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Ryan & Abbie are Surfboard Sweethearts

Ryan & Abbie are Surfboard Sweethearts

After riding the early morning waves, Ryan Phillippe covers his face with his surfboard as he walks back to his truck in Los Angeles on Friday.

His actress girlfriend Abbie Cornish and a mystery male followed Ryan to the car at a distance.

The couple reportedly share a $7.4 million five-bedroom and seven-bathroom house together. It also has an outdoor living area that includes a spa, sauna and steam room, a fire pit and an Asian-style gazebo overlooking a pool.

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ryan phillippe abbie cornish surfing 02
ryan phillippe abbie cornish surfing 03
ryan phillippe abbie cornish surfing 04
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Credit: Gaz Shirley/Kevin Perkins; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Sare

    Is it just me or are Ryan and Abbie wearing the same sunglasses?

  • alanna

    He was better with Reese

  • jimmy

    He so needs Reese back in his life. Rebound relationships rarely last.

  • Shakira

    Don’t get it. For this he gave up an entire family and let them all down? Two children who now have a broken home? He should get his head examined.

  • Rach
  • Janie

    He seems to like blondes. I things don’t work out with Abbie, he should give a brunette like Natalie Portman a try I think they’d make a cute couple.

  • Karen

    He cheated on Reese with that?

  • Wow

    It’s phillabbie!

  • Anonymous

    Abbie is very pretty and she is a damned good actress. Leave the dude alone. Reese is happy with Jake and Ryan is happy with her. Why should couples stay together if they are miserable….What guarantee that Jake and Reese will last for eternity. Ten years from now they could split.

  • karena

    So shallow, but Ryan is so gorgeous. He’s like naturally cool too. Other guys, they seem to try so hard, but Ryan, whether he’s carrying a surfboard, filming a movie, or spending time with his kids, he exudes a kind of cool that I rarely see in Hollywood people.

    And he wears a hat better than anyone. :)

  • b

    lol phillabbie!

  • lounge

    7.4 Million Dollar house? wow

  • Amy

    I agree that Ryan and Reese just weren’t right for each other. I don’t know if he cheated, but it’s obvious he’s a night life party kind of guy and she’s a homebody and Abbie works for Ryan, Jake works for Reese.

    I know some people out there hate them because they got a divorce, but if two people have really tried and it isn’t working, it’s not right to stay together for the kids because you will always blame the kids for your unhappiness and those kids will always feel like its their job to keep mom and dad together, and that’s MORE wrong.

    Ryan got Reese pregnant before they were married though, so there’s a good reason to hold off on sex. You don’t have to rush a decision that may not be ultimately right.

  • Nat


  • nikomilinko
  • Helena

    I like them together and stop making up pathetic assumptions about them cheating. I think it could be Abbie’s brother.

  • jim

    I like them together too. I think Reese and Ryan tried very hard and it just didn’t work. Why are people still so hung up on this couple? They have moved on why can’t you?

    Ryan and Abbie seem to really be well suited.

  • lexi

    How dramatic “he gave up his whole family”, actually he didn’t. He sees his kids 50% of the time and is a dedicated father. He gave up on a marriage that seemed to be making both of them pretty miserable.

    Fake families who pretend everything is great and then go home and live disfunctionally behind closed doors aren’t good for anyone.

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  • Anon

    Wonder where his kids are? Reese came back from Paris by now and Jake is supposed to be working in London, so where are the munchkins?? I saw pictures of Ryan’s new house and it is not the kind of house to have with little kids running around. It doesn’t even have a yard.


    He’s a pretty cool guy.. I heard him on the Howard Stern show a while back (I know, Howard?) but in the interview it was pretty obvious that he’s a nice guy who was stuck in a relationship with a typical Hollywood woman, much too focused on her career to be bothered with an actual relationship…

    DivaGuru – Where busy chickz come to unwind…

  • yl

    what a great relationship in which he doesn´t even want to be photographed with this ugly girl *lol*
    and what i read some days ago, that they had a double-date with nas and kelis?! *lol* sure, nad and kelis would of course spend their time with abbie cornish*lol* what else;)

  • babe

    She is so ugly–but then again Reese is so full of herself–maybe thats why he left her–she was doing better than him career wise but why oh why would he choose this ugly dame, is that all he can get?

  • Chrissie

    #23 – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Even so, you need to get your eyes examined !

  • Anonymous

    How come you people keep calling Abbie ugly. She’s pretty. They don’t cast ugly women opposite Clive Owen to play his love interest. Rent the movie :Elizabeth:The Golden Age.
    Also Ryan likes her enough to want to live with her. They seem like a down to earth Hollywood actor couple…Reminds me of Heath Ledger and Michele Williams. Two actors who are in a relationship but very down to earth. If anything Reese Whitherspoon is more pretentious. She didn’t move onto an unknown actor..she went right for a Hollywood star.

  • Lynn

    I think Ryan and Abbie are cute……… I would say the mystery male is probably her brother…. his face looks alot like hers.

  • yl

    down to earth? if you call being ashamed by your girlfriend “down to earth”, then ok, maybe that opinion is based on own experiences.
    but i think, that in a good relationship, it is kind of weird if one side is always keeping aloof from his girlfriend/boyfriend. this can´t be a good working relationship.
    and she definitely is ugly. she´s got that michael jackson nose, warts all over her face and she always looks deceitful.

