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Rebecca Romijn Is Having Twins!

Rebecca Romijn Is Having Twins!

Ugly Betty actress Rebecca Romijn and husband Jerry O’Connell are expecting twins this winter, reports Us Weekly.

A spokesman for Romijn, 35, and O’Connell, 34, confirmed the news Monday morning.

A source reveals, “Jerry couldn’t be happier about becoming a dad.”

The babies will be the first children for the pair. The couple got married in Los Angeles in July 2007.

Rebecca was married to actor John Stamos from September 1998 to March 2005.

UPDATE: People reports that the babies will be girls and were conceived without the help of in vitro fertilization or the fertility drug Clomid.

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  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Congratulations to the couple on their twins =).


    Twins – wow! I bet they’re born with supermodel legs and are gorgeous… How could they not be with parents like them?

    DivaGuru – Where busy chickz come to unwind…

  • naty

    oh good for them!

  • victoria

    4th!!!! Wow, that is great news, and I’m happy for them. This must be the year of the twins. And the years of the babies. Is it in the water, or are they trying to out do one another? Either way, babies are always fun to read about.

  • ///

    What, no long-as*sed dissertation on the O’Connells definitely having undergone IVF? Just congratulations — no recriminations, etc?

  • Wow

    Must be ivf! Lol

  • emma lee

    Too many celebrity twins these days; Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross, JLo, Angelina, did I forget anyone? I am thinking that they are all doing the IVF method b/c of age, impatience, better chances, etc. and let’s not forget the high price they can afford. The rest of the people in the world use IVF when all else fails and it is their last resort. Celebs perhaps use it as their preferred form of conception if they try unsuccessfully the conventional way for just a few months.

  • me

    Jerry is ugly and was really fat and ugly when he was a kid.

  • n.o.l.a

    WOW!!! Those invitro fertilizations are really being used by Hollywood. I mean there is NO WAY she conceived twins without the help of in vitro. She’s 35 for God’s sake.

  • lili

    Great News! How are they going to write this in on Ugly Betty? This will be fun.

  • Cassie

    People can have twins without IVF you know. Congrats to them and i can’t wait to see how the write it on the show.

  • lounge

    You don’t see twins in hollywood everyday..

  • emma lee

    Yes, women can have twins without IVF, however, in Hollywood these days, twins are more common that single births! Just stating the obvious. Either way, babies are babies and I offer them congratulations and best wishes for two happy, healthy bundles of joy!

  • millie

    I guess this Hollywood couple also got IVF ,I guess it is the Fashion in Hollywood,I guess they want boy and girl,so they don’t have to try again.I guess US Weekly forgot to put this info on thread.

  • wastintime

    Twins are the new black!!!

  • nikomilinko
  • ih

    IVF is not an easy process.

    I know this cause i am trying to get pregnant and before all the analysis i undegone for 6 months, analysis that showed that i didn’t need it because of my fertility level who is very high eventhough i am over 35, eventhough i had 5 big fibromes that i have recently removed, they told me that the process of IVF could take a minimum of 2 years after the 6 months of analysis, sometimes extra 6 months, hence 1 year because of fibroms to be tremoved and the inner wounds which don’t tolerate pregnancy before 3 to 6 months and mainly with full participation of the male and his cells.

    That time is extended if you had previously undergone a c-section and you can begin analysis not sooner than one year, then add a minimum of 6 months for various analysis and then only begin the IVF treatment hoping to succeed 18 months later at minimum…and that’s for the first try. It’s a one shot try and usually you have misscarriages the first times.

    Doctors refuse to do it to women who have a high level of fertility cause it is dangerous and influence badly high blood pressure.

    So i am sure that some of them didn’t go through it and had them naturally. Ask Garcelle Beauvay who had IVF for more than 7 years in order to finally succeed getting pregnant and going beyond a serial of misscarriages. JLO also said that they tried it for 3 years before finally succeeding.

