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Rachel Bilson is a Pooper Scooper

Rachel Bilson is a Pooper Scooper

Rachel Bilson walks her dog, Thurmen Murmen, and carries around a poop bag like a good dog owner on Sunday in LA.

The 26-year-old former O.C. starlet didn’t do much to fix her hair before walking her dog that morning.

Rachel appears in the latest ad campaign for her junior sportswear line, Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans. The range will debut in high-end US stores, for $19.50 to $49.50 per piece this September.

15+ more pics inside of Rachel Bilson scooping poop…

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rachel bilson dog walk 01
rachel bilson dog walk 02
rachel bilson dog walk 03
rachel bilson dog walk 04
rachel bilson dog walk 05
rachel bilson dog walk 06
rachel bilson dog walk 07
rachel bilson dog walk 08
rachel bilson dog walk 09
rachel bilson dog walk 10
rachel bilson dog walk 11
rachel bilson dog walk 12
rachel bilson dog walk 13
rachel bilson dog walk 14
rachel bilson dog walk 15

Photos: Flynetonline, WENN
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  • leighton.

    didn’t do anything to her hair and yet still looks phenomenal. UNFAIR. she’s so gorgeous.

  • kiki

    She’s gorgeous. I like her. :)

  • emma-australia

    Man, I love Thurmen. Haven’t seen Adam and Penny Lane in a long, long time. Jared what’s up with that?

  • Russian girl

    Rachel is Gorgeous.

  • staff management

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    Film Staff Coordinator

  • klke

    lol. She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video at **:::M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m:::** that is a celebrity da ting sit e for wealt hy or sexy singles. She is really hot with bikini in that video. You will know how passionate it is after seening it!

  • Mapi

    cute dog <3

  • s

    nice curves


    Where is Hayden? I don’t know why they are not together in the street? They are a Couple or not ?????


    is this really gossip worthy? a chick takes her dog for a walk and we want to see pictures of her picking up the poop?

    Cute dog… Thurmen Murmen is kinda cute too.

  • @ HCFAN

    Hayden Panettiere??? But, they’re not a couple, they’re not gay. Hayden is probably with Milo Ventimiglia at the moment.

  • anna

    Rachel is amazing!!

  • tessa

    Love Rachel and her Style

  • lissa

    so beautiful

  • bora

    She looks great in jeans, cute dog

  • xcxcxcxfdfdfcxcxc

    Boring in real life as on screen.

  • truthful

    bilson is pathetic, stupid, talentless, the worst actress ever
    i will never spend a dime on this nobody

  • jughed

    wow. rachel looks like a hot mess here :)

  • Lila

    I can’t believe people who say they don’t care about her, but whenever Jared posts sth about her, they’re here to criticize, doesn’t make any sense…and don’t start with the freedom of speech thing.

  • truthful

    she simply does not deserve the attention she gets and it will die out

  • {‘_’}

    even the dogshît in that poop bag has more talent that her.

  • {‘_’}


  • frank7

    Girl can’t even step outside for a few minutes to let her dog take a dump without the paps jumping on it.

  • Suzanne

    Gorgeous, Selena Gomez reminds me of her.

  • truthful

    still short legged

  • Peter

    Rachel I love you !

  • Me Likey

    me likey

  • ugh

    She’s gorgeous and she was really good in her guest spot on Chuck last season. That’s the only thing I’ve seen her in though.

    Thanks a lot for letting us know her dog takes a dump though, Jared. Awesomeness. *roll eyes*

  • hi

    lol @HCFAN not that hayden! hayden christensen! rachel looks really pretty.

  • miss zanessa

    shE lOoks rEAllY cUtE ^^
    evEN whEh hEr haIr is aLl mEssed uP
    anD thE dOg is cUtE tOo ^^
    ThuRmen mUrmEn???
    lOl thE namE makE mY daY XD
    kUdOs tO rachEl 4 pIcK hEr dOgs pOop

  • Wasteoid

    Finally the papparrzzi get pictures of her doing something that she’s good at, something approximating useful work to improve the community. Thanks Jared! Now if she could stop getting her line made by sweatshops, which is the only way it could be priced at the range mentioned, then she might gain some credibility as somebody that cares about the world she lives in rather than the self-centered mediocre talent she is.