  • june

    Abbie and Ryan are adorable together. She is a very good actress and beautiful…wish them the best.

  • Blackworm

    She is not ugly. That’s ridiculous. It would be hard for Ryan to find a girl prettier than he is. He seems to be happier with Abbie than he ever was with Reese. And I love Reese!

    I agree that the mystery male is her brother. They look just alike.

  • http://deleted florisene

    Reece looks like a duck but isn’t an ugly duck and this girl certainly isn’t ugly either.

  • victoria

    30th!!!!!! To number #8 LOL Phillabbie. People are going to see who they are going to see, whether we agree or not, so we just do what we do best. COMMENT!!!!. I like Reese better, but he didn’t. Ryan is cute and Abbie is adorable but Jake is handsome also. They all four need to figure it out, for the sake of the kids. But, the house sounds nice and expensive for just a fling going on for such a short time, don’t you think?

  • yl

    i can only ask again: a “cute” couple, that wants to be photographed separately?! an “adorable” couple, that walks separate ways and not together? you could also imagine, that they didn´t even spend their time together at this place, if you take a look at these pics. who knows;)

  • Anon

    You guys are SO stupid!!! The reason many H’wood couples like to photograph separately is on purpose because of the paparrazzi. It is to rob the paparrazzi of their profits. If you get a picture of people together it is worth more money then if you get just a picture of them separate. Most pictures of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are separate. They won’t even do red carpets together. But sometimes they do get photo’d together, Oh Well! Ryan and Abbie don’t care who knows about them now the divorce is all over with. They are jus t messing the paparrazzi up. That is why Ryan hid behind his surfborad. That guy with them looks like it could be Ryan’s brother, too. Does Ryan or Abbie even have a brother? He looks very young. Like he is barely 20, more like 16!

  • yl

    my boyfriend (or in their case his girlfriend) would be more important to me, than the paps. it´s more important to me, that my boyfriend feels good in our relationship and i would NEVER risk anything in my reltaionship (like hurting my boyfriend by taking separate ways or not looking at him, while he´s talking to me or so many other things, that we all can see on pics of ryan and a. cornish) only that the paps don´t get enough money for their pics. i´d always be proud of my relationships and especially with whom i share it and that´s why i wouldn´t play any games, like hiding for the paps or stuff like that. and i think, i´m not alone with that opinion.

  • Sarah

    uhh, she’s not so pretty.

  • cHRIS

    Re his super lux house. He bought it just as his financial settlement with La Witherspoon was finalized. I always have suspected she basically paid for the house. (Just speculating).

  • mima

    I don’t know how anyone could say that she’s ugly, you must be blind, she’s gorgeous! , I love her, and I agree with Anonymous #9, Ryan and Reese look happier now…

  • laura1

    I love rayn ,,,I hope he find a better person.

  • cHRIS

    Most of you people need to realize that movie star looks are mainly makeup. You don’t really see the person. You see the makeup.

  • kendra

    She is beautiful and they seem happy. TMZ just showed this picture and talked about how hot Ryan is and how he never looks anything but hot as hell.

  • anna


  • yl

    ryan looks happy?*lol* take a look at his face. it doesn´t have to be a CLOSE look, only for 1 second and you can´t say, he looks happy, anymore.
    and yes, she is ugly. no matter what you´re saying, she is ugly. i´ve told enough good reasons, already.

  • kendra

    Maybe because he hates the paparazzi intruding on his personal space. Check out the BBQ pictures where he doesn’t know he’s getting his picture taken he looks so happy and relaxed. This is a good couple your blind hatred just won’t let you see it.

  • yl

    wow, ONE time he was smiling;)
    although he wasn´t even looking at her the whole time (at the bbq pictures you´re talking about).
    you seem to know nothing about bodylanguage.
    there´s no single pic, that would make me say, that they´re happy with each other or do have a good working relationship.

  • Dr fill your face

    you think you’re an expert #44 LOL what a loser! you know nothing about any of these peoples lives from pictures

  • yl

    i´m not talking about knowing them, i´m talking about bodylanguage. this is something that diens´t only bear on a special person.
    what´s you´re problem?!
    i´m just saying what i can see at their pictures, nothing else. and if you would open your eyes, you could also see, what i´m always talking about.

  • kendra

    Now you’re just a liar. What’s your agenda? Seriously what purpose would it serve for them to pretend to be happy together but really not like each other? All they get is crap for being together so they must really be in love.

  • let it be

    #47 kendra you’re right!! they’ve been together for almost 2 years.
    And if they weren’t happy… let’s suppose (which I don’t think so)…. then why they would being together?

  • yl

    not every couple that stays together is really happy, but if you don´t know that, i wonder in what kind of worl you´re living.
    and i said, that they don´t look happy to me, so i wouldn´t say, that they don´t even pretend, they´re happy.
    maybe, we don´t get to see the exactly same pictures, that would explain the situation, that you see a happy couple and i don´t*lol*

  • yl

    sorry, correct:
    …that they even pretend,…