    Now there are other methods than IVF to get multiple pregnancies when your level of fertility is slightly under the level and when every other organs are healthy, usually methods that increase the level of fertilization and you can get one or two babies by doing the intimate dance very often…so naturally

    Those methods are closely monitorized by the gyn because the treatment is personalised (ususally it’s a pill you are ingesting for a period of time). It’s not like IVF where your cells is taken out of your body then manipuled and mixed with your man’s and then re-implemented scientifically in your womb.

    That’s what Marcia Cross did and she got pregnant within 6 months.

    Also, twins and triplets from the same embryon can be achieved naturally… I have african triplets female cousins and male twins cousins running in my family…all naturelly.

  • the dq

    “UPDATE: People reports that the babies will be girls and were conceived without the help of in vitro fertilization or the fertility drug Clomid.”

    I don’t believe this for one single minute and I doubt many others will either. Give us a break!!!! With all the celebrities having these twin designer babies, it’s like the new “black”.

  • twins

    I read, in People, I think, that she is having twin girls and it was not through taking chlomid or by IVF. I gues the pr’s have to annouce all that stuff upfront now.

  • Annika

    Congrats to the happy couple! :)

  • How peculiar

    Notice how so many stars suddenly are having TWINS huh? Jlo, Angie, now Rebecca. By the way, John Stamos eat your heart out.

    In-Vitro Fertilization, that’s for sure.

  • ME

    they are already know the sexes? that’s odd. I couldn’t find out my twins sexes until 20 weeks-just like every other pregnant woman!

    maybe not IVF, but I bet she was taking hormones to increase her ovulation.

  • Rach

    i hope they have beautiful babies

  • twins

    # 21 How peculiar @ 07/28/2008 at 2:08 pm Notice how so many stars suddenly are having TWINS huh? Jlo, Angie, now Rebecca. By the way, John Stamos eat your heart out.

    In-Vitro Fertilization, that’s for sure.

    Don’t forget Julia Roberts. supposedly she paid an astronimical amount to ensure the implantation of a female and male embryo – apparently they can isolate the sperm which determines the sex for a very large fee.

  • giselle

    twins also? very fishy

  • Gina

    What a lovely couple. These two have been wanting children, and I’m glad to see it happening for them.

  • DummDumm
  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    thats good news. congrats to them. :)

  • love josh D

    wooow great news hope josh and fergie have baby also i want to see the hotties baby ever . and soo thiller to see baby shower party :-)

  • LuckyL

    Hey, now let’s accuse them of in-vitro! And don’t forget J. Lopez! Or P. Diddy’s wife Kim!

  • oh

    since when in vitro equal commiting a crime ?

    People act as if it was obcene and a sin. I am rather pleased that women, including celebrities want to have children and are searching for that balance in life.

    I rather see women showing maternal instinct and using the scientific means to improve it if needed than seeing women who are just career minded with a manly driven personality and too much into themselves.

    I rather see women trying to conceive which is the natural instinct and the essence of femalish.

    If they are in couple, are emotionnally stable and have the financial means, ain’t nothing wrong trying to conceive naturally or with the help of scienrific means including the one of another woman bearing your embryon. Having maternal instinct and wanting to have a child or several should never been perceived as a crime..

  • OMG

    OMG US magazine will be screaming IN VITRO!!!! in their next issue. They forgot Nicole Kidman who at 40 had a baby.

  • rolling my eyes

    Gwen Stefani is also having twins. She’s 38. Is that magazine gonna call invitro on her too? I mean according to them, seems like you can’t have twins unless it’s in vitro no matter how young or old you are.
    Congrats to Rebecca. I’m glad that She and Jon Stamos are not together. Stamos was too good for her and better looking than her too. Now she’s happy with fug Jerry o’connelL

  • LuckyL

    rolling my eyes @ 07/28/2008 at 6:15 pm

    Gwen Stefani is also having twins. She’s 38. Is that magazine gonna call invitro on her too? I mean according to them, seems like you can’t have twins unless it’s in vitro no matter how young or old you are.
    Congrats to Rebecca. I’m glad that She and Jon Stamos are not together. Stamos was too good for her and better looking than her too. Now she’s happy with fug Jerry o’connelL
    Gwen Stefani is having a singleton, sorry.

