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Miley Cyrus Yearns For Yogurt

Miley Cyrus Yearns For Yogurt

Miley Cyrus picks up some yogurt with gummy bears at YogurTree with her mom, and then goes shopping in LA on Sunday.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star recently apologized for a YouTube video featuring her and her BFF Mandy Jiroux poking fun at fellow teen queens Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

“I mean if we offended (Selena and Demi), we’re super sorry, but we were, like, just having fun,” Miley said in an interview with Popstar! magazine.

“That’s our thing, to be funny,” she said. “They were being funny on their show, and (besides) Elvis says imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so we were, like, imitating them. You know, like, being funny.”

15+ more pics of Miley Cyrus yearning for yogurt…

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miley cyrus yogurtree 01
miley cyrus yogurtree 02
miley cyrus yogurtree 03
miley cyrus yogurtree 04
miley cyrus yogurtree 05
miley cyrus yogurtree 06
miley cyrus yogurtree 07
miley cyrus yogurtree 08
miley cyrus yogurtree 09
miley cyrus yogurtree 10
miley cyrus yogurtree 11
miley cyrus yogurtree 12
miley cyrus yogurtree 13
miley cyrus yogurtree 14
miley cyrus yogurtree 15
miley cyrus yogurtree 16
miley cyrus yogurtree 17
miley cyrus yogurtree 18
miley cyrus yogurtree 19

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  • Lee


  • Lavella

    yoghurt with gummybears?? Is that yummy?

    Just plain yoghurt with the gummybears?

  • kiki

    love her dress. hate her.

  • hajar

    she’s so adorable !!
    go miley !!
    you’re the best !!
    love you !!

  • :)

    I love her dress!
    I’m kinda starting to like her like before


    The fact that she has gummi bears in her yogurt proves that even though this girl is being whored out like a woman, she’s still just a girl… Of course, in a meat grinder like Hollywood, that won’t be true for much longer.

    DivaGuru – Where busy chickz come to unwind…

  • Gerty

    omg, maybe first?
    anyways, love her, she’s so cute on these pictures! :)

  • inxs

    Uh. . . like. . . .duh. . .
    It was OSCAR WILDE that said – imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
    Perhaps Elvis repeated it but let’s give Wilde his credit.
    But I’m sure Miss Cyrus doesn’t know who Wilde even is.
    Too busy with her videos to read a good book!

  • winona

    she’s got nice voice. i hope she grew up a well grounded person and lose the bitchiness, because she and the other girl were not being funny on the youtube, they were definitely mocking selena and demi

  • emily

    love her dress

  • xoxo

    Now thats what im talking about. I would rather see some pictures Miley than Selena. At least with Miley, we are getting the right thing. With Selena, we are just getting a carbon copy.


  • Bob

    Yeah, Elvis wasn’t the one who said that first. And Selena is a fat, ugly girl with a pudgy face, so it’s okay to make fun of her.

  • emily

    she didn’t mean that as an apology,
    she used the ‘apology’ to DEFEND herself.
    I’ve seen that video. Its such a shamne she turned out to be such a biitch.
    Zac Efron would never do something like that!
    Shame on you Miley! Grow up !
    Stop picking fights! (and stop taking ”sexy” pictures of yourself, too, while your at it.)

  • ashlie

    well whoever said it, was right haha.

    and plus, why would selena and demi take it seriously.
    i would actually be kind proud of myself that miley cyrus wants to imitate me.

    and people are bringing this up after months, WTF!

  • AMber

    ok divachickz, that was totally unnessesary.
    get ready for the hater comments.

    what i really dont get is if these people really hate miley, why do they take the time to get on jared everyday, search for her, and comment on her pictures…. idk i just think they’re all jealous of miley. who wouldnt be? she’s gorgeous, famous, rich, has her own wing of a house, etc.

    haters, we all know you’re bullshit. so stop.

  • Summer


  • Samantha

    She’s rude and has absolutely no class by the looks of that video!! Yes, shame on you, Miley aka Miss Piggy..

  • xoxo

    Wow. Samantha #17.

    You are talking about how she is rude and has no class, yet you are the one who is calling her Miss Piggy. How much ruder and unclassy can you get?