  • Andhra

    love Rachel and I want all the clothes of her line Edie Rose

  • Gwen

    I love her style and her dog :)

  • irina

    She looks cute, I like her t-shirt

  • Katie

    Loving her latest outfits

  • Marley

    I want all her clothes

  • meagan

    OMG, seriously? How much of a has-been, talentless hack do you have to be to take your dog out to take a cr*p on the sidewalk just to get attention? Fame wh*re.

  • rufus

    I can’t believe all the ridiculous comments about how cute she is and how people want her clothes, etc. etc. She is no cuter than any other starlet (Selena Gomez is MUCH cuter) and her clothes have no imagination. Everyone has a teeshirt and jeans and hers are nothing special.

  • @#31

    Do you think really that Rachel can decide herself something about the DKNY business strategy?
    She just can stop promoting and then, what will happen? DKNY will use another celebrity to promote this sportswear line. That’s all.
    And you, dear self-righteous citizen of the market economy, do you buy all your consumer objects by Fair Trade?
    To change DKNY, you need to become majority shareholder, but another company less scrupulous will take over.

  • Rach
  • real world

    I think he was with her last year walking the dog. Gusess he was getting to know her better.Maybe for a little while he dated her.soon after that she start dating another guy .sad to build that up for the movie jumper.and later it fade away. Ithink that he really did like her.I must admit that they did look good in rome when they was promoting the movie jumper. but that how relationshops goes .maybe both of them find happiness with someone when it’s right.That’s why they call it dating.She not ready to settle down nor is he.But they both great them both.

  • ((Sidney Mokel))

    Hayden Christensen use to take Rachel Bilson EVERYwhere. Why dont he go out and about with her like he use to? 2007 he would but now (2008) he dont be out with her in LA unless he is at the airport.

  • rockit

    Please tell me what breed of dog it is! I am a dog trainer & can’t identify it.


    Oh great!
    Another usless thread on Rachel Bilson in jeans and tee shirt walking her mutt and picking up it’s $hit. That takes so much talent and all. Oh please?!

    Gorgeous! Hello? A lot of girls wear the same thing. So what? Useless thread. Yawwwwwnnnn. At least she pick’s up her dog’s $hit! Still a useless press attention seeker. Pathetic waste of a thread.

  • justice

    I noticed in old pic before her and adam split that he was sporting a beard and the latest pics hayden has a beard now all hayden needs to do is dye his hair brown ans rachel will almost have another adam replica.

  • Mondrian

    The girl is pretty but not more than average intelligence, not very talented (can’t act, blah designs), gets endless pictures taken doing things ordinary people do every day, and looking like dung doing it. This is insane.

  • bushmaster79

    Who cares about her intelligence or talent. I don’t plan on ever speaking to her. But I sure enjoy looking at her. The chick is SMOKIN! Even with the bed hair she’s HOT. In fact, she looks like she just finished up a good romp in the sack with some lucky dude. She’s got me fantasizing.

  • Beard Lover

    Oh Justice,
    He did not grow a beard just for her! Oh please?! All men are sporting this scruffy look. From, Justin Timberlake, Shia Labouf and Devandra Bernhart! LOL! I actually think you can blame Pau Gasol for starting the trend. He started it and it look’s wonderful on Pau!
    Hayden looks good too but, the dude needs to invest in a beard trimmer! The moustache is hot on Hayden.

  • voice of reason

    Nice to see ya Raven–sorry beard lover forgot your new name

  • observer

    @ # 42

    Thats becoz Tankper cringing & endless hype & promos had ENDED already. They’re probably doing some promo extensions due to its DVD release and hoping to get a greenlight nod for its sequel. But up until now its “written in the water”.
    A big contrast to such movie like Iron Man, Indiana Jones or even the Sex & The City who already got a nod for a sequel just after a “month” of its release.