  • woogie

    before you know it…..having twins will be the “in” thing and IV procedures will skyrocket! Having twins is very likely with IV. A lot of movie stars are going that way especially the ones that are older and have the bucks.

    Having twins naturally is not that easy/common at all unless it runs in your family or if you took fertility drugs.

  • woogie

    I understand that Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis’s daughter) is also pregnant with twins and due in the Fall. It’s been very quiet regarding her…no news, etc…….wonder why???

    I asked JustJared…but, no response.,

  • Aimee

    I don’t care for Rebecca at all. She seems obnoxious!!

  • jaye

    wastintime @ 07/28/2008 at 12:53 pm

    Twins are the new black!!!
    That’s Hella funny! lol

  • o well

    I can not help but feel bad for john stamos he wanted kids so bad when they were married and she didn’t ….at the time..but congrats anyway

  • Tracy

    The natural incidence of twins is 1 in 89 births, but lately has skyrocketed to 1 in 40 in the US.

    Some women are naturally prone to producing more than one egg during ovulation. This tendency runs in families and you can inherit that trait from either your mother’s side or father’s side of your family.

    Your male partner and his family have NO influence on your chance of conceiving fraternal multiples. It’s the woman’s ovulation pattern alone that sets the stage for this type of twining.

    Older women are more likely to conceive multiples. A woman who is between 35 and 40 is 3 times more likely to give birth to fraternal twins than a woman between 20 and 25. It also increases if you’ve just stopped taking BC pills.

    An estimated 1 in 10 American women of childbearing age have some type of fertility problem.

    Also, you can take ovulation stimulating drugs, you don’t have to do IVF necessarily.

    For fraternal twins, chances of boy/girl – 50% & girl/girl or boy/boy- 25% each.

  • jaye

    the dq @ 07/28/2008 at 1:49 pm
    This is what the world has come to huh? People now have to state up front that their kids were not conceived by IVF. I guess this is the backlash of US Mag Rag ‘s story on Angelina and Brad. That’s really pathetic. You’d think IVF was the plague.

  • 4 sure

    Sorry John your time will come maybe u will have triplets with someone prettier and not as obnoxious…..

  • FYI

    John Stamos used to be dashing, but now his face is taking an odd shape. He’s not that cute anymore. If he really wanted kids, he could have had them by now.

  • mar

    As a woman ages, one’s fertility may be reduced, but the older you are chances are higher that you will conceive twins – this is because the body begins to make ‘errors’ releasing more eggs than it should. So, this is probably one of the reasons (the other being fertility drugs and IVF) why so many older women in Hollywood are conceiving twins. Read up on it, you’ll see!!

  • layla

    The amount of celebrities having twins can’t be a coincidence. Its just one after the other and I truly believe its out of conveince. Woman who waited too long to have children and put careers first. So now they want fewer pregnancies but more children. Just like back in the eighty’s big name celebrities seemed to avoid getting pregnant for fear off losing out on roles or getting fat now its “cool” to be a hollywood mom. I think this designer baby trend is really sick. If you honestly believe otherwise wake up!

  • Debbie

    The percentage to conceive twins is 1% and these celebrities are all over 30 and poppling out designer twins with no help at all?? Why are they ashamed to say it? It insults the public. It makes us ‘mere mortals” feel genetically inferior. You mean to say that if I pose topless, make a movie and walk around with a Starbucks cup I can conceive twins with no help at all?? It would be refreshing if one of them – J.Lo, Angelina, Marcia, Rebecca, etc. would be “WOMAN” enough to come out to say “Hey, I’m human, I needed some help.” I totally lost all respect for these women.

  • Donna

    Congrats I Hope They Have A Boy and A Girl They are Reporting Both Girls But They Said The Same About Angelina Jolie Too And Look at Her A Boy And A Girl!

  • Elizabeth

    john stamos is better for rebecca, im so sory wath she left john

  • Mary

    elizabeth say”s true john stamos is so sexy i do everything of i have him
    she so stupid wath left him

  • jamie

    federer just had twins?

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