  • yay

    she looks so cute in these pictures <3

  • massieee;

    how does putting gummy bears in your yogurt make her a slut???
    #6 you’ve made no sence
    don’t post something if you don’t know what it means


  • meghan

    first of all, that is a cute dress she has on lol.

    secondly, i don’t think she should have felt the need to say sorry about the video. It was a joke and if people refuse to get thier heads of out thier butts and relize that, it is their problem, not hers.

  • Smile

    haha Miss Piggy!!! That’s hilarious…sooooo true!

  • chantall

    cute dress but she goes out for like junk food every day and all the fat goes to her face… lol


  • Lorena

    she don’t have to apologize about that.. it was just for fun!! omg demi and selena make a quiet show because of that.. it was just being FUN!.
    i love her dress.. and her hair looks nice:) love yOU mileY!

  • staCY

    miley’s mom is with a glass from Bob’s big boy.. or something.. and selena was there too THE SAME DAY! and i think the same time!

  • nelly

    yes she donsen’t had to apologize because of that.. it was just for fUN!
    i love miley and i love selena & demi.! and yeahh alYson sToner ROCKS!

  • nelly

    and you know.. i saw TMZ or something like that on E! channel.. and they film miley and the paparazzis ask her “miley, you are gonna help selena to find her way on disney?” and miley said: “NO, i find my way by myself, i guess she can find her way too” then paparazzi: “OK, and what u think about Selena the next Miley Cyrus” miley said: “I’m Miley, and she’s selena”

  • jo

    Looks like the Miley fans have come out today.

    She looks really cute.

  • Anonymous


  • jo

    There was NO need to apologize in he first place.
    The video was CLEARLY all in good fun. Watch until the end- there is a message to check out Sel and Demi’s youtube site.

    It’s just girlfriends messing around. OF COURSE, it was totally blown up by the media.

  • woogie

    most of you- grow up! Oh, maybe ya’ll all young teenagers are perhaps even younger? Don’t do a “Miley”. Tasteless

  • gina

    oink oink…that girl definitely needed to apologize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gina

    oink oink…that girl definitely needed to apologize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helena

    Kirsten Dunst can pull off the dress and chucks. She can’t She looks horrible.

  • nelly

    no needed to apologize

  • BHavana

    love the dress. hate her.

  • Rose

    Why does every1 loves her? i just don’t get it!

  • (:


  • Angie

    WHoa, that’s a lot of photos Jared. And haters need to go away. Since Selena’s the new cheese go and make fun of her and give miley a breake! Please!

    But the way,, for thoss who still think Selena is the better singer, Have you herd her new song on radio disney? She sound’s like a chipmunk! UGH! If shes ever has a concert, I’m gojng to be there frot row just so I can through stuff at her.

  • woogie

    Miss Bucky Cyrus

  • Suzanne

    I like Miley and all but that was the worst apology in history. IF it offended them, just say sorry don’t make excuses.

  • Suzanne

    Eww, her sneakers with that dress is ugly, she usually dresses nice.

  • Amileyfan!

    Finally the miley fans are starting to stand up for her! Its about time Selena and Demi get picked on! And miley can pick on them all she wants there just mad at miley because they know that miley and mandy are pretty and talented and Selena is ugly and disgusting.

  • Amileyfan!

    okay guys on youtube demi lavato has really weird boyfriend pcitures ewwwwwwwwwwwww finally they start picking on someone elese except miley!

  • avionne

    Aww i love yogurt too..and she looks really nice in those pictures..ya’ll just need to leave her alone..she just likes to have fun.

  • riopa

    Gosh. Thanks for the update on the life of a 15 year old. How fucking enlightening.

  • lis

    form of flattery?! form of attack yeah…hahahaha …she hates it when the spotlight isn’t on her…

  • lis

    form of flattery?! form of attack yeah…hahahaha …she hates it when the spotlight isn’t on her…

  • Amy

    I think it’s nice that she apologized and that knew who to quote there. Those teenagers who redid “Charlie Bit Me” weren’t looking for a war with Charlie and his brother, they just thought it was funny and wanted to redo it as tribute. Miley wasn’t mocking Selena(And really, Miley has no reason to be threatened by Selena, Selena’s hsow has a crap budget and she’s not on any merchandise).

  • em

    GOOD she left her tongue at home!