you’ll know I’m country now. I’m pouting because my lips don’t move after that last Restalyn injection.

  • Vshizzle


  • MovieWatchingfamily

    At least she is trying. I’m sure she’ll do well with sales.

  • riopa

    She looks like she drools a lot and should wear a helmet at all times.

  • something’s off here

    Where is the lingerie and the bedsheets? That is the only way she can sell an album. Is this cover Papa Joe approved? I’ll bet even he is disappointed.

  • tiffany

    i can see her being succesful in country. the top of her fame seemed to be when she was this nick and had a reality tv show. now she seems a little washed up.

  • You/Me

    The cover is nice, I like it. It doesn’t scream country at all….I guess for those with no fashion sense and who like to stereotype it does but seriously people all over the nation in all venues of music wear cowboy boots!
    As for her music….the song COME ON OVER is a bit annoying, like she is trying too hard to get the country vibe going. I love country music and this particular song just didn’t do it for me. But I’m willing to hear what else she has…. I’m betting she has better songs on the album. I think it’s great that she is at least trying to continue her career.

  • Carine

    If she’s playing the The Akwesasne Music Festival at the Discount Concert Grounds Id hate the see price to see her at full price. Its 60$ a ticket and you have to be over 21 to attend. Who the hell would pay 60$ for her? Oh and her opening act is smashmouth. Come on 60$ I didnt even pay that to go see coldplay!

  • Kate

    I’ll bet she got some songs on their smashing John Mayer.


    I’m a Jessica fan and proud of it! You have to say one thing…she is NOT lazy. I love the cover, even though my favorite pic of her is smiling. I heard when she sang “Do you Know?” at the last festival, she got a standing ovation. That song is the one Dolly wrote for her and sings vocals with her on the CD. Can’t wait to hear it!

    If Dolly and Willie Nelson like and support her in country, then that is enough for me. As far as clothes, the new country artists wear anything it seems. I saw Carrie wearing black shiny short shorts in a picture of one of her last concerts so…whatever. I think Jessica has a great future in country. Here in TX we love her no matter what a FEW of the Cowboy fans said.

  • denver

    Sorry ,Mia the4 Jessic afan, Joe ,whi is a good money man/marketer/manager, thought w/jessica nd lawyers, it would be best to divorce Nick and then assumed he wouldnot FIGHT for his LEAL and FAIR amt. of money that THEYmade TOGETHER. EX.Desserts line, Newlywed’s Show. Nick was part of theshow and her desssert line for inspired w/ himinmind nad he was part of the”free” motional slaes picth inmags, interviews ,etc. REMEMBER when Joe engineered the marrying off his virginal daugther to Nick, Jessica did not sign a prenup agreemet.Nickhad thebigger name and bucks at the time. Not signing a prenup was to protect her in case Nickm would up and want a divorce.

  • tnorene

    I heard the song Come on Over for the first time this morning. it was ok not great but then I guess she wrote it right? Its all about sex with her.. She seems so desperate to get a man as if thats all there is in life. she had a great husband but he wasnt good enough for her..

  • Helena

    Boring and skanky.

  • Regina

    Furher proof that she is dumb (and also the person that writes her crappy songs…lol, she can’t even write her own music)…she can’t even put a question mark at the end of title’s name.

  • New Orleans

    The cd screams country and the songs have a twang to market it as country. Country fans are guillble and the country market really goes for pop country today. Ffemale singers are mostly pop country. The guys are still in the country genre. She does have Dolly and Will supporting her so that alone will help push her on charts. She did write-good , talent,and money wise to in keeping your royalites for life. She co-wrote, that is. The cover-boots, simple cd, pic, alone, bench, wither(don’t forget she was virgin though she may be a slut now, LOL) and this all =MARKETING. IT IS LL ABOUTTE MONEY. SINCERITY, love of country, country roots,etc. has nothing to do with money. I am not hating on Jessica ,jus tsaying it as it is. Her pitch about being from Texas, dating a boy(Tony Romo #9 DC QB) is all good luck, perfect timing, business, marketing, MONEY. Hell ,Ashlee might come out with a country cd too now, since she will be a mother. It could sell. Market her that way.
    Hey ,more power to her. I still say there won’t be no wedding bells for her and Tony and they’ll probably spilt by Dec.

  • marie

    i think the only thing country is the background and the boots. she needs to stop.

  • fan of class

    Looks like she is pouting.
    Caption: I’m from Texas, I’m dating a Dallas Cowboy, I’m wearing boots. I am “country” dadgumit. My daddy said so!

    And for TXGAL who says we love her here it Texas. Speak for yourself. I’m from Texas and it doesn’t make me a country singer or a Jessica Simpson fan.

  • wowie

    Maybe next time she can try R&B when she doesn’t get anywhere in the country music biz.

  • Bella

    The cover is simple. I think she looks beautiful.

  • Bella

    Iam in no way a fan of her music, but I think her voice always sounded more suited for country music anyways.

  • Lillianne

    Looks like Denver and New Orleans went to the same elementary school and had the same spelling teacher.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    this album is going to bomb mega hard.

  • zanessa♥.. ewjashley

    i love her

  • Angie

    I like it, I think she looks good

  • chris

    she’s releasing it on my BIRTHDAY!